Monday, March 30, 2009

The start of the 2nd term

I was elected as monitor today. *woot* That's one step in becoming a prefect or MPP. Well, a senior told me this. Excited? Maybe... But what excites me recently is that my sis's radio can play the 700MB CD!! A total music runtime of 6 hours! Hell yeaH!
So debate competition WILL take place next week (6th and 7th April) so wish me all the best! A UBD graduate will teach us Economics until mid-May. She speaks slightly faster than a M-16. And I didn't do well for my E-LITE. On the side note, I really like 12012. =)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Connection ups and downs

I started my diary writing recently. I found out that expressing it to myself if somewhat better at times.

I think I'll leave my blog for a while.

My fiction just updated. Click here to read. Thank you~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Change is Inevitable

Change is Inevitable.

Everyone changed.

I changed too.

We all have our own direction.

Some wants to hang out with the 'famous' ones, while some prefer to be just nice to a lot of people.

Some likes to 'show off' with what they have, some prefer to be in the low profile.

Some totally ignored their old friends and care the new ones, some ignored their old friends but they still talk and smile with their old friends.

Some are a jerk, some are not a jerk.

Some have the face but don't have the attitude, some don't have the face but have the attitude.

Yes, Change is Inevitable.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homework-less day!

Yippee! That explains why I am youtubing the GazettE and chatting and downloading videos right now. No, I am SO NOT carefree!

I got back my History essay mark. Guess what?

Title: Describe the formation of the UN and explain how effective is the UN in peace and security

Marks: 13 out of 25

Yeah, I barely pass. I even doubt thats my mark. Its a BIG freakin' grade E. That's like only AS level, not A level! Like a friend said "We're newbies." Agree on that! No, that's not a discouragement to me! I'll work harder. Ahh! Hwaiting!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I switched off the lights at 3am and it felt more of a POWER nap rather than sleep. I really don't want to wake up.

History essay was okay. Title was 'Describe the formation of the UN and explain how effective the UN in peace and security' or something like that. I forgot the second half of the title. 25 marks!

I don't feel that sleepy despite having 3 hours of sleep but I admit it distracted a bit of my thinking memory.

We had a wonderful lunch today. Pizza from pizza hut! Hehe... Thanks a bunch guys! At first I thought why is there free chickens then today's newspapers mentioned about Super Monday: Free 4 pieces of chicken pieces.


Oh my! I am still doing my E-LITE homework! Actually, I forgotten about it. I got like History facts to remember? And it's 1.10AM! So I checked my History class. It's first thing in the morning! Aargh~ I need to stay up late until 3pm in the school again! That's like 4 hours of sleep? Or less! Woah! What a good day to start with!!

Will update later after school...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Denise's Birthday

Denise, Natrah, Yasmin, Fifi, Hilmi, Sie Ying, Hakeem and me were dining out for Denise's B-day. There were a lot of 'accidents'.

  1. When Yasmin came in with her surprise cake, Hakeem 'pushed' the cup with his camera, spilling all the tea over.
  2. Sie Ying dropped her chopsticks in a weird way. I don't know how to explain but it was funny.
  3. Then her straw somehow dropped into her drink. In the end, she had to use chopsticks to 'hold' her straw up so that she can drink.
  4. I dropped my chopsticks too (and I don't remember how) -_-"

It was a fun night. Everyone apparently talked about homeworks not being done and all. The oreo cheesecake was delicious and sweet. Eating the cake using chopstick wasn't that hard at all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I checked my inbox last night. Oh-me-lord, I'm in the school's debate team! SMSA is the host for the national debate for Form 6. There are 7 schools participating. The competition is set to be held next month in April. I believe SMSA-nians are welcome to give your fullest support in the debate.

*Psst - There will probably no classes after 12.05 when the debate is on. I said probably, not confirm.

Go SA!!!

Wow... I got 5 homeworks, that's one each from the subjects. T_T

"I hope half of you will be gone from this class"

Sounds harsh? Well, that's from my Maths tutor. Of course, I half-listened that.

Yes, I
love 12012.

(L) Aki's composition of the Taiyou. He's a genius! He could a scientist by now if he didn't join the band. Thank god you did, Aki!


My favourite part of the song '
PSYCHO VIRUS' : "riruraririrurara" I tried to sing this part and it sounded like I'm singing a tongue twister!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Music thoughts on 12012

Uaaa~ My favourite Japanese bands are releasing their work of art this week. All are released on 11th March 2009! They're:

  1. An Cafe - AROMA (Single)
  2. 12012 - mar maroon (Album)
  3. D'espairsRay - REDEEMER (Album)

I'm lazy to make reviews about them. I never made them actually. But there's one review I read about 12012's mar maroon rather amusing.

(My ALL time favourite band)

mar maroon
(At first, I really like the title as it sounded very different (rare) from any of the titles I heard released in Japanese music industry, especially in English)

Release Date:
11th March 2009
(Their last album, 'DIAMOND' was released on 7th December 2007. Yes, I waited to hear from you guys for SO long!)

At the beginning, I wondered how did they creatively thought of a title that never EVER came across in my mind. The words, 'mar' and 'maroon' gave me a picture of a maroon-coloured Mars without the letter 's'. So the mystery was solved.

'St. [Mar] Maroun was a 5th century Syriac Christian monk who after his death was followed by a religious movement that became known as the Maronites. St. Maroun was known for his missionary work, healing and miracles, and teachings of a monastic devotion to God. (Source: Wikipedia)'

This is the one small part of the review: (Credits to Taion wordpress Click on the wordpress link to read the review)

'So you’re quite religious, huh? Wouldn’t have guessed that after your 'Hallelujah' single. But you still remember that your band name stems from the penal code for the possession of dangerous weapons in California? Hmm…did you also know that in September 2007, vocalist Wataru was arrested after a night of heavy drinking and trying to strangle a female acquaintance? Seems like the band has to endure his penance with more and more glossy, bland-as-hell pop-rock.'

I won't blame him for not liking them as he did before. Yes, everyone has their own views on anything. Their indies music that dated back to 2004, I admit is WAY much better than before. But hey, I love them! After I read the first part of the review, I laughed off. Don't worry guys, you are always my number 1 band no matter what~ xD

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today's school day

So far so good! I am really starting to like college better than ever! I don't know why.. Maybe it's more 'freedom' from the ever-tight discipline school I went before?

Yeah maybe...

Anyway, I handed up my FIRST assignment of E-LITE class. Everyone in the class was like asking "How's your commentary?" I think everyone did not so bad. I don't even know how to do at the first place but alas, I just simply write.

Maths was alright. Got a freakin' B-! G.P was still about discussions. No assignment yet. Yeay~ History was all about UN again. This time, we might have to 'memorise' Article 1 of the UN Charter. Wanna know what's Article 1?

"To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace"

Yes, it's only Article 1 of point 1. There are 4 points under Article 1. And UN Charter consist of 111 articles in 19 Chapters. Do the maths yourself.

I came across this very very funny video. Thanks to my sister actually who introduced me to Bacckom Backkom.

12012 - mar maroon!

,Yippee! It's out for download!!!

Mediafire (1) or (2) or megaupload

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tough thoughts

SO I did blog after all despite saying it might be on hiatus...

I had a 'not-so-scary' dream last night. I guess it's because of listening repeatedly of 12012's 'Wana' and '6party' songs. Both songs have a lil' bit of devilness of it. So yea, I dreamt of this:

I know, it's the single from 12012. See that 'man' at the left? Yeah, 'he' appeared in my dream, though I wouldn't call him 'a man', rather, an evil. Why? Find the translation of the song 'Wana' and understand the lyrics.

Nothing much happened today. I am still looking forward to my E-LIT class. Maths -almost- killed me. Why? I confused the dots. It meant two thing. Either a decimal or multiplying.

I love you, ichi-ni chan! No one can EVER take my love from you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

midnight post

Listening to 12012 - Wana

Scheisse... I wasted one hour plus just for the sake of uploading a video! Haha! Time includes editing and uploading it. What? "An unknown error occurred." God, it's only a 10MB video~! T_T I really wish I had a broadband.

Oh yea, the GazettE's DISTRESS AND COMA PV is already out! Too bad it's quite blur... Go to youtube and search for it, okay, the GazettE's fans? I like Uruha's solo and the picture below (him ^^) .

BUT... I (L) this guy below even more! He's MINE!! xP

*I really, really wanna hug you!!! Come to my dream, please?*

SO I had finished my GP homework. Though my tutor didn't say how to answer it, I just simply write what comes into head, long and short. I'll share one line of my answer:

"I do not think that being an inactive reader will be a disadvantage (to GP class) because there are other methods to know what is going on beside reading."

Yeah, that's just one line. Imagine writing them in essay format. Freaked out! So college is all about thinking and writing and develop muscles at fingers because of too much writings.

Yippee! I can try type without looking at the keyboard though there were 'mispellings'! Only the numbers plus some of the shift keys I would get confused with.

Let me be random: I miss Mannequins.
The good ol' days back in PJN will be a memory, but now, everyone had their own schedules and dreams in SMSA. It's SO different but I know I can get over it, pronto.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

2nd normal day

So today was the General Assembly at the United Nations school. Seriously ahh, those MPP and prefects really dunno how to arrange the Pre-U1 ahh.. My former school's prefects can do even better leh!

Nothing much happened in G.P except that I have a very simple Q&A paper to do. *toss it to one side* I felt so unfair in History class! I don't have 6 of the 11 books for History! T__T I do not want to spend like $100++ for the books, man! Like there are even more next year! My teacher said there are probably 20+ books for two years. Hopefully by then there'll be enough books! School, please sort that one out?

Speaking of History books, here are the ones I had (so far):

  1. Decolonization - Raymond F.Betts
  2. The Cold War : An International History - David S. Painter
  3. The United Nations Since 1945 : Peacekeeping and the Cold War - Norrie McQueen
  4. The International Economy since 1945 - Sidney Pollard
  5. The Origins of The Cold War 1941 - 1949 - Martin McCauley

So based on the list above, the words 'Cold War' was mentioned thrice. Yippee! Me start reading them soon~ I rather read 5 books of History than 5 books of Sciences (be it Bio, Chem or Phy). I think book 4 will help in Economics. Hmm...

I forgotten to bring my Statement of the O Levels to Economics class today. There were 6 of us. The teacher kept on saying "it is not an excuse to forget". -__-" Tuesday, first thing in the morning!

I think I would start to like English Literature a.k.a E-LIT (I made that up) because it's like the less pressure subject by far. We're going to start poetry next week. The first books we E-LIT people going to receive is 'Songs of Ourselves'. It's a book filled with poems by many different poets. I can't wait! Too bad we're not going to analyse poems by Edgar Allan Poe. I like him. xD

The Maths test was easy, except for one question which I overlooked earlier. Then we learnt Surds and Indices. It was more of a repetition of Additional Maths so it's a refresh after 4 months+ of abandoning Add Maths and let it be kidnap to space not doing Add Maths.

Things I learnt today:

  1. Never EVER forget anything. By means of anything includes homeworks, miscellaneous papers, textbooks and files.
  2. No made-up excuses.
  3. Be in the first group of anything in case you're left out. (Sounds so desperate)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tanjoubi Omodetto~!

今日わD’espairsRayのギタリストTSUKASAの誕生日! ^_^

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Normal Lessons Day 1

Today I was almost not late for registration today. Luckily I entered like 2 minutes after the teacher entered the class. Alas, my timetable was sorted, with the wrong sets. Haha! After registration, me and some other classmates too went over to the admin to change our address.

"Where are you? Playing the merry go round?" That was the first thing my maths tutor mentioned when I entered the class. I got 2 thick textbooks plus another thinner ones for Maths.

G.P was all right. At first the tutor asked us to remove our name tags. For one moment I thought it was for some 'security' reason. I have no idea why did I can come up with that thought... Then half of the class were to pick a name tag and to get to know each other.

History class ROX! There were like 7 books for history! I seriously can't wait to start history.

Economics was the first paper writing lesson this year.

'Why do I choose Economics as a subject?'

Pfft. Easy! Just write down anything I know.

English Literature was fun as well. We might get to do plays! I think I should start reading the Bronte's sisters' works!

Hmm.. I wonder what happened to my 'crazy fan', ne? I scared him. Yeah, a him I guess.. Right? xD

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last day of Orientation

Today's final orientation was way much better than the previous two. The morning started off with a career briefing by teacher Imelda. I really like her personality when she gave the briefing. If I had that kind of teacher like 3 years ago, I wouldn't waste my time in Sciences. She gave a bunch of useful advice for us in about choosing the right subject for the right 'us' in the future.

Really, I think my former school should have this kind of ideology where students should think of the 'future self' rather than the 'present self' with your attitudes of trying not to leave dear old friends. The classes were very biased. If you are in Science class, you are consider 'clever' with good attitudes and such but if Arts, not so and all the negativity connects to it. How I wish I didn't take ANY of the pure sciences but just the very simple basic combine science.

Kata orang, 'Nasi sudah menjadi bubur'.

So after teacher Imelda's talk, we were given another talk by teacher Ummi Kalsum. She's teaching Literature in English. Thank goodness for the talk! If there wasn't this talk, I wouldn't change my Sociology to this subject. It's important (for me) to take this because it had something to do with public relations! Ahh!! Well, I don't really like the terms they used in sociology so it is all right for me to drop last minute. Hopefully SMSA people can sort this out... T_T How I wish I research more during the holidays.

Then comes the CCA and library talk. What can I say more? Short and simple to the point. Yes. I like these.

Afternoon session was the games. At first was some game that involve the whole team walk big steps forward if dice shown is blue. And if it's red, vice versa. Weird game because I don't know how do they determine the winner.

We had to design clothings using newspapers and papers. All of us did well. Finally there was a tour around the school. Yeay! The school tour reminds me of Henderson Sec School in S'pore. More or less the same size but of course, our school is still 'smaller' because we have Form 1 to 6 but Henderson had only Sec 1 to 4 with a much larger population.

I can still remember my history teacher said this, "History students, bring a BIG bag." I wonder how many books I am going to bring home for History. Hmm...

I can't wait to get started for my first lesson.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oreintation Day 2

This morning started off with a speech from the counselor again. I call it 'Meet the counselor, part II' session. Man! His 'speech' is more like a 'bed-time story', telling about life and such. Well, I don't mean to be rude but I really, back then, wanted everything to be finished quickly.

Then comes another speech by the senior mistress. This one is WAY better than the one before. So she talked about students' welfare, blah blah blah...

'We both have a secret not to be told'

So in the afternoon was more or less all right. First was some 'Ting Ting' event. Its like those 5th graders played with one foot, jump, jump then land with both feet. You know those drawings of blocks and squares using chalk on the floor? Yeah, we played that.

-forces self to complete post despite energy is 30% at the moment-

Then the so-called 'Explorace'. I'm not a big fan of running around finding clues and such SO I'm not going to elaborate that much.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tanjoubi Omodetto~!

Happy Birthday HIZUMI of D'espairsRay!

The Orientation

Went to SA this morning for my VERY first day of school after like, 3/4 months? So in the morning already I saw a LOT of my friends.


So the Pre-U were told to enter the hall. I didn't really get the chance to see which subjects/class I was in -yet-. I was glad that Diane sat beside me. That was random!

Morning speech was presented by the school principal. After that, I can't remember much.
Not a big fan of orientation.

Then comes the 'see-your-subject-set' session. A lot of students were eager to look as well. You know, they might as well put the board at different ends instead of 'under the same roof'.

Anyways, the administration got 3 of my subjects wrong. I didn't take Physics, Accounting and Chemistry but my name was in those classes. The freak of my life, that was!

But problems were solved as soon as I met the class teacher and told about the problem. Hopefully tomorrow or 2 days later it'll get it done. I really like the diary~

Afternoon session was just some talk by the Deputy Principal 2. I really enjoyed her speech. It was very interesting. Next was a 10 minute break only. The afternoon was continued by the HOD of Science department regarding about AS Levels. Last but not least was some advice by the counselor until we get to say 'Adios!' to the school.

I really enjoyed today as I get to meet new people and old friends.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

exist†trace and Black:List

One of my favourite Japanese band, exist†trace, is going to release an album on 2009.04.22. Title is 'VANGUARDS -of the muses-'.

Video above is
exist†trace's interview at Finland in October 2008.

On contrary, I get to know another band. They are Black:List. They were formed in 2007. Too bad they are already disbanded at 8th January 2008. Their official website was closed yesterday!

Black:List - Throw Hope Away

My first Black:List song. But I don't want to throw hope away!


Megamasso's new single, BLESS! Single will be out March 25th.

1st of March

Listening to: 12012 - Shooting Star

I remembered February has 29th, 30th, 31st. So today is March the first.

There are a lot events coming up. I got a friend's birthday and favourite J-Rock artists' birthdays. Then comes the school + homework + revision. Also, the holidays in about 3 weeks! Time really flies fast!

So that means my fiction, 'My Story My Life' WILL be on hiatus. I don't know when I
would bother to will update it. Maybe this blog too, unless I bother to update it -at all-. Maybe once in a while or everyday? See how things go.