Saturday, February 28, 2009

School Fever

Ohkay... So it's official. School will start in freakin' 2 days. I didn't realise it because I was in the visual-kei and rock world for so long.

12012, chariots, ClearVeil, the GazettE, D'espairsRay, Versaille, MUCC, bergerac, Heisei Ishin, Phantasmagoria, GLAY, Vidoll, An Cafe, Ayabie, Megamasso, Kra, Kagraa, alice nine. , .. Those I can think of right now... Get it of those, Pronto!

So I guess I'll just bring myself. Books? Nope. Papers? I guess. Concentration? A must.

Well, I don't know how school feelings should be. Hopefully it's just a warm up.

T___T I havn't had enough of 12012 yet... Gah... Ichi-ni, I want to buy your album! T___T Would someone kind enough to buy for me? I'll promise I'll pay you! Yeah, like someone is reading this.

Monday, February 23, 2009

National Day

I'll post later. I'm too tired to post now. Maybe 8 hours later?

1950 hour

So today I went to the national stadium to 'celebrate' the national day. Woke up at 4.15am (I only slept 3 hours+ coz for no reason, I cannot sleep!) Left the house at 5am. Arrived at one of the shuttle bus point which is at Jame Asr Mosque, Kiulap at 6:55am. According to the news, bus would be available at around 7. We waited until 7.30am.

Arrived there. Find a seat. Weather was frickin' hot! So performances started at 8.30am+. Overall ok ok la. I do felt the 'energy ' around.

Click here to visit the official website of The 25th National Day of Brunei Darussalam.

The finale, balloons released into the air. I call it 'bubblegums in the air' because colourful 'gums'.


I thought it's something to take a picture one.

The crowd was waving the Brunei flags.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Distress and Coma"

I love the GazettE's 'Distress and Coma' song. It's quite soft and not much of Ruki's screaming. At least it doesn't make me feel distress by listening to this song.

Thank you, friend. I was in dire of help. Thank you. I'll remember you.

Physics Makan Day

On the way to Seria.

The tree is showing a 'peace' sign.

"I need water. Nowadays, the weather is so hot!"

Clear blue sky.

Sir Addie's place

Khai and Hilmi trying out the massage chair?

Me, Hilmi and Iwann arrived first, shortly afterwards Rose and Su Ling. Then the whole crowd came in. Malek, Tasha and Bnu didn't make the cut coz they have other stuffs going on. Sir Addie started the prayer before we all had food. There were spaghetti, burgers, pasta, shepherd's pie. Yummy~ The dessert was some peach with cookies and cream (I have no idea what's that) and with cupcakes!

The unique cupcakes.

Then came the prize ceremony! Well, sir had a lil' something for all of us. Those who got A had a mini plate, B for a mug and C a key chain. How I wish I had all of 'em. It's like a collection! All the items had the same words, which reads

'Class of 2008
Sir Addie's
Teen Physicist

When Sir called out my name, some of them were like 'mummy'! LOL I ly guys!! haha

Overall I enjoyed today.

Now comes the best part. I had the 'best' dream ever.

I was an artist. All of us famous artist were invited to a special annual event where we were asked to have a roller coaster ride. Behind me was Tokio Hotel! I remembered I saw w-inds., 12012, Westlife, Backstreet boys! OMG. So we 'artists' were standing at one row, waiting to be transported to the roller coaster. Then the fans were hectic. There's one was like 'Hey Rebirth'. HAHA. Man, I wish my alarm clock didn't woke me up!

Psst... I updated my fiction here.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blood Art

I 'wrote' my name 'Liz' and the letter 'L' using my own sweet flesh blood. Suddenly, I got the idea of 'printing' my blood on the 'paper' (in this case, the tissue paper) so that's what I got. Reactions from my family members were:

"Liza, what's that?"

"Blood. My own."

-Show a 'OMG-what -are-you-even-doing-face-


Well, to me, it's Art.

Yes, I Wrote My Name With My Own Sweet Flesh Blood. I Am Proud Of It.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nails broken

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Now you see it...

Now you don't...

I guess you just did...

Yeah, you did.

P.S: I didn't edit my pictures. And yes, I broke a nail.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

12012 Pictures from their official website

Rockers in black!

Saga Yuusuke

Enya Tomoyuki

Miyawaki Wataru

Kawauchi Tooru

Sakai Hiroaki

Sources: 12012 Official Website (Click here)
I don't own anything here except that I took the whole 'picture' and paste them in photoshop. Nope, I'm not the photographer!


I went to S.A earlier and I was totally pissed.

#1 - When I was choosing for my shirt, I was asking for a bigger size. Okay, so that's the biggest size. So I requested to try the shirt on before buying it. Guess what?

#2 - There's this freaking teacher who was, I think had nothing better to do, said, "You shouldn't wear a bigger size, I wear a size 42." Gee, mind your own business, lady biatch! You said it as if you have a smaller size body but hey, I don't think so. It's my body I'm talking about, not yours! She better not teach me, otherwise, I'll curse her for good.

#3 - If that wasn't enough of humiliation, that freaking teacher said it like so loud in front of 3-4 students WHICH I know them! Scheisse.

#4 - I hate blue. I want green.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

youtube vids part 2

Utada's interview with at (please click)Part 1 and Part 2. It's in English so don't worry about any Japanese popping up.

And I added a an 'MP3' player on the left. You should really listen to the first song. The band was (they disbanded in July 08) Phantasmagoria and the song was Gensou Kyoku Eternal Silence. Search them out yourself. They're good!

This has got to be the best frickin' video ever. For those Kingdom Hearts 2 gamers, watch this:

Even the GazettE's cosplay looks just nice...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Miri City again...

Today I went to Miri with 3 of my teenage cousins and mom. Mom's the driver. We left at 7.30am. Upon arrival, we first went to 2020 restaurant to have our breakfast. Too bad there were many pork food. Yeah I ate them. So my mom ordered 2 bowls of "Seafood Laksa". It consisted of prawns, pieces of prawns, veges and noodles. The soup tasted more to 'santan' (coconut paste of sorts) rather than 'curry'. It cost RM5.50 per bowl! Mahal nyer.. Last time was RM3.50 per bowl. Blame the economy crisis. I cannot eat my favourite 'siu mai' as it is made of pork! T.T

After breakfast, we went to the shopping area at Mega Hotel. We're lucky to park our car right beside an entrance. My cousins went to the optical shop to get her contact lenses. There's a shop there that sells old currency! For real! And I never thought I could see a 'Banana Note' for RM 300+!! Damn!! I want them even though I think it could be fake real!!

The first thing I bought there was...

Chupa Chupa lollipop - RM0.60

The next stop was Imperial Mall. I bought a cute Cow doll for RM9 (Got 90 cents off!) and also a glittering blue colour nail varnish for RM2.90. Another item I bought was KLIK magazine for RM6, all for the sake of a Utada Hikaru's poster. I checked out the CDs and they're frickin' expensive! T.T But I think the most expensive item I 'bought' was a green tea ice cream for RM4.50. Why? It was SO little! Mom bought a roti jon and it doesn't taste nice. Tell me roti jon lovers, do you have a chicken roti jon with curry flavor instead of just chicken?

After that we went to Bintang Plaza Bintang Megamall. The first thing I saw was STARBUCKS! And then Coffee Bean. So went there and bought a cute aligator for RM15 (discounted 90 cents too!) The chocolate waffle costed me RM2. Could've asked for cappuccino instead...

The last stop was Boulevard. Time was 3pm. The 5 of us ate lunch had meal at Sugarbun where there's a pesky fly disturbed us for a while before it flew of somewhere. After getting all excited about 'photo booth' I went straight up to the top floor. OMG THERE WAS A PHOTO BOOTH!

I don't know why but suddenly when I saw the shop manager, my heart just stop for one second. I think I was afraid to ask about the photo booth thingy (how does it work and stuffs). When he looked at me, he looked like this guy:

Oh-my-GOD! Why didn't I asked him to take a picture with me at the photo booth??? He could be 'Malaysian's Xiao Jing Teng' la!!! Aah!! Really, the shop manager and the REAL singer looked the same: the hair, the eyes, the skin colour! The appearance!! Next time if I go Miri again I'll ask him to take a picture with me! *squeaks

Bearbear's Notes

My two new friends!

I love my friends!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

So today's Valentines Day. So what? Thank goodness I'm not in love or something! But...

Behind the photo written: Bearbear and Bearbear's date took a picture together on Valentines 2009.

Since when bearbear had a date? "Bearbear!!!"

-Bearbear came out- "Yes mummy?"

"Explain the picture above!"

"You placed me at the table for SO long and bearbear met a new friend since then!"

"A friend? You like her, right?"

-Bearbear blushed and nod head-

"Don't worry. Mummy is not angry with you. Be nice to her all right?"

"Thank you mummy!!!"

Ohkay... I guess I should pay attention to Bearbear more.

I love this:

It's so sad...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Excapade BIG Reunion

The reason it's BIG because a good friend of mine booked 40 seats. Yeah, forty seats. 40. But about 30+ came tonight.

The seats were arranged all the way to the back! Say, we booked 1/4 of the place!

Please don't ask me what are these boys trying to do.

Group photo

"Bearbear, take over!!" -Bearbear came- "All right!"

Bearbear was there with mummy's friends! Bearbear had been staying at home for SO long! Bearbear thought mummy doesn't love me anymore =(

Bearbear's favourite menu, san shoku maki! Except the salmon!

No, Bearbear doesn't like the salmon!

Don't force bearbear! Mummy!

The green thingy is very smelly! Mummy, I don't want to eat it~

So mummy ordered the Unagi bento. Wow~ Mummy was kind this time. She wants me to finish this up!

Oishii~ Mummy doesn't like it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I only get to sleep for 3 hours when I woke up at 6.15am today. Felt very energetic, maybe it's because I'm going to Miri. So I took my sweet time until my mom said, "Are you ready? We have to go in 5 minutes." O.o It was 6.45am. Damn! Quickly changed my clothes and left. (I forgotten to brush my teeth!)

So after dropping the siblings to school, we picked up Aunt Ivy at KB Town before pursuing to Miri. The first destination was to a business centre somewhere before I got myself this:

Utada Hikaru's Heart Station/Stay Gold single!

Bought it at SPEEDY for RM34.90. (Don't believe? Click the picture) T.T But at least, I can cross out one of my wishlist item!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cap Goh Meh

Today I went to the town centre to get my laptop fixed. You see,

"The button was busted"

Yes, the button was busted. Don't believe?

Yes, an ordinary laptop of mine...

Oh, the keyboard! Hm? Is it me or did I see the green light at the upper right hand corner?

Okay... So I wasn't being fooled... Lemme see..

Wow... Sure is green... Seriously, no button???

Okay... That was bright!

So, according to the computer technician, this laptop's case was rare. Meaning = They never encountered this kind of problem. Seriously! So, am I lucky enough to be the very fews that got their laptop's button busted? The technician needs to call all the way to the capital for the spare part. Cool, huh?

Lesson learned: Never be too hard in your precious laptop, no matter how old it is.

The radio mentioned that today is Cap Goh Meh, the 15th day of the 1st lunar month. Single ladies out there, hear this: If you can steal your neighbour's vegetables and big onions, you may get yourself a good husband. Well, that was old Chinese sayings.

In the afternoon, my former chemistry teacher treated our class and 5SC1 lunch buffet. Yum yum~ There were a total of 29 of us, I think. Plus teachers. Then in the end, there was the oreo cheese cake! Yum yum yum~ Then we all head out from the restaurant. I went to the bookstore to buy TIMES magazine. I did saw the latest issue but I didn't buy. I bought the cheap issue instead. (2 for $6) Maybe I should stop buying them... I mean, it burns a big hole in my pocket.

So after hanging out, I went to Malek's place. It's all about shuffling and singing. I heard that they're gonna upload a bunch of stuffs. I guessed I'll wait for it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Denise's place

*beep beep*
*checked phone's inbox*

"When are you going to Denise's place?"

"Tomoro, 3pm. Maybe earlier."

"Not today meh? 7th Feb."

"Aaaahh!!! It's today la! I'll be there asap!"

Those were some of my incoming texts from my friend. If it wasn't from her, I would've slept the whole afternoon! Hehe... So I quickly got up, get readied and went to Denise's place.

I arrived at around 4pm (which was 1 hour late than my purposed time) and saw Sie Ying, Denise, Natrah, Yasmin, ShaSha, Tasha, Shamimi and few other boys. This is the first CNY celebration that involves a lot of teenagers (from my case).

Alimin and Haziq came over as well. Haziq didn't think I knew his name, haha. Then, Runaway Shufflers came! That includes Hilmi, Izwan, Bnu, Ijat, Esyad, Malek, Khai and one more guy (I don't think I know him).

Runaway Shufflers did their gig twice. I did recorded it using Denise's phone. I wonder if they're gonna blame me if I put their video at youtube... Hmm...

And I got my first try of GUITAR HERO III at Wii!!!! Wow! I didn't know it was that much fun! At first, Denise was like "Liza! Sing! Sing!" I have no idea how to sing! Denise told me that it was okay to mumble. Ended up I sang the song "Dirty Little Secret" by All American Rejects. I guessed I did okay. And I got to try the drums and the guitar. Damn! The guitar ROCKS! The drums was a bit hard. But it didn't looked hard at Khai! Well yeah, he's a DRUMMER!

youtube vids

This is very funny. Trust me, it beats ANY game commercial I have ever seen!

So the next time you wanna buy Devil May Cry game, think about this commercial.

Let me present to you Runaway Shufflers videos from youtube.

Featuring hilmi a.k.a BOMBSHELL!

Featuring iwann a.k.a SUPERMAN!

Some 'failed' videos

One user commented "Did you guys know that the chance of a pen to hit through a lightbulb and stick in a lamp is 1 in 8,888,423,212,334567. It's true I checked." Must be that man's lucky day!

World record fail

OMG I WOULD BE PISSED AT THAT HOST IF MY STRUCTURE COLLAPSE! Can I say that the host's acting was a little FAKE-ish?

Click the links below to watch alice nine's number 6 movie. And who says rockstar don't act well? Don't worry, they speak Japanese and there's someone out there who was friendly enough to make us understand!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Friday, February 6, 2009

My 300th post!

Since today is Friday, I had to work for two hours in school. Today was quite fun, all thanks to Shakri! I thought the class 'multiplication'. Not everyone in the class have yet to memorise the multiplication of 6 onwards. Oh my~

I downloaded some 'new' Japanese songs again. If memory served me right, they're Vidoll's 'V.I.D. Very Important Doll' album and Phantasmagoria's 'Vanish...' song. I haven't had the chance to listen to Vidoll's album yet but Phantasmagoria's last single was beautiful! I was so sad that they already broken up at July, 2008. Like they still performed for hide's memorial death in May!!

The song 'Vanish...' was a perfect last song from the group before they broke up. I can't believe I looked up the lyrics for the song as I seldom find lyrics for songs. 'Eternal silence' was a good song as well.

Ima enjoy my dinner now~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Graduation Part 2 and Wedding

I went to school at 8.30am. Sie Ying came at the same time with me. Then both of us went to Admin block. Saw Amal, Rose and Su Ling. Went to see Sir Edwin. (Where's my $50? Feeqa also haven't receive~) Then afterthat went to see Sir Addie. Chat a bit.

Around 10.30, went to SMSA. Amal's driver sent us over. I saw Ai Na, Alyssa (I couldn't recognise her!), Mei Jun, Sharon Yong, Diane, Chi San, Zharif, Andrew, Sau Herng, Mervin, KerryAnn. All of them were registering to enter SMSA.

After SMSA, went to KB Town coz Amal wanted to buy a recorder. Out of stock instead. Ate lunch at Marilyn Cafe.

I don't know why but I don't feel happy.


Today, according to the Chinese calendar, it is the 9th of the 1st lunar month. I attended (quite a long name) my mother's cousin's son's wedding. He was VERY tall! And the bride was 2 heads smaller! But she was very pretty! (How I wish I was pretty like her! xD)

I can tell you that the whole generation of the bride and groom were there! Like your uncles, aunties, cousins, 2nd cousins. All of them whether you actually 'know' them or not! Sometimes, it turned out that your friends can be related, one way or another.

I ate hastily and right now feeling bloated and stomach ache.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yakusoku yo!


Ming Hang's place

I just came back from Ming Hang's place. Actually, if I didn't ask Sie Ying to come, I would had been the only girl. Both of us came around 5.30pm. We went past his house and went all the wrong way! Haha! Sie Ying called Ming Hang about the house and his sister helped out.

Only Safwan and Chen Jiun Sui were there, both were playing CS. Ended up me and Sie Ying just talk. So we went to the table and eat the food prepared by them. Fettucini, Cabonara, sausages and potato stick were the meal. The Italian food were made by Ming Hang's brother (I didn't know Ming Hang got a brother! LoL). We were later joined by Alimin and Haziq.

Not long after that, Andy, Mhar Bin, Joey and Wei Chung came. Yeah, all boys. Me and Sie Ying didn't do much except a few photo taking sessions.

Graduation Part 1

Today was the day where many ex-Form 5 of 2008 went to school to get their result slip + testimonial for the school leaving certificate. I arrived at school at about 7.45am. (All thanks to Iwann for waking me up at 7. You see, he's my 'alarm clock' of the day. Only ask him to miscall me.)

So when I first arrived at school, saw Izzat, Akmal, Fakhrul and Najib. Then I saw Bnu! Wow! Your hair is SO long! I like it! Haha! Then saw Su Ling and Rose coming from Dewan Legar. Both of them were wearing school uniform.

I got my result slip from teacher Salwati and we kinda talk for a while. She asked about Japan. Gosh... I missed Japan! Then Kavitha came not long after. Plus Sie Ying, Iwann, Malek and Amal. So 8 of us went to see Teacher Misliha.

She was busy teaching the Form 4. "Paper Chromatography Practical". Well, we never had that! It was a short while. We handed in out School Leaver's Form to teacher then we went up to see Teacher Param.

I hugged teacher as soon as we enter her office. She had treat for us. Ferrero Roche~ (I know, wrong spelling.) Only one each. Iwann was saying "Roche Ferrero" LOL Up until now, I could not believe I got a 'B3' for my biology! (I failed a -lot- of times! )Likewise, "B for BIO".

We didn't get to see Sir Addie or Sir Edwin (I want $50! Haha xP) but some of us went to see the librarian for the signature of saying that we didn't owe the library any books (I will surely miss the Horrible History titles and the Reader Digest!), then went to the auditorium to see Sir Latif for his signature, saying that we didn't owe the school any sports equipment. (The last time I had sports was Form 3!)

Then we all went to see Sir Serungi for the books. At least we didn't owe him~ Feeqa owe Sir English Textbook and EXCEL that Sir had all the unreturn books RECORDED at papers! Scary~

It was fun today. I get to wear a white blouse with dark brown skirt. I got compliments from some teachers instead. Haha! At least Tasha and I wore different clothing other than school uniform. So after everything was settled, I went to SMSA.

A lot of people! Despite having the airconditioners on at the school hall (like 10 of them?) I don't feel the coldness. I did read about the subjects being offered at SMSA and I had firmly decided (as I already did since last year before the O Levels):

Maths, G.P, History, Sociology and Economics.

Some of my friends was like, "No more Science?" "Nope, ditch all of them!" Haha! Many of my classmates took science. I hope we all will succeed.

And I was just about to leave the hall when Khai's mother talked to my mom for a while. Her mom mentioned something about "Renewing I.C coz today expired." Then I remember...

"Khai, Happy Birthday!!! 0202!!!"

If it wasn't because of that conversation, I would have seriously forgotten today was Khai's birthday! Man, I should add a new resolution (well, the first one for this year!): Stop drinking coffee.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February the 1st!

Today really is the first ahh? Time flies leh..

One of my mom's friend advises me to pick carefully the subjects for my A Level. A very tough road ahead of me! She said, "Study all the way, not just half way."

So tomorrow I have to pick my subjects! Gotta go research now!