Monday, June 22, 2009

The last post for June

Tomorrow will be heading off to Rizqun for 9 days. Supposed to go this morning but there were changes.

My packing was very easy. Simply trash in any clothings I have. Yeah, I'll just pack the whole closet and beat Mariah Carey's record of luggages. Right... (She brought like 10 luggages to France!) At least this time I packed 4 days earlier. Unlike last time when I wanted to go to Japan, I remembered overpacking my things like the day before I fly! Ended up removing a lot of things... Lessons learnt! But even if I overpack, no ones care. I'm a domestic tourist.

Amal, I didn't go to Bandar that time so I didn't stop by and claim those jackets.

Feeqa, if you're reading this, let me copy your Maths H/W after the holidays, ok? ;-D

Su Ling, & Hilmi, happy advanced birthdays! I don't think I can greet both of you on your birthdate. I know I'll be busy here and there later.

Ohkay... Why am I typing this as if I am not going to see them???

Cheers~ Will be back blogging in July. Mannequins, take care~!~!~! Wish me luck for my Bridging Minds!

Oh-em-gee! I forgotten yesterday's was Ryeo-wook's birthday!!! T_T shame on me... Saengil chuuka hamnida Ryeo-wook oppa. (Imagining myself speaking Korean... Hmm...) I like SS501!!! xD

*Psst* Rose, how do I look this time? Warning: Looks can be deceiving. hehe

I'm vain. =D

I'm just too vain. =P

Peace everyone! =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bridging Minds IS ON!

The moment I received text from Pg Masdinah, saying that Bridging Minds is CONFIRMED from 22nd to 30th June, I was jumping up and down! Screaming "Aaaah!!!!"

I am so happy!!!! I can't believe it. At first, it was supposed to be postponed to December, and now it's back on June!!! Yeay~ (Y)

Which leaves me several things to do...

  1. Maths homeworks >.< Luckily I had did half of it beforehand yesterday. Lazy to do..
  2. Make 'gifts' for the BM friends =) so far 20% complete
  3. Packing for 10 days. I'm looking at one luggage, one travelling bag and another bag. So that's 3. Hmm...
  4. Research more on the current Recession.
All those 4 things comes to my head when BM is set on next week! Stress and happy! (Nyappy~~ -An Cafe)

Actually my plan was to have another hangout at the town area on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday for Mannequins since BM was cancelled. Guys, one of you HAVE to plan a meeting on my birthday! Celebrate without me~ Haha.

I guess I won't blog much for now... I got tonnes of stuffs to do! Cheers~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bridging Minds POSTPONED... NOT!

I hope my friends knew about this. Bridging Minds is postponed to December. Don't ask me for details. Please look at the post after this!

I managed to do some of the Maths questions. A small step to finish up those homeworks.

But something made me even more excited. I'm listed as 1 of the 5 debaters representing this country for the World debate next year at Dubai. "Pure stress" Though I don't know the official 'name' for this debate, I mean, Dubai! I imagined staying at the Burj!

'Wolf' still have no idea... haha! Actually, I have no idea why did I asked about the reason behind the codename. I hope wolf is not reading this.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A bad day...

Blame myself for not getting my speech written out last week instead of this morning at 1. Slept at 2 then woke up at 6. Went to the capital at 7+.

Arrived at CCD about 8.45am. Yeah, at first I was lost (twice) but yeah, managed to find my way in. Was glad to see my friends again.

So the briefing for the Bridging Minds and everything related to the event took about 30 minutes. Were given the itinerary. Luckily not much of visits, except Kampong Ayer. I never visited there so was kinda excited.

And the prepping began. It was okay, followed by coach's feedback on each and everyone's cases. Noon time 5 of us went to Coffee Bean with Yusuf's car. Cool! I like hanging out with them. I mean, I never hang out in the capital so it's something *new* for me. It's not like I own a car and hang out at a cafe here. At least Yusuf is not much of a reckless driver.

Began work out in 2 teams for the opposition case. Me with Yusuf and Safrizan and Kilah with Merule. I sucked, big time. Haiz... But the matter got worst.

Yusuf received a phone call from RTB. Okay, to cut the story short, BM is in a shaky status. It's not our fault. I am pissed. Why not they just change their VIP? What? Cannot ahh? We make history la! Doesn't have to be the same person what... We rescheduled the whole thing and now another time... I want clear solutions!

"Think positively, we made new friends" -Merule
"We're together like good friends. We do things together." - Kilah

Pissed.. Bloody pissed.. Effing bloody pissed

'Wolf' doesn't know about the previous post yet. hehe... Bearbear doubt wolf will ever found out now.. Bearbear happy wolf cared bearbear.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mannequins Reunion

8 am was a rise and shine and the start of the day. I made the bracelet then had a simple breakfast. Farzana's mum picked me and up we went to the hardware store to buy the wire.

When I arrived at Anduki, Feeqa, Miji, Rose, Su Ling and Amal were there already. Then Sie Ying came. Faiz came too but somehow I didn't see his car! Then we have Plan B. (Amal wanted it to be called Plan Z!)

Plan B: Changed the venue to Amal's house. So we set up the BBQ stand using the charcoals that Rose bought in. (You're the lifesaver!) Me and Faiz were setting up the BBQ pit. It was hard! Thank god Faiz is here~ Even last time he was the one who set the fire at Anduki. Arigatou!

Pity for Su Ling who kept on asking "Is the fire ready?" I was like, "Man! The fire's not ready la..." But in the end, it did burn! Woohoo~ So I became the 'chef' throughout the cooking. Iwann and Faiz helped out too. BBQ-ing is so smokey. The smoke entered my eyes, but Iwann lagi kasian la.. Since he wasn't wearing specs, it's even tougher for him.

Food served~ Then we went to the beach. Seriously, I like the walk to the beach. It's like walking into a dense jungle and found a paradise. But... the sand there is so soft! Every step I walked in felt like I'm being sucked down by the sand. It's like it's so hard to walk at the sand. So me, Faiz, Iwann, Khai went back to Amal's house.

I talked with Faiz. So he was the deputy of MPP in MD! Merule (YDP), you know him! Haha.

Then we sat down and talked about the old times. The animals that we were, and addition of new numbers~ We have 1.5, 11.5.. lol The 'point 5' is either bf/gf. Hmm... Mannequins are wondering who's going to be '13.5'. Yeah right... Then we talked about what will happen in the next reunion. I forgotten who said that by that time we will have kids or something. Then the next question popped up: When will we get married. I was being the 'anti-guys' (Try find me a guy and I'll make that guy go to hell. Haha ganas.Rose nicknamed me 'anti-guys') and "I'll tell you what, I'll be the last to get married among Mannequins" Hmm... I wonder...

Oh, we exchanged gifts. Not everyone brought it. Only me, Su ling, Sie Ying, Rose and Amal bought it. I got Rose's gift. Chocos! Thanks so much!

Mannequins Generation 2
a.k.a 'Mannequins, Adulthood'
(Haha, me and Rose thought both are nice)

#1 Malek & #1.5 Far
#2 Bnu & #2.5 Ain
#3 Hilmi
#4 Khai & #4.5 Izyan
#5 Iwann
#6 Waie
#7 Amal & #7.5 Saiful
#8 Kavitha
#9 Sie Ying
#10 Tasha
#11 Feeqa & #11.5 Miji ('Orang baru')
#12 Nabilah
#13 Rebirth
#14 Rose
#15 Su Ling
#16 Feyra & #16.5 Kevin
#17 Faiz
#18 Hazwan

Rose mentioned that I was pretty too. *Apply makeup* haha. Do It Yourself, DIY. Just learn from the net, I'll tell you that. ;-)

Not everyone came to this hangout/reunion. Hilmi, Bnu, Kavitha, Tasha and Nab weren't in. Too bad. I wish everyone came though. Somehow, those who have their partners (the couple's club) will feel that the reunion is fun, but for those under 'loner's club', I wonder. Me? Hmm... You want my honest words?

I think the one at OGDC is much more fun!

And everytime I scratched my arms, it hurts + itchy. Because of that sunburn I got yesterday. When will it be gone? Blame me for not putting any sun lotion.

Me and Far made a 'plan'. It kinda worked. Planning. So I asked her about 'wolf'. Seemed like 'wolf' really changed. Wolf was care-less about wolf's friend anymore, includes bearbear. Maybe it's time for bearbear to treat wolf as a friend. As bearbear remembered wolf's words, 'friends come and go'.


I realised that I haven't write down my speech on speech cards or papers! Ahh~ I had an evening nap and when I woke up and looked at my phone's time, it showed 2.15am. I was like 2.15am??? My speech! I haven't do! So when I went downstair, cheh, it's still 9pm! I have no idea how did the time went wrong. I'm beat. Time to remove the black nail polish. I think I will get lectured if I don't remove them.

*After reading my friends' blog*

They left their jacket??? Hmm... Better then last time! I won't mention his name, he left his boxer at my bag! HAHA. Hmm... Khai's one can return at school, Iwann's one, give it to me la after holidays. I'll keep them safe. Funny you'd ask me. Haha. I know, I'm the mummy. xD Oh, the BBQ wire, keep 'em for next time. Plan XII. LOL And about the phone being silent. It's okay, no offence is committed. =)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

18th Panaga Highland Games + Confusion

I woke up at 8.30 this morning. My mum was already shouting, "Hurry up, your cousin will pick you up in 10 minutes!" I was like, "WHAT???" My fault for overslept actually.

So arrived at the Panaga Club around 9am without breakfast. So I drank a lot of Ribena drink to avoid starvation. So from 9 until 12, I walked around the area. Donated $2 to the Railway Children charity group and got myself a pen and a cute fuzzy looking thing. Then another $1 for raffle tickets which I didn't win in the end. T_T I went home at 1 and came back 30 minutes later.

To my surprise, I saw Alastair and Lim! Before I said anything to Alastair, I asked him if he remembers me. He does~ "From Maths tuition." Bingo! Glad friends remember each other, although you never spoke to them much. I didn't ask Lim coz he's in my Maths class. So I tag along with the 2 of them to the nearest tables and chairs.

3 of us had conversation. Alastair was kind enough to ask if I'm alone. Haha. But yea, it's more like me kept on forcing myself to start a conversation. Asked them about results, "How many coffins and heaven?" HAHA. Coffin = Fail. Heaven = Pass. 2 each for Alastair and Lim. I guess I'm lucky to have 4 'Heavens', hopefully 5. ;-) When the PA announced something about people loosing carkeys, obviously 3 quiet people who have nothing to talk about just burst out of laughter.

Then I have the guts to ask them their numbers. (Y) Okay, it's weird to ask them, especially when I seldom meet and talk to them. "Mind if you give me your number, I want to sell them." Both just grin. Obviously I am NOT selling it. How can I be so bad oh... And I am proud to present a new equation for my Maths class (I bet Ms Tor will be 'surprise'):

2 quite 'friend' but seldom talk + 1 loud one who wants to talk = Nothing much to talk

Funny thing is, anything I ask about them, they never seemed to ask back. So boring... I wonder if it's their nature to be quite (not talkative) or shy (because there's a girl here tag along and have nothing in common) But yeah, 'tagging' along 'strangers' is both weird and fun.

Met Arif too! He's going back to JIS today for school on Monday. He complained about the homeworks. We all do. Met Basyirah too, but just waved at her.

In the end, I got sunburn at my arms. It's so red right now. Came back from dinner at a friend's place.

Something just happened. SL texted me about bringing wire and charcoals for tomorrow. I was like "wtf? at this last minute? I cannot guarantee THOSE! Why didn't you tell me earlier???" The reply I got was "someone must be responsible for it..." So this means that if I don't bring the wire and charcoal, poeple will blame me, obviously. WTF. So I asked my best friend SY to call me.

Thank god she did. So I just blurted out everything too loud, until some of the guests were looking at me. Yeah, my sister beside me was saying "You talk too loud!" So I lowered down my volume. I told her everything. She too agrees with me that it's last minute. Oh well...

Then I told the incident to my another best friend, who else, my mother. Her reaction was 'so reactive.' I should have see that coming.

*Sigh* I asked you to call me but you didn't. Bearbear don't understand you anymore wolf.

Friday, June 12, 2009

YB is back!!!

I woke up quite late today. I think about 11.30am? Had brunch of sandwiches then fasted until 6+. Haven't touch any of my homeworks -yet-

Then I spent the whole afternoon reading the story books and watching TV. I finished reading Star Maps. Quite interesting. Talked about a teenager in a dance club going to L.A and met a lot of famous people. How I wish my life is like that.

At 6, we went to Jonathan's house again~ This time if Sebastian's first birthday! Yeay~ But I didn't stayed there long. After having a quick dinner, I went to excapade. My mom was all disatisfied with me going to Excapade, partly because of the expensive food. True... But my friend, YB, came back from KL so he wants to meet us. Like he's here for 2 weeks without telling us??? I only knew he's here yesterday when Denised texted me. My mom was like "I'd rather stay at your cousin's place then going to Excapade." I guessed she forgotten about my real purpose.

YB didn't changed much, still the same old him. Only that he praised me. Haha. "Liza, I missed you so much you know, more than the other 2 girls." The other 2 girls are Denise and Sie Ying. "Aww... I'm flattered." hehe. He sweet talked with the girls a lot. Nope, not jealous. I mean, he's just a good and funny friend.

So throughout the meal, we laughed and took a lot of pictures. Suddenly, an unexpected visitor came in. Chin Ting saw her first and then Ah Tan was like, "Isn't that Lorin???" LOL When she went outside, we were thinking about hiding him under the table but it didn't work. Lorin eventually found out YB. Haha! Then we reminisce the last time we were in excapade. "My fringe!"

Sie Ying managed to trick Lorin about YB going back to KL tomorrow. Good thing is
everyone played along as well! Luckily I didn't laughed out since she was beside me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's holiday! (Well, for me that is!)

Today was a lazy day. Only had Maths lesson. Ms Tor would never ever let her students go relaxing about. I guess all Maths teachers are like that.

History teacher was just 'lecturing' us about the essays. No narration, no flowery English. Just facts. I wonder how did I do. Hopefully I pass.

Went to the career office to get my pendrive.Some stuffs to claim. Chit chat with Ms UK about scholarships. Well, I asked her about it. Not that I am going to apply or anything. Just curious.

We only discussed a few questions of MCQ. Supposed to do it in groups. We were all lazying around, saying that it's the holidays already. I guess I was the one who's not into the holidays. I requested to discuss a few of the MCQs. Ms Tan advised us to spend our holidays wisely.

Not going to school this Saturday. Many are not coming. Besides, I have to go somewhere.

Went to the Town's library. It sure had changed a lot. I was surprised. The reference section were moved to downstairs. I borrowed 2 books: English Literature revision guide by Letts and American Dreams Star Maps by Liz Tigelaar. I like Star Maps. Haven't had the time to read Eng Lit. And the return date of those books are 2 weeks from today. I mean, all books can only be borrowed a maximum of 2 week.

Which means in 2 weeks time, I am no longer a 'child', as I posted it 3 months ago. Wow... 3 months ago... Time sure flies. I wonder how it's going to be...

I only have 10 days of holidays, minus off the Bridging Minds event. A lot of people are going. Thanks everyone for your support. Wait till you see me acting, hehehe... 10 days seemed so short, with homeworks, extended sleeping times, research... But I do know that Bridging Minds will be a fun event! Yeay!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get it REAL

Today I had received my marks on English Literature, GP and Economics. I scored quite okay for English Literature and Economics. GP, needless to say, not so well.

English Literature - 62%
Economics - 61%
GP - 52%

GP is my least favourite because of the comprehension. I never like to answer them. I prefer essays over them. I barely scrap through my GP. Imagine having that printed on the certificate. Not beautiful at all. But I guess I am one of those few lucky ones who passes because more than 70% of students fail this GP exams.

2Cs and 1E. I guess I had set my target way TOO high. A minimum of B to be exact. Not that it's impossible for the first test, but it's fate. That leads me to dissapointment. I will remember what Ms Tan, my tutor told us today.

"There is no short cut for good grades"

This go against my views on my previous post of Maths. I guess there are people with the brain of Einstein and can do very well 'just like that', without studying. Yes, I believe there are people who can get very good grades without studying or revising. I may not be the 'gifted' one but neverless, preseverence and persistence is the key. Nope, I am not going to compete with other people. I shall compete with myself. I am the enemy.

So that's make my target for the next test, get at least C for all subjects I am taking. No more stepping backwards.

I was flipping in today's newspaper. I agree with the writer that gave her opinion on single mother. Having a single mother who's raising me, I can tell you that the government don't give a damn about them (the single mothers). I do hope they will act quickly to this situation. It had been on going for so long. Remember, this is not the 1950s era where women are considered as those 'typical' housewives who takes care of the houses and not having to work. This the the millenium! And in this country, irrespective of single mothers working or not, they should be on the watch by responsible parties of the government. Those children are just like me, knowing that they are left behind in the society. The article stated something about no one wants to help single parents. It's really quite true, I experience it everyday. I believe those children who have the same fate as me can understand as opposed to some children who have both their parents, the children who are SPOILT and some acted like a brat. No, not everyone realise how fortunate they are.

Another issue I am dissatisfied is prolly the hospital's reply to nurses not wearing gloves when giving injection or something. The hospital authority ensures that all nurses will have their hands clean using hand sanitizers or another alcoholic substance (bear with me, I don't really have good memory, especially dealing with these medical field). True, it can kill off germs. BUT, what IF those nurses, especially the ones who take their job for granted, FORGOTTEN to clean their hands? Imagine that. The governement is not 'poor' in providing gloves, you know.

(Prepare for my big calculations) Yeah, a pair of gloves prolly cost less than $10. They don't use JUST a pair a day, perhaps 3? Let me take it 10 gloves a day = $100 a day. So give that to the 5000 nurses (I think the number is less than that in this country) so that's $500,000 a day on gloves, multiply it with 31 days will give you $15,500,000 a month. With that value multiply by 12 means the government will spend $186,000,000 a year on gloves. Mind you, it's just estimation. I really don't know the exact number of nurses and the exact number of gloves they use per day (that also depends if they waste the gloves or maybe stole it) but if it is less, then the whole amount will surely be less then 200 million dolars a year.

Suddenly I'm craving for Tomo's food. It's a BIG burger (picture below).

Give me a choice and I'll pick Tomo then the burger. xD He's just adorable showing off his burger.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Confessions and birthdays

I wish I don't have to yawn ALL the time, especially in the morning. I mean, everytime when there's exams or tests, students around me don't yawn AT ALL! Seriously! It's like they're very energetic in doing the paper. I tried to 'feel' like very energetic and told myself not to yawn but I still yawn.

So, paper 1 of Economics was easy and tricky. I don't know how much I'll get but I do hope it's 20 above. I want to be the best. Eseh.

Then Ms Tor gave us our Maths paper. I don't like my marks. I lost 12 freakin' marks due to my stupid careless mistakes. Otherwise, I would have gotten 72%, my target. I didn't fail so that kinda relieve me a bit. I hate the fact that I lost to students who did not take Additional Maths last year. I want to be listed as the 'gifted' one in Maths. I struggle to achieve that.

Mom didn't mind. She just said I had tried my best. But deep down, I somehow think that I haven't. I know I just dissapointed her. Maybe she doesn't want to worry me? Though she said I can improve better next term, I want to do it. When asked about how much I wanted to get, I told her "80%". She was like, "80%??? Isn't that a bit too high for your first exams?" "Because the main aim of me taking Maths is A and to increase logic thinking, nothing else." Yeah, that's the truth. So that I can get a big A.

So I was being an emo myself for a while when Kagrra,'s vocalist, Isshi suddenly appeared into my head, like calling me not to worry or something. I was watching their performance on 'Utakata' in the Peace and Smile Carnival 2009. That song kept on playing in my head throughout my Economics exams today. I really love that band. They used some traditional Japanese musical instruments in ther music. More of a half rock half traditional kind of band. Yes, one of a kind.

Isshi is just too beautiful, his voice. So I thought I wanna try to look like him. Ended up... it didn't work like him. If I only have hairspray...

The red clothing has a bit of Japanese oriented feature so I suddenly thought of Isshi.

Happy birthday to dear Uruha (the GazettE) and Yuusuke (12012)! Both are celebrating their birthdays today! Yes, same birthdate! ^^

Uruha is 28 years old!

You're too beautiful Uruha... *drools*

Yuusuke is 29 years old!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Isn't it cute? This is a pair of keychains I got lucky from a lucky draw

I had problems sleeping this morning. I went to bed at 12am and I just kept thinking about Bridging Minds, the acting, the content, the next meeting, the expectations.. Basically everything. I guess I think too much. Ended up I couldn't sleep until 2am or so. I was feeling a bit stressed out. I was already tired the whole day yesterday and my body wants to sleep but my mind was thinking here and there, it is exhausted but I just couldn't control it. I have no idea why.

But I managed to fall asleep until someone woke me up at 6. Talking about insufficient sleeping time! Managed to doze off again until 8.30am. Gosh... my head is so heavy.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jonathan's 3rd birthday!

I'm beat! Straight from Bandar, came to home and get ready fast before going to Jonathan's birthday.

There are a lot of guests. I settled down with food then chit-chat with my cousin. I forgot that there is bouncer to play! I didn't bring extra clothes with me so no bouncer for me. Boohoo..

See how tiny Jonathan is? He's only 95cm tall.

That's me. Still measurable for me. lol

So tired! I haven't flip my Economics yet... Last exam is Paper 1 on Tuesday and after that, it's busy research!

Oh yeah! My article is featured in today's newspaper~ xD

The Bridge meeting

En route to hometown.

So I came at 1.45pm at RTB. There's no one yet. Entered the building. The security was asking my purpose.

"So you need a pass. Please show me your IC." Nope, I didn't bring. "Passport?" Uh.. No? What??? Then the security kindly ask me to leave.

Off I go outside, reading my novel, The Da Vinci Code while waiting for someone, at least anyone from the Bridge to come. Coach Joanna came at first. Then followed by Pg Masdinah then Aqilah then the guys, Safrizan, Yusuf and Merule. Merule came last. His plane from Singapore just landed prolly an hour before two pm. Poor him.

A brief meeting at RTB. Pg Masdinah stressed that one of us must be the best performer for this year's bridge coz the past 2 years had been a Bruneian. I'm not saying that its a bad thing but that means there's a 10-20% chance of being one. Insya-allah... We will try our best.

She also mentioned that we could either go with Plan A (17th to 25th June) or Plan B (22nd to 30th June) It depends on the Singaporean delegates dues to some of them are having their A Levels exams. I don't mind with either plans but Plan B would be fun coz can escape 2 days of school! Hehe...

So off we go to Coffee Bean. Me, Aqilah and Merule hop into Yusuf's car. He said his car is messy but who cares. Honestly, its not messy at all! I asked Aqilah if she knew Rose or not. Rose, if you are reading this, leave a msg at cbox! Yeah, Aqilah knows as I dubbed her 'the new girl'. xD

It was fun while going to Coffee Bean. Like I have no idea where at the beginning... Merule had the idea that we should just ram those pedestrian. LOL! A lot of pedestrian walking and crossing here and there without looking the cars. I was like, "Who'd take the blame?" The driver. XP

Coach's treat at Coffee Bean. I have a problem of ordering. I think I kinda screwed up the names of my menu. So, the cashier was explaining ice crushed and cream or something. I think I misordered my drink so I clarify it by reading the whole item from the menu. "Ice blended latte Vanilla small $4.60" >.<"

We discussed about the whole Bridge procedures and the acting. Yes, acting. We are going to act out our speech. I don't know how hard the acting will be but I believe I can pull through. I mean, it's going to be scripted by us so maybe for now no problem? Dunno lah... The coach also mentioned about us going to be filmed throughout the programme. Wow! Ima star! Imagine being in The Apprentice or something! Cool! Haha

The last 30 minutes were discussion. Me and Aqilah in a team. The other 3 guys in another. Both of us were not too sure about the points. But yeah, we made through eventually. I really need to double my effort of research. It's really though.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My history exam

Today's History exam was a bummer. The questions came out were all the ones we did for essay practise. I was like "Oh? That was easy". Yeah, talking about writing 8 pages of words, 4 essays, prolly 2000 words+. My hand was cramped all right. On the bonus part, I developed a slight muscle at my finger. Ouch!

I borrowed 3 books from the library today. 1st one was Frances Osborne's 'Lilla's Feast'. The story is about the author's great-grandmother's life. The reason I took the book without even looking at the sypnosis of the book was the cover of the book showed 2 ladies, wearing Vatican style of clothing. Yeah, old fashion clothings nowadays.

The 2nd and 3rd books are Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels and Demon'. A&D is the prequel to DVC but I think I shall read DVC first.

You see, I'm bored of exams already so I'm thinking of reading other books. Lazy to read Jane Eyre now coz its too 18th century very standard English.

I hope the meeting for tomorrow is on. Hopefully more details will be given out tomorrow.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Brunei Drama

I was tuning to different channels of the TV yesterday and there's this cute looking actor that just kinda caught my attention at RTB2.

He's the lead actor at that drama. Today was the last episode of the drama! I just knew it! And I thought I won't see him again. Haha! Pandai pandailah aku google the drama.

To cut the story short, I found his blog. Adalah baca sikit sikit.

I have no idea why did I suddenly have this obsession. But now no more obsession of this actor. Haha.. I change very fast..

Oh! The drama is 'Aku Bukan Milikmu' & the actor I talked about is Hill Zaini. I didn't know he was a participant of P2F season 2 until I read his blog. His acting was ok. I suka.

Bridging Minds kena postponed to 22 until 30 June. Apasal la dia orang cancel? I don't mind but that means I will have to be absent for 2 days or maybe 3 after the holidays. Hmmm.. this is good. I get to escape school! Yeah! I'm looking forward to the university forum.

Nope, History is not in love with me but I will try to love it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jackpot! I found CDs, vintage!

DMy brother was showing me a copy of 'The Phantom of Opera' CD and I was like 'CDs??? Where you found it? Show me!' I never see that CD before at my place until my bro showed it to me.

Oh my God! There were SO many CDs, 13 singles plus 23 albums to be exact. Jackpot! The music dated back to the 80s and 90s music.

Of so many, I only recognised Kylie Minogue, Cher, Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men. I didn't know there was Boyz II Men album 'II'. The album was released in 1994.

So I took my time to listen to some of them, just one or two songs from the albums. I played 'Coming Out Of The Dark' and 'Words Get In The Way' by Gloria Estefan. She is a famous singer in the 80s and 90s. Her birth date is 1 September 1950. Yes, she's 51 years old. Her album, 'Into The Light' was released in 1991. I really like 'Words Get In The Way'. It's a direct approach of how a lover tried to say "I Love You" but 'words get in the way'. Okay... I sounded like I am writing a poem analysis for my English Literature, with quotes!

Here's part of the lyrics:

But the words get in the way
There's so much I want to say
But it's locked deep inside and if you look in my eyes
We might fell in love again
I won't even start to cry and before we say goodbye
I tried to say "I love you"
But the words got in the way
I'm trying to say "I love you"
But the words get in the way

Whitney Houston's 'I'm Your Baby Tonight' and Belinda Carlisle's 'Leave a Light On' gave me a 90s dancing fever! PARTAY~! Felt like I am dancing with the big crystal ball at the centre with those 2 songs.

To add up the list, there's UB40, Lisa Stansfield, Martika, some themes songs, compilations of love songs, Brenda Cochrane, Deep Heat, Taylor Dayne, Alannah Myles, Alice, they might be giants, Kevin Paige, Amy Grant, Wilson Phillips, Bonnie Raitt and Sinead O'Connor.

Oh yea, 'Janji Mu Manis' by Aisyah is also wonderful.

Research... NOT!

I told myself to do some research but somehow my attention diverted to JRock downloads (stupid connection doesn't seemed to favor me to download!) and FB-ing. Scheisse!

I uploaded several Mannequins pictures. I can't believe that 5 years in PJN just drifted SO fast. Whenever I look at those pictures, good ol' memories all right!

Earlier, I borrowed a book titled 'The Ultimate Book Of Mind Maps' by Tony Buzan. It's about how powerful mind maps can be and how it can be applied in our life, social life , education etc. I can't wait to read it.

Got a text from my cousin. Dear cousin Jonathan gonna celebrate his 3rd birthday this Sunday. Ouch! My Bridging Minds meeting is also this Sunday!!! I don't want to miss my cute Jonathan's birthday party, but 1st meeting is equal important! T__T Can someone be my clone?

Seriously, I felt like flunking my History this Saturday. But then I told myself to at least study. Haiz...

Dear History,

Please put yourself into my brains so that I don't have to read you. I hope that you and I are meant together forever. This way, I can score A for my A Level.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Felt so tired. Slept at 1.30am because of Eng Lit and Economics. Just finished up my article for the Bridging Minds and is sent for printing. Coach Joanna asked us to prepare 3 points on Proposition. At first, I thought of edit some of the articles I found but at this late hour, I just copy and paste the whole article, of course, no editing -yet-.

Earlier on I flipped through the past week's Borneo Bulletin for any possible questions that MIGHT come out for my History exam. And I have to say the possibility of what I think might come out is 25%. I haven't even scanned through my history books! But I don't want to fail my History... Okay, so far I might fail Maths. (But I pray at least 50% I can hear Ms Tor's cursing on our papers "die la!" as she smudge her red ink) Economics 2, English Literature and GP had been treating me good. xD

Merule! I'm jealous of you! You and your friends get to go to this Dunman Asean Summit at their high school in Singapore! I don't think you're reading this but really, I want to go to such summit next year! They have these political debate and discussions, just like a real summit which political leaders would have! Only that this is among students. Enjoy there!

First thing in the morning: Download videos! xD

Economics Post Mortem

The economics paper was actually easy but somehow I was unsure of my answers. Its not that hard.

Currently scanning through newspapers for my HISTORY exam this Saturday. >.< I have the slightest idea of what my History questions will be, aside from UN and the very difficult current news. I know, GP-ness. I don't hate GP but there are events happening around the world everyday and I don't have a microchip to 'save' every single data. If it's about Cold War or Economy after 1945, it's easier coz its 'limited'.

Oh well, quit complaining and start working. At least A level History has a fixed syllabus. Sabar je..

Eng Lit Post Mortem

Just came back from school. Eng Lite paper was quite easy for me. I guess half memorising those quotes from Jane Eyre helped a lot. But the poetry part sucks a bit. I don't know if my other poem 'The City Planners' is acceptable or not.. Oh well, I hope for the best.

Gotta study Economics now.. Later sitting for the paper. How I wish later is paper 1 instead, so that I don't have to study. hehe

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today's day

Barely studied much. We moved up the most of the clothings upstairs for the sibling's convenience. Found a few dresses that are mine. Those dresses were handmade by mom for me to wear.

Throughout 1950s to 1980s, especially in Malay dramas or movies, the women were seen wearing baju kebaya, a traditional clothing wear by women. Then 1980s onwards to 90s, long dresses were common until modern dressing of jeans and T-shirts of the present day.

When I said I wanted to learn how to make dresses like the ones I used to wear, mom goes "What for? Outdated!"

The dresses can still fit me in, if I loose a lot of weight. I really wanted to wear those dresses and maybe hire a photographer to take snapshots in front of the 'sakura-like' tree near my school. Why? Coz that tree probably existed before I was born and really can give this 90s feel.This would be my desire.

Today is 1st June!

Kyou wa rokugatsu desu. Tanoshii~

I think I blog almost everyday in May. But I hope I will blog at least something everyday.

June is a busy month for me. Let's see... Exams on 3rd, 6th and 9th. Then the holidays from 14th to 28th. Sandwiched between it is Bridging Minds! It's gonna be from 17th to 25th. I seriously can't wait for it! Hmmm.. Dental and dermatology meeting can wait. xP

Oh yea, yesterday inda jadi meeting Bridging Minds. Good! Coz no transport bah...

Sometimes I wonder when can I go to Japan again. Me and Miko chan made a deal to go to Japan together. I really, really want to go to Japan after I finish A Levels. Then I would spurge all my money on CDs, DVDs, visual-kei clothings and accesories at Harajuku, eat banana chocolate creppe at Harajuku, visiting my foster's at Sapporo... Aah! I can only keep on dreaming! T_T