Thursday, May 29, 2008

Okay... I broke my own rules

As always, I broke my own rules that I won't be updating this blog. Looks like it is 'alive' again...

So many events happened after 18th May. If I can sum things up:

Readathon Day was on the 20th May. When we first rehearse, everything was CHAOTIC! Seriously! It doesn't even look like a drama! Thankfully, everything went well during the actual play in front of the whole school! I loved the fact that the audience enjoyed our performances. It was worth practising for a month!

I don't seem to remember but oh well...

*Psst* I compiled every single biology notes and I came up to a conclusion: Facts! There are like at least 100+ facts to remember? @_@

*I just visited Vance Tan's blog... Like I didn't know I acquire 8% of the votes for 'Best Rated Blog 2008' at his blog... Thanks for voting though~*

My plans for June holiday! (In case I forgot)

  1. Post a video on youtube. (My own singing from my all time favourite singer.. Hehe)
  2. Update the fiction as much as I can! (Mannequins really need more updates!)
  3. Loose weight (Okay... It's still part of my 2008 resolutions)
  4. 'Filter' my room... (Yeah, not clean. There is a difference.)
  5. Clean up my files at hard disk and desktop. (This is harder to clean!)
  6. Earn 1,000,000 neopoints in (Just wait...)

Wish me luck for my exam~!

Here's Orange Range O2 PV.... I have to say, this is one of the most funny PV I ever watched, especially in a 'ancient Japan' settings.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last post (Hopefully)

My mid year is coming and I seriously need to stop all these 'useless' internet playing.

I want this blog to be dead so yeah... Hate me if you wish.... ^^

Some pics to brighten my blog while I am away...

I created this with the help of Adobe Photoshop CS2. Lovely?

Thanks to my friend who took these pics!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sneak peeks

How do I look?

I want to thank to my friend who bought the witch hat for me! It's awesome!!! I am even using it right now~! hehe...

This afternoon we were having a practise on our drama (Oops!) and everything was okay... Now is the matter of finishing touch!

I loved Additional Maths tuition today, despite the fact that I didn't went there last week... 80% of the student's just now (include me) wore black~! Hehe... It was a coincidence! It's like this...

I was the second one that came and I saw my friend, Mr.S wore black... 'Okay... That was such a coincidence I thought...' Then another friend, Mr.A came and also wore black! 'Right...'
"Hmm... let's see if the next person that came in wear black or not" I said.

Quite true, Mr.T wore white and Mr.L wore black! Haha! Mr.S told Mr. T that he was a spoiler because he didn't wear black! Mr.T said, "I am special."

5 minutes later, Mr.Ash came in with black clothing! Everyone laughed about it that even my tuition teacher who wore blue clothing went in and changed to black! But the last person who arrived, Mr.C didn't wear black...

Friday, May 16, 2008

OGDC Youth Programme Presentation

This afternoon was the OGDC Youth Programme Presentation which was supposed to be held last Friday.

I told my group member's that I would arrive at OGDC before 8 but somehow I am so lazy to wake up that I left my house at 9am! That was quite late~

Surprisingly, our group was the first one to arrive. We start our 'procrastination' for hours before the Friday Prayers.

The presentation started late. There were Hj Mahmood, Hjh Zaiton, PJN School Principal, guest of honour, Tan, Sir Saidin, Sir Addie and etc. Too bad Uncle Is couldn't make it because he is sick!!!

When Group 1 was presenting, my heart was like pumping! I was so nervous!!! Well, I manage to keep my cool down a bit. Safwan who sat beside me was as nervous as I am.

After group 1 finished, it's group 2's turn. Well, it was okay. There's not much of technical error except the last slide. When a pop out box appeared that goes, "Source not available" I was like "WHAT??? NO WAY!!!" I don't want Safwan to close the slides just to open the video. But luckily all he did was click on the black screen. Then the video appeared!

Phew... Everything went okay... Then when we went back to our seats, Safwan, the group leader, was like "Man! I screwed up the last part..." I told him it is okay... What's past is past...

So the rest of one hour was watching other groups' presentation. I have to say that some have the potential to improve more and some really can present. Finally after one hour plus, it is THE MOMENT.

Well, before that, Haji Mahmood and Hjh Zaiton gave some speech. Both were impressed by everyone's presentation because everyone improved so much that they didn't expect. It is true.

The MC announced the 7th place position until the 3rd. Then Safwan was like, "I want to win!" "Me too... Let's just calm down and accept everything"

MC : "The 2nd place goes to..... Gandhi de Al Gore!"

I was like "YES!!!" We won!!! Then the MC announced the group winner of the presentation, Roger Revelle with 79%! Yes!!!

I couldn't believe we won actually! But I do love the book! I didn't expect the title of the book was...

by Stephen R.Covey

Wow! I didn't even think of that book when I saw some of the staff took out the books from a big plastic bag. Needless to say, I loved it. We took a group picture without Nadzirah unfortunately.

But after this, I have another thing to worry about. Well, 2 things actually. Drama and Mid Year!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tomorrow is the day!!!

I am SO not prepared but I seriously can't wait for the presentation!!! Hope everything turned out okay~!

No one will believe this; I sang SNSD Merry Go Round song. It is like SO not easy! I don't really sing Korean songs and I realise that as I sing, I more tend to sing it in a Japanese way... I duno... very hard to sing! hehehe

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

'Body Shut Down' System

Ever since I returned from the OGDC Youth Programme, I had this 'body shut down' system in mind.

Like today, I almost felt asleep in all of the subjects? Especially English! Well, I did slept. After doing the surprise topic test, I just completely shut down for a while. I recalled my worst handwriting.

Readathon is next week!!!! GOD!!! Speaking of Full rehearsal!

I just listened to KAT-TUN's 'DON'T U EVER STOP' song. Love it!

KAT-TUN downloads:
w/o notice?? - Kamenashi Kazuya
Natsu no basho
(夏の場所) - Taguchi Junnosuke
LOVEJUICE - Akanishi Jin
PARASITE (Tanaka Koki)
Ai no Hana (愛の華) (Ueda Tatsuya)
SMACK (Nakamaru Yuichi)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bad Monday

Not exactly.. In Chemistry, we did qualitative analysis. I obtained a glittering thing in my boiling tube. It was lead nitrate! Well, the secret to have the glittering effect in the test tube is.... Ugh... Maybe some other time?

3 more weeks or less would be the Mid year exam.. *gulp* I am totally not prepared!!! Especially biology!

Sir Saidin told us last minute that we have to present our presentation tomorrow! Like I never really had the chance to even edit my presentation! So doing it until midnight!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

my day

P.S. WILL TRY FIX THE 'Unable to click left' SOON... GIMME ONE WEEK or so... -_-

I slept around 2am in the morning after having a long conversation on the phone with *ahem* hehehe

Woke up at 9am, had breakfast and then back to sleep again at 11! I was very tired!

I am procrastinate right now because...

I haven't finish my homework... for weeks!!!

I had linked Qilah's and 'Uncle' Iskandar's blogs at the left. My pictures were there but I won't tell which ones. ^^

I watched Gang Starz 2 at TV3 earlier on. I hate the fact that there were only 2 judges AND one of the judges kept on saying the wrong team names. Oh well...

I have to say that I like this team~ PGZ!!! Why? Hmm... Coz they're all cute?? :D

Friday, May 9, 2008

2 days gone

Current state : Eating choki choki given sincerely from Mr.Q *yummy*

2 days without connection is already killing me~ But I totally enjoy the 2 days Youth Leadership Programme at OGDC, Seria!

We walked all the way from OGDC to the LDC which is like 1 kilometre in distance. That was some great walk! It took the group 15 minutes to walk. Walking at 1 in the afternoon is never a great walk! I felt my face burning, even after 2 hours of staying in a 'under 16 Degrees Celsius' meeting room in the LDC. But it was all worth it.

We were given the 'secrets' of presentation. *Shh* On Wednesday night we were told that we should finish up the presentation for Global Warming. Man! It's like SO last minute!

Okay... we did until quite late... I manage to sleep at 12.30am peacefully. Unfortunately some of my friends didn't enjoy peaceful sleeping at the Big Top. Though I do get mosquitoes bites.. *I never like mosquitoes' bites!!*

We were given a chance to practise our slides in the meeting room on Thursday morning. I wasn't really prepare so it didn't went very well.

There had been changes of plan and we were told to present it next Friday! Boy oh boy! I really want to wrap it up like today but when I think back, yeah, EVERYONE is not prepared!

*Haiz* Homeworks PILING UP like the Empire State Building already! lol... I'll do it tomorrow? XD I'm so tired...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Stupid connection! Curse you! I spent like 5 hours waiting to download the X JAPAN I.V. music video. Oh yea... everything went smooth all right. The file is 198MB and when it reaches 197MB, the connection cuts off!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! I have to delete the file and START all over again!!! *cries*

Anyway, I did my presentation for OGDC for the whole afternoon. It was not easy! Now my stomach is asking for good food...


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

BSRC Career and Discussions

We skipped Biology and Chemistry today! Yahoo! Well... It was unintentionally because... all of 5SC2 joined the Shell Career and scholarship talk at BSRC.

We left at 7.45am and arrived around 15 minutes later. We were the first school to arrive! We were given a brief introduction by the Ex-Headboy Yazid! I was surprised to see him just now! World is small all right...

We went upstairs (by holding the rail) and went into the ballroom where the talk is held. There were geophysics exhibitions, geoscience, petrophysics, field engineering, reservoir engineering, etc... (I don't seem to remember all of it) And geoscience and petrophysics really got me interested to become any one of them.

I skipped today's CCA -which means no pizza- because geography club has some sort of activity that the prize for winning it would be pizza! Man! But we discussed quite a lot at Safwan's place for our group presentation WHICH WILL BE LIKE IN 2 DAYS???

Oh well.... Need to get ready for Physics... :'(

Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm in group 2!

Yes! After confirmation, I am in group 2 for the OGDC Presentation Workshop. I do hope we can do things well.

And today's recess was rather unusual... Sie Ying and me spent 25 minutes, looking high and low, for Sir Addie. We want to know who is in which group. We searched for him in Physics Lab, Prep labs, Counseling Room, Administration Block, etc... Then we gave up. Well, our chemistry teacher called him and HE WAS AT THE LIBRARY ALL THE TIME~ So much for an effort... Even our biology teacher suggest that we should use a radar system of sorts...

My homeworks are pilling up!! BM, Biology, Physics, Additional Maths and English...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

OGDC Presentation Workshop

Today was the OGDC Presentation Workshop and briefing. Only Sie Ying, Su Ling, Kavitha, Natasha and me showed up form my class. Well, it was quite fun.

I told myself that I would leave at 0830 but I was 15 minutes late. I arrived at OGDC around 9am. I thought I was late but when I reached there, not many turned up. Phew! At least I am earlier than school principal!

First, we were watching An Inconvenient Truth. That was a bit boring because I already watch it for the 4th time. Then I was worried that the nine of us, the 'replacement' would be split into 7 different assigned group.

After the documentary, we had brunch. It consist of spaghetti, some potato chips and chicken. Yummy!

Then we were given briefing for this coming Thursday. I do hope in whatever team I assign (I do hope 'Your Greatness' would assign me to Group 2!!!!) I would do my best in a limited time.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I don't think many will know this band, exist†trace. If you love visual kei music, maybe you will hear this name. They are a group of female visual kei. Not like 12012 or whoever, I must say this group really impressed me!!!

The vocalist, Jyou (ジョウ), can make DEEP voice! Even a bit of scream!!! You know Avenged Sevenfold and those SCREAM? Yeah! She did that in the song, 'foLly'. The background music is very noisy and I kinda like it. 'Hai no Yuki ' is very deep vocal range music. The screaming is WAY better than the ones I heard in English band! TOTALLY!!!

Here's the 'newest' and the very first PV, Judea.

things to do this week!!!

  1. Learn Micromedia Flash which I am suppose to learn it like last year???
  2. Study Physics Topic Test (Static Electricity and Current Electricity)
  3. Study Additional Maths Differentiation. That's a hell long of a topic!
  4. Do Velocity and Acceleration homework (7 questions...)
  5. Do Physics homework
  6. Do Malay homework (Yeah, I owe teacher like 4 of them?)
  7. Watch An Inconvenient Truth (For the 3rd time...)
  8. Get ready to pack for this coming Thursday's Presentation Workshop

haiz.... what a week...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Listening to RURUTIA Mini Album, 氷鎖 (Hyousa)(Frozen chain). Her voice is very soft and I think I started to love her soothing songs.

I just realised the 1st part of I.V. lyrics, happened to me.

Needles are piercing through my skin
  I'll tell you the feeling what it's like
  Is life just all about deception?

Few days ago, I accidentally pricked my hand into a screw. Man! The screw really cuts deep into my hand. Maybe life is about deception...

On Wednesday, sir Addie told us that we might be in part of the public speaking or presentation camp but unfortunately it is only available to those who joined the OGDC OBB Camp. After some discussion, we, those who didn't join the camp last term are eligible to take part in this camp.

Sir also told me that I maybe part of this camp already! The topic for presentation is


Sounds easy? heh... We're talking about 'presenting-like-Al-Gore's-An-Inconvenient-Truth-documentary' way... Talking about Al Gore and his documentary! It's not easy! Especially when we're talking about preparing everything in 2 days or less????

What ever it is, I hope the 'upcoming' team would be very cooperative.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yesterday I did something that someone asked and the results : NEGATIVE (Well... I say)


Like, it's just so emotional for me. Don't blame me for being too emotional because I am a girl! I have feelings, despite the facts that I am VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY serious or bossy or too 'rough' on my things (like the calculator... by the way, I torture my own calculator because the numbers on the screen sometimes, out of the hell, freezes in time which I really have no idea why and THE ONLY way I found out to cure the problem which is so rough to a very polite and good behaviour girl is to slam my own calculator like I am watching WWE or some wrestling. I even throw my calculator from the table to the floor just to get the number de-freezes. I know it doesn't sound logic to a hell lot of people but yeah, that is MY CALCULATOR! Gee....) or whatever the so-negative-but-I-will-change-it stuffs people wrote.

I HAVE feelings and that is why I cried (yeah, tears were coming out) over or don't feel right on somethings... There are reasons why I am VERY SERIOUS on things. My Life.


That's why I am 'sometimes over the board'. The reason is to prevent the worst from coming.

Not everyone will understand this. Even sometimes that peer pressure in my life really makes me thinking of giving up my dreams. But since I re framed my words, I will determine to improve.

Still, when I wrote the answers on the paper, I thought "Man! If I write bad things, I'm very sure they'll blame me." So instead, I write to a lot of people half positive and half negative comments.


Out of the 13 comments, only 2 were positive and the rest, negative.


Whatever it is, I will change. Just wait...

*Throw the result at one side*

Of course, I do respect that every people in this society have all sorts of different views. We even have time to think why the person wants us to do such things. Possibilities are:

  • Trying to break the good bond
  • Since some VIP thought we are not serious in life, maybe this is just a 'simple' test
  • Apply the 7 habits
  • Trying to 'know' us better but I seriously don't think it works
  • So that we will do better in results in competitions and improve the ways of socializing (First of all, yeah, it actually helps me to become a better person in terms of attitudes, try not to be SO bossy, try not to TALK TOOOOOO loud and stuffs BUT I disagree that it will help me to improve results. Like, those negative comments are not about studying attitudes BUT OUR ATTITUDE as a person. When I look at it, Hell, it makes me to be cautious in person instead! Like "Oh, this person is gay, stay away!" or "I know this person is very showing off so I won't talk to the person". )
When I first look at the paper, I am pissed! Real time! It's like, "DAMN!!! Scheisse!!!" But after relieving it, actually, it wasn't so bad after all. It's just the matter of how you look at things. I guess there are a lot of room in improvements.