Monday, July 27, 2009

Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-

Lately I am addicted to Versaille's ASCENDEAD MASTER song. It's their new single released on 24th June, I think. I wanna watch those mini movies but I can't. Stupid connection... I hate my life without internet. Anways, I think I fell in love with Kamijo, this time.

I acted very negatively for Maths. I felt like I wanna drop that subject. Yeah, Maths is important but it took a hell out of my time! I don't know if I should just continue or not. It's meaningless for me to do Maths. I felt like I'm a robot, being feed with questions and expect a good answer. My career has nothing to do with Maths anyways. I need answer from God.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Diary

As usual I slept late again. However I manage to force myself to wake up early to school.

I forgotten to ask my mum to sign the Maths permission slip for tomorrow's class. "Shit! I forgot to ask mum to sign!" Feeqa suggested a very good lie. "Say you left it in the car." Why did I not think of that... However, I felt bad at lying but it must be done.
Luckily tutor said that we could hand in the form tomorrow.

We did a group presentation during GP class on tourism. My group was the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I was nervous when I presented it because tutor Kamini was there to observe the class. But I believe everyone enjoyed everyones' presentation.

History lesson is about war. Today was about the Hungarian uprising in 1956 with the new Communist leader Niikata Kruschev. Tutor was very disappointed with us. We do not answer 'long' enough when she asked us a question. Saying that we do not understand the whole Cold War. But everytime when I answered even if its a one line answer with doubts, she will 'continue' our answer. So I now wonder who's fault is this.

It was too good to be true for me to get 100 for 4 MCQ questions in Economics. Then, tutor realise she did a mistake in marking. I failed. This subject reminds me of Chemistry. Theory and calculations.

Eng Lit was just the normal reading and quote-jolting sessions.

I watched an anime titled 'La Prima' something. It's about classical music. Love the anime. Whe watching it, I wished I had the money to learn how to play the piano.

I felt quite sad. Everyone in school (Mannequins) thought the reunion is tomorrow. It was but I decided to make it to this Saturday. Only 4 replies out of 11 sent messages. I'm pissed. Everyone wants a reunion when I suggested it and not everyone can give me an answer if they can come or not. Oh! I know why! EVERYONE WAS WAITING FOR EACH OTHERS' ANSWER. You know, if this happens, you'd probably will not reach a decision. I sincerely wanted a reunion, no, a hangout but its hard. I guess I was stupid enough to do so, especially when Progress Test is two weeks from now.

That's it. I won't decide when another hangout will be. I always felt that its always me and I'm tired of it. I mean when I asked for a suggestion, somehow, everyone is waiting for another.

I guess I should stop thinking negatively. College life means everyone is not the same as they were in highschool. Yea.

Mannequins, if you are reading this, I don't wish to hear you guys talking about this to me but keep it to yourself. It is best that way. =)

Oh oh oh! Today is my boyfriend's birthday! (L) Wataru of 12012!!! Yeay~! I cannot believe you're 29 today. Stay strong, my love. I'll always love you. =)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Japanese entertaiment for me

I wanted to donate USD5 to this fan coz she needs donation to fund the w-inds. project. Its been 5 days since she last updated. I hope I will receive her reply.

To all w-inds. fan or curious readers on this project, please visit

I've been stalking on PSC artists at myspace.

Effingly love everything on Isshi of Kagrra, Saw his picture at Music Japan. He's so beautiful... I think I fell in love with that picture (and him too!) They had just completed their tour in Brazil! Brazillan fans are so damn lucky!

alice nine. will release a single titled 'Hana' on 15th August. It's about time to release some stuffs since their album on January! Can't wait for it!

the GazettE - How I wish I had internet connection. THEY HAVE SOME SORT OF LIVE TALK ON THEIR NEWEST ALBUM 'DIM' YESTERDAY AT 4.30PM JAPANESE TIME! We can watch it LIVE from a website! T_T I want to see my Uruha!!!

They will be having their last concert of this tour at Saitama stadium on the 5th of September. Overseas fans too can go since they have a special agency to manage the ticket selling. Sigh.. I wish I could go to Japan.

This morning I was talking about the Gazette, w-inds. & 12012s' 10th Anniversary. the GazettE and 12012 will celebrate theirs in years 2012 and 2013 respectively. Mann! I'd be in university! Which means there's a slim chance that I could attend w-inds. 10th anniversary! I really wanna go. Who's kind enough to sponsor me the ticket to Japan? xP

Had great sisterly talk today over dinner. Gawd.. Its been ages since I had one.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

2 days of holidays

My subjects are being mean to me. All of them have their respective work & to be handed in on Tuesday. What a bummer..

I guess that's better than having to sit for Progress Test next month.

Finally founded 'The Invisible Wall' lyrics by the GazettE. Ruki pronounced 'soaked' as 'so cute'. I should have known it, 'Engrish'. 'in the soup' = 'innocen(t)'

BackStreetBoys's 7th album 'This Is' is coming out on October! Aah! Also, Hanson's DVD 'Strong Enough To Break' is next month! I want them both!

w-inds. was recently receiving some bad reputation from their concert. I felt so sorry for them. It's all because of some stupid and naive fangirls. As a fan that grows with their music, I really do hope they'll still continue to sing & dance & be 1 of the best boybands in Japan. They are, in some ways, better than any other boybands. w-inds., please continue to be the best Japanese boyband I ever known.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today is hazy day

Phew... I just finished reviewing the GazettE's 'DIM' album.

When I woke up from bed, the first thing I smell was smoke! I was like 'Who the hell open burning at 6 o clock in the morning???' So it was the haze. Hazy season is coming now. So I guess by wearing the face mask, we get protection from H1N1 and smoke? xP

Everyone in school kept on talking about His Majesty's Titah. It's like a hot news now. (No kidding. I want to buy BB or MP but only TBT is still in stock. Like the old sayings, "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!") Words like 'robot' comes out. HAHA. Seriously, when I heard HM's titah last night at 10pm, I was amazed by how frank HM is. I mean, the idealogy in this country is clouded with 'no freedom of speech'. I gues this has to do with history. Recall 1962.

But yeah, I really enjoyed HM's titah. And I actually jolted down a lot of HM's titah. Like a journalist on scene. Currently, I am unable to read them as my handwritings are too 'beautiful' to read.

My homeworks doesn't seem to have a permanent full stop. There are homeworks for all my subjects (exclude GP) *Sigh* If they are like tissue paper... Not to mention Progress Test next month! But Ms UK said PT is September, not next month. Anyways, a higher target is required to achieve.

Currently listening to DIM. Effing enjoying it, especially 'The Invinsibe Wall'.

the GazettE's DIM Review

Yeay~ I got DIM today! Love all the songs! DIM overall sounded in between of heavy metal and visual kei. A must buy for all the GazettE's fans!

DIM Review

DIM starts off with the 1 minute 43 seconds of light intro, 「剥離」(Hakuri).

Followed by 'THE INVISIBLE WALL'. A very good song with its guitar arrangements in the chorus as well as a little bit of screaming.

'A MOTH UNDER THE SKIN' comes next. It sounded a little bit like pop music but it's mostly heavy music when it comes to chorus. The chorus part sounded a little bit of ressemblance 'LEECH'.

'LEECH' is well composed with the chorus of slightly slow rythm.

'泣ヶ原' (Naku ga hara) is a 7 minute song. Heavy sounded for the 1st part, then bass comes in for the second part. I somehow find this song 'very slow', maybe there's not much of fast ryhtm music in this song. The ending of this song is like it's being cut off just like that.

Then another break after 4 songs is 「エ リ カ」 (Erika). Mostly you can hear the bass playing at the background.

Then it's 'HEADACHE MAN'. This song is more or less of loud guitar music. Ruki's vocals really shines out here IMO.

Comes after that is '紅蓮' (Guren). There's not much of music arrangement changes, except near the bridge where the lead starts off to play. But the whole song sounded very heavy.

子宮」(shimahyou) is just another break after 2 songs for 43 seconds. [If you are wondering why there are sounds like a baby crying (to me personally, it does sound like a crying baby), '子宮' actually means a womb or uterus.]

'13STAIRS[-]1' kicks off with heavy guitar and bass music. IMO Ruki doesn't really sing in this song except for the 1st part of it. The 2nd part of the song are Ruki growling and screaming instead of singing. The bridge is somewhat a little bit similiar to 'Filth in the Beauty'.

I personally like 'DISTRESS AND COMA'. More or less like many other songs in this album, with heavy music arrangement but Ruki's vocals can be heard quite clearly here.

After D&C is another short break, titled「感触」(Kanshiyoku).

'白き優鬱' (Shiro Ki Hyasa Utsu)surprisingly starts off with aucoustic guitar and Ruki's vocals can be heard really clearly. It's not like most of the songs in this album with heavy guitar beats but rather quite pleasure listening. A good song to listen if you want to get away from those heavy noise a while.

'IN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS', an 'Engrish' song, sounded like those typical American song. I guess it's just them experimenting a 'lighter rock' song.

The somewhat distorted and a little bit annoying「朦朧」('mouroo' pronounced as mo-o-ro-o. I typed out as 'mouroo' because it is how you spell them in hiragana) comes after 'IN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS'.

After that is 'OGRE'. It has the powerful opening with the drum beats all the way to the end. Again, Ruki doesn't sing much here.

The final song is 'DIM SCENE'. This song too doesn't have very much heavy music arrangement like the others and its really continuous, when it comes to the chorus. The guitar lead of this song is not that long and sounds great, just like 'DISTRESS

I know I'm not a BIG fan of the GazettE but I anticipate this album since its official announcement at their website. I admit that I'm not good in doing reviews but hopefully, this gives you a slight impression of DIM more or less.

Monday, July 13, 2009

the GazettE's D.I.M is OUT! and Obession about Nozomi =D

D.I.M tracklist

01. 「剥離」

05. 泣ケ原
06. 「エリカ」
08. 紅蓮
09. 「子宮」
10. 13STARS[-]1
12. 「感触」
13. 白き優鬱

15. 「朦朧」
16. OGRE

OMFG! It's leaked to the net already! I mean, 2 days before it's official release! How the effing hell these leechers get the files before it is being release in Japan?? Thanks to them, I can't wait to d/l the album! haha

I have been stalking ClearVeil and 12012 blogs lately. I can't seem to read the Japanese characters but they have been mentioning KISAKI's name at several posts. KISAKI no longer has the red colour hair now, like he used to be during Phantasmagoria's time. Still he's hawt.

(L) Wataru and KISAKI

Nozomi of ClearVeil is SO different with his current hairstyle. Before he has green colour hair (which makes me wanna cheat on my dearest Wataru love, yes, having affair with Nozomi, because of his green hair =D) and now, he has slightly orange red to the left and a lil bluish green colour hair. Or maybe it is greenish blue? Aqua? Dark green? I don't know... His hair seemed to varies with the light... Still, effing cool!

In the midst of finding his pictures, HE POSTED A PICTURE OF HIMSELF, MAKEUP-LESS! YES, NO EYESHADOWS OR EYELINERS! NATURAL! Just like a normal Japanese guy! *drool all over Nozomi* Whoever gets to meet him on the street sure is damn lucky!

The real Nozomi! No Makeups! I swear I almost faint seeing this~! Kawaii!

The hair colour before (picture below) and after (pictures above). What's his new hair colour???

Thanks to Miko-chan who helped me d/l the remaining parts of Peace and Smile Carnival videos! I effing love the GazettE's performance on 'filth in the beauty' and 'LEECH'. Overall, I really wanna buy Peace and Smile Carnival DVD!!!

I really really miss d/l Japanese songs! I'm left behind! T__T

Pictures got them from 12012's blog and ClearVeil's blog. Credits from there. I did not edit the pictures.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My day

I slept only 3 hours. Funny thing is I don't really feel sleepy throughout my 8 hours at school.

I asked for the History books that I don't have. Got about 5 of them, 1 thick one (800+ pages) and 4 not so thick ones. My friends at Eco class was like "9 books for 1st year college???"

By far that's the most books I have for a subject. Next year there will be more coming, especially Maths.

During Eng Lit, Mr Shim entered the class. He mislooked our classes on Weds and Thurs (That explains why he didn't enter before) Me, Alyssa, Azri, Faiz and Theo were talking about Pokemon, Digimon, Totally Spice. Sir was like "What does Pokemon has to do with Eng lit?"

"Sir, we're talking about the good ol' days."

Yeah, me & Alyssa recalled about Pokemon cards and its heydays in year 2000.

Then I asked Faiz about this Digimon. Its in Digimon World for PS. The dinasour-like, cute, orange. I recalled Agumon but I just not sure. So I went on talking about Agumon evolved to this 'poop eating' digimon that looks like a poop itself (Numemon). Numemon eats its own poop in the game! Aah.. Good times.

Then we go talked about food! Fratini, Excapade, Kaizen, Swensen.. Yum! Before sir left our class at 12.05pm, he said "You guys are making me hungry." xP

Maths: We learn about Differentiation. Then Ms Tor wondered if I studied the Congruency & Similarity test. "A bit." I somehow have the feeling that I got a big zero for that test. I don't know.. I hope I got marks for it.

A lot of my friends were saying "I watched you at TV. Congratz for getting the award." Thanks y'all~!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm on TV..

OMG.. I'm SO wearing a face mask tomorrow to school so that no one can see my face.. xS

Still good ol' times!

I can't help it but to laugh at all the funny acts. The producers sure know when to cut off the very few 'mistakes' and edit it to perfection. Kudos for them! ;-)

Yesterday, I fell asleep during History lesson. Cold War aah.. So 'cold' that lesson..

And Ms J told us that our next Progress Test is exactly ONE MONTH from today!

Homeworks, revisions, expectations.. *breathe in, breathe out*

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Laptop -almost- busted

I wish I could blog from the laptop but the on/off button doesn't seemed to work.

Nothing much happened at school. Hmmm.. Mr Shim who had entered the previous 2 classes as temporary tutor for E-lite didn't enter today. Doesn't make any difference.

We were the 'test subject' for a Master's graduate. She wants us to do a topic test on Congruency & Similarity. It's for her course >.< I really don't want to see my paper. Later vomit blood.

GP is boring with teacher Kamini. Some editorial work. But History made me sleepy. Yeah, I learn a little bit of Cold War today. Ms J reminded us that we need to do research & self study for this subject. If that's the case, I suppose I don't have to listen to her 'stories' in class.

I really like Eco today. Ms Tan was very patient in explaining the concept of comparative advantage. (Y)

Went to go photocopy few papers then to SLMM. To my surprise, I met Hakeem Putra! I was like 'woah! another friend working here!' He was at the electric appliances. Helped me to find a specific light bulb. Said that he had started working here last month, 2 June. (Feeqa, Ax's bday! xD) Speaking of him, I remembered the days when he was considered as the 'bad boy' of PJN. Always involved in discipline cases. But now I'm glad he changed for the better. I felt sorry for him not being able to enter MKJB. Aah.. I missed PJN.

Earlier a friend asked me about my preparation for Raya clothes. Whoever reading this, hear me: I am not celebrating Raya this year so my house is OFF LIMITS for visiting. We siblings had decided this judgement. I'm 100% sure that mother will listen to us.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Connection, return?

I never thought that the 'linksys' connection is back temporarily. It's been like 6 months since I last 'steal' neighbour's connection. Nah... all these 6 months had ben undetected. How I wish there are free connection in the whole neighbourhood. My Singaporean friends have free connection at the flats! No fair! T_T

There was so many of the Bridging Minds pictures at facebook. Thanks guys for sharing them! I think I only have so few of the picx.

Temperature checking is done everyday starting yesterday. I really like that Ethanol sanitizers. They're cold and have really nice smell~

I got back my History exam paper. 62%~ =) Yes, that makes it ALL subject pass! Phew. Quite a trial. I should really get my grip together.

Anyways, Ms. J told us about a year 8 student who cannot differentiate between a hand sanitizer and liquid handwash. He thought that liquid was the sanitizer so after he push a few drops to his hand and rub it, he went back to class. When the teacher told him that it wasn't the sanitizer, he said, "Oh... No wonder there were bubbles at my hand!" LOL

Tomorrow we'll start learning Cold War. This is SERIOUS business.

I really miss downloading Japanese songs. There are SO many new ones!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tomorrow, 3rd school term!

I don't know if I am happy going to school tomorrow or not. I guess it's because of not finishing my homeworks. Sigh...

I missed those BM days

Feeling so melancholic...

New term! I have to do my very best. Time is running out.

Sometimes I just don't understand how come some people have time for leisure. I guess its just me in my 'kiasu' world which doesn't always work. Maybe I should loosen up a bit?

No, I mustn't. There's no time for relaxation. Fight against the devil that always make me yawn and think that I'm tired and needs a nap whereas I have a lot of things to do.

Yeah, I have to admit that old habit die hard. I hate to look at my O level cert.
4 Mannequins got the JIS offer & are waiting for interview. Should they be shortlisted, they will earn the scholarship. All the best to them.

I hate it. Like my previous post, I felt 'left out'.

Don't worry, just beat yourself until you earn it next year.

Ignore this post. I'm being an introvert.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Cloudy Day

Woke up very late today, about 12pm. Must not sleep THAT long!

I watched a Japanese movie titled 'Departure' starring Ryouko Hirosue and another guy, don't remember his name. I don't remember seeing that DVD at this house, I guess it's from my sis's friend. The moment I pressed play, there's this mini movie about the difference of buying an original DVD (gold coloured surface) and pirated one (purple coloured surface?). Really, I checked some of my DVDs. Yeah, some original and fake ones are gold sufaced so you can't really tell aside from one thing - price.

How I wish we sell original CDs. I really, really crave for the original! Oh, at a cheap price of course.

Nah.. all these will just be a dream. Unless I have credit card in 10 years time.

Bearbear asked wolf if wolf met with wolf's friend. Wolf didn't so bearbear asked why. Wolf said wolf's friend changed a lot. Bearbear too think that one day bearbear and wolf will not meet each other again. Wolf always being optimistic and said that it all depends and bearbear can change but change for the better. Bearbear asked about wolf why did wolf forgotten bearbear's birthday and wolf admit that it is not wolf's thing to remember birthdates. Bearbear at one point were down and conclude that wolf forgotten the date, not bearbear. In the end, bearbear did apologise wolf and wolf complimented bearbear as a kind and understanding friend. =)

Ta-daah~ New skin for my blog!

I decided to stick to the pinkish theme. If only they have green colour... Lookin' good, eyh?

School holidays extended from 29th June to 4th July. I heard of rumours that there will another extension, until 15th July. No good. (Ms Tor: Die la!) If they really want to extend it, then I rather not have September holidays. Too much holiday is not good.

I believe most cases of the H1N1 here are because of them travelling to other infected countries. If they didn't travel, I doubt there will be that much cases. I mean, you can always travel LATER for holidays, except to those who came back from studies.

Many of my friends are taking up the JIS scholarship offer. I don't know much about it but I do, at some point, felt 'left out'. I have to work extra hard to get a scholarship next year. I must. Now or never. But for sure, I won't take the Shell scholarship. Why? More like their job is 'polluting the air' and 'engineer's stuffs'. Never like/ even think of to become an engineer.

I want to buy Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' album. Doesn't matter if I don't know all of his songs.
His album tops the Billboard charts! Read here~

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BRIDGING MINDS 2009, the inside story


Bridging Minds. Yes, I heard of it before but I never watch it on TV. One of my friends bagged the ‘best performance award’ in 2007. So by the sound of it, I guess it’s more towards acting. Yeah, I sometimes imagine myself an actress on stage. Hmm... I wonder how the Singaporeans would be. I mean, yeah, the students are probably more intelligent by us since they learn a lot of things more than we Bruneians do at a younger age.


We met the Singaporeans at 12am. It was a long night. The next day, 24th June, we had a briefing about this programme. Somehow I had a feeling that I would be together with Merule in a team. I guess my instincts were right. Merule, Safrizan, Heidi, Lisa and I were in team B while Vanessa, Max, Jenem, Kilah and Yusuf were in team A. Then came the decision in which side we would be debating on. Lisa took the paper that Aji gave. I was praying so hard to be with the Proposition side. Yeah, I was so happy when I knew I was in the proposition side.

Then it was makeup time for the photo shooting of the BM booklet. I don’t like my hair back then. It looked so fugly. But the makeup was purplish, suiting with my purple baju kurung. My team took some pictures as well with the bizarre scenery at the 4th floor. I loved those moments, especially with the 10 of us lined up having a picture shot with our right leg swinging to the right.

Fast forward, at night when we were in Heidi and Lisa’s room, Room 511, doing my prologue, I was greeted with a birthday surprise. My team plus Yusuf and Jenem threw in the surprise. I remembered Yusuf had a ribbon tied to his head. ‘A living present’, quote from Jenem. Haha! I loved the cake, some chocolate and nuts with it. Officially legal for driving age.

So I thought what to do during the limited free time that day. I am happy with the birthday surprise. How I wish Mannequins would do this too. So I splurge myself with Patchi chocolates, a novel ‘Kissing Snowflakes’ by Abby Sher and a cute white doggy chain. I received A LOT of birthday greetings at facebook and a few text messages. I did reply all the greetings for text messages but at facebook, I didn’t. Thank you~

In the morning, we went to Tasek Lama for our video photo shoot. So all these time there was a recreation park right behind my aunt’s apartment! I never knew it. Unfortunately for the prop team, we waited for 2 hours before having our turn. 1st the solo video shot, then the team shot. I shot for 4 times for my solo shot, at different angles. It wasn’t easy at first. The positioning, the words. Just like an artist.

In the afternoon, we went to Kampong Matan, a fishing village. I enjoyed that place. It was really an ideal place for tourists to visit. I wish they had perhaps hired an English translator. Not that their English is not good. ‘Broken English’. Walking at the bridge that was almost 10 years old, with the pilings not so stable was SCARY. I asked about how safety the bridge can be and the local said, “If we shake the bridge with more force, some parts of the bridge can collapse down to the water.” So they used cement pilings to support the whole 3 kilometres bridge. I enjoyed watching the ‘Zapin’ dance. I aksed a little girl, probably around 8 years of age, “Do you want to learn how to dance the Zapin.” She shook her head. Such a sad answer. I told her, “Why not? It’s easy. Just watch them dance and you will know how.” Oh yea, I saw real shit there too, in the water. O.o

26th June. The usual prepping. We more or less got our points scripted. But yeah, a lot of polishing for our acting. Sir Michael’s treated us Pizza Hut for dinner then we continued to practice our acting. It was easier practising with the scripts. Johardi helped us as well with our acting. The next day all day prep. Fixing our points and the scenes for our acts. By night, we acted out our acts in front of 7 people. Yeah, ‘Simon Cowell’ style did came out a bit. The comments did help us to improve. I received texts about the hangout at OGDC and asking me if I am going there or not. Obviously they do not know that I am preparing for this competition.

28th June. Full dress rehearsal. I only had 3 hours of sleep and 21 hours of work. Tired but fun. Do not enjoy having makeup and touch ups anymore. Think about 4-5 layers of coat without having your own makeup removal and only use warm water to clean your face + cleanser.

29th June, Monday, the day before the real competition. Usual prepping in the morning and afternoon. During lunch, we went to Fratini and Euro Classics at Centrepoint. It was Sir Michael’s treat again. 6 people spent less then $130. T_T Mahal! I never like to go to high end places for my meals but I do appreciate his treat. All of us agree to buy him a gift as a remembrance. So we went to Euro Classics. Shit man. The items there so expensive. Yeah, Euro Classics have a lot of fancy things. I scanned through the wrapping papers. The idea of looking at a $4 (the cheapest) wrapping paper is already shit. $12 for some wrapping paper? Hell no for me. There are a lot of cards, ranging from $6 to $10+. So shit. Nah... I prefer to make my own. But I really like the item we bought for Sir Michael. A big medal with number 30 at it. He never told us his age but with Heidi’s calculation and him spilling a lil' beans out, he should be at least 30. There were times we thought of buying ‘Porn Star’ medal. LMAO. We bought a ‘Thank You’ card and wrote our messages in it.

At night, the farewell dinner. The restaurant has a good view of Bandar Seri Begawan. I get to see the judges for our competition. Mdm Pearl Chua recognized me as a former student of PJN. Here, I got a mug. I don’t know who gave the mug to the Bruneian delegates but I assumed its from the Singaporean delegates. Our team took a picture with Shan Lee, a famous Singaporean DJ and I guess a celebrity. He’s so tall! 1.9metre! I don’t know many Asians at that height.

~The Play~

Bridging Minds was today. The stage is set. I rehearsed my lines and try to remember my cue at when to say. Oh right! My turn to go to the stage. Yes, walking confidently to do my prologue. Before I knew it, I slipped down. I SLIPPED DOWN ON NATIONAL TV! *Cover face*(When I fell down, then I just remembered, there were leakages at the back of the stage.) Shucks!!! Pai seh!!! Luckily I didn’t bent my knees or sprain my ankle. Thank god. So I stood up slowly to the front and did my prologue.

My Malaysian accent worked for Act 1.The crowd laughed. For Act 2, I sincerely lost my cue and a bit of my lines. I felt so bad at this act. I wish we had just one more day to make it perfect. Thinking very quick at my feet to cover up the lost lines is really tough. For act 3, my only line: “I’m sick of you complaining and whining. Out of 10 years of marriage, only 1 year was good. That was when we were overseas.” I was so worried that the audience didn’t get the joke but my sister got the joke. She was there supporting me. After storming out to the backstage (by keeping myself reminded that the back stage is leaking), I felt relief. My play is over. I watched the remaining of Act 3 at the backstage, praying that they’ll do their best. So when everything’s over, I felt so relief. The first thing I wanted was to sleep. Ignore the prize ceremony or photo taking, I just want to sleep.

I was very anxious to know which team will win this Bridging Minds and who will bring back the best performance award trophy. I didn’t think it was me. I thought it would be Heidi or Kilah. Shan announced the winner for the best performance award. I was in a complete state of shock. I won that award. The Secret does work after all. Right after knowing that I will be in Bridging Minds in May, I wrote my target right in front of me, ‘Best Performer in Bridging Minds 2009’. But we didn’t win the motion. The opposition team won it. Like I said, how I wish we just have extra 2 days, or even 1 day to perfect our lines. Our act was very comical but all of us weren’t really familiar with our lines. So after Bridging Minds ended, we congratulate each other. Finally it’s over. A lot of people congratulated me for winning the best performance award. I don’t mean to be a very prideful person, but I am proud that the award goes to a Bruneian, which makes it 3 times a row since 2007.


After the event, we went back to the hotel to get our items pack. Feeqa and other SMSA students wanted to meet me downstairs at the lobby. I felt relief to meet some KBians again. All these time my ‘KB Malay’ doesn’t work well with the ‘Bandar Malay’. Durang arah Bandar inda brapa pham ahh, ntah ah... This is not the first time. 4 years ago when we have a school trip to the Arts and Handicrafts Centre, they too don’t really understand the Malay language we KB people said. I guess it’s a norm.

Anyways, Feeqa was the only Pre U1 student and the rest are Pre U2. At first I wonder where my friends are. They were all attending the teaching scholarship talk at JIS. Too bad... I wish they were there watching Bridging Minds. I really wish the whole Mannequins other then Feeqa were there. Haiz... After meeting them, returned to my room and my bags were sent down by the bellboy. Funny thing is, the Bruneian students’ bags too get checked in to the van which was supposed to be sent to the airport. If we didn’t check where our bag was, imagine having them to the airport then back to the hotel. We exchanged gifts at the hotel before departing to the airport.

Max gave me a white teddy bear with a santa hat on it. So cute~! Vanessa one was key holder with Singapore and a picture of Merlion on it. Jenem gave us a card, with words inscribed in it and a clip. Mine was a blue colour clip with number ‘1’. Heidi and Lisa gave us a small badge and another thing, which I don’t know what’s that but it has a love and BM ’09 on it. Heidi said it is a candle holder but can be used to store other things too. Mr Sani gave a sports case which I thought it was really really cool. Miss Vasu and Mr Michael gave a notebook from MOE. There were pictures of primary students’ drawings in it. I gave everyone an Easi card that represents some of the Brunei’s scenery and landmark places. But behind that card are my contact details. I don’t think they see that coming.

We sent the Singaporean delegates to the airport. Mr Sani somehow had the vision that I would be winning the best performance award. I was like “Ha?” *confused look* How would he knew? Unless he’s psychic or something. “It’s the way you presented at Tasek Lama. If you join next year, I would make you an actress.” *grin* I don’t know if I wanted to join Bridging Minds again next year. I really wanted to but that depends on how well my studies are first. My mom did asked me if I wanted to join again, she was quite worried when I told her the part "5 days with average 4 hours of sleep without afternoon nap". Time will tell. I really wish we had more time to spend time with them. We hugged and bid them farewell at 6pm. After that, we went back to the hotel and waited for our parents to fetch us.


Bridging Minds had been a very adventurous event, with makeup, photo shoot, discussions, scriptwriting and acting. I will definitely miss the sleepless nights. =D Throughout Bridging Minds, I learnt a lot of things. There were just so many things I never knew, like a life of a Singaporean. I want to express my sincere thank you to my team mates (Merule, Heidi, Lisa & Saf), as well as Mr Michael for treating and coached us (feeding us with snacks so that we will do our work, lol!) and others. It’s not about winning Bridging Minds; it’s about making new friends and having fun.

Some pictures taken with my 2MP phone.

The bus that take us around. The only mode of transport aside from walking.

Max tried how to remove the dust from the prawn on a 'nyiru'.

Walking on the swinging bridge

The 'Zapin' dance

Merule with his wig. He said that Rain is his brother. And many people really thought he was Korean/Chinese.

A small part of my birthday cake

The Singporean delegates. From left to right: Vanessa, Jenem, Lisa, Heidi and Max. Taken at Kampong Matan, before having a ride on the water boat.

The gifts from the Singaporeans.

My 2 trophies. The tall one is the best performance award and the short one is the participant award.

So I scanned through today's newspapers, in English (Borneo Bulletin and The Brunei Times), Malay (Media Permata) and Chinese (See Hua Daily News and Miri Daily News). Yep, the news on Bridging Minds were printed in all of the newspapers. I decided to save and store them in a folder, a digital way of keeping things. I did cut up the articles from the papers. Bridging Minds 2009, a wonderful memory.