Saturday, August 30, 2008

I had a bad day

Sources told me that English Oral is a million times harder than the school's qualifying orals. *gulp*

I messed up a lot this month. I won't talk about it.

Thanks Newl for everything

Friday, August 29, 2008

You Make Me Want To Be A Man

I really wanna tell you something
This is just the way I am
I really wanna tell you something, but I can't
You make me want to be a man
Arguments that have no meaning
This is just the way I am
You really wanna tell me something, but you can't
You make me want to be a man

Utada - You Make Me Want To Be A Man (Chorus)

My baby, there's something you should know
About me, before you propose
Although we have known each other for quite a while

Whenever you need me
I'm gonna try to make it through to you
But I'm not always ready to
When you are not watching
I prepare myself for you
But I worry that I might have been misunderstood

I gotta tell you, I wanna tell you
I can be lazy but I'll try not to
Maybe I'm not a very honest person
Right now you're sure that you love me
But are you really sure that you know all about me
Up and down and down down down down we go

My baby, a lot could happen before tomorrow
Think about the pain before you take another dose
Who knows if it could be good for you after all

Whatever you give me
I'm gonna try to give you something new
Not something you've already chewed
When you are not watching
I prepare myself for you
Because this could be good

What's buggin' you
I gotta tell you, I wanna tell you
I can be crazy when I don't want to
Maybe I'm not a very honest person
What if I don't want a baby yet
Is it okay if I'm not cute and naive
Up and down and down down down down we go

This could be good
So I gotta tell you, I wanna tell you
You can be shady... Whatcha goin' through?
Maybe you're not a very honest person
You say you're sure that you love me
How could that be when you keep so much from me
Turn the tables 'round, "round and 'round we go

Right now you're sure that you love me
But are you really ready to know more about me
Up and down and down, 'round and 'round and 'round
Where do we go

Utada - About Me lyrics

I'm am lost right now...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A regretful decision

Today our school principal called our class in. The first thing in my head was "No way! Not the QE results!" But then, I know it wouldn't be the results since not all the subjects' marks is in the system yet...

Then it was something about to do with our future. A better future for me, at least. It's what I have been thinking about my career. Personally I don't really like the pure sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) but it is interesting to learn about them since everything in this world is connected to the pure sciences.

But my interested and passion isn't in the pure sciences, it is more to the creativity side. I don't have to care what other people think, it's all about myself liking what subjects I want. At first, if I were to go to do my A Levels, for sure I'll take Maths since I already took Additional Maths. Then probably it will be English, Sociology, Biology and Chemistry.

After today's briefing in the conference, I realise that I am actually wasting my 2 years studying the WRONG subjects. I could have taken Computer instead of Additional Maths. And I might as well 'down-grade' myself to Social Science or Art class. Oh well..

Right now, I must score the best I can for my O Levels.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

London 2012 Party

Claudia Winkleman and Matt Baker host a spectacular, free live concert outside Buckingham Palace to celebrate London becoming the new host city for the 2012 Olympics. [S]

Featuring unique one-off performances of classic sporting tracks performed by artists including McFly, The Feeling, Will Young, IL Divo, Scouting For Girls, James Morrison and Katherine Jenkins. Also featuring special performances from Heather Small joined by Notting Hill Carnival and the cast of We Will Rock You. Plus a host of sporting greats and celebrity guests join in the celebrations.

My favourite : Il DIVO performing 'Heroe'. Just listen to the tenors!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Differences in marriages (Malay culture)

I finally lay my hands on one of the mind maps my teacher asked us to do. It was suppose to hand in like weeks ago? Hehe... But I managed to 'plead' my teacher to extend the dateline before September.

So as I was doing one of the mind map entitled "Difference in Marriage" (more or less like that). I realised that there were HUGE differences between 'old method' marriage and 'modern' marriage. If I can brainstorm what I wrote :

  • In the past, the girls didn't get to choose who their 'boyfriend' will be. Instead, it will be chosen by their mothers. Their mom will determine who will become their husband.
  • In the middle of 'picking' the Mr.Right for their daughters, their daughters at this period is forbidden to leave the house until the 'picking' is right.
  • During the 'picking', the mother and father of the daughter will need to 'be more of a CIA agent' when asking about the backgrounds of the Mr.Right family. Of course, back then, there will be many man available so they need quire a time to really find the Mr.Right.
  • Finally after picking Mr.Right for their daughter, a ceremony will precede. This ceremony is what I rather call "Mr.Right get to know his future wife a little details" in the future wife's house, in front of the future wife's family. Here, he will attempt to 'win' over the future wife's heart by reciting poems or traditional 'sajak'.
  • Then the engagement will be held. The ring will be from the groom. But, the groom is not going to wear the ring for his wife. Instead, it will be pass from the groom to the wife's mother. The mother will then hand in the ring to her daughter. If the daughter accepts it, they will be officially engaged.
  • Then comes the marriage where the whole village is waiting for. Likewise, everything is done within the village, with the help of the people living in the village. All the cooking, decorations, etc is done by the villagers. A special paste, the 'inai' will be spread onto the newly-wed fingers' from their family members. It is then followed by some traditional performances.
  • After marriage, there is such thing as the modern-day honeymoon. But, it's not going to be in other country. The 'honeymoon' or 'Mulih Tiga Hari' is done by the newly-wed couple for 3 days at the wife's house. There, the couple will get to know each other really well.

So, that's what basically I remember from my mind map. It is interesting to know that nowadays, not many people would apply the above methods. These are really old traditions. I seriously don't know these until I did the mind map.

12012 Taiyou and KALEIDOSCOPE download here~~ It's the 320kbs rip. :)

12012 - Taiyou PV

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I have been tagged

I have been tagged by Ayyub so yeah...

. State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself
. The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.
. No tag backs

I'll just type in 15 things about me without much thinking... Here goes!

  1. I can apparently speak Malay, English, Chinese well.
  2. I am learning German and Japanese for fun.
  3. I can go online for 12 hours straight.
  4. I never like clothes.
  5. Gadgets are the top priority, followed by fashion in the sense of making a shopping list.
  6. Can buy up to 10 original CDs if got lotsa $$$
  7. Can sleep up to 12 hours
  8. Can eat a lot of sushi!!!
  9. Never like to bake
  10. I always pick the leader character in any cartoon
  11. Likes JAPANESE culture
  12. Somehow, water sometimes do taste 'sweet' although no sugar is added
  13. Love the oldies songs (Yes, I'm talking about the 90's)
  14. Sometimes like to boss around but do get tired easily
  15. Loves facts rather than fiction

I tagged Amal, Ikhwan, Shakri, Nadhirah, Deejah and Aisyah. :-)

Today is another meaningful and beautiful date

Yes, I love today's date which is 20.08.2008

Which means...

12012 new single is out!!!!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Today is 08.08.08

Today is 8th August 2008. (080808 or 888)

It is indeed an auspicious number, especially to the Chinese. I'm very sure a LOT of people around the world are tying a knot right now on this day. Why not? I mean, it will only happen once in a millennium!!! Unless you are willing to wait for another 80 years!

Now that I just realise, I got tonnes of homeworks. Those include:

  1. BM Ringkasan
  2. MIB Mind maps (8 of them!!!)
  3. Maths Nov 2007
  4. Add maths Revision papers
  5. Bio past papers
  6. Physics Radioactivity and Electronics
On top of everything, my QE!!!

Get well, Mr. Sincerity.. All the best to you.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quick updates

Busy busy busy like busy bee!!

I got to check this video from my friend. It was just nice! Click here!

I know! I'll make one tribute to my class then~! Haha! Well, that's one of my 'projects' though.

Time flies so fast...

Earlier on, me and Sie Ying got to chat with Teacher Nicole~!~! Won't elaborate much here!

Oh! We received the Statement Of Entry for our O Levels!!! At least this year we get to celebrate Eid for a week or so. Gosh! My orals for both BM and English are going to be on the same day!

Then we had 3 hours of extra classs simultaneously! First was Physics. I don't think I did well... =( Then was Geography. Geo was all about oil and gas in this country. Last was BM. BM was fun! We only copied answer solution and teacher treat us drinks. Yum.

Guess that's all for now... All the best to everyone who will be sitting for their qualifying!

(12012's 4th single Taiyou will be out on 20.08.2008. SO love the single and the date release!!! 20082008~!)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

1st post of August 2008

Fw dys ago I hd d most weird dream. Duno hw 2 say. It was lyk 'd last moment of ur life' dream.
Suddenly a light came. I felt d lyt intensity. & then I was flying somewhere. (Heaven maybe?) Its lyk ur being lifted by d strange light. I felt d 'wind' actually blowing, in my dream.
Smhw d vibration of my phone woke me up from d dream.
Is dis dream tryin 2 tell d Future? When I retold this 2 my siblings, sis said mayb 'Angel' paid a visit. Bro said 'fluorescent lamp' was d light. Mayb I shudn't worry 2 much