Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today's subjects are all right. And I just realised that today there are no maths/additional maths!

Reading Programme is SO HOT!!! I mean, the auditorium is so hot! No fans or air conditioners... Not much of ventilation as well! Man! Someone seriously need to improve the auditorium! Not much of 'ventilation' change since the first year I came to the school!

In the afternoon was my Chemistry retest. Damn! What other students said earlier about 'payah' or difficult is quite true. I mean, to me, the paper was okay. It's just that I wish I study...

And the students that sat for retest had a 'wonderful' idea should the results of everyone failed again... hehe *evil smile* Sie Ying said "Later if we celebrate, people will think we're happy!" haha!

I guess that's all for now... Man! I'm ADDICTED to HEART STATION AND STAY GOLD~~

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My 98th POST~!~

This is my 98th post!!!

I youtubed some more of Utada Hikaru's Heart Station song but they were all brought down due to copyright! Man!!!

But... I found it at megavideo! yes! It's a very beautiful song!

This is the piano arrangement of HEART STATION by a Japanese at youtube.

from megaupload Utada Hikaru Heart Station

STAY GOLD Piano Arrangement

Beautiful World (FULL )Piano Arrangement

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Day

I saw Peng, Liana, Anne Mary (wrong spelling?) today at school. They are going to get their O Level slip. They are going to enter Form 6 and it's like, 'wow, I knew them already for these years..' Time flies SO fast!

I'm worried about this year O Level...

Geo club = Leisure club XD

youtube's back!!! Yes!

Monday, January 28, 2008

O Level Results out!

I wanna congratz to Peng! She scored straight As and became the FIRST student to do so in the history of PJN!!! Everyone did very well too!!!

At least my bio and chem extra classes are cancelled! Yeay~

Me, Sie Ying, Rose, Su Ling, Feeqa and Nabilah went to Mega Mart nearby to buy some stuffs.

Ah! youtube still not working!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some more pics

I miss Japanese foods~ I miss them VERY much!!!

My Japanese friend

Dibah, Me and Zila

Rahim, Me and Akmal

I added Utada Hikaru's HEART STATION promo vid! It's so cute!!!
Her new single, HEART STATION / Stay Gold will be released on 20th February!!
Her new album, titled HEART STATION will be released on March!!
I can't wait!!

Promo vid link :

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I love Chemistry lessons today! Haber Process!

NH4Cl (aq) + NaOH (aq) ---------> NaCl (aq) + NH3 (g) + H2O (l)

I know, my chemistry teacher will be proud of this! What the heck...

Bio test... Questions was EASY but answering was like hell... Physics test... Ok ok la

Is it me or is youtube not working now? I want 12012!!!!

Which I might post about them!! 12012~!~!~ *drools*

Which one's a hottie, huh? Don't take mine coz they're ALL mine~ Huhu~

Friday, January 25, 2008


Earlier on, I did mentioned about some 'coverage'. Here are some of the pictures.

*Bare in mind, these pics ARE big (around 1.5 to 2 MB) when you clicked on them

(L to R)Akmal, Rahim, Me

(L to R)Akmal, Me, Rahim

Some coverage by the video camera

This is a better way of getting stable. Placing the vid cam on the shelf! Too bad after this, the talk lasted for 5 minutes.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dishonesty Is Not In The Prefects' League

We had a briefing on prefects' duties and responsibilities today. (Finally!) I hope the prefects will do their jobs sincerely. Too bad I missed physics~ I wanna know more details about the Mars thingy!!!

Earlier on, Hilmi had a 'brilliant' idea for next week's activity for Geography Club. Using a 'hoola hoop' to somehow pass from a person to another..
I don't know about that.. Where on earth can we find a VERY big hoop? O.o

I love biology~ We drew rhizome, tuber, corm (which earlier I thought it was 'corn' due to mispellings!) and bulb. I like drawings!

Lappy's at my sis for reasons. Ima using handphone now.. So bored.. Best I turn on LOUD Japanese Rock music and start my fiction! Last time my fiction was unsuccessful so this time, I'm going to make it fiction~

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have to admit that yesterday's Geo club activity on recycling was all right. I love recycling! We are helping the environment! But not the 'so called pirate' game!


It's like girls form a big circle, holding each other's hands, trying not to let loose as the guys trying to 'break' the circle.

It's so.... *shivers*

I never like these kind of activities! Now, they're planning to have something similar~

Not that I hate it (as in hating it SOOO much!), it's just that I never like these activities which sometimes I classify them specifically as childish. Not all, but some. Who says outdoor activities aren't fun????? :)

English test was easy, though confusing. (Hilmi thought I was 'cheating ;-) ) Binomial Theorem..... -_-"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My 89th post!!!!

I can't believe this! THIS IS MY 89TH POST!!!

What the hell...

Well, Chinese New Year is like 15 more days and '89' means like 'good luck' so better make this post nice~!

I TOTALLY LOOOVE geography today! It's like geography and sociology! So cool!

"You're fired~" (evil smile)

Others were okay okay la...

In the afternoon, geography club. We were doing some recycling. Me, Waie and Nura were collecting aluminum cans. So funny~Like, we only collected half of a plastic bag. My other sub team, Feeqa, C Ying, and Munirah collected like 3 bags??? >_<


"Our Anniversary"

Monday, January 21, 2008

My day

Summary of today's day:

  1. Geo - Population pyramid topic (Was all right)
  2. Maths - Determinant and Inverse Matrice
  3. Add maths - Identities of Trigonometry (Damn!)
  4. BM - Some classic translation (Was easy after all!)
  5. Chemistry - Corrections for test paper (sh*t)
  6. Biology - Some geography-ish stuffs again...
I hope I'll do good grades next time... Yeah...

Japanese rock ROCKS!!! Recommend song : 12012's Cyclone (It's at the side of this blog! The band name IS 12012 [pronunciation : ichi-ni-zero-ichi-ni])

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Edited my blog


  1. 12012 Diamond and Pistol videos
  2. Utada Hikaru Stay Gold (radio rip + lyrics) video
  3. histats counter
  4. danasoft graphic (btw, it's REAL)
  5. added A BLACK DAWN link (Mostly related to JRock)
  6. Feedjit LIVE Traffic

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Okay.. I fell asleep while watching a history documentary.. Like I slept at 2 in the morning..
We had a briefing at the school library today. The room was so hot! Okay.. no air conditioners..
Me, Yap Wei Chin, Akmal and Rahim did some 'coverage' on the briefing. We took turn taking pictures. I did took some and I'll try to upload them.(Provided its not erased from database!)
It happens that tomorrow RTB will air 'Kugiran anti dadah peringkat akhir' at 9pm. Those good ol' days when Runaway Mannequins performed. It was unfortunate that they lost.. I hope this year we had a chance to be in the finals!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Okay... I didn't get a new haircut for some reason... *Delayed*

I haven't finish adding enough music to the playlist. It's all random JRock/visual kei that some of them I never heard but I hope they're good.

Obviously I had been sitting here for 5 hours... Damn!

"My Darling, Stay Gold" ;-)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Walking back home....

I can't believe it. I walked back home with Tasha. It's like 10km! The weather was SOO hot! (hm... 34 degrees Celsius?)

But actually it was less than 3 miles.

In the afternoon was the Physics extra class. It was okay... I did wrongly for my experiment at first... It wasn't easy drawing them! Using pins...

ありがとう!to Mikey-chan and your せんせい for the translations!!! I appreciate them a lot! ミクちゃん、せんせい すごい! (-_-" Broken 日本語)

I am going for a new haircut today~ Hope it'll turn out good. Man! I want a visual kei look, not some gothic lolita~

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1st letter of 2008 from JAPAN!!!!

Yeay! This afternoon I received a letter from Japan! It was from my family in Sapporo!!! I was so freaking happy!!! It was only a short letter with the photos we took and stamps. Looking at those photos remind me of the good old days together in Japan! Okay... I hate to admit it but I wish I smiled like :D and some photos are just nice. *wah* I miss them SOOOO much! I want them to come here! I want to visit their house! Arigatou!

Speaking of the family, I remembered we had dinner at the house with my sister's friends. Suppose the tempura was to dip in soup. I actually dip them in tomato sauce or what they call "ketchup". They laughed at me. Hehe... I didn't know that they were suppose to be dip in the miso soup!

Then I remembered the tatami mat. It sticks on my trousers!! My mother was laughing when she saw some of the mat sticks on it! It was quite comedy with the way I reacted to it.

I realised that there were no air conditioners in the house! Imagine if it is summer! Atsui!! Mother told me that during summer, they open all the windows. Typically the best thing to do.

Their house is so small that I can say the size of my own room is already 1/4 of the house! They only had one toilet, shower and bathtub together in a small room. When they asked me how many toilets are there in my house, I was counting with my fingers. "ichi, ni, san..." I said, "nana" It means 7. They were like "WHAT???" But I mistook 'toilet' as 'bathroom' so I said, "toire ichi demo toire, bastub, shawa roku"


I was trying to say one toilet but there were 6 "bathrooms". I told them that my bathroom consist of toilet, shower and bathtub. They were very shocked to know that!

It was fun chatting that night.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Guess I'm everyday tired... Today was the geography club Treasure Hunt activity in the afternoon. 8 teams were involved in this. Overall, it was all right. There were problems like clues/answers wasn't found at the place it should be...

In the morning, we learned Chemistry Reversible Reactions. Man! I don't understand, even the teacher had already explained it 3 times already~ Biology is even better! I finally know that I can drink grape wine!!!.. What the heck..

Monday, January 14, 2008


I know, I know.. I did said to my friends that I'm not using pink but look at the blog! Pinkish~!~! My friend, Rose, thought my blog was being hacked! Because she remembered I said I'll never use pink... Hehe...

Today at school was okay I guess. Last 2 periods of school (11:30am to 12:30pm) was the discipline briefing. This is the last time for the 5 years of studying at PJN. It was the same old stuffs... No dating, smoking, bullying...

In the afternoon, we had chemistry and biology extra class. Chemistry was okay... The fact that I spoke Bahasa Malaysia. Hehe, Amal said my Malay sounds odd when I speak...

"Tetapikan, bagaimanakah seseorang itu akan meningkat percakapannya jika seseorang itu tidak cuba untuk bercakap Bahasa Melayu?" I spoke that in a Malaysian slang with no offense but for fun~~ Hehe...

Biology would probably like a geography-ish lesson. Deforestation, Famine, Conservation and Recycling... It was sooooo... uh.... okay okay la~ I'm afraid that I might write all those down in my geography lesson! Well, they are related so yeah, why not?

Happy Birthday Bnu~~~~~~~

Sunday, January 13, 2008


What the hell???? Why is evrything lag? The internet, the loading pages, EVERYTHING!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Things I hate

Okay.... Seriously, I don't like this.

I HATE (when I say hate, I mean it) receiving ANY miscalls or sms-es I don't know who the HELL they are... I mean, some random people out there just miscall (goodness sake, just use mc!) or sms me and I HAVE TO ASK THE PERSON HO THE HELL THE PERSON IS AND WHERE YOU GOT MY NUMBER BLAH BLAH BLAH...

Then the person go "Oh... I'm ___..." and better still, "Can we get to know each other in a friendly way... blah blah blah"


Stop wasting my damn time!!!

I ask you how did you get my number, not blah blah blah... STOP WASTING MY CREDIT!!!

Some okay... they replied me in 1 sms... some, huh...

Then most of them said, "I got your number from this friend, you know him/her? He/She is ____"

When I get to know the friend who gave MY number to someone who I have no IDEA who the HELL he/she is... I begin to wonder. Wondering why did the friend do this...

Maybe he or she wouldn't know, but I was thinking, maybe this friend thinks ima gal and play around with my number...