Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome back to school

Hello 3rd Term~ I missed you holidays! T.T

Today some of our subject teachers gave back our exam papers. Just one word:


Anyway, I'll work hard on everything. Since today is the end of June, my favourite month, it is time to move on to July.

Today I let some of my friends to read my 'fiction' which I rather think it is a story! Then, who knows? It might be published! All right, its only Chapter 1 and many readers thought it is SO much better than any previous writings before... Hmm... I do enjoy writing (now that I think of!)

It is time to move on to another Chapter of Life...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tomorrow school...

I haven't finish my homework yet... XP

So boring...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

17th Panaga Highland Games

Today was the 17th Panaga Highland Games. It was held at the Panaga Club. This was the 17th time the event was organised. (Right... Why did it went like an essay form?)

I was actually being woken up by my sis at 11.30am but decided to go there in the afternoon instead. Upon arrival, I saw MANY (Yes, I mean many) 'orang puteh' or residence of Panaga. Many of the people were British working in Brunei. I have to say only at the Panaga Highland Games would I see such many people.

I ate 'unique' junk foods. I was given $10 to spend so I spent:

  1. $2 for 3 tickets in Tombola game. I won myself a 'No Angels' drama series.
  2. $1.50 for home made brownies and another 50 cents for Hibiscus Lemonade. Yummy~!
  3. $2 for a Mister Softy Mixed Ice Cream in a cup. (Flavor were chocolate and vanilla)
  4. $2 for some blue colour drink. I forgotten what was that but it was delicious!

The best of all was the Hibiscus Lemonade. It really gave me the 'oomph'!

2 more days...

Okay... I didn't do anything about my homework yet... I don't know when... I don't know what film to review!

Sorry that my posts are getting bored... Some youtube vids:

w-inds. TOKYO PV

Friday, June 27, 2008

2nd post of the day

Just logged into neopets. Nothing much except that the game ratio changed. Hopefully it'll change to a higher ratio. I mean, the higher the ratio, the lower the score to earn more money~!

I decided not to play at night coz I GOT BIO AND ENGLISH homeworks!!!! Oh well..


ARGH!!! School about to reopen! I can't reverse my sleeping cycle!! Dou suru ne???

Well, I'm happy that I completed Chapter 1 of my NEW fiction. And nope, I won't publish first. Right now working through Chapter 2 but I think it'll be on hiatus for now... All I can say is that there are roughly 1000 words for Chapter 1 and it'll take time to type everything.


Term 3... Wait for my Power

Thursday, June 26, 2008

12th Day of June Holiday (School in 3 days!)

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! School in 3 days!!!

Ok... I haven't finish my bio homework and English!

Oh well... Ja~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tanjoubi Omodetto~!

Wow... I received text messages and MSN greetings! Thanks everyone~!

Speaking of my birthday... I ate chocolate ice cream cake.. I'll try find a way to upload the picture.

Also, Japanese releases on this day:

  • Matsu Takako - footsteps~10th Anniversary Complete Beat~ (Best Album)
  • Arashi - One Love (Single)
  • GLORY HILL - GET UP e.p (Album)
  • LAST ALLIANCE - The Sum (Album)
  • the pillows - PIED PIPER (Album)
  • Chara - honey (Album)
  • Shuuchishin - Nakanaide (Single)
  • Nakahara Mai - Metronome Egg (Album)
  • Shimatani Hitomi - Ame no Hi ni wa Ame no Naka wo Kaze no Hi ni wa Kaze no Naka wo (Single)
Okay... I downloaded most of them and didn't really listen to them yet but I guess I'll do it now... XD

11th Day of School Holidays and.......... Birthday~!~!

I'm 17 today!!!

"I wanna thank everyone who supported me all the way, especially mom and siblings, not forgetting Mannequins (You guys ROX!), close friends that I know, forum people that I 'know' and all those who know me elsewhere (XP)"

Okay... That might have been too much? XD

Hmmm... Is it me or did I forget someone else's birthday? Right...

Happy 16th Birthday Hilmi! Sweet 16!

It's also my first blog anniversary ~! Love you bloggie~! ^^

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

10th Day of June Holiday

Birthday Eve... Hmm.. I got some spoilers in my house. It happened during lunch.

Me, my bro and sis were eating. Then my bro 'pretended' that I didn't exist and talked to my sis.

Bro: "Sis, don't tell Liza that I'm buying a small chocolate cake and keychain."

Sis: "Hehe... OK!"


I know they said those on purpose~! Haha~! In the end, my bro just burst to laughter!

Monday, June 23, 2008

9th Day of June Holidays~

Oh no... It's 1.20AM... Listening to X JAPAN's X... WE ARE X!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

8th Day of June Holidays~

Let me start by saying what happened last night and the early wee hours.
I went to DYNASTY at Centrepoint for the night time dim sum buffet. I lost count of the number of prawns I ate. After having a bloated stomach, we went back.
I get to watch Astro all morning. I watched E! most of the time. I remembered Tyra Banks, Ty Pennington and Numb3rs.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

7th Day of June Holidays~

Woohoo~! I'm at my aunty's place, using my uncle's old Dell laptop and SO not easy to type! Heh... Not much of complaining, huh? :D

I'm staying over for a night so let's see what I did today:

  1. Left KB at 10am
  2. Was on the way to GIANT at Rimba but we got lost! Well, we took the long cut instead but we did arrive! I saw Hilmi, Safwan and Qidah. I knew I'll see some of my friends!
  3. Left GIANT and went to Hua Ho Kiulap to try get a small fix about my camera. Damn! There are no way to change except buying a new one! Hmmm... I wanted to buy the waterproof and shockproof digital camera though...
  4. Arrived at my aunt's place at around 2pm. I watched the History Channel from 3pm until 7. It's been SO long since I watch Astro... Then I watched Ghostbusters 2 in HBO. Haha! The classics! I LOVE Ghostbuster!
  5. Tried to log into neopets but it doesn't work? :(
  6. Looked at Amal's text in chatbox and didn't realise who's 'Wookie'...


Sengil Chuuka Hamnida Ryeowook!!!

I looked up at about him (Wondering if he's birthday is really today). I loved the facts that...

  • We can sleep up to 18 hours a day
  • We have ice cream as our favourite food
  • We do have little interest in sports
  • We do love free make up samples! AND...
  • We cries easily~

XDXDXD I know I know he's mine~ XDXDXD

ANYWAY, I LOVE the internet speed here... It's so FAST! I can watch youtube videos at ease... XD Let me share some:

The Click Five - Happy Birthday

*ahem* This is to dedicate to Ryeowook!

w-inds. Seventh Ave CM? I duno...

It's less than 2 hours before me going out to somewhere to eat DIM-SUM!!! Yummy!~! Laters~

Friday, June 20, 2008

6th Day of June Holidays~

I'm posting this at 1.35AM so don't wonder why...

Yesterday's Altador Cup results were nerve-wrecking! At least we are draw in 3 games with Darigan Citadel, who appears to be one of the strong team.

I think I'll play some games until 5am? :D

Thursday, June 19, 2008

5th Day of June Holidays~

I know I am blogging this at 3.30AM in the morning. I don't know why but I can't seem to sleep... But I know I will sleep 9 hours...

I watched a LOT of videos. Let me share some of them:

Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama in Detroit, MI

Former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore endorsed Barack Obama at a 20,000 person rally in Detroit, MI on June 16, 2008.

JUNE - Pride of Tomorrow

This is a PV of JUNE's song "Pride of Tomorrow". This song is the 2nd ending song of D.Gray-man

JUNE - Baby it's you

It's one of the ending song 9 for Bleach


LOVE this video!!! I love his dance moves!

Bergerac - AZALEA

It's either love or hate at first sight~

The moment I looked at Shenkuu results, I don't feel like helping my own team at all.

I guess that's all... I don't think I'm going to play later..

T.M. Revolution's resonance is buzzing my head!!! Nishikawa Takanori daisuki!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

4th Day of June Holidays~

Woke up at 10am. Heard my siblings rushingly cleaning up the house. I guess I'll help too...

Altador Cup III.. SHENKUU LOST ALL 3 GAMES!! Aaah!

Time : 9.30pm
Did another glass decoing. A big one this one but I have not colour yet.. Maybe I'll do it after this..

God! One more week! "Rebirth will Reborn into Reality"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

3rd Day of June Holidays~

Nothing much...

Altador Cup will start!!!

Time: 3.36PM

Altador Cup didn't start as it is suppose to start 36minutes ago! If yesterday was a glitch, today?!?!?! haiz... If I know this will happen, I wouldn't be playing neopets!

Monday, June 16, 2008

2nd day of June holidays~

Woke up at 11.30am. Being invited to hangout at OGDC. Don't know whether will go or not...

Time: 7PM

I didn't go to OGDC because I found some other things to do. Some art deco-ing. I drew a lot of characters. Hopefully it is still intact.

My friend Rose told me that the Mannequins SNSD Pic that I did was in an anti SNSD thread in a forum. LOL At least no one CAPS us. Phew...!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

1st day of June holidays~

Oh yea~! Holiday season is here! Too bad I don't think I am going anywhere... :-(

I played SIM CITY 4 again... Back to the old days... It's like replaying my favourite game again! Love the game~ Already addicted to it! LoL

Went to additional maths tuition today... Did some vectors! Not easy!!! Only me and another guy came to tuition...

I think today I didn't do anything productive, except cleaning 5 % of the room!

Oh well! I'm gonna jam my SIM CITY 4~!~!

OH YES! Please DO leave your comment or reviews or criticisms at this site!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Last day of second term

I received my marks and school magazine today. Man! My marks sucks O.O We didn't do any reading today. Let's see...

Physics - Watch Simpson's The Movie (Hahaha...)

Biology - Talked about ambition and stuffs (Gave teacher my blog and class link... Click here for fiction!) Speaking of fiction, I decided to rewrite everything~! The NEW version is here!

Maths - Free time

Chemistry - Again ambition.... Oh, teacher talked about some scholarship on perfume at France!

Maybe I should take up the challenge and make my own perfume? That would be uberly nice! Brand name: REBIRTH REBORN or MANNEQUINS (If it success, I'll give one each to Mannequins LOL)

(Maybe my bio teacher is reading this... Hmm...)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hangout with Denise and Natrah

Last night they both asked me whether I could make it or not... I really wanted to go but then I got tuition!

So I asked my mom.

"Mom, can I go to my friend's place?"


"Oh... nothing much. Just hangout."

"Okay, but tell your tuition teacher that you are not going"

Denise was like "Wah! So nice!" when I told her that.

She shared me some of Ryeowook's pics! Yeay~

I picked these 5 coz I like these best!

We waited for Natrah at Denise's. She said she'll come at 2.30 but she came in at 3. After doing some stuffs, we went to BSRC.

Hell! BSRC Rules are so crappy and strict. Whatever it is, I manage to enter after writing down my name. Heh... We hang out at the bar then ate at the restaurant. Yummy~

Basically like that.

I logged into neopets. Oh Em Gee!!!! ALTADOR CUP III Started!!!!!

I signed up for Shenkuu team because it's all Asian! Heh...

Altador Cup III is a tournament among other teams. The official game starts at 17th June. That's it, I am SO rooting for my team!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Science versus science

Today was the 16th Explomaths FINAL between MSPSBS & SMPJNPHAB. The final score was 40-30. Our school got 2nd place. Still, I know our school team can do better! Don't worry, next year, PJN is home and will do better!

Funny... Suppose we were to wait at school before 6.30am. Hell yeah we did... Guess what? The bus that arrived wasn't meant for us. We assume it is for the Table Tennis Group. Okay... We waited. In the end, the bus WAS meant for us! We left school at around 7.10am! Geez... why can't people manage things clearer next time???

So we finally arrived at RTB around 9. All the boys get to go up while the girls entered the Dewan Raya where we get to sit at comfy chair. I think it started at earlier. We were actually late! We came in the middle of the Guest of Honour's speech.

After the speech, the host started the competition. He was SO BIASED (I think la...) and nervous. Heh... Imagine you said "I'm sorry... I'm very nervous" in the middle of taping! LoL... The competition was divided into 4 rounds. We were ahead at the 1st two rounds but was beaten in the last two.

So prize ceremony commenced. I took Amal's camera and took a lot of picture. Too bad a lot of the pictures DIDN'T HAVE FLASH ON!!! DAMN! (I'll see if I have the time to upload the pictures or not...) This is my second time being a 'school part time photographer' in a big event so I wasn't that nervous.

After the prize ceremony, I saw school principal! Boy am I glad to see her~! She asked me to take pictures for the school magazine! Yippee~ LoL... Thanks a hell lot to Amal for lending me her camera!

After taking pictures, I was actually 'lost'. Well... not practically. after everything finished, I was suppose to join the other group outside to the bus. Instead, I roamed around the block and asked a man "Uh.. do you know where are my friends?" O.o Ooops! My friends who were behind me laughed. "How do you expect them to know where your friends are?" Haha! Luckily I went straight out and saw the big purple bus!

We went to 'e-mart' a.k.a Giant at Rimba. Amal, Feeqa and me ate at KFC. I ate the combo meal. $8.80... I got these two cute things~ (I'll upload a picture later)

On our way to 'e-mart', Afiq challenge me to beat his tetris score of 10,000+. Well, it took me attempts to do so. First 3 trials was a disaster, scoring an average of only 4 to 5 thousand. I 'groan' hard and cursed when I fail to beat the score. (I'm a gamer here!) On the 4th trial, I manage to score 15800! YES! XD

Less than 2 weeks...

"Rebirth will Reborn into Reality"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last day of Mid Year Exam!!!

Today is the last day of mid year! Woohoo! MIB was easy. Really. Fill in the blanks with words provided, write a small paragraph about what and hows AND a 100 word short essay.

AAAHHH!!!!! TODAY is GLAY's VERB and T.M.Revolution's resonance single release!!! ARGH! I forgotten!!! Time flies...

I want to congratulate GLAY's for their 40th single, VERB! I do think that their PV is just 'normal'. I mean, the song was nice but the PV is not really my taste. I don't know why...

This is their PV, VERB


And earlier on, they had a talk.

Some info:

Artist - GLAY
Single - VERB
Release Date - 2008.06.11
Catalog Number - TOCT-40214 (CD+DVD),
TOCT-40215 (CD only)
Price - ¥1,575 (CD+DVD), ¥1,260 (CD only)

Limited Edition Tracklist


DVD Tracklist
1. VERB (PV)


Regular Edition Tracklist




(music & lyrics - Takuro)

yasashii kaze ga hakobu yabureta koi no uta
koi no nigami ore no ii wake wo kakikesu

yowasa wo kakuseba mata kyou mo sugita hibi ni ochite yuku
ari no mama de ikite yuku omae ni

sayonara dake ga ienai

Oh Starless Starless Starless Tonight
Oh Starless Starless Starless Tonight
You Don't Be Afraid! Kids
Ready Go! Steady Go! Little Boy
You Don't Be Afraid! Kids
Ready Go! Steady Go!
Ready Go! Steady Go! We're Boy

chiisana koro miageta sora wo kakeru seiza
mou aenai ano hito no manazashi ni aetara

kokoro wo tooseba buchi ataru kabe ni keri wo kurete yaru
shinjikiretara shai de kakureteru yume ni te ga todoku hazu sa
Oh Starless Starless Starless Tonight
Oh Starless Starless Starless Tonight

You Don't Be Afraid! Kids
Ready Go! Steady Go! Little Boy
You Don't Be Afraid! Kids
Ready Go! Steady Go!
Ready Go! Steady Go! We're Boy

(There may have some errors and please help me to correct them if you spot any mistake!)

GLAY -VENUS (minus Venus)

(music & lyrics -- Takuro)

seijiteki na koto kara toki no bosu ga yande iru
hitorimi wo kezutte hitorimi wo hiku
tsutomesaki no kujouka wa kyou mo hito de afureteru
hitori zutsu narande ikkyo ni iwanaide

waratte waratte waratte
waraenai waraenai waraenai jo-ku da ne

dainamikku ni kirete miyou janai houbou ni ki bakari tsukatte naide
gouman na joushi okorasete kougekiteki iitai koto icchatte
muki dekiru yume no riko-ru Cause You're BAD! Cause You're BAD!
koko kara kitto nukedaseru Cause You're BAD! Cause You're BAD!
What's Going On

demo... demo... ano... sono Boo Off!

To Be Free

jinji bakari ga me ni tsuku kanojo no kare mo mata koutetsu
I Can't Get No! buru- ni naru ne
shuraba nara shuraba de ii takumashiku isamashiku
shoboi puraido sutete shimae yo

tatakatte tatakatte tatakatte
kamigakariteki na kimi no sono sutairu fugainaki tamashi uchi nuite kure yo
dainamikku ni ikite yukou janai shoushou no koto ni ochikonde nai de
daitan ni mune wo togarasete shigekiteki yo no naka wo kakenuke
kimi ni furu ai no suko-ru You're Venus You're Venus
koko kara motto kasoku suru You're Venus You're Venus


demo... demo... ano... sono Boo Off!

(There may have some errors and please help me to correct them if you spot any mistake!)

Anyway, here's T.M.Revolution PV, resonance (It looked like advertising it all in Sony gadgets, weird!):

Artist - T.M.Revolution

Single - resonance

Released - 11th June 2008
ESCL-3071~2 (CD+DVD)

ESCL-3073~4 (CD+Blu-Ray Disc)

ESCL-3075 (CD Only)

Price - ¥1,529 (CD+DVD)
¥2,054 (CD+Blu-Ray Disc)
¥1,020 (CD Only)

CD Tracklist
  1. resonance
  2. soul's crossing
DVD / Blu-Ray Disc Tracklist
  1. resonance (PV)
It is a song opening for the anime, Soul Eater. Oh! He is THE FIRST ARTIST IN JAPAN to release a single in a blu-ray disc format! How cool is that?!

Song lyrics:

Tsunaida tamashii no hi ga
mune wo sasunara
kotoba yori motto tsuyoi hibiki ga
ima kikoeru ka
Roku ni me mo awasazu
unmei ni made karandeku
yukisaki moro kabutteru
kuenai yoru wo hashire
Fukaoi, shisugita mabushisa ga
warui yume ni tsuzuite mo
Tsunaida tamashii no hi ga
mune wo sasunara
kotoba yori motto tsuyoi hibiki ga
ima kikoeru ka
Deatta wake wa dou datte ii
hiki tsukerarete
fureta shunkan no kizu no bun dake
tashika ni nareru...

Download T.M. Revolution resonance PV here

Time: 11.40PM
I haven't sleep! I just finished Chapter 4! Hopefully people will read. Heh...
Read here! Critiques and comments are welcome~!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

7th day of Mid Year Exam

Mood: ROCK ON!!!

I had Maths paper 2 and English paper 2 today. Maths 2 , seriously is EASIER than Maths 1. I manage to answer Math 2 peacefully~ I found out that English Paper 2 was actually JUNE O LEVEL 2003!!! SCHIESSE! (German word for 'sh*t' I think I spell wrongly) Why don't anyone pick some other passages other than from the past O Levels???

Oh well. What's done is done.

I LOVE youtube nowadays~ And please watch these two videos (even if you are not a rock song listener):

X JAPAN's song, X. Yeah, the song name is X. I must say this is THE BEST collaboration of Japanese rock artist EVER!!! It was performed during hide memorial summit at Ajinomoto Stadium on 4th May 2008. When I watched this video, I had the headset volume TO THE MAX! No kidding! I felt like it just happened last night. hide...

It features
Dir en grey, Luna Sea, T.M. Revolution (Nishikawa Takanori), MUCC a.k.a.ムック (Mukku), D'espairs Ray, Oblivion Dust and more... If you have watched this video, leave a comment about what you think at the right side of the chatbox, yeah? :-)


Monday, June 9, 2008

6th Day of Mid Year Exam

Had Maths 1 and physics practical... Maths 1 was not so easy and difficult. It's just in between. I screw up a lot! Physics practical too! I should have think about 'science English' and not 'English English'! Get what I mean??? Ugh...

Viewing through my forum. O.o

Edison Chen: "I Am a Failed Idol" (Public Statement Full Text)

Felt sorry for this guy. Used to be VERY famous and a hunk! (In my point) All those sex pictures destroyed a marriage, 3 engagements and other celebrities. I hope he will contribute more of his kindness. (The heck? I don't even know what I am saying here...)

Devil May Cry 4 Special OST

I want to play DMC4!!! So expensive if I were to buy the game... ;-( I watched the trailer at youtube. It changed my thinking that DMC was all about fighting demons and stuffs (I played DMC3 at PS2) I didn't know Dante have a soft heart~ Dante!!!!!

Track list
1. Out of Darkness(Prologue)
2. The Time Has Come
3. The Hell Gate
4. Stage I
5. Sworn Through Swords
6. Stage II
7. Temptation
8. Awaken
9. The Viper
10. The idol of the "Time and Space"
11. Swipe of Sword
12. Stage III
13. Lock and Load(Blackened Angel mix)
14. The Gate is Opened
15. Shall Never Surrender(End Roll)

P.S. How's the new blog layout?

In the midst of finding a youtube video I found this!

A ten year old boy, who admire X JAPAN's drummer and painist, Yoshiki, covering the song of his favourite song, I.V!!! My favorite song too! A very talented boy!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I am downloading KAT-TUN's new album, QUEEN OF PIRATES. 135MB!
Speaking of downloads:

  1. LM.C - 88
  2. since1889 - DIABOLOS
  3. MANNEQUIN - Seeds of the Empty Flower
  4. D - Birth
  5. Hero - Yasashii Kotoba

LM.C - 88 PV

Saturday, June 7, 2008

5th day of Mid Year Exam

Geog 1 was easy... Even biology! Surprisingly! But it was unfortunate that I didn't learn well...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Today Is Friday

I discovered another Visual Kei or perhaps Indie band.


I like BIRTH so far..

I hate the fact that they are under avex trax. Their music and image changed a hell lot! I hate it!!! avex trax! Stop making these Indie band into some mainstream!!!



Thursday, June 5, 2008

4th Day of Mid Year Exam

Today sux... Seriously... Well, BM 2 is okay... It's just Add Maths 1... DAMN hard~

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

3rd Day of Mid Year Exam

Today's exam were Geography Paper 2 and Additional Maths 2.

I almost didn't finish my geo paper 2! But I didn't finish my add maths 2 paper... *sob*

Hopefully tomorrow's papers (BM 2and Add Maths 1) are not that difficult!

I think I'll go study biology...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2nd Day of Mid Year Exam

Today I had Bahasa Melayu Paper 1, Chemistry 1 and 2 then Biology Practical in the afternoon.

BM 1 was never easy... It's like "I don't know where to start..."

Chemistry wasn't THAT difficult. It was very tricky.

Biology Practical WAS easy! I wished I read throughly my notes!!

I'm skipping tuition tonight for the sake of my tomorrow's paper, Geography Paper 2 and Additional Maths 2... Those two subjects weren't really my favourites..

I got good news from my friend. Hopefully my friend will pass the preliminary round. All the best~

Monday, June 2, 2008

1st day of Mid Year Exam

Today I sat for English Paper One and Physics Papers One and Two. English paper one was totally unexpected... One of the topic that made me smile was 'global warning'. Why? It reminds me of my global warming presentation last month at OGDC. I didn't expect that topic to come out. There also topics like include the sentence in your story, Disaster, etc... I wrote Disaster. Hopefully, it make sense in what I wrote...

Physics... hmm... EASY~ It was like "okay... I know this... Wait, what's the answer again?"

I was viewing Ryohei's blog and translated one of the post.. (It's in Japanese...)
w-inds. WENT TO VIETNAM ON 24th May!!!
They went there to perform in conjuction of some Jap-Viet.. NO FAIR!!!

*sob* As a shareholder, I am sad that all my stocks are in deflation... The inflation is high! AH! Oh, I meant neopets stock... I invested 34,000 neopoints in it, hopefully can earn millions out of it. But I need to invest at least 500,000!!! Visit Neopets now and I am very sure that you will have fun!