Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

Today is the leap day. Only once in every 4 years...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Next week is my exam and at the same time it was also some topic tests!!! I'm exhausted! I'll hold on for now...
Mannequins might produce an album! The 1st one! I can't wait! So far, the 3rd song is in production. I want to sing but then again.. *clears throat* I don't really have good vocals! Oh what to do..
Looks like I'll be missing someone for a while... *sighs*

Sunday, February 24, 2008


This afternoon, we had a picnic at the Anduki Park. It started like this...

I arrived around 11.10am together with Bnu, Hilmi, E1, C Ying and Su Ling. Then, SURPRISE~ Faiz came as well! Faiz and me start the fire ASAP...

We are just happy, right?

Not good!! No fire!!

We finished up all the matches in the match box! Me and Faiz thought "This is bad..." Luckily, Amal came! She's the lifesaver! I told the Amal, Bnu and E1 to buy some firestarters or sort to make the fire burns quick.

At the meantime, we took some more pics.

I have no idea who took this picture using my phone!

While waiting...

They came back at last with firestarters. Here, Bnu trying to light up some fire. I wonder what is Su ling looking?

Yummy food...

Faiz is trying to fly???

What is Amal, Feeqa and Rose doing?? Tug of war??

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I know... I break my own rules...

Yeah, it's been 6 days since I didn't post! So many things happened! Among them:

  1. I am in the Malay debate team! The topic for it was not easy and we are dealing with some other schools in the preliminary!
  2. I was told that I can pick ANY topic for my oratory but I don't know which ones!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Scored 60s for my tests... Oh well :(
  4. Watch A LOT of youtube videos!!!
  5. Study some while and then
  6. Into German music for some odd music
  7. I can't remember!!!

Tokio Hotel on JB Kerner Show - PART 1 - English subtitles

Tokio Hotel on JB Kerner Show - PART 2 - English subtitles

Tokio Hotel on JB Kerner Show - PART 3 - English subtitles

3 videos of Tokio Hotel~ Enjoy!~!

I found out that there is a German visual kei band!!! The band is Cinema Bizarre.

In case you didn't know what is 'visual kei'

Visual Kei is a style of band, which started with Japanese rock music, referring to bands which have the dressing and appearance of the members as one of their primary focuses of interest. Inside Japan, their fans are almost exclusively teenage girls, and as such they can be somewhat considered a uniquely Japanese version of a boy band. In other countries, the small quantity of Japanese visual kei followers is equally comprised by male and female adolescents and young adults. A notable difference between visual kei and boy bands is that boy bands usually are prefabricated and start with a strong marketing campaign, while there are a lot of cash-less indie visual kei bands that won't get promoted unless they first gain popularity.

Members of visual kei bands often wear striking makeup, style their hair with disparate but meticulously done dyes, and wear elaborate costumes. A look that recently has became popular within this trend is called Gothic Lolita. Although the whole appearance can appear feminine, almost all band members are male. Visual kei, being based upon visual style, is a genre of band but not a genre of music.

Western observers sometimes confuse visual kei bands with gothic bands because of the makeup and clothing, but most Japanese goths do not consider visual kei to be gothic, and there is very little cultural crossover between Japanese visual kei fans and Japanese goths.

This trend was almost single-handedly started by X Japan in the 1980s and became popularized by 1990s bands like Malice Mizer.

From :

ANYWAY.... Here are some clips of Cinema Bizarre

Cinema Bizarre - Love Songs (They Kill Me)

Cinema Bizarre - Escape to the stars (official video)

Cinema Bizarre - Forever Or Never


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Last day (Hopefully)

I hope this is the last day I go online for entertainment. I mean, there are limits, right?

I'll go online IF I am going to do research for educational purposes.

My Pre GCE O Level is coming about days??? Well, minus sleeping time, homeworks, tests, school hours... So yeah, it's like tomorrow!

I seriously need to manage my time now...

Create yours at!

"I'll never leave you... *hugs*"

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Ich liebe Tokio Hotel! Sie hat gute Musik Boden!

I don't know why but I fell in love with them!!!

I really need to thank to 'mike' (not real name but I believe he know who he is) for introducing me to this band!! If it's not from him, I wouldn't know that there are a German band out there who can produce good music! Not to mention that the vocalist, Bill Kaulitz (Kaulitz is mine, mike!!!!) can sing and speak English well!

I personally like the song 'spring nicht' or 'don't jump' in English. It really tells you not to commit suicide but to solve a problem. 1000 meere, schrei, ubers ende der welt and durch den munsun are among my favourites. Well, I prefer the German version of the songs than the English ones.

I watched a lot of the videos about Tokio Hotel today. I like this one:

Monsoon (English version of Durch den munsun)

BUT that doesn't mean I don't listen to Japanese songs! I do!! Japanese is #1 in ma list. Then English, then blah blah...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Student Enrichment Programme & Tokio Hotel

This morning, all prefects and student councils attended the Student Enrichment Programme (SEP) programme.

At first, each of us were ask to say out numbers from 1 to 7. These numbers will be your group. I ended up with Joey, Tek Chen, Afif, Nurul and Hazirah. "Head boy and head girl in a team... woah, unexpected!"

The 1st task was to draw a logo from a given drawing on a manila card. Then, together coming up a logo and a group name. We were given a picture of a small tree!

When I looked at it, I thought "This is no good... nature?" Well, suddenly I thought of a volcano. In the end, our logo was a big volcano with some what 'decorations' (Afif said that) or 'inferno' (Joey suggested)

Group name was tough! I seriously couldn't think of it! At first, me and the team brainstormed all sorts of phrases for our motto. Then in the end, all those phrases became our group name instead!


Firm, Aggressive, Quick

Weird? Well, to be honest, none of us came out with a group name! FAQ can be anything.

Motto: 'To be different is to be us'

Well, our logo is so 'different' from any others. It's more like a 'landscape' drawing! None of us have a definite meaning for it.

Afif said volcano signifies that anything could happen at any time. We can unexpectedly expect many kinds of things. The 'inferno' below is just decorations.

The next task was to 'interview' some questions from a friend that you really not close with. We were given a piece of paper with questions on it. I picked Khairunnissa. I didn't know she LOVES books!

After that, we had a short break.

Next task were to ask to come up some qualities of a student and leader. We just brainstormed all sort of phrases. Group 5 was just near our group that Joey at one time said, "Hey you! Stay away from our group!" Well, we don't want to have same ideas.

Tek Chen was too loud when he suggested ideas! All of us was like "Shhh!" Other groups were like looking at us! I told him, "Keep quiet Tek Chen! Later other groups steal our ideas!" LOL

Joey: "Whisper the ideas."

Yeah.. in the end, we came up with 17 different phrases. Some of them are more or less have the same meanings.

When I looked at other teams, they divide the 'qualities' to each leader and student. When I looked at, I realised that we just mix all of the qualities together! I wonder how come none of us realised this? LOL

During the presentation, Joey did the talking. Tek Chen hold the manila card. In the end, I said, "We may all have qualities of a leader but none of us are perfect." This is true, right? We all make mistakes~ (Such as not grouping them to leaders and students, etc...)

After that, we had to play treasure hunt! Not my type! We were given photos of different parts of our school. Thing is, we had to run around. The first picture was easy! Me, Nurul and Hazirah had to find this 'pillar'. We thought that it'll be the school gate but it's the 'pondok' near Mercury!!! We lost anyway.

In the end, we had to come up of different beats by using our two hands. We were given 5 minutes to do the task. 6 of us had no idea how but in the end, we came up like this. The first one claps then, another friend claps, etc... After the last person claps, all of us claps together like applause!

Group 1 first to clap then 2nd then 3rd. When the 3rd group did the clapping, we were like 'Oh no!' They had the same idea as we did!!! What a coincidence! We didn't sit together as a team near them and we all had the same idea! Wow!!! I asked the team how are we going to create another beat in like seconds??? Afif told us, just clap like forever.

When it was our turn, we just clapped and 'WOOO' or scream like crazy. We didn't plan it but it works! Funny~Afif was like we don't have backup plan! Yeah! We don't!

In the end, we were given a piece of paper. We were asked to fill up birth dates, number and signature. There were like 75 names to fill in! We were told that to fill up at least 50. That's a lot!!! I mean, you can copy the birth dates and numbers but not the signature! This is a hard task!

SEP ended 30 minutes late than it was proposed. "Time management..."

That's what the morning looks like. It really worth my morning time rather than sleep till noon!

I listened to Tokio Hotel recently. They were so lucky to start at a young age. Their songs were powerful! I love them because:
  1. Their songs bring good messages. Even though they were in German, fans understood it. Some of them can even sing the German songs! (I watched Tokio Hotel TV and that's what Bill said.) Important thing : Message had reached
  2. Bill is so.... hawt? Well, his 'big',thick and spiky hair makes it looked out of the ordinary. His eyeshadows makes him a looks like a girl~ But his voice : powerful!
  3. At least I'm learning a little bit of German from their songs~
    "Ich liebe Tokio Hotel! Sie hat gute Musik Boden!"
  4. Bill can speak good English. I say good because if you're not a native English speaker and can speak English well, that's good.

Bill Kaulitz

Tokio Hotel
Clockwise from top right : Georg, Bill, Gustav, Tom

Tokio Hotel band logo

Tokio Hotel Room 483 Album

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day~

Today is Valentines! Fits with my blog template, pink~

I don't know what to blog about Valentine.

I remembered my friend gave me this link:

The Stunned Guys - Love Really Sucks (Roger Mix)

He said it's for those who hates valentines.. heh

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

VERY bad and good day

Physics = fun
Well, if your teacher is not teaching physics for a while I say.
I hope I'm not leaking it but in the end, PJN-ers will know anyway.
Sundays will have the LDC programme. It's VERY cheap already after calculations. I can't wait for it!
OGDC camp... maybe?
Sumer camp... 'why do we have to join?'

I don't know why but I kinda act negative in chemistry class earlier. Tooooo much of '**i*' earlier.. Damn! That's twice for this term! I really need to work my ass off!!!!

We finally learn Differentiation! My 'used-to-be' favourite word! It was all right since I already learn it beforehand.

Eng topic test was difficult! I don't even think that should be a topic test!

Matrix test was.... no comment! I don't wanna think about it!
BM extra was fun! I decided to join the Malay debate, although I know my Malay won't be that good...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I joined aerobics for my sports activity. It was... okay. Like we did the cha cha, salsa and meringue. My god! My legs hurt!

Today in chemistry, we get the chance to smell Sulphur. And it smells WORST than ammonia! I felt like I wanna go puke!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bad day?

All I need is one more stupid freaking mark to pass my chemistry test... *sigh*
WTH is goin' on???

Bisect flowers are my thing. Drawing some hibiscus, Allamanda and flame of the forest flowers... scary~

At least I can still smile for now... I'm SOO addicted to.....

"Spring nicht"
"Don't jump"
by Tokio Hotel

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I was suppose to blog yesterday but because I was SO tired so I didn't manage to blog.

February 10 2007

Went to Sie Ying's open house. It was...okay. Man! I was so shocked when I was about to pick up the boys (exclude Bnu and Waie). All of them wore red! I was like 'wow'~ RED!!!

When I was about to go into the house, like I see everyone was busy. I don't know what to say except "Xing nian kuai le" Then her aunt (I assume) called us to enter. I didn't see any of our friends until I got into the living room.

They were all watching MKMF. It's an award winning show. SS501, SuJu, TVXQ, Shinwa, etc were all at the show except w-inds.!!! You see, w-inds. suppose to be performing 'Boogie Woogie 66' in that show! I swear!!! (Coz I watched a youtube vid of it) I was waiting for its' live (well, not live since it's 2006) performance. In the end, it never happened. Looks like the TV Station cut of w-inds. part!! I was like 'damn! I waited for so long and there's no w-inds.??? I know w-inds. performed there man!!!' Useless~ But, I did enjoy Ryeo Wook's cute face~~~ (I did not spell w-inds. wrongly, that IS how you spelled them)

Speaking of which, when I saw SS501 performing, the name SS501 is soooo familiar... It's like I ever see this name before somewhere. I think Feeqa said something about them, I don't remember. Then I checked my music playlist. I DO HAVE SS501 music!! It's their first Japanese Debut Album, SS501. No wonder the name looked sooo familiar!!


I had a sudden idea of creating some sort of a 'momentum' for Mannequins. I don't know if they would agree with me or not. I hope it'll be a positive one though. It'll include a small profile and proly things that they want to include. Of course, they'll be pics inside~

Mom just went up. She was expecting me to study... heh... Ja~

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Looks like he removed his blog. Who cares if he's going to strike once more? I'll defend the truth.

I have to admit, I did insult him ( I won't say them because I don't think most of the class are involved). Yeah, I admit.

I'll apologize the moment I see him anywhere in this country.



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

30th day of the 12th Chinese Lunar Month

Yeay~ Chinese New Year's eve is today!! Tommorow is Chinese New Year!

没想到明天就过年了! 一年的时间好快了。。



Tuesday, February 5, 2008


We don't have CCA in the afternoon today like we usually would. It's suppose to be Sports activity. Even so, I still haven't think which sport I want to pick. When I looked at the lower secondary list of sports the other day, there's probably around 10+ sports to pick at. Thing is, none of them fits me.. :(

In the afternoon, we watched a drama about 'Hijrah' It was funny! Despite the fact that I can't really hear what they were saying. All echoes... Man! Someone gotta go and fix that audi!!

Exams is coming near... I kinda lazy to blog already... Like I don't know why... Heh

P.S. Mikey-chan, I don't really understand the text. Except the ones that I know how to read.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Typical Monday

I don't remember what were my subjects for the rest of the day unless flip my timetable...

Geography test was on earlier. 3 questions. No MCQs. And the whole paper is out of 25! It's like O.o At first I thought it was going to be damn hard! Heh... After reading the 3 questions, pfft! Easy~ It's like keeps on writing everything using common sense! That's what I like about geography sometimes: Common sense.

We did few questions during maths class. Add maths... uh... I fell asleep! heh... Permutation and Combination was ok ok la at this point... "Boleh la~"

BM did some tatabahasa... I forgot to do my karangan! Ah! Like how long already?

We had biology in the afternoon. There's this very wet floor underneath the aircon and I go "cher! Water!"
Ibnu was around and he said "ahh cher... U pee on it!!"
Teacher said "No It's not me. I'm innocent"
Ibnu "cher, you want me to buy you pempers cher?"


While teacher was teaching about drugs and alcohol (nope, don't get me wrong. It's just learning the effects and stuffs), Amal, Rose, Feeqa, Nabilah and me were talking about Judgement Day. Spooky! but will happen anytime. Amal was asking "Sudah taubat?" "Balum eh.."

Rose was like "Liza, kau sembahyang?" "Nda, kau Rose?" "Nda..." *high5* heh...


Percaya pada Hari Kiamat and Qada and Qadar

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Things I did:
  1. Went jogging ( Yeah... )
  2. Remove sig ( Will put a new one )
  3. Study geography population topic ( I hope it'll be okay)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Usual school day

Man! My physics test marks were all right. I know I can do better.

Anyway, we had sports house meeting. I am in Panglima house. Since its my last year in PJN, I suppose joining some sports would leave a better memory, other than education and friends. I didn't think that I would join shot put and discus. Joey said "While playing discus, discuss 1st then discus.."

Sir Andrew had a sudden idea that why not organize a house versus house debate competition. It would be fair this way as students from different education backgrounds get the chance to debate rather than the usual class debates where 'Science' classes versus 'Art' classes where students' intelligence are marginalized. I hope it'll happen this year! If so, I might publicize!
Now I regret not being as listed as Student Council.. I mean, I'm not being voted as a candidate for the job of president!!! T_T I really wish I didn't make a fast decision.. I got 'something' in mind actually..

Thats all I guess.. ima Tv~

Friday, February 1, 2008

100th post

  1. Did some maps on google and yahoo
  2. Created Japanese email and blog~!~!
  3. Watch vids on youtube
  4. Wasted damn 6 hours
  5. Haven't do biology T_T