Thursday, August 30, 2007


I added a playlist! My Utada Hikaru playlist! I admire that singer a lot! Anyone likes her? :) I'm listening to First Love English version sung by another singer and I have to say that I still like the original version much BETTER than this! Only Hikki can sing it to the best! Once I watched a youtube video where this Chinese singer sang First Love and I have to say, it SUCKS!!! She barely sing it at all!!

This is Utada Hikaru! Aren't she pretty? *jealous* Speaking of it, her album was released yesterday! Beautiful World/Kiss and Cry Single. You can listen to those singles at my playlist. I recommend Beautiful World. It's very nice!This is the cover! I want one!

Anyway, I listened to Boulevard Of Broken Dreams sung by her. It's in the play list beside. It was ok though.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


WTF!?!?!?!? I should know this better

I fall into an online SCAM...

I sent my details to this particular email and the database said the email NEVER exist in their account, not the organiser's email.

Guess how much I won?

1,350,000 sterling pounds!

I did call the number and luckily I half mentioned my house address.

Call me stupid for replying the email but if the database said the email I sent doesn't exist, meaning that they won't receive my details, right?

So I went to search on this particular kind of lottery on the web and found a prefect website about such scamming. It gave me advice and all.

Now I am in a state of fear... I wonder why am I acting so stupid...

I hate myself right now!

We had a talk on scholarship today at school. It was awesome! I never think that the expectation was SOO high! I mean, Sultan's Scholar! You need A in BM and Eng for GCSE O Level Exam!! A in BM?????

Doesn't sound easy.... Add to that, you need 4As in A Level!!! 4A?????

And I'm so happy that I am of the 2 chosen to represent school for Japan Exchange Student Program in December this year! Yeay! I don't know if I need to pass the interview or not 1st but I really want to go! 2 weeks!

10 more days to Singapore trip!! I can't wait.. It's been a decade since my last flight! I don't know what to expect except that no overload luggages, metals and notebook (for reports)

Hm... I played neopets yesterday and earned about 30k NPs... Boy, it was tough! At least my interest now is 56NP a day!

That's all I guess... Gotta go bath now..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yeah... it's 12.30am here and I'm updating this blog of mine in a complete dark room...

Lets see... I played neopets and earn around 22000NP... Haven't started in typing my fiction yet...

*yawn* I don't like logarithm!! People say its easy but I think its hard! I just don't get lg and ln e x.... *ugh*

But I'm so happy that I'll be going to Singapore in 12 days time! Yeay! Like I can't imagine how's it going to be like! It's been a long long time since I boarded on a plane....

*sigh* "I wished I could make the person understand"

Sunday, August 26, 2007



I have to admit that it’s beeeeeen a loooooooooooong time since my last post。 Well yeah, I had been updating our classblog everytime that I don’t even have time for my own!

Actually, I play neopets.... again.I actually ”abandoned” the game for 7 years but now, I’m back with a new account.Too bad though...I mean if I continue playing it, I cound have the strongest pet and a millionaire!! AAAH!!!

lol...But I wonder whats the point of it..I mean I rather go to the forum and moderate things a bit, because I can learn something new from it.Like learning Japanese, ddl... hehe..

So yeah..I’m currently working on a fiction.. it was hard! I;m more to facts then fiction but I enjoy writing it.

Guess thats all... I'm worried about my sleeping time though.. *gulp* 7 more hours till school!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Long time....

Its been a long while now.. I do go online everyday but I always update our classblog instead.

Soo many things, soo little time