Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dedication to a friend

I know he's out there, reading this. I meant to post this like weeks ago but oh well...

Just wanna let ya know that you're the first 'friend' I knew online... You changed a lot that I dunno why but I can't help thinking what'll happen to you.

So many people asked you to change to the good one but I guess I'm not the psychic in this matter to 'change' you. I remembered few years ago, you're so lively.

You like to talk and joke those time. I even remembered telling people you're my bf and you wouldn't mind either. You really are the friend that I knew.

Then after 2 years without talking to you due to my Internet connection breakdown, suddenly the green person flashed. It was you.

I was so glad to able to talk to you again. But, you changed. You changed a lot. I couldn't accept the fact that you changed.

You told me people changed. But, you changed to a person that I almost couldn't believe. Your blog tells that you always think like that.

I was happy when you told me you loved S_ _ _ _. I won't mention her name since you hate it. Remember I told you how much she loved you? You questioned me how come I know that's what she's thinking.

I'm a girl and I know how she felt. She may had dumped you but now, she wants to be with you. Give her a chance. She understands you more than anyone, even me.

Every time I read your blog, I felt like crying. You had all those thinkings that can never find an answer to it. You had a purpose in life. Achieve that purpose.

I will never forget the happy friend that I first had. I always remember you as the person who wants to study game programming in Japan. You will always exist in my life. *sob*

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sir asked us to prepare the 4 days 3 nights Singapore trip in a hard copy... Like, I spent hours typing it here so does that means I might need to spend twice as much for the copy?

Looks like that doesn't stop, I got:

  1. Biology Test to study
  2. Biology Classwork and homeworks to complete (heh)
  3. Chemistry Test
  4. Additional maths (prepare)
  5. Maths homework; Indices!!!!
Oh well... But I downloaded Utada Hikaru's Kiss and Cry LIVE at Music Station. Way much better than the MV which anime 'lyp-syncing' it...Currently waiting for This is Love to be finished.. (God, slow connection's killin' me!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I hate it

I don't know why but sometimes when I already triple, triple, triple, triple, triple, TRIPLED checked on some questions, there's this 'tiny-microscopic-evil' WRONG answer!!!

DAMN it right! It always happen ANYWHERE! ><

Why does this happen.........................?

Monday, September 17, 2007


I went for the Exchange Student's Programme interview. It was all right. I managed to answer everything they asked. And I wouldn't believe myself that I said "Ohayo gozaimasu" to the Embassy of Japan!!! After a few question, the embassy asked me if I know any other words beside those. I said "Konnichiwa. Watashi wa namae no Riza desu. Hajimemashite dozoyoroshiku."


I hoped I'll pass this round.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Things I learn

From my Singapore trip, I learnt that:

  1. Everything is possible when you tried the best
  2. Study is STRESS (hehe)
  3. Don't complain (Its better here than there)
But I bought:

  1. w-inds. ageha CD
  2. Utada Hikaru ULTRA BLUE CD
  3. Stamps
  4. Snapple Mango Madness drink
  5. Carlsberg Photo
  6. Sentosa Island keychain
  7. Belgian chocolate ice cream
  8. Belgian chocolate cake
  9. teens September issue (Much cheaper!)
  10. Sentosa T-shirts and keychains
  11. Chocolates
  12. Postcards
  13. Bottle of Water ($1.5!!! :S )
  14. Death Note 1 & 2 VCD
And many more....


What my luck! I typed in BackStreet Boys at youtube and the 1st video, Inconsolable, popped up! I mean I didn't know that! And after some research, they'll release a new album, Unbreakable, October 30th!!! I can't wait!!

Inconsolable was a nice song. I like the lyrics. At the same time trying to 'track' down some possibilities of some new songs in the new album, I found:

Any Other Way
Love Knows I Love You
What Makes You Different
Love Is
Happily Never After

Some maybe in but I'm not sure yet though... I just hope the album is out now! :) I'll try to upload the Inconsolable video here

Saturday, September 15, 2007

3rd Day at Singapore

11th September 2007

We arrived at Henderson Secondary School around 0900. Then I am assigned 3E(Band 2), Sec 3 Express Band 2. I met my buddy, Qiao Ting. Their class were revising Algebra.

After that, we went to the AVA Theatrette. We were first given a presentation about their Modular Day. Then it was our school to present. I was a little bit nervous! Maybe I did alright due to the fact that the theater was cold! But I do feel alright during the presentation.

Then we were toured around the school. They told me that the school is small compared to other secondary schools. I thought they were right because Xin Min Sec. Sch is much bigger but their school is like twice a s large as mine! I told them "our school is half a size smaller so your school is still big." :D

Then we get to do something that I never did. Podcasting! I heard that name before but never tried to do it. It was fun! I think I podcasted me and two other friends pics.

Around 1330, we left Henderson to NUS. We went to the National University of Singapore High School where we met Feyra! That school was huge! They even had elevators! Anyway, we were toured by 2 of the 5 school leaders, Lee Eu Kyung (I knew I spelled wrongly) and Tan Wan Yu. They showed us around the school.

We get to see the sun's edge using the observatory at the highest floor of the hostel. Too bad it was daytime when we used the telescope. It would be perfect if it's night time. After touring everything, we went to the conference room which was built underground. Well, its usual to see things built underground in Singapore, or so the guide told us.

We were given a presentation about their modular activity at Christmas Island at Australia. The presenter's a natural. After that, we all left to Orchard Road.

God! That place is like a maze!! You got shopping complexes everywhere!! Me and Peng ended walking 15 minutes for a CD shop and I found nothing that I wanted... :( While Peng was looking for clothes, I went down to buy ice-cream. Belgian Chocolate Ice cream! *yummy*

After one hour and a half at Orchard Road, we went to Seoul Garden for dinner. First I took a big plate of food for the group to share, who knows, Rachel came in with 2 big plates!! And I was like "Can we even finish all these? Look at the sign. Every $5 will be charged for every 100g wasted..." But I did 'forced' myself to eat a lot because I like the prawns! I think I ate around 15 prawns or more! Call me crazy but I love it!!!!

After my bloated tummy, we went to Night Safari. We explored the area with the tram ride and a little bit of walking. It was quite tiring in the end but I enjoyed a lot. I love this souvenir shop where the smell of orchid flower was nice. They sell souvenirs that has real orchid scent in it.

Around 2300 we left Night Safari to our hotel. I had to pack everything in my luggages. A lot of things had to be packed in and I was worry about my luggage being excess.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

2nd Day of Singapore

10th September 2007

We went to Xin Min Secondary School around 0830. I thought Xin Min was actually '星明' but it's 新民! My Chinese not that good :( Anyway, we met the principal and 2 vice principals of the school. Then we were asked to go to the canteen area and wait for their school leaders.

I like the canteen area. It has 8 stalls! (If only my school's canteen is like that..) Then, the school leaders came. There's around 20 or 30 of them. I can't remember. The vice principle told us to go to the 'buddies' classroom after the leader assigned us.

Me and my friend ended up in 305 classroom. Interesting is, their classroom got 3 digit. We were told that the first digit is the Sec Level whereas the last two is the class number. If the vice principal didn't tell us this, I thought there were 300+ classrooms... And that would be way too much to a secondary school!

So I get to know that my buddy's name is Douglas. We talked a while then me and Feeqa's buddy, Kiat Han (I think la.. I don't have good memory) went to 305. Douglas and Kiat Han are classmates. When I entered the classroom, I was greeted by smiles. :)

They had Chinese class! Well, there's no teacher that time but clearly, I suck at Chinese. Even my buddies too not really good in Chinese. 10 minutes later, a relief teacher came in the class. She talked in Chinese (of course) and Feeqa didn't understand a bit. I kind of translated to her what the teacher said in Malay. The 4 of us talked about a lot of things and exchanged emails.

After that, they had Physics class. They were learning Kinetic Theory of Matter. We learnt that topic already! So it was kinda revision in Singapore. But I had to say I almost have culture shock!

First, noisy class. Well, to me, when a teacher is teaching, I am expected to listen. But, in physics class, some of the students listened, some talked and some were doing their own work! I thought "Wow... If only I could do that in my class..." The noise can be 'controlled' if the teacher stopped for a while. It was nice in this 'different' environment. I like it. :)

Recess was around 1050. It was quite late for a recess but they had lunch late too. Then we were told to go to the AVA Theatrette. It was cold! Even after I wore my blazer, I still felt cold. My friends from another team presented their presentation at there. Then it's a farewell to the students as they resume their classes at 1125.

We were toured around the school the vice principal. The school was huge! I liked the school's artificial rock climbing wall. There were a lot of facilities in the school like music room, dance room, choir room, etc.

After the tour, we went to the canteen for lunch. I had potato wedges, potatoes in small cubes, chicken nuggets, coleslaws, honeydew juice for lunch. *Yummy* 1230, we left the school for Sentosa!

I missed Sentosa island. First, we went to the souvenir shop. I bought a golden small plate (thats what I called) and a postcard. Then we had a cable car ride. From birds eye view, I saw the ships, container vessels, 'city', Merlion statue, etc. It was a nice view.

Then we rode the Carlsberg Tower. After that the Images of Singapore Museum. We had a small mini movie about the Four Winds. It was very interesting. I remembered I opened a toilet door at one of the exhibit. Feeqa got surprised by it as I opened the door. I thought she was acting but I really got shocked! There was someone in the toilet! A fake person!

Then we had Luge and sky ride. Luge was fun. I think I lost controlled by it that I hit my friend's. Oops!This is my skyride pic with my friends. After that, we went to the Underwater World. A lot of fishies; big, small, odd, nice. Then we had dinner. Time fly so fast that I forgotten dinner and wanted more adventures.

After that, we went to the Merlion Statue. It was magnificent. The symbol of Singapore. We took pictures with it. Then, we took the expressway to Vivo City.

Vivo City was way too HUGE! I mean, you had more than 300 shops+, some sort of immigration office there for visitors from Batam, Indonesia by cruise ships or sort, bay view, etc. I think I walked more than 1km in that shopping complex alone! My legs were tired!

Then around 2230, we went back to the hotel. It was a very tiring day but I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

1st Day at Singapore

With all my luggages packed like as if I'm going to a week vacation which wasn't necessary at all, unloaded them to the bus and off to Bandar Seri Begawan. Upon arrival, checked in everything. Then, we had a group photo taken. Off I go to Singapore!

Its been like a decade since I boarded a plane. I didn't expect a 'fast' takeoff from the land to air! Then there goes the pressure at my ear. I thought this was the swimming pool! One hour and a half journey to Changi Airport.

Arrived at Changi Airport. God! It was HUGE! Actually we were told to go to check in the hotel first but we ended up to the Singapore Science Center. SSC was big! There are so many interactive exhibitions. I remembered stepping in to the Chemistry section, then the magnetism, biology, human body, electrical, etc.

After 1 hour vivsiting the SSC, we went to the Omni Theatre. It was located in the SSC. The theater was a dome shaped theater. We watched the movie Hurricane at The Bayou. It was a story about Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, I fell asleep at then end of the movie but did managed to wake up after that.

After a tiring day at SSC, we went to Lagun Sari restaurant for dinner. it was an Indonesian restaurant. And I thought I would be going to a Kopitiam for dinner. Well, I don't really like Malay food cause I wanna try something different for dinner. We had white rice, crispy fish, prawns, mixed veges, rendang, etc.

We finally checked in to the hotel after dinner. Funny thing is, the hotel room was 'small'! I mean, to me to compared it to my room, it was small! With so many luggages in the room (2 roommates joined in so thats 3 people), it felt a little bit crampy. But, I did manage to settle down.

By the time I reached the hotel, it was around 8 or 9. I remembered our principal briefed on us about the visit to a secondary school. After that, me and my friend went to the nearest shop to buy some food. I bought a chicken bun and a packet of M&M. Too bad it wasn't the 7 eleven store.

My friend advised me to post my trip in different post so maybe?

Going Home!

Finally on my way back to Brunei after 4 days 3 nights! Bought a lot of stuffs! Well, currently in the airport, using the internet, 15 minutes only... Looks like theres 5 more minutes left.. Oh well, I guess I'll update it when I got back home, thats like 5pm!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Going to Singapore tomorrow! Woo hoo!

I packed like all my stuffs in... Glad its not that overweight... I can't even differentiate what's cargo and hand luggage.. Oh well..

Still practising my presentation.. 16mins... still ok, I think.

TO MANNEQUINS, "Now I know the truth, so, expect a big change or small change in attitude. Thank you. :-)"

Friday, September 7, 2007


Hehe... This is my own-made sushi. Love it!
I had that for my dinner. I brought that too to my class picnic today. It was like 'selling like hotcakes'. I had fun with some of my friends today. There were a lot of good food. I love the BBQ chicken and the sausages. My 'retarded' sushi on the left!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Yeay! Today was the last day of school! Woohoo!

Well, I'm glad that the team completed 90% of the presentation. The hard part: Talking for the first 20 minutes. I haven't got the 'script' of what to say although I already did scanned through. I did told my geography teacher about this and she gave me a few tips on how to present it.

It's so sad to know that no one reviewed my fiction.. :( I uploaded it yesterday. I just realized that my fiction for the 1st chapter is a little bit long. I think I'll shorten it.

3 more days to Singapore! I can't wait! But, when I come back, it's HELL. Tests to study, homeworks pilling up like tonnes to do, (Well, logarithm weighed half a tonne to me!) internet to surf (neopets and aznmedia!) SOOO many things I need to do in 10 days!!!

Ta ta~

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Yeay! We are going to Singapore!

BUT... we must finish the presentation like tommorow! And its like a 40 minutes presentation! Hello??? 2 days to finish?? Yeah.... I hope our team almost done with it.

Thing is I almost screw up like 70% of the presentation. Well, they need my pen drive and it's like "Oopsie, I let a teacher to save the files and will have it by lunchtime?" WORST! But luckily, a teacher called that teacher and the teacher finally return back my pen drive for their project. Phew!

Then, after taking the pictures of Student Council, Prefects, Monitors and Asst. Monitors, my pen drive goes "dead". I saved like new pics in it and it can't open at another computer when I did it. Hell!!!! Luckily the school camera's with them for the project.

Too bad the trip was canceled. We were sooo desperate to go that we set it as a picnic, not educational trip. Wait for my sushi and egg sandwich Mannequins!

And finally upload Chapter 1 of fiction!

Monday, September 3, 2007


Went to school without my specs... My eyes hurt! I don't know why though.. Then during Additional Maths class, our teacher said we'll have the logarithm test like tommorow????? Then we 'pleaded' sir to give it next term which he agrees. Whew... still can play for this while...

Yes! 4 more days to trip! Can't wait!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I waited for 'free' wireless connection like half a day! Finally I'm connected! Fast connection too! Yay!

Hours before, I designed a new Mannequins pics. It should be at the website. Played SIMCITY4 again... God, it was like hectic! Outcome is like 10 times more than income... Been using 'weaknesspays' to develop my city...heh

Thats all I guess.. playing!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

So many misfortune

First my glasses' screw went off and my lens dropped, no scratches on it. I can't see things clearly right now without my glasses. Then my tummy ache, maybe because of yesterday's ice cream. Well, at least I finally face the truth. ;-)

NOOO!!! We might not going to Singapore this holiday! I hope we do. Well, apparently, the secretary in charge is on leave and we need his approval!!!! I dream t of going there already! Like no way he's coming back late after the holidays, right? I don't mind he approved it last minute though... Any case, school's principal advised us to prepare mentally and hope for the best. Hm.. I'm going to pray so that we will go!

I still play neopets as usual. Earned about 20k NPs.. New game! The Imperial Exam! I like the game very much! Like you need to know words! There are a lot of languages you can pick and whether you let the person in or not. I don't really know how to explain it but if you are good at vocabs, you might wanna try it. Click the link to!

That's all for now I say. Gonna go and play neopets! And foum-ing, friendster-ing, myspace-ing...