Friday, November 28, 2008

tasha's bday

I helped baked some cupcakes today. It was quite easy to do so. Just 4 simple ingredients and took about 1 hour to do so. Yum~

Then in the evening went to Tasha's house. It's her birthday today. Met a lot of people, of course my classmates. Some were MIA already...

I wrote a new fiction. Actually I started last month already but just lazy to update. You may leave your review by clicking the 'Submit Review' at the bottom left hand corner of the page.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Went to school around 8. Saw Izwan, Waie and Tasha. Then Hilmi and Amal came. Only 6 of us la...

There were so many activities going on. We helped the lower secs with the science anagrams. Is it me or there ARE some anagrams that we cannot solve!

Went to the library to have health check. O.o I'm glad that was done. Quick and easy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chung Ching Graduation Night

When I arrived, I saw some of my friends. So me and Celine was so excited to see each other~ Haha!

So the whole event started at 7pm. First was the singing of the national anthem, followed by the school song. I still remember the school song!!! lol

Let me just cut to the chase. After group singing (They sang the Mei Li Hao Shi Guang.. I sang along too!) and photo sessions, then it was a short 15 minutes break. During the 15 minutes, I caught up with my friends, photo takings, chat, etc...

Then came the Variety Entertainment. There was Form 3 singing Chinese and English songs (I think), some Form 5 girls doing the Chinese traditional dance, Teophilus on the guitar and also another dancing group. (I think they used Big Bang's song)

Last was a slide presentations featuring the Form 5 students cute childhood pictures until the present day. Some pictures were so funny!

All those CCMS memories were unforgettable. Despite only studying there for 7 years, I am very glad that many of my friends still remember! Maria, Chen Ket, Ting Wen, Gloria, Chun Kiat, Teophilus, Yuan Teng, Lee Chyi, Huey Shawn, Chern Ying, Xing Rong, Yin Kong, Amalina, Amira, Khairunnisa, Chui Jet, Andy Chiew, Jian Hao, Chung Ang, Yu Ting, Mei Jun, Matthias, Wei Kang, Chi San, Yi Lin, Sharon, Syee Chee, Tze Wah, Adib, Jien Yet, Chi Siong, Wei Kang, Yi Lei, and many more!!!! I'm sorry if I don't remember you!!! Thank you everyone!

"We may not see each other, but we may not forget each other"

Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday #4

The beach!

I became the 'security' of the house again (I guess you know what time I slept). Woke up at 1pm and quickly got ready to pick up Sie Ying. When we arrived, most of our friends were there. It's been 2 years since we all decided to go the beach.
We had a meal at Ideal before left for the beach. Saw Mrs Phang! At first when she came over, we were looking at her. It took me 2 seconds to realise that the woman was her! She wore sunglasses (is it?) so it's a bit different from school. She said she havn't look at the Chemistry paper. I bet she'll look like this : O.o
On the way to the beach, we tried to take a shortcut so the guys suggested us to jump over the big wet drain. We walked for about 1 km to the beach. It was quite windy.

The beach was fun! The boys sempat lagi shuffle, girls writing on sand. Me? I like the wind and water. But I did manage to do some sand writings. Left the beach at around 4.30pm.

Then it's a mini journey for me to Seria Town. None of them wanted to go with me but I understand that. =) I was like 'Oh yeah, today's Friday!' You see, there's foodstalls (I admit that I like food) at the carpark. I only bought myself air kausar ($1) and cucur udang (4 for $1). Then went to Milimewah and bought some stuffs.

There's nothing better to end my time at Seria with a can of coffee drink.

End this post with 2 picx.

~5SC 2, friends forever~

If Only You Were Here, Still I Don't Think You'd Join Me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday #3

I love today!

Slept around 4am and woke up 2 and a half hours later. Before that I practised singing a love song. Adale... =D My mum thought I'd go to school at 7.30am but I ended up going to school at 10.30am. Kn bermsg lgi gto mum ah arah downstairs yg aku sklh aher.. namanya malas kn bangun... Heh

Went all the way to Physics lab to get my '8 kilo + ' books. Saw Sir Addie, the 'guardian' of Physics Lab. And also Miss Tan. She asked sir if he's having a special extra class. Sir said he's having the extra class for form 6 physics. LOL

Took all the books downstairs and all the way to canteen. Returned them to book store.I'll miss you books! Haha... Then lepak-ing at school until 11.30am. I missed the CCA Awards earlier but did had the chance to see some teachers making juice for the healthy juice making competition. I was SO thirsty so didn't wanna keep on looking at the juice. Talked to Tek Chen and Le Hui. Gosh, it's been SO long since I talked to juniors. (Now that I realised)

Didn't do much in the afteroon. Lazy to learn the purl technique for stitching but finished the dragonfly for a friend. Hmm... I think I have an idea... *Not telling what*

At night, went to Excapade. I think we are the LOUDEST VIP at the place. This was my second time going there and I don't think I'll ever go there again. (Unless I am pocket full of $$$)

Can't wait for tomorrow~ Please pray so that there won't be raining in the afternoon! X)

I Wonder How Are You Over There... I Can't Wait For Your Re

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday #2

Today was a 'wonderful' day. Yes, I mean it.

Firstly, the school's book store or store book (whatever it is called) was CLOSED. Maybe it's our fault for not asking when it is going to be open but still...! Why closed on the day when we want to return our books?

Haha! The teacher's in charge of collecting the books was away and the key to the store was with one of them. Man... Don't school have another backup key? But, thanks to sir Addie, we can put our books at the Physics lab. You know, the weight of 14 books (thick and thin) is about 8 kilo+ It is SO heavy! My bones gonna break~ Haha...

After that, me, Sie Ying, Kavitha, Rose and Su Ling walked to Ayamku. Kirakan lepak la... And I finally handed in the 'School's Leaver Page' to teacher in charge! Phew... All those editing paid off. Too bad it's gonna be printed black and white.

I continued the basics of stitching. I so far know cast on, knit stitch. I'm still in technique of purling the stitches. Although got 2 guide books to help me (Knitting Fun! by CB Publishing and Knit Tips for Young Chic (I think that's the title) by Sarah Paulin) I am still stuck!!

The 'stitching language' is SO not easy... I try my best to understand though. Finally I finished my 'now defunct' dragonfly. It's glow in the dark and very short. Right now still doing another dragonfly for my friend.

At night, don't know why but all of the sudden went to Chung Hua for the SPN21 briefing. Is it me or the presentation is boring. No offence, but a tip to ALL of you who will present your information in a presentation, NEVER EVER scan or copy the whole chunk of information from a resource (together with complicated datas, tables) into your slides. Coz otherwise, no one will even want to listen to your words and rather read the info on slides. Make your slides 'interesting', get me?

Am I Useless or Selfish? Haiz... I Need To Talk To You... Where Are You?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday #1

I am proud to announce that I did not sleep for more than 20 hours, from 11pm (last night) until now, 7.15pm (today) Bangga ku eyh.. haha

I spent like 7 hours online the whole morning so I am the 'security' of my own house until around 7am. Had breakfast, bath then left to hospital. I am surprised by own fat composition of my own weight... =( It's... *haiz* nevermind!

*Listening to Mirrocle World by Ayumi Hamasaki. OMG... I am listening to her songs? Haha*

After lunch, I left to OGDC to register the Exploration Camp. My sister and I searched all over Seria Town for a RUBIX Cube. All the reply was 'no stock'. I also bought myself a dark blue and light blue yarn balls for my stitching activity. After that, my mom drove us to SUPA SAVE for a quick shopping. Didn't buy much except fruits and tempura powder! I didn't know they sell foodstuffs direct from Japan! (Of course through a wholesaler la...)

Back home, I felt a bit dizzy but managed it with a cold bath. A quick dinner and I tried stitching. Stitching is not easy! My fingers were all 'covered in yarn ball' state. Felt a bit numb actually.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday season

At exactly 11am today, my exams for o level is officially finished.

Happy or not is not really a word to describe my feelings. It's 'undefine'.

Now, the holiday check list:

  • Manage about 20 websites that I join (games, forum, profile, etc)
  • Loose 40 pounds in these holidays (Wish me luck!)
  • Research career requirements
  • Clean my room (so far only 10% done. Ugh... eyesore! X-( )
  • Study languages
  • Type in Chinese

That's all I can think off. If you wanna chat with me, please do so~ See y'all~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Armistice of WWI

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the First World War. At this hour (11 AM) of the eleventh day of the eleventh month signified the end of the terrible war.

In some countries of the world, they honour the dead by having this day as the public holiday.

Veteran's Day is the annual American holiday honouring the military veterans.
Armistice Day is the anniversary of the symbolic end of World War I in Europe.
Remembrance Day commemorate the sacrifices of members of the armed forces and of civilians in times of war in the Commonwealth.

Friday, November 7, 2008

1st November Post

I don't know where to start...

This afternoon's Geography paper was all right. There's one question where I thought I am actually answering an Economics question rather than geography paper! It's asking about 'market town' and 'regional centre'. Huh?

Two days ago my cousin Jean stopped by. It's been ages since I saw her and I don't remember the last time I saw her. We both don't even remember! Thanks to her, I know how to 'hack' some stuffs. (Not telling what!)

Recently I downloaded a lot using Torrent. I never know that sometimes downloading using torrents can be quite a speed.