Sunday, May 31, 2009

I bought a Death Note puzzle!

So I tag along with mum for some grocery shopping. I guess tak rugi sebab I get to buy something!

First we stop by at TOP STAR. I bought a DO IT YOURSELF knitting thingy. I wanted to buy 3 of it but I think better not la, since I don't know if I sanggup or not.

Also I bought a memo pad. And, and, and the best thing: an eye/lip pencil liner!

Lately I had been watching a video about how KISAKI had his perfect and beautiful makeup done that I couldn't help but to buy one. Okay, its not a branded 1 but that doesn't matter. I wanted to maybe look like him one day.

Then went to Soon Lee kat Pandan. Saw my primary 1 English teacher Ms Mercy but I didn't tagur ia or what. Sal aku rasa ia lupa aku wah.. Nyasal pulang inda tagur teacher tadi ahh..

So I bought 5 sticks of chocolate. $0.30 each. You must buy, u know! Very cheap! Macam seorang businesswoman pulak! Then the best thing as well.

A DEATH NOTE PUZZLE!!! Buy one free one lagi tu! So the other one was Kerokero, the green frog-like looking Japanese anime creature. Maybe I'll build them after A levels. Batah lagi tu...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maths Post Mortem

One word: "Damn"

How I wish the questions came from the textbooks! The questions are easier over there! Gila payah brabis!

Got 16/25 for my text analysis. C. *sigh*

Need to study Eco and Eng. Lite. Aah!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tomorrow Exam Maths

And I hope I can score at least 80. If not, "quit Maths!" lol And I did extra topic earlier, thank god Binomial Theorem not coming out! So confusing, y'know.

Haiz... I terpaksa let go my newly, unfolded $10 and 2 pieces of $5 so that mom has the money to pay fish. I really don't want to give mom but since we have financial problems, what to do? Haiz... 'Coz stupid dad didn't entered money for this month. I hated it. I hated the fact that the money did not entered into the account for 2 months in a row! Shit brabis eyh..

I don't know why but all the videos I downloaded yesterday doesn't want to play at all! T.T There goes my 2 hours!

Currently using bmobile to go online. Damn slow without subscribing their plans.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


The videos don't work at all.

Today is Thursday!

Currently in the library since 10.30am (Right now is 2pm so thats 3 1/2 hours in the damn cold library) My fingers are freezing to death!

So woke up at 9.30am. Thanks to the curtains that are not close, I get to see Mr. Sunshine that 'forced' me out from me sleeping bed and beauty sleep. Ate breakfast and got ready to go to the library.

I felt so bad for youtubing SO many videos. If I remember, I downloaded:

  1. the GazettE Talk Show during their 'Cassis' single being released
  2. Peace and Smile Carnival 2009 videos that had alice nine., Kagrra, and the GazettE
  3. the GazettE's DISTRESS AND COMA PV and their live in Music Japan. Both HDs! Yippee~ ^^
It's about 20 videos in total. Guess I'll watch them later. xP

And I finally did a research for my Bridging Minds motion that is 'Recession, A Blessing'. At first I thought being the opposition is easier because recession is a bad thing. But after I did a lil research, seemed like being the proposition is even better! Dunno lah... Man, so biased! Ahh~ I hope the others had already did a lil' bit research on this topic.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today no school

Did maths a bit. Looks easy. Addicted to facebook mobile.

I wish I looked at the SMSA Career website last night. I just missed my chance to be shortlisted by MOE for some Mandarin thingy. Felt so angry. I know I am much better than those students who had applied. Why? I spoke Chinese WAY MUCH LONGER than them, and I learnt the difficult Chinese, not Chinese as the 2nd language. I hope MOE would just ask 1 more student so that I will be in the list. I really, really wanted to be shortlisted. T_T If not, akur saja kepada qada and qadar.

On side note, I am looking forward to this Friday's or Sunday's Bridge meeting. =)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Afternoon's post

Currently in the freaking cold library.

Checked my inbox for any Bridging Minds emails. There's one yesterday from the Brunei's coach, Joanna Kwan. She gave us our motion and asked us to define it, plus some points. How I wish I have time for it but I got 4 more papers to sit for my Mid Year Exam (MYE). I'll try to think lah...

Also received an email from some man of the RTB (I forgot who!). He wants a description of the following tag: Who do you want to be a superhero and why or something like that la. The first thing that comes into my head was Blossom of the PowerPuffGirls. I don't watch many superheroes movies or cartoon so I had quite some time to think what to write. Hopefully he'll like my brief description. I even include the tagline of PPG, "And the day is saved, thanks to the PowerPuffGirls!" LOL

Damn, just kena tagur by a librarian because I wear seluar pendek slightly above than my knee. Geez... MY clothing! At least you don't see people wearing just bare top without a jacket most of the time!

GP Exams - Post Mortem

GP was easy, for me. xP Well the comprehension part was tough coz answers are required to be paraphased or write in our own ways. I felt like I just changed a few words to different synonyms and vocabularies. Really, I don't wish for my comprehension marks to pull down the grades.

Essay was as easy as pie. I mean, problems & solutions, thats it! When Ms Tan, who invigilated us for the last 1 hour, said "5 more minutes", I was like still counting the number of words! Until when she said "okay class, put down the last sentence" then I finished counting. 651 words. (If my calculator didn't failed me xD)

Since I had already received my Bridge topic, I asked Ms Tan about it. The topic was 'Recession is Blessing'. Ms Tan said that it's a complex topic, a macroecomics topic which I will only learn it next year and she asked me to ask my GP teacher instead. Fear that I would not understand most of the economic terms. Tough luck.

Can't wait for Maths paper. If I don't study, Ms Tor will kill me! =.=" Haha.. Also, I can't wait to know my text analysis marks for my Eng Lite.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tomorrow Exam

I am so not worry about my exams. NOT!

Got back my history essay back. 17/25. Highest was 18.5 T.T

GP essay got 60% Tcher said it was high since she don't normally give high marks. >.<

Currently eating sweet corn. Not thinking about the exams or anything.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kyou wa nichiyoubi desu

Ima wa roku ji go ju bun.

Woke up at 9am today. Then watch a couple of TV shows. 'Are you smarter than a fifth grader' There's this MENSA certified genius joined in and he answered all questions correctly. Too bad he couldn't the Million Dollar Question. But thankfully he didn't coz if he did, he would just be walking away with 25k instead of 500k!

'Which country shares the longest border with Russia?'

I know, it's China. But the answer is Krygystan (sp mistake, tcher Ummi wud penalise me, ms tor wudn't bother) It's a fifth grade question, for those normal ten-year olds!

Continued maths homework. Oh-em-gee, it's not as easy as it is. Manage to complete most of it. Feeqa, if u r reading this, esuk aku copy ah.. xP

Haiz.. Exam starts this Tuesday. Wish me luck!

P.S : Wataru, wish me luck too, ok? ^^

Saturday, May 23, 2009


-This is my 2nd time typing this blog. Stupid phone connection. Would somebody puh-leese improve the telecommunication system?-

G.P- Will only know my essay mark this Monday.

History - Did the last essay practise. Its about UNHCR (United Nations Human Commission for Refugees) and refugee problems. Monday will know my marks.

Economics - Did revision on 'Functions of Money'. What is money? Money is cash. XP

Eng. Lite. - Got back the essay on Jane Eyre. 17/25. C. 1 more frickin' mark to get B. Wish that I wrote a good intro.

Maths - God damn it at my tests marks. Got 73 for Trigo, 75 for Vectors. All b'coz of those 'stupid-effing' careless mistakes. I lost to students who did not take Add. maths last year. WTH.
I daydreamed me and 'ax' guy earlier during maths class. XP haha nadawah. The process of explaining sequences and series is so boring.. Tcher was like 'liza, u r at singapore now?'

Apply positivism!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What a life

Me glad that me finish my 1st text analysis! Hooray for me! But, only 674 words..

Oh-Me-Lord, my sister upstairs sings like a ROXSTAR. Loud volume.. Takut later I kena the music virus.

"that stupid man didn't give us $ for 2 months, what the hell?!" Life's damn.

Today's Friday.


Did maths H/W on sequences. Spent 2 hours on it again. T.T Ms J was disappointed in me for my post-war Gaza eßay. I admit I let her down. I won't do that for Mid-year, you'll see..
Ms Tan was talking about recession and inflation. She said that if we are not interested in what she's saying, then we are not at the right track. Thank God I'm at the right track! And when she asked about why did the opportunity cost increased, I answered. It was correct, skali she asked, "What's your name?" haha.. She said before she got 20 students but now double so need longer time to know our name. Kasian Roza kna panggil Rose, Aqilah become Akira, Syamin = Awgku (since he's the only 1 with Awgku in his name, I didn't know that!).


Woke up at 10am. Played Bingo with my siblings. I won 1st match! haha! But the Bingo Champion is my bro. His prize was to clear off the game. XP
*sigh* Got SO many things to do.. Exams is coming!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the GazettE Nameless Liberty Six Guns

Arigatou ne Miko chan for sharing the video~

I just watched it.. Kai is so kawaii~ Aoi is the funny guy. Uruha wa sake ga daisuki! ^^ Ruki at some point really looks like Wataru. Reita.. Hmm.. I like him. =)

I wish 12012 will have their concert in Budokan one day. And perhaps produce a DVD that showcase the 'behind the scenes'.

School today sucks. I got another minimum 500 words of essay to do for E-Lite. And I totally flunk in today's History essay.

"Post-War Gaza: What had the UN do to solve the social problem"

I know I will get an effing grade U. Why? I only wrote half a page than the normal 2 pages. There are newspapers for references but I didn't use'em. So plagiarise!

Who cares? I don't give an effing sh*t about Middle East conflicts.

Exams are coming. Holidays are coming.
Bridging Minds is coming.
Time is coming.

Time is 5 minutes pass 12AM

And I haven't do my research for my History essay. Environment. It's not for GP lessons. T.T Essays!

I finished both my GP and E-Lite essays like just now? My god, writing a total of 1454 words in a night seriously killed my hand that I need to go to emergency ward at the hospital. XP.

At least right now I am listening to Wataru *ahem* 'my lover' singing one of my favourite song, 'SECRET FESTIVAL'. He accompanied me all night long~ LOL "Ready? Space only for us who begin to be excited about nude" He didn't just sing that line, did he??? O.o

Gotta go do a bit research on environment. *Collapsed* ZzZ...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh-me-lord! Next week EXAMS!

A week before exams I will always say I'm hiatus but it never work for me.

So I guess I will blog anytime I want.

So today's day was ok la. I think everyday ok kali. apakn.. We did our very 1st data response question. That's paper 2. Macam sanang and payah jua la..

We did some quotations for the poems today. Ms UK said thats 1 way to memorise all the poems, by taking a few important ones.

Maths test on Vectors today was easy leh.. I don't know, to me its easy and I hope I can score 'a sausage with two bullseyes'. Yes, I JUST CREATED A NEW IDIOM! lol Its just my other sayings of 100.

No GP today. Teacher left due to some emergency.

THANK GOODNESS no history essay today, tapi esuk ada wah.. T.T The essays are killing me! But, plagiarismly, I 'passed' both of my previous essays. 18 and 19 out of 25. =)

Miko chan, domo arigatou for helping me downloading some of the 12012 LIVEs!!! I know I said this a lot of time but sankyuu~! I get to watch 'my HAWT lover' sings! XDXD

For those who are a bit of stressed out, try listen to these J-rock songs:

1. DISTRESS AND COMA, Miseinen, Cassis - the GazettE
2. Sakura Tsukiyo - Kagrra,
3. SECRET FESTIVAL, Aitai Kara... - 12012

For calm songs, Sakura tsukiyo is the best choice, followed by aitai kara...then cassis. For the real rock ones, go for distress and coma, secret festival, miseinen. Okay.. I sound like a promoter of Jrock music.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Today's day

How I wish I can understand Nihongo well~

Effing sh*t. History buat essay lgi. Gila.. "Has UN failed in its peacekeeping mission?" Sanang plg tpikn, I only wrote 1 page, WITH a reference to a book. I think exam I will die ahh..
Ms Tan officially teaching us today. We got a new Economic Book, published by Oxford. Quite useful.. I anticipated colourful content but it's the same black and white content, just like Cambridge's.
So we don't have to read ALL the chapters of Jane Eyre, which I iski lgi tu. Exam until Chapter 16 but I read until Chapter 28 liao... Wish tcher told us earlier.
"Tommorrow test!" Ugh.. Finish vector in 4 days and already got test. -_-" So express!
This afternoon's talk was unbelievably short. 30 minutes only!
Currently sitting in front of laptop, listening to Kagrra,'s Sakuro Tsukiyo. Thinking of starting to type my essays...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Personality Test

I took a personality test from a book. My result: Perfect Melancholy

The depth to see into the heart the soul of life.
The artistic natuqe to appreciate the beauty of the world.
The talent to create a masterpiece where nothing existed before.
The ability to analyze and arrive at the proper solution.
The eye for detail while others do shoddy work.
The aim to finish what they start.
The pledge, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right."
The desire to "do all things decently and in order."

I know you are reading this so know this:

1. Know That They Are Very Sensitive and Get Hurt Easily
2. Realize They Are Programmed with a Pessimistic Attitude
3. (you) Learn to Deal With Depression (of mine)
4. Compliment Them Sincerely and Lovingly
5. Accept That They Like It Quiet Sometimes
6. Try to Keep a Reasonable Schedule
7. Realize That Neatness Is a Necessity

I personally think numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 fits me better.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

3+6=9 => 369th post

Finished watching SS501 DVD. At 1st I played it at laptop but there's no sound! I wanted to change but when play it at DVD player baru tia ada sound.
At least got 2 songs in Japanese. ^^ I don't really recognise who's who -yet- except yeong saeng (sp?) who's cute and high pitch, just like Ryeo wook~
I miss internet dearly~

SS501 1st Live in Osaka

I just bought SS501's 1st Live in Osaka DVD. I thought they sing only their Japanese songs tapi rupa2nye tak ade lagu Jepun, cuma lagu Korea! Dui.. but, nevermind. I like triple S. (L)

I got 2 essays to hand in this Weds. Man.. each need to write 500 words min.! Maths trigo test was okay la.. Ms Tor was saying "If you do your homework 10%, I'll squeeze your head until 10%" LOL

I'm feeling very scared for this coming mid-year and BM. I know I have to "pain 1st pleasure later".

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ups and downs

Currently I'm in the public library (so you'll see colourful texts instead of pink). Wanna curse this computer that I am using. It's effing LAG! I cannot tolerate lagness of technology!

*Cooled down by swallowing ice packs* There are stories from Ms Tor again. This time was about her school days (I think), She said she hates Bio and Chem. Haha! They have to bisect LIVE animals for their Bio experiment. Lucky me no kill kill animals.

GP is a bit boring. Last last nya kena buat pasal Global Warming. Me and Aisyah were like "Hey, we can just look back at our presentations slide!" Few years back me and some my friends from my old school were assign to do a presentation on global warming.

I think Ms J really said a lot about our essay. She said that most of us are not up to a standard of writing yet. Haiz... Y'know, History is suppose to be fun but somehow this teacher made it so... 'out'. Always talk about other things until I have no idea what the REAL purpose of the topic is.

I guess I should think positive instead of being a critique for my favourite class. I mean, I am struggling to find the correct information and accuracy of the events that's happening/happened in the past. Better still, my History books are all words. Wordy words. No pictures that I used to like. The only pictures I get to see are maps. So making notes out of the wordy books is HARD.

My 'project' is 90% completion. I need 3 more siggys for it! *Shh* No Eng. Lite. today. But I am proud to read first half of the book. Huhu..

I want a life size Elmo doll and bearbear! Ada this Elmo doll for $60+ at Bandar! I want one! It's SO super-duper cute!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

12012 chat thread

Miko chan updated her status, hoping everyone will be annihilated by tsunami.

"NOOO!!! I want to see Wataru before I kena tsunami"

And we both went on talking about 12012.. haha! A tsunami become jrock chat..

At least this made me happy =) I was a bit sad earlier so yeah..

"Dance, dance, dance into confussion"

I wish I was dancing with the drinks and all. hehe

I just realise that I forgotten to type out what I had for History yesterday. POPULATION. You people who learn Geo before should know la.. I wasn't even listening to tutor at all. But once a while I heard 'baby boom', 'do/did it', 'very reproductive'. Could somebody please tell me how does THAT relate to United Nations?

Today was essay writing. Title (You'd never guess): "Analyse the impact of the pandemic virus to the world economy". So GP-ness. If I were to take business studies, I might write better.

I really don't know how to survive in a 50% History lesson, 50% crap class.

Ikhwan got the privillage in speaking French today in Eng. Lit. LOL It was funny! Nothing interesting happened in Maths class. Stories from Ms Tor, yeah.

She was surprised that there is a school in a middle of a jungle. Back then there were no houses, just trees. And there used to be like 4 sakura-like trees before it was chopped off. Reasons were dry leaves clog the drain and some of the seeds started growing on top of the roof. Imagine having trees growing on the roof!
She also said that the ground was covered with the flowers' petals all over and it looked like snow. Brunei snowing with flowers!

Too bad they're the past.

I want a lifesize bearbear.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Talk From The Adventurer

Economics - I heard from Feeqa that the teachers will leave on Saturday. That means Ms Tan will take over. Noo.. We will have to do our own notes without the transparencies! Hmm.. the OHP projector condemn today. May it is about time to do things our own way.. Or maybe, a bad omen is coming?

E-Lite - Continued Chapter VIII and IX. Poor Helen Burns, she died of typhus fever. I wish I know French coz in the novel, there are French and I can only recognise the word 'Mademoiselle'.

Maths - I was blurry in today's class. Ugh.. "Could someone check her work to see any mistakes?" I wish I could just skip this topic. Its so 'Physics'-like. Die ahh

GP - Only presented our case of Water Pollution.

The afternoon was a talk by Norhayati Abu Bakar, Brunei's very own adventurer. She travelled around Africa and Europe with a landcruiser.

She shared some of her adventure experiences with us.
Somehow, I need to start believe in myself. In the end, I did asked for her autograph and took a picture with her. Thanks Aisyah for taking the picture.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Start of the week

History - I think today teacher didn't talk much of crap but today's lesson is SO business-like. Man, I never like to study business techniques and the like.
Economics - Nothing interesting happened other then the usual note copying. Just continued with the MCQs.
E-LITE - Continued with Chapters V and VI. Then Ms UK showed me my article soon to be posted. Many errors and teacher asked if my article can be posted at the back as reference to everyone. I thought "My article that good meh?"
Maths - Vectors today. Ms Tor was saying about scalars and vectors. She said that if you want to go to the toilet, use scalar method, not vector. Later you commit suicide. Then she talked on about why some people commit suicide and because of depression. Somehow her stories are better than Ms J ones. Her request of the day: Smile always. =)

Ms UK said that I will need to go for practise for the BM 09. Thing is, everything is HECTIC!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random thoughts

I am currently using a crappy handphone to blog. And I missed all the colourful texts.

Bearbear is looking at me all the time when I am sitting on the study chair and desk. How I wish you can talk to me. Hmm.. teringat pasal Toy Story pulak!

I am listening to 12012 songs at the moment. I have to say this: Wataru is effing hot! But my Tomo is the most vain and my Aki has the brains. ne, Aki, I can't wait for 'our' anniversary. wth

Bridging Minds for this year will be in Brunei. (And I was jumping up and down, thinking I am going to Singapore.) Staying like 7 days at RIZQUN. woohoo~ Will as well join the Singaporean delegates in touring around the country. I am really looking forward to this. But before that...

Mid Year Exams is scheduled from 26 May to 10 June. Now thats.. 15 more days!!! I have like TONS of books to read! Oh-my-god...

Our reunion will be during the holidays. Sleng said we can bring 'someone'. Hmm.. Should I bring Heath? Ahaha nadawah..

Happy Mother's Day

I (L) you, mum.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bridging Minds 2009

It'll be held in Brunei la.. So that means I am NOT flying to Singapore next month. huhu I hope I'll get some allowance though... xD

Exams are coming SOON! Gila.. banyak kan belajar rupanya.. Stress ni.. haha..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


MINDEF Roadshow.
AVA Room.
11 scholars.
Talked on requirements, application process, interviews, programmes.
Overall: Very Interesting

13th Interschool Debate Competition

We left for Bandar at around 9.30am and arrived at the RTB 2 hours later. Me, Kavitha and Aisyah walked to Yayasan which takes about 15 minutes on foot.

We met an Australian couple who stayed here for 12 days. They only travelled around Brunei-Muara district and even went to Sabah! They said they'll visit Brunei again.

I finally get to take a picture in front of the Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque. Then we went for lunch and window shop for a while. I saw this Hello Kitty extra BIG luggage for $280. T.T It was so cute!!

The final match between PTEK and SMSO started at 2.30pm. From the way all the debaters performed, it was a clear landslide victory for PTEK. It was kinda expected though. Beginner's luck for them, the new school.

I was approach by a teacher and her 1st question was "Are you interested in joining the Bridging Mind for this year?" I am so happy when she asked this coz its like one of my dreams just came true! I accepted the invitation and she asked for some personal details plus giving me the forms.

I'm excited. I can't wait for next month.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Library & School

This is effing sh*t.

Every single time I plan to go to the library for either school work or just for fun times, THE FRICKIN' INTERNET WILL ALWAYS BROKE DOWN! Is it me it's my luck?

You know what? The so-called
"7.2Mbps is the fastest in town" is, I doubt, crap. My laptop's position is currently like less than 3 meters from the LINKSYS modem thingy and it's only like 2 bars of connection? What the hell is this?

If by right, the bars for connection should be like 4 or 5 (the maximum here) and that downloads WILL not take THAT long! A 100MB file to be downloaded shouldn't take like more than 2 hours IF I were to be as CLOSE to the modem.

Nevermind if it's my laptop that is SO lagging, it's the connection.

C'mon LINKSYS provider in Brunei! Could you PLEASE fix this issue???

The assembly today suck big time. Why?

Headboy Afiq's voice was loud when he read the prayer coz he stood near the stage. I have no idea why but it seemed to be like this. If you are to stand near the stage, EVERYONE can hear your voice clearly. Guess what? Those teachers who made announcements stood further away from the stage, hence, their voices are like SO low! I mean, how am I suppose to hear what the hell you are saying? The girls around me were talking and laughing and I can see puzzled faces around.

If those teachers were to stand near the stage and give announcements, then EVERYONE will pay attention. If only they don't mind walk a FEW MORE steps.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Asam pahit

Earlier my mum said she wants to cook asam pedas. She put too much of buah tomyum which makes it so bitter, instead of hot.

This afternoon went to photocopy some documents. The cost of having a transparent plastic for the cover, thick big staples and some masking tape costed me $1.90.. Mahal la! T.T

I had been reading too much lately. Roald Dahl's Danny the Champion of the World, Slumdog Millionaire, Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. I think ahh, after I finish reading them, I can do book review lo! There are still more in the list leh..

Exams is coming in 3 weeks time! Please tutors, no more homeworks!

Welcome 1st May.

Cloudy Day

Yesterday Ms Tor advised us on how to be a good citizen to the country and all.. One thing on what she said interested me: "Brunei is not a real world"

We received a new book for English Literature class. Title of the book is 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Brontë. Our 'homework' is really simple.

Just read the book until Chapter V.

Yeah, plain reading the book then we would analyse each sentence.

History class is really no comment ahh.. You know, my tutor can talk about female conservative mind, then the marriage, the old mindset blah blah just because the President of the ECOSOC of UN is female. I mean, its all crap! The A levels won't ask all these 'out of UN' events in their paper. I am feeling hopeless.

The will be a new canteen operating tomorrow. I hope the food will be better than before.