Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#1757 - New Year Eve

The last post for 2013.

A lot of things had happened, good and bad.

If I recall, my team won the Green Debate and I won Best Speaker. Then I remembered my solo trip to KL. And then there's Bandung in Indonesia, made it to the top 6 finalists. And lastly, Japan trip 3 weeks ago.

That's a lot of travelling for one year, personally. I love travelling although I don't have a lot of $. I guess this can be a resolution for me: Save money for travel.

Speaking of resolutions, I didn't make one for 2013 coz it's pretty much up to my mind and will power if I want to execute it. And now that I realised, New Year isn't anything 'new' since it's always the same old things happening (politics, bad weather, mother nature disaster, etc) but the new things that can be expected is what I find in things, how I see things.

But if there things that I wanna change about myself, it would be less doubting, less anxious, and be positive and decisive. I need to control more instead of letting things control me. This also means less social media usage if I can coz it's all public and people can judge me from anything I post. heh.

Welcoming 2014 with my Kuroko no Baske calendar and Cath Kidston diary.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

#1756 - For 2014

This blog is almost dead now, yeah. I'm so lazy to update nowadays.

It's like, when it's the holiday times, your brain just wanna laze away doing nothing, hence no motivation.

I had created a new personal blog because I was thinking of switching to the new one instead of blogger.

I guess it's a small change? I don't think I will abandon this blog just yet. Too much precious memory.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#1755 - Holidays!!

With my last exam paper ended on 2nd December, I am now enjoying the long holiday ;)

There's so many things to do and I think December will fly by very fast like that.

I don't wanna go out very often coz I think I'll spend a lot, so I would rather stay at home, watch all those overdue anime & J-drama, read all overdue manga. Basically being lazy I suppose.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

#1754 - Before exams

I have about 23 hours before my first exam paper and here I am, blogging. I am procrastinating if you can't tell. hehe. Ehem. I just felt like doing this collage:

Pictures from Google
These are 2 items that I want for myself as X'mas prezzie. It's about 1 month til X'mas so I thought of posting up my wishlist.

Firstly is the Coach Fabric Cleaner. I stopped using my Coach bag since there's visible dirt so thankfully Coach has formulated their own cleaner. It's USD10 excluding shipping so it's not that bad I supposed. The other item is Cath Kidston 2014 small diary. It's floral designs attracted me. But I guess any 2014 diary will do for me.

I have 3 papers for exams and I need to score well to pull my grades up. From the way I'm seeing now, my coursework for all 3 modules are between B to C. Surprisingly, my environmental chemistry coursework is higher than my major courses. Nevertheless, I will just do my best in exams.

I'll update this blog after my last paper which is on the 2nd of December. I have yet update my blog with my Siti Nurhaliza concert experience!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

#1753 - November

It's almost 2 weeks since my last update. What have I done the last 2 weeks.. I'm not very sure either but I do know that this month is hell month because...

Yeah, that pretty much sums it. Actually, I just had a new assignment in which I need to add on to this paper too.

I won't be updating this blog anytime soon coz everything is just so 'tight' to one another :(

Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

#1752 - My week so far


I skipped my Science class coz I am pro like that.

Tuesday to Weds

Stayed at home coz no classes, Weds was public holiday. So I ended up reading the article with difficulties.


MCQ for CCC. Realised that I can be even better. Followed C's car back to campus and asked about my studies. Hmmm...


Back pain due to PMS. Sleeping hour conflicted.


Doing nothing but tried read ethnographic research method I printed and it's sibeh boring. Even ranted at C. lmao. I think I will get killed.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

#1751 - Done

The past few days was mugging my essay from 12AM til 4AM. I am content with my essay since I submitted via turnitin, the website that detects plagiarism and what not. Whatever, essay submitted and I'm done!

Tomorrow marks the 2nd half of the semester. This also means I will be busy with my DY and academics. I am honestly scared I will end up in a limbo situation but I am praying to God for whatever that is best.

Initially, my 2 week sem break was to cage myself at the hostel but I guess I am so sick of the life there and life at home is of course better. Although I think became unhealthy here thanks to good food by mom. But I do miss walking everyday though. The tendency to become a hermit when I am back is too high.

I hope I am ready.