Sunday, April 27, 2008

Updates and Dead?

Finally finished up Chapter 3 of my fiction.
That took me quite a while. I don't know when I'll update it.
But, please DO read it and give me comments or critiques at the chatbox on the left or at the website, if you are a user of


Maybe this blog will be dead for now.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

w-inds. Ame Ato (1st LIVE performance at Music Japan)

I love it!! Seeing Keita, Ryohei and Ryuichi performing again makes me happy! They sure grew up a lot...

Friday, April 25, 2008


I.V. ('aye-vee') PV

Some description about X JAPAN:

X Japan is one of the greatest power/speed metal rock bands in Japan. They disbanded in 1997 after 15 years of success. In May 1998, X Japan's lead guitar, Hideto Matsumoto, was found dead in his apartment; crushing the dreams of a possible reunion on 2000.
Each remaining member pursued a musical career, being Toshi's and Yoshiki's the most successful ones.

Speculations about a reunion started in February 2007 when Toshi announced on his website that he had agreed to join the band again. In March, Toshi announced that he and Yoshiki had recently resumed working together for the first time in 10 years, stating that a "new project" would start soon.

After a long period of rumours, X Japan web site confirmed on October 18, that X Japan was officially reuniting with a new song. The band had its first live performance to 10 thousand fans on October 22, 2007, on the rooftop of the shopping center called Aqua City in Odaiba, Tokyo, 10 years and one month exactly after the disbanding announcement. During the performance, a music video for the song "
I.V." was filmed. The new song, published through Extasy Music and 901 Highland Music, is the main theme for the movie Saw IV. It is written and composed by Yoshiki and recorded with all living X Japan members of the pre-breakup lineup. It also uses previously unreleased guitar tracks by Hide (Pronounce at Hi-de, not 'hide' in hide and seek).

Of so many people that I know, few know X JAPAN. Like, hello??? X JAPAN IS THE LEGEND!!!! They’re going to Madison Square Garden this September for a concert!!! How I wish I could go...

Anyway, I TOTALLY LOVE I.V. of all X JAPAN music. I do love CRUCIFY MY LOVE too.

I.V. lyrics

 Needles are piercing through my skin
  I'll tell you the feeling what it's like
  Is life just all about deception?

  Please don't be a part of a fairy tale,
  but you're so young to play with thy own will
  Should I trade the breath of my life for freedom?

  (In the rain) I'm calling you, dear
  (Find the way) Can't you see me standing right here?
  (Feel my pain) Life's bleeding from fear
  (Find its place) I will give it straight from my vein

  Needles are piercing through my skin
  I don't fear the fucking life

  This never meant I can't sit by
  They say as if it takes me somewhere
  Just let me swallow the faith by injection
  Life better be rushing to my head, my love

  I've played with this game before to find a piece of my true self!
  I'm lost within!

  (In the rain) I'm calling you, dear
  (Find the way) Can't you see me standing right here?
  (Feel my pain) Life's bleeding from fear
  (Find its place) I will give it straight from my vein

  I'm feeling my pain
  Do you feel where it's been
  Can you cope with history of the world,
  when it's sad part of life?
  Can set the shadows fade,
  forever fade away

  I'm calling you, dear.
  Can't you see me standing right here?
  Life's bleeding from fear.
  I'll give it straight from my vein.

  (In the rain) I'm calling you, dear
  (Find the way) Can't you see me standing right here?
  (Feel my pain) Life's bleeding from fear
  (Find its place) I will give it straight from my vein


Thursday, April 24, 2008


Okay... I didn't expect my PS2 to be THAT LAAAAAME!!!!

I know it won't play any CDs anymore, although it can still 'run'... So, I decided to play Utada Hikaru's Beautiful World CD in. And guess what?


So, no matter how much I tried to 'open' by force, the tray never open!!! I told myself, "Great! The original CD all the way from JAPAN which is like 7000+ kilometers from here is stuck in the PS2!!!"

BUT... I remembered The Secret. So I think positively instead.

"Okay... I'll just scored 8 O's in GCE O Level and maybe the tray will open"

The my bro came back. I told him about this problem and he said "Ahh.. just take a screw and unscrew the base or somewhere"

Miracle happens!

So, don't EVER play anything on a worn out PS2!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I had dreams when I woke up... I dream t that my sister in Japan and me were shopping in Harajuku!!! Man... I want to go there with her!!!

I feel tension, depressed, stress... AAAHHH!!!

'What only me? We as trespasser been seen by so many people!!! Why blame me only???'

"Is it so hard to tell me?"

Thursday, April 17, 2008


FINALLY!!! 12012 NEW SINGLE, MERRY GO WORLD released 16th April 2008!!!

PV :

To download 12012's MERRY GO WORLD, download here!

And since I
LOVE this song, the playlist will feature this song until like Forever??? XD

Monday, April 14, 2008

You are just a mere memory

Everything's been said.. It hurts
But right now, it felt better after knowing the truth and cried
Life must go on even if I were to cry all day
I have to accept everything on what you said
and I forgive you
Thank you very much, ctm
May God bless you

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I need answers

Is he in love? I mean, yeah, I'm happy for him but...
Is he? Does it have to be so soon?
There are many things I wish I can tell him but... It's impossible now
"Naku naide kudasai"
He'll be deep inside, as a memory

Sunday, April 6, 2008



12012 (pronounced as 'ichi-ni-zero-ichi-ni') is a is a Japanese Rock Band. Formed in 2003 at Osaka Prefecture, the group centers its work around the concept of "madness inside a human" (人間の内面における狂気 ningen no naimen ni okeru kyōki).

The latest single PV preview, MERRY GO WORLD

~Glücklicher Geburtstag zu Richard~

"Thank goodness 'pa pa' is not Bruneian~ I miss okaasan!!!" XD

***FICTION UPDATED*** Go the link on the left! 

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Online attack + Sports Day!!!

Let me start by saying...


After 5 days without going online, here I am! I did like SOOO many things in like 5 hours?!?! Well, I:
  1. Changed the layout of the blog. It used to be pink in colour and after checking out some fancy blogskins, I picked this one. I loved it! Like no more pinky but WELCOME TO THE EMO!!! I mean, Runaway. (And for one second I thought it was Runaway Mannequins)
  2. Checked youtube. The video I uploaded, GLAY's STARLESS NIGHT received 9k hits! -VENUS (yeah, 'minus' Venus. I didn't get that wrong. Earlier on, I thought it was just VENUS.) is around 6k! Woohoo!
  3. Updated fiction. Totally new! Clickie Here~ Leave me some reviews, all right? :-)
  4. Going back to the forum. Too bad 'pa pa' lost his handphone. And can I say that I JUST KNEW HE WAS ALSO A BRUNEIAN?!?!?! I thought he was Indonesian!!!
  5. Checked friendster account. Finally found Ikhwan's profile and blog! I NEED PICTURES!!!
  6. Checked out Tan's blog. If you can see the pictures 'moving', means STRESS!!! I don't want wrinkles!
  7. Logged onto my neopets. Been SOOO long! Like, not much of change for me. (Except that my pet is dying and need to be fed at the lodge to get it bloated)

TODAY is PJN's Sports Day!!! Perkasa win overall~

Laksamana won football against Panglima 2 - 0. I mean, there's this chance in the first half where Panglima HAD the chance to score!!! That no.14 guy just missed it!!! ARGH!! Well, at least good ol friend, Bnu, scored one. Heh. House captain.

To my surprise, my JENESYS friend online too! Like, I ALWAYS see him online using phone and all of the sudden, he got espeed!!!! No way!!! No fair!!!!