Monday, August 31, 2009

Last day of August '09

Received Eng Lit paper today. 64%. Grade C. My friends were giving me the 'oh-my-god-u-got-64!' look. XD But I need to write better than that if I want A for AS Level.

Jui updated his blog by saying that he will not wear any underwear to 1 of his lives because he hasn't do any laundry. XDDD But it ended up as a joke. Aww.. But he DID once didn't wear any underwear. ^^ That was in 2007 during the Shinki Graduation & Departure.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Next week

What to expect next week? I think I have some few ideas:

1. Progress test marks for GP & Eng Lit

2. Difficulty in understanding William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. I hope to pull through.

3. Tonnes of homework X(

4. A maybe very shocking news in the Japanese rock music world. Hmm..

'Nuff of those.

Apparently Ruki of the GazettE had some stomach flu (or something, I forgot. Check their OHP?) & had cancelled off a tour from the calendar. Get well soon Ruki!

There's a shop selling all sorts of hide's (X JAPAN) merchandises. I would like to have that cute pink bear strap! Link:

Somehow I felt guilty using this blogskin. Not that I do not like the GazettE, I just wish there's a blogskin that shows ALL my favourite JRock & visual kei bands. Sounds like I demand too much. Haha!

Hmmm.. I wonder how many stalkers for my blog since I had removed the trackfeed thingy..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

12012 NEW looks!

Yeay! 12012 updated their official website with cool looking image! Credits to their official website @ here!

Observe carefully their background. Looked familiar? Scroll down to know what it is!

12012 (ichi-ni-zero-ichi-ni)

Vocalist: Wataru (my love =D)

Guitar: Yuusuke

Drums: Tooru

Guitar: Aki

Bass: Tomo! ^^

The background is Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper. I wonder what made them taking that approach. Still, they're cool! Can't wait for 'Usubeni to Ame'~!

New blogskin, featuring the GazettE!

Yay! I finally changed my blogskin after a LONG time. Yes! It's the GazettE! No more pink. It wasn't easy to find a recent the GazettE blogskin. Simply LOVE them.
*screams* 12012 is going to release a new single!!! Title is 'Usubeni to Ame' (薄紅と雨). The good news is, it's going to be released on October 7th, same date with the GazettE's 'BEFORE I DECAY' single! Uaa~ I love both of them!!! =D Seriously cannot wait!
Today's the last day of 'no GP & E-lit'. At last, no more being jobless. But I know I will miss it a lot. More anxious about how much I can get.

A friend of mine gave me a link to Michael Jackson's video. It's about him being alive. WTF. Let him RIP.

I know I said this once but I really like ViViD's new single, Dear. It's really nice! His vocals at some point sounded a little bit like Vidoll's vocalist Jui but thank god it's not THAT same. (Coincidentally, both bands start with letter 'V')

Speaking of letter V, Versailles' high priced accessories. They're designed by the artist themselves. I would REALLY love to own Yuki's item (See below). But they're all EXPENSIVE, especially the first one.

KAMIJO's 'Dead Orchestra'
Price: 126,000 Yen (About $1900!)

(RIP) Jasmine You's 'jasmine butterfly'
Price: 29,800 Yen (About $460)

TERU's 'Ookamishounen'
Price: 39,800 Yen (About $600)

Yuki's 'Nemesis'
Price: 29,800 Yen ($460)

HIZAKI's 'Maihime'
Price: 39,800 Yen (About $600)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Novel + Jmusic

Borrowed 2 novels today.

1st 1 is 'The Favours and Fortunes of Katie Castle' by Rebecca Campbell. Apparently it was her 1st novel. 2nd 1 is 'Like the Flowing River' by Paulo Coelho. I love his book! Very inspiring.

Chatted with Miko about Japanese entertainment. Its been a LONG while. Talked about Miyavi's daughter Airi (and how she would be in the future. Imagine her with all the tattoos like her father! Miko too doesn't know Miyavi's married), the GazettE's upcoming single 'BEFORE I DECAY' (Sounded emo), BAND SHOCK REVOLUTION (we both wanna go! PSC artists are there!!).

Never had I not enjoying our chit chat together with the same interest. Glad to know her. XD

Watched ViViD's Dear PV. I love it! So sparkling and the song gives me a happy feeling. Just like alice nine's 'Blue Planet' and Ayabie's 'Yubisaki'.

Also watched Kagrra,'s 'Utakata' PV. ISSHI IS HOT WITH SHORT HAIR. Makeupless and typical Japanese guys. n_n But don't like their image. So 'dull', as in no traditional feel like they're supposed to. At least that's 3 years ago. Current image ROCKS!

To all my friends who are going to study in UK and JIS, all the best~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Uchida Reiko no 'Nijuisseiki he no Tabidachi'

I borrowed this book titled 'Journey into the 21st Century' by Uchida Reiko. Its already been translated by Elon Satoru Simon. Original title is 'Nijuisseiki he no Tabidachi'. The book is really interesting. It somehow made me realise that I had been living in denial. Time to 'wake up'.

I sat at the bed, closed my eyes and tried to recall the past. It had been bitter. I had been really denying my credibility.

I remembered when I had received my certificate. The results were, of course, not good. I felt that I didn't tried my very best. I guess I had told myself in the beginning that college is a place for me to face the reality of life. What's done is done. Must move on.

Anyways, some quotes that I would love to share to all from the book:

'One action is worth more than a hundred promises'

'Don't attempt to do things beyond your capacity; simply strive to keep promises'

'As long as you believe in yourself, your actions will have meaningful results, no matter what these results may be.' (My favourite, 'jibun no shinjite' - Believe in yourself)

'You can find the answer to any question in yourself'

'Which feelings the person bases his or her actions determines the direction of this person's life'

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Bringing 4 thick and 2 thin maths textbooks sure is heavy. Returned them today. Roza's reaction when I told her that I dropped Maths was unexpected. She gave me a heart attack kinda look. Celine too was shocked. Yep, in fact, quite a number.

I won't regret my decision.

Anyways, few days ago when I went to see Mrs Yapp, she asked me to aim for something that I never even think about.

Aim for MINDEF scholarship next year.

My first reaction was "Uhh.. 3As for A Level?!"

The fact that my interest fits well for a MINDEF scholarship. MOE won't have much chances & Shell scholarship is out of question.

My sister did said "You really have to work hard then". My mum? "Are you sure? It's very hard.." Biel supported me.

The odds? Hmm.. Holy month means good month so imma pray for the best.

Am I bluffing for a scholarship? Nope. Even if I don't get MINDEF scholarship, important thing is pass next year's A Level in one sitting with excellent results.

Oh! I got 80 for Economics Progress Test. (Y) That means grade A. Happy~! So that's 2 grade As.

I hope GP and Eng. Lit can score at least B. I bet I have to wait 'til next week. Worth while waiting.

Monday, August 24, 2009

School day

Learnt about 1968 Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia. Then 'Quantity Theory of Money' in Eco. No ELit today. And I had finally drop Maths.

Yep, it took courage to do so.

OMG! JUN and IORI of ex-Phantasmagoria is going to perform again! Its gonna be under the name 'spivstates'. (L) IORI~

&& the GazettE new single, 'BEFORE I DECAY' out this 7th October! Can't wait!!!

I didn't know MIYAVI is actually married! Lol.. Not a Miyavi fan here.. But his daughter 'Lovelie' (I'd prefer Airie) is so kawaii~

Oh! BAND SHOCK REVOLUTION! I wish I could go!
Dubbed as VROCK FESTIVAL. I'd prefer day 2 coz the GazettE, Kagrra, Versailles is on day 2. But ticket for one day is 12000¥($100+) Still, worth it! Haiz.. How I wish I was in Japan.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 days holiday

Received my History progress test today. 100 marks.

Yesterday went to see Mrs Yapp coz I wanna drop Maths subject. I have to inform my maths tutor about it, which I haven't have the guts to do so. And today, when she entered the class, she said, "I received bad news today. This class now has 21 students." Hmmm I wonder what does she mean earlier...

I bet reading Maths in my post lately is boring..

So Imma post some Japanese entertainment stuff later in another post.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No, I am not abandoning you!

I mean the blog. Its been a while. Everything is hectic, with progress tests and juggling between school life and ordinary life.

Tomoro's the last PT- Eng lit. Maths got 65, what the heck. Havent receive eco, history. Just sat for GP earlier. Ok ok la..

So, today, me, Wen and Yap, with mr yeo went to PTE Meragang. There's this dialogue session with a VIP, together with all the other colleges' student.

I am amazed with this particular VIP, the fact that he is very friendly & speaks as 1 of us. Very shock!

I am not going to elaborate much here. I'd prefer not to disclose. XD

But yeah, a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet this particular VIP within a short distance. (Y)

Met Faiz, Merule & Jarrod too! When we arrived and were brought to the discussion room, I was like "OMG! They're here!" Its been months since I last saw them. Lets see, faiz was during the BBQ, Jarrod since final debate & Merule since the last day of Bridging Minds. Wow..

Monday, August 10, 2009

So Solemn

Dear Diary,

Jasmine You, the bassist of Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- passed away on 9th August. I was shock by this. He was one of the best bassist that I knew of. The reason to his death is still unknown. Before this he was reported to be in poor health condition.

My heart ache when I heard about this today. I don't believe it. Another great musician died. I feel like crying. T_T It was only few days ago I watched Versaille's videos and he was there, playing gracefully, with him cross-dressing as a woman. He was 'pretty' and unique. I will miss him and his beautiness in rocking the Japanese Visual kei world.

Jasmine You, Rest In Peace.

My conscious, I do not seem to know it well.

Lately I do not seem to enjoy doing the topic on forces in maths. I prayed to God one time, hoping that His guidance will help me in deciding whether or not I should continue doing Mathematics or not.

I did sought views from many people.

"You must enjoy doing Mathematics if you take this subject."

"Do you love the subject?"

"If you can still hang on to that subject, just continue do it."

"Set a good example, don't be a quitter."

I really want to drop maths but I had signed up for the AS this year. Damn! If it wasn't for its sake, I would have drop it long time ago. I'm digging my own grave.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yay! I finally get to watch Versailles's ASCENDEAD MASTERS mini movie! I gotta say, my KAMIJO is effing HOT!

He's a vampire in that mini movie. Damn that nurse. She gets near to KAMIJO, so as that little girl. 'Engrish' was so hard to understand..

TOSHI and T-EARTH have a new lineup. This time are 3 young guys. 24 year old cool looking bassist KAIN, 17 year old guitarist Ryo and 12 year old GENIUS drummer Riku! You can go youtube Riku. He did a lot of cover of X JAPAN's songs.

I had done my fan messages for w-inds. I wonder if my letter had reached NYC or not. Please let it be delivered.

Alice Nine's new single 'Hana' sounded half rock, half ballad. Not what I expected after half a year of not releasing a single. Oh well...

The haze outside is suffocating me!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Accompanied mum and sis for my sister's best student award at PGGMB. Then left for aunt's apartment.

Its been a long while since I saw my aunt & uncle who works in the bank. She gave me and sis some souvenirs from Hong Kong. I love the necklace. Flower jade-like.

Its damn difficult to find past year papers for A Level Maths. Haiz..

Speaking of Maths, I still havn't ask for God's answer. When I was doing this 'Volume of Revolution' homework, I feel like I wanna puke. I don't know.. God, everytime when I think about Maths my head will 'spin'. Damn it! Haiz.. Better seek for God's answer ASAP