Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Results

I got 8 O's. Before the O Levels, prediction was 5 to 6 Os. Miracle? Nope, I don't believe them.

"I don't believe in miracles, I never did"
- Picked from the song 'Forever or Never' by Cinema Bizarre.

Somehow there's a small light, giving hope to another 'dimension'.

Argh... I hate meself.

~"Keep one self to one self"~

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm sick...

Tommorrow's CNY la...

But foremost, I want to know my results. I wonder if I were to register the SMS service, when will I receive them?

I guess I'll be leavin' now, felt so tasteless in eating food...

Friday, January 23, 2009

My teaching experience

Today I started my teaching of Year 7 Maths in the morning. Before we can get in, we need to get past the security. Since they were not informed about this, we were consider as 'visitor'. And being a visitor means you need to get the pass, sign the book, etc...

As soon as we got in, many of the students went to the canteen. So at there, everyone settled down for a while before going to the class. Me and Shakri were responsible of teaching the students of 7P2 and 7A1 of 13 students. One was absent today.

As soon as I distributed them their notes, some can straight away do. Really, it was about place values and addition. It was very simple for them to do that only a few students got careless mistakes. I was beginning to think 'maybe we should teach them what they had learn in school'.

So the last thing we gave them was 'Adding Game'.

I think the fastest to finish with all the additions got Ferrero Rocher while the rest got a piece of Deli chocolate. Courtesy of Shakri~

Some of the students were energetic. It was kinda weird being called as 'teacher' though I am still a student. Nevertheless, it was fun teaching them!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rumors, rumors, rumors

I woke up early today, if it wasn't because of my friend's text that goes 'O Level results out in bandar'. After that, I couldn't get any more beauty sleep.

Of course, who isn't worry about their results?

Still, I don't get to see the hardcopy or the soft copy of the results -yet-.

MANNEQUINS, should the results out, make sure EVERYONE come together and get the slip, all right? I got a lil' surprise for y'all. ;-)

I was awarded!

I was awarded by a blog mate who is my friend, Hafuush. Ehe.

Rules to receive this award:

1.Copy badge "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.
- Copied and Pasted!

2.Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.
- Hafish

3.Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya (anda di-tag).

  1. Had never cut fingernails since November.
  2. Spent $270 in CDs only.
  3. -Never- cleans the room.
  4. Obssess with Japanese music.
  5. LOVES sushi!
  6. Favourite drink appears to be water
  7. HATES anonymous
  8. Collect -all-sorts of items
  9. Can sleep up to 10 hours
4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog

- I had never, ever tag anyone this year. Let's see...

  1. Sie Ying
  2. Natasha
  3. Amal
  4. Nabilah
  5. Mee Lin
  6. Nisa
  7. Basyirah
  8. Diane
  9. Nadhirah
  10. Mariah Syafikah

5.Jangan lupa melawat blog kawan anda dan meninggalkan komen yang menyatakan mereka telah di tag.
- Clicked, Visited and Done-

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

THE Observation in PJN

From 10pm yesterday until about 1 in the morning, I got to see the Obama Inauguration LIVE from FOX NEWS. Interesting enough, they made a very great cover on the whole event. From the National Mall, to Capitol Hill. Kudos you guys!

Yes, it was very interesting. Too bad connection died down at around 1, which forced me to see TV1's live instead, with all the talking. They got theirs from msnbc. Cool!

Congratulations Mr. President of the United States of America! The world depends on you~

Then I slept around 3am. thinking about what will happened in the next 5 hours or so. I got a text from my friend, Shakri, who asked me to go for the observation of class for our *ahem* teachings for Fridays. Good enough, at least the students were a little bit 'normal', I guess.

I hope the results will be out soon. I seriously can't wait.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For those who REALLY wanna know WHERE to get the O Level results...

Click here~

Mind you, you STILL need to wait for days to see your GCE O/A Level results.


I am back... for now...

I am still a Vampire that sucks blood at night. (Playing 12012's Ms Vampire. Should listen it...)

Addiction to a website, completing stories, watching anime... I can never go on and on!

Click here if you want to know the news about O Levels and A Levels.

Now that I realised, it's less than a week to CNY, and few more hours to the Inauguration! So watching it!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Fuanaru Fuantaji

I am left with the last location (The Temple of Fiends!!!) to beat this Final Fantasy 1 in the NES version!! Yay~ Currently, at the same time, I am playing Final Fantasy 2. I can't play Final Fantasy 3 coz it's in Japanese! Damn!


If I play can Final Fantasy 3, that would be my 11th Final Fantasy game in the whole series. I had played Final Fantasy I, II, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII AND tactics. I want to play FFXIII (all 3 series) but no PS3... *sigh*



When I started to play FF1, I thought that 'black mage' looked VERY familiar. Why, it's Vivi from FF9! Okay... As far as I remember, the black mages from FF1, 2 and 9 look the same. Yellow tall hat, blue cloak(?) and a pair of yellow eyes underneath the black face. So cute~



Hmm... I smell 'results' are coming out any sooner... hehehe... Well, I am literally 'disconnected' from the internet world so the hell am I suppose to know?? Find it out yourself, duh~ *grin*



Oh yes, my new chapter for the fiction is up!

It's here:




Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tum tum tum... How long had I been away?

My oh my... It's been a
of a long time since I last post!


Let's see... There are no more internet connection here for no reason. You see, the past year I had been 'using' people's unsecure wifi.


But I guess it's a better trade, otherwise I wouldn't be able to change (yes we can!).


I didn't go anywhere for this long. I'm always here.


So, since there were no more 'easy' connection, I fond some new things to do. Old school RPG. Why old school? I got the NES Emulator from my cousin long time ago and started playing Final Fantasy I. FF 1! I tried to play FF2 and FF3 but it couldn't work! Well, at least there's something to play!


I don't really remember what I did for the past week. It's like 'sleep at 4, wake up at 2'. Oh! I kinda like the Korean drama at TV2. It's nice! But my sis said Iryu Medical Team was WAY better. She said that they actually showed the operation or something! GROSS! And I am ¼ away to finish my 'The Summer Garden' book! It's SO thick!


Life without internet is bored.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Currently doing

I am 'helping' my sister playing 'Pico Sim Date 2' game since she's a bit busy doing a bit chores. The game was all right. I mean, you can buy 'L's' clothing for $1200 (thst includes the hair) heh.. It's nowhere the same with THE SIMS but I just don't like the fact that the energy level cannot be upgraded.

My longest nail measures up to 70mm (the left thumb). Yep, it is prone to be broken anytime and I don't think I will like it. I don't remember having my nail cut after the O Levels exams which is about 2 months ago.

Runaway Shufflers Picture

This is the only picture I get it from the Borneo Bulletin website. Credits goes to them!

my back hurts

It only started yesterday so wasn't that bad. I felt like I am a hunchback. Like this cute guy on the left here:
I am hoping that the O Level results will be out soon! Seriously! I can't wait to go to Form 6. I am bored here; unemployed, bored, always sleepy

Okay... Maybe I still need more holidays! Heh

Friday, January 2, 2009


Below is a video of RUNAWAY SHUFFLERS doing their shuffling at LLRC on New Year's Eve. They got 3rd place.

Alternately, click here to view it on youtube.

Yes, I Love them, so?

100 Things I Learned From High School Musical

I found this one out from a group in some social website. It was really interesting to read although I am NO HSM fan. Check these out:

1) High school cafeterias are vast and spacious -- leaving plenty of room to spontaneously break into song and dance -- and are in no way packed, crowded or uncomfortable.

2) It's completely acceptable for the female drama teacher to walk into the guys locker room where her young male students are showering.

3) A white, 5-foot-9 junior is the best high school basketball player in the state of New Mexico.

4) Creme brulee is a creamy custard that is totally satisfying.

5) There's only one fat person at East High School.

6) All Troy could remember was pink jelly.

7) In school hallways they put up really big posters of the most popular guy in school so that obsessed girls can sing to it.

8) It's okay to practice incest if you're acting.

9) Students at East High are allowed to work with chemicals unsupervised.

10) Troy's shower head is very impressed.

11) Everyone has a secret, and they have practiced to tell everyone in perfect harmony... while dancing.

12) That girl is named Gabriella, and she is very nice.

13) Kelsi has a magic piano: it not only plays piano but it plays guitar, drums and bass too.

14) Lucas is NOT gay... even though he dances, sings, hangs out with his girly sister, wears pink hats, and stares at sweaty basketball players because Disney does not promote homosexuality.

15) The hottest gossip is that the new girl and baskeball captain are auditioning for a musical, and that is in no way a euphemism for having sex.

16) In high school, you only have class once a day and it's only about 10 minutes long. For the rest of the day you can sing, dance, play basketball, make/foil plans, and hide out in secret gardens as much as you want.

17) While alone in her bedroom, they sing. No sex? Really?

18) No one in the ENTIRE school has ever told Sharpay to shut the fuck up. How is that possible?

19) Gabriella and Troy are 'breaking free'. They are also soaring, flying, and there isn't a star in heaven that they can't reach.

20) You can name a kid in the 21st century "Sharpay"

21) Detention is only 15 minutes long... and a boy named Chad will need you to help him countdown the minutes, as he sadly cannot count that high.

22) It's always good to get extra credit...for college.

23) No one cusses at East High

23) Gabriella can't have people staring her... she really can't.

25) Parents do not teach their children that it's okay to be yourself, only pop songs can do that.

26) Singing and dancing in the hallways is outstandingly normal

27) Playing the cello is very similar to operating a saw.

28) No emos, cutters, or illegal janitors.

29) Gabriella feels AND looks like a girl.

30) Having opera stars' pictures in your refrigerator helps you lose weight.

31) Kelsi can teach you every note, pitch, and word to a song just by singing the first two lines for you.

32) People are doing stuff, stuff that isn't their stuff.

33) The second equation should read 16 over pi.

34) Troy doesn't know that "scared" means the same thing as "afraid"

35) There is only ONE Gabriella Montez on the entire World Wide Web.

36) Ain't nothin wrong with a basketball playing brother who likes to bake.

37) If you're the new kid in school, no one is allowed to look at you

38) If you audition for a school play, you send the entire school into pandemonium

39) Chad can make Troy say things.

40) The jazz square is a crowd favorite. EVERYONE loves a jazz square.

41) Even though you've only sung to your showerhead you will know how to sing harmony in karaoke.

42) Mountain lions are cute, but you don't pet them.

43) Some high schools only have 5 adults on campus. That's how they get away with dancing in the halls.

44) Troy is not just a guy.

45) Apparently the winter musical only requires two cast members.

46) When you're in love with a stranger, you can memorize lyrics at the drop of a hat

47) Corbin Bleu is pretty much white.

48) If you're a stressed jock, you need only to go to the school gardens and sing... nobody will find you or pick on you.

49) It's hard to believe, that I couldn't see, you were always right beside me!

50) Ryan really wants to meet Ashton Kutcher

51) No one said anything about leotards.

52) If you love a girl enough, breaking and entering into her room is not considered a problem.

53) No one on the basketball team is good at math.

54) Ladders can appear out of nowhere.

55) Chad tried to tell him, he REALLY tried.

56) Sharpay is allowed to have a pink locker while everyone
else is stuck with an ugly beige one.

57) Troy rides the bus to school even though his dad works there

58) You can bet, there's nothing but net, when Zeke is in the zone and on a roll.

59) If you're gay, you dont know what g-o-d-r-a-m-a-c-l-u-b-! spells

60) If you're heart has been broken by the most popular guy in school, your locker can open automatically - no combination necessary.

61) Where's Gabby's dad!?!

62) Warning bells can be easily mistaken for cell phones.

63) Yes, Troy, you ARE going left.

64) You can have a laptop and a webcam pointing at a person ready to record them and they would NEVER notice

65) It's better to hear it from Mrs. Darbus now than from your friends later

66) You can go to Kelsi's house for breakfast and she has a piano.

67) By taking off your lab coat, the red ribbon in your hair can turn pink.

68) Only fat girls like to pop, lock and drop it.

69) You are allowed to cover your microphone with tacky sequins as long as youre the most popular girl in school

70) All stage fright can be cured by the saying “Like kindergarten”

71) What the heck are those two doing in a tree?!

72) You WILL stick to the status quo or everyone will sing to you until everyone else confesses

73) Gabriella loves pi.

74) Troy's watch is imaginary, but he looks at it anyways and always knows what the time is.

75) Cheerleaders speak a different language than other human beings.

76) Students in high school don't need backpacks... or books for that matter

77) No one finds it weird that you're singing a sexual song to your brother/sister

78) It takes Gabriella's mom and Troy's dad forever to walk to an auditorium.

79) Throwing basketballs at trees is apparently great for stress relief

80) If you climb up to a chicks balcony that hates you and start singing to her, she will fall back in love with you.

81) People keep outfits in their lockers just in case someone spills nachos on them

82) The pregnant teacher stands corrected.

83) If you wear pink and have blonde hair, you are automatically a malevolent popular girl.

84) All fathers with sons in sports are oblivious to their sons's other needs and desires.

85) Teachers from different departments always hate each other.

86) Chad has some pretty awesome shirts.

87) Troy is very slow (Come on! Not even ONE kiss?)

88) If you make good cookies, people fall in love with you.

89) A high school can produce 17 musicals in a span of two years

90) It is possible for the random girl you met at a ski lodge at New Year's to coincidentally move to your school and become your girlfriend

91) Singing absolves a person of any bad thing they've done.

92) An entire school's network can be crippled by the push of a bottom (Taylor must be a really good hacker.)

93) Chili cheese fries and milk are a substantial meal.

94) Interperative dancing is a sign that there is something
mentally wrong with you and must see a counselor

95) All practical rules of time and space are lost when Troy and Gabriella hide.

96) The very best way to condemn your friend for singing is to break out into a song yourself

97) If you take your hat off and reveal luscious locks of brown hair you're instantly beautiful.

98) Gabriella always plans ahead thats how she's able instantneously change into a semi formal dress and heels for a basketball game.

99) You dont mind linking arms with the school bitch that you hate as long as its the final dance number of the movie.

100) When the entire East High School student body is decked out in red and white, Troy and Gabriella always seem to be in blue. Until the finale when they finally catch on.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Another new year has come, people! Let us all be grateful that the world hasn't end yet. xP

!~WeLcOmE tO!