Wednesday, April 29, 2009


ELITE - Did the presentation of 'Morse' by Les Murray

MATHS - Ms Tor was pissed coz many didn't score well for the trigonometry ratios. Redo again.

GP - Did the comprehension 'The Death Of Birth'

HISTORY - Arranged the tables like 'The UN General Assembly'.

ECONOMICS - Test kinda sux.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stupid connection

Today was another 2 groups of History presentation. The all girls team was all right. But I kinda critique the other team. I said something about their members not suppose to disturb their presenter when they are presenting. To me, it's annoying. Yeah, they were like "skip, skip" (as in skipping their slides since they are running out of time) and all but I really think they shouldn't have said that. It's like 'disrupting'.

And one of the member, a MPP, kinda like NOT cool about my criticisms, I guess? So I heard "So you think you are perfect la?" I am SO not perfect. Accept people's criticisms or reject them. It's that simple.

Economics: Nothing much. Just did 10 MCQs. Sh*t la. I will score better.

Eng Lit: Me, Azmi and Faiz discussed about the real meanings of the poem. It's 'Morse' by Les Murray.

Maths: We learnt Trigonometry today. Piece of cake, for now.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

So many things to, so little time

Today again only have Economics and Mathematics, the rest are temporary PS time.

I got back our MCQ paper and I failed. Damn! I need to beat him! I don't know his mark but I know I have to beat him.

We did the topic test on circular measure today. It was okay. It wasn't as hard as the 3 optional questions that teacher asked us to attempt. Also we got back our test paper on coordinate geometry. I wished I score 100. I felt miserable even though it was a grade A. The 'good' news was that there won't be Maths class next Saturday. I don't like it. I like Ms Tor's lesson. Everyone was hoping for the class to be cancelled. Haha! I am very lucky to be in Set II A.

2 more months will be the day I am no longer a 'children'. Just last month DISTRESS AND COMA by the GazettE was released. I am still addicted to the song.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I won't see "him" next week. Change of plan. Why oh why... All the best! lol what the heck...

Today only had Economics and maths class. History teacher had some ICT courses and teacher Ummi was busy nowadays. We won't have GP lessons for 4 days.

Maths is like so different from what I did before. Okay I did Additional Maths last year but it was a bit tough. Maybe it was because I didn't do any Maths questions for the past 3 months before college. So for those who are doing Additional Maths now, it IS form 6 maths.

I can't believe a member of V6, a famous Japanese boyband, was arrested because he was drunk and naked in a public park! I like him! Aah!

Speaking of Japanese, I missed the internet. I have a long list of new songs that I just need to have! exist trace, JUNE, kagraa, and many more!

College is really a tough year. No resting. But I will work my ass off. No overtime internet, no special relationships which I am really proud of and only sit down and study.

Listening to RAINBOWS of alice nine.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A day

OMG its almost the end of April. I remembered April Fool's day.

*I can't wait for next week, yeay!* ;-)

Somehow I thought my History teacher was biased when she commented our group presentation. To be honest, the presentators of the other group don't really present well but teacher said they're very good.

At least I don't have to worry about any presentations this week.

I am doing 2 AS Levels this year. Maths and ELITE. I want grade A.

What a life...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a day!

I guess I might not do AS level exams this year. Maybe next year.

And I am still thinking of doing Maths.

Recently I heard on the radio on an article about 'Friends'. That made me wonder sometimes.

Also recently I manage to get an application form for the 'Japan youth ship' thingy. Too bad I am SO not eligible for it.
Because: I am still a student and still underage for the program. Maybe 5 years time. Haiz..

Someone cried because of some BG relationship. I wonder if its worth 'diving into that department'. I think not.

Currently listening to a song about Spring.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I like writing factual essays but when it comes to solving Maths, I'm no expert in one go. I need practise to shapen my maths skills. Until this moment I still wonder my purpose of taking maths. My career really had nothing to do with maths.
Doing chapter three of maths gave me of a slight headache. Sometimes I envy those who can afford to pay extra to have their maths grades higher. But, that wouldn't be their pure capability of solving maths. They rely on external help. It's not wrong in doing so. But, I hate it. I sometimes hate them.
I am a wanderer searching for a purpose.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

College Life

1. Some tutors will always discourage you from taking their subjects. Some.
2. Hand in one homework, expect another one coming the next day.
3. Half of the 'new' friends could be your friends.
4. Whatever we do is all depends on ourselves, not others.
5. To conclude, enjoy life.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

345th Post

I am currently listening to a song about a changing sky. It is interesting. Today was the end of the preliminary round of the debate. We didn't make it to the semi rounds.
SO I had met a very handsome debater but too bad I didn't manage to exchange emails or phone number with ANY OF THE DEBATERS today. I wish I did.
Overall, I experienced how the real debating is. It wasn't that hard. What make it hard? The preparations and the real critical situation. I admit, there are way better debaters than I am. They are all so good and spontaneous. I wish I was like them. Next year, I will work even harder for glory. I am sorry for letting the school down. I guess lady luck was just not on our sides.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Damn cold

The local library here is DAMN cold. Even wearing long sleeves cannot guarantee you warm. It's like 'feeling naked in a winter season', get it?

Aitai Kara... Another Direction. I have been waiting for this!

Vidoll (English Subs)

Tomorrow's the D-Day! 'Debate Day'! Ahh!! I am feeling very nervous. I wonder if I will make new friends? I hope I get to meet someone who LOVES Japanese rock though...

Tired part 2

I think I finished half of the Maths homework. So tired.
Listening to the song Hallelujah by12012. Wataru, I want to share you my feelings. ^^

Saturday, April 4, 2009

So tired (1)

I just finished 1 of the 3 Maths homework my tutor gave us today. Phew! So many! T_T Everyone were like begging to teacher to hand all the homeworks on Tuesday. I guess it was a yes?
A tailor measured me for the blazer. I can't wait to see the output.
I slept a bit when I was halfway watching National Geography at TV1. No one knew.
When teacher was asking who wanted to be the first to present their news presentation, I wanted to go first but I don't know why I didn't. Maybe I was worried about people saying me over confident in it. Maybe. But in the end, my teacher picked me to be the first. So I guess my wish just came true.
Right now, I'm listening to w-inds.'s Hanamuke. Its a very nice song.

Friday, April 3, 2009

An afternoon trip

Went to Panaga hospital to get my final injection. Suppose to be 3 years ago. Then went to Supa Save. '3 donuts for $1' Cheap! So I took 6. Then at cashier, it's 60cents each. I was like "wth". So it's for tomorrow. IF ITS FOR TOMORROW, WHY PUT THE LABEL UP THERE TODAY? I wonder what happened to the management. But that cashier also lanji one. Cubatah bisai bisai gitau kami. Ani, ntah eh. Mcm marah kmi pasal d wrong price. People who work should be at all times smile. Agree?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Post April Fool

Today was the SMSA Sports Day (or something). I didn't go as I practised my debate. Adrenaline RUSH! My debate will be on Monday, 4pm. Hopefully there are still SMSA supporters supporting this! We need supporters! ;-)

So today I went to the DST Branch to try out my luck for getting something from Disney. I got a cute Mickey Mouse keychain! Beginner's luck, I guess.