Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An amazing bug!

Was discovered at the foyer during recess

Red headed with yellow and black segments

Bearbear in the library

Bearbear wanna be a businessbear when he grows up


I admit I haven't had the time to go 'research' on PSC's SCREW yet but...

Yuuto will leave the band on 31st December!!!

Departing from the band is better than disbanding it

We have a new member


Remember who's #5 guys? Hehe

However, he did not tell me 5.5's name.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finished reading!

Spent 2 days reading Meg Cabot's 'Every Boy's Got One'

LOVE it!

I was actually suppose to go have my afternoon nap after the previous post.

Reason? I want to dream of my lover, Wataru. Better still, his chest. xD

But, I guess fantasy had taken away my reality.


Was searching for 12012's videos and stumbled 'Shinki Miyawaki Wataru'

(L) Wataru's chest ^^

I didn't know that I can see his chest in their Live DVD 'XII Party'.

*orgasm* LOL

Too bad it's not that clear T.T

Must. Hunt. For. The. XII Party. Intro. To. See. Wataru's. Chest.


Christmas Fever

During History class today, Min Hyuk oppa kept on singing Xmas carols. He is going to celebrate Xmas in Korea this year. So lucky. I wish I celebrate Xmas.

Having a meal that are Xmas related (Oppa suggested Turkey, haha) like Shepherd's pie, candy cane xD muffins (I guess the list goes on?) & maybe a bottle of champagne a bottle of juice that gives the fizzy feeling would do. I want Xmas prezzies too. Then hung an Xmas tree with those tiny little balls and angels. And also hung a wreath at the door. Basically decorating the house with a Christmas theme.

I hope it'll come true one day

Its only September & already started to think about Xmas. Better think of Halloween.

Trick or treat?

2nd day in school

Only had Economics so far. What a boring day. We learn about foreign exchange today. Same old concept. 30 minutes til History class.

We were 'chased' out from the 1st floor library. Reason? Closed bcoz of no librarian at the 1st floor. So lame... I mean we can take care of ourselves.


Yesterday I had my afternoon evening nap at 6-ish & woke up 1 hour later, only to find that it was black out. Headed down for dinner. Since it was a black out, there is nothing to do. So I went back to sleep -again-.

Maybe not long after, about 10-ish? I remembered my sister came in saying the electricity is back and the last thing I remembered was me muttered 'On the A/C' and back to sleep until 1am, that is today.

Currently reading 'Every Boy's Got One' by Meg Cabot. I really like her books, though I haven't read any of her 'Princess Diaries' series yet. I don't feel like studying at 3 in the morning.

*yawn* Maybe will go to sleep at 5am, then wake up 1 hour later.

Monday, September 28, 2009

ViViD's new look

ViViD (L to R) Ryouga, IV, Shin, Ko-ki, Reno

I like the idea that Ryouga is showing off his pants ^^ Hmmm.. This is my 1st time seeing a JRocker revealing his pants for a costume. I thought it is unique in a way. That reminds me on a post where Jui jokingly said he will go panty-less for 1 of his lives.

IV & Shin looks okay. I like Ko-ki's pink hair (Reminds me of JUN) & his NAIL COLOURS!!! 4 of 'em. Unlike me, I only have black. Reno's thigh is not as sexy as Uruha's. *big grin*

But overall, I like their new look better then the ones in 'Dear'.

My afternoon so far

After lunch, I decided to listen to music. So I went to my sis's room, took the radio & headset and played Utada Hikaru's Heart Station CD.

My cousin called me since they are here. No one's downstair so she called. Plus, the doorbell's busted. Thank god she did coz I was using the headset.

My aunt, grandma & cousin came. Grandma bought DURIANS! Yeay~ My favourite fruit that smells nice~ Also some langsat. I don't remember when was the last time I ate that. Well, I'm a fruit picker. I do eat any types of fruit but just a little bit, except for durian where I could finish up 2 big durian fruit myself and red apples.

They came for about 30 minutes.

Currently listening to BackStreet Boys's Unbreakable CD.


Ever since the death of Jasmine You, I had been wondering if Versailles is going to perform at the V-ROCK FESTIVAL on 25th October.

Happy enough, they are! (^^)/ Though they did not mention who is going to be the bassist, I'm happy that they are going to perform.

Today so far

Today I only had History & Economics. Miss J & Miss Tan only recalled the previous lessons. So no new things today. Plus, since Miss UK is not in, my class for today ended at 9.45am. Yeah, pretty boring.

In the library

Bearbear: Yeay! I'm the library!

Me: Well, I brought you here.

Bearbear: *big smile*

Swiss Chocolates

From London.

Tried all 3 kinds; Milk, Dark & Hazelnut

Hello 4th term

Its 7am & currently at the school canteen. Quite a number of my friends are here already. I was greeted with 'Selamat Hari Raya' when I came. Right... It's still Eid, I half forgotten. To me, its like when Education sets in, it erased the idea of having a celebration.

Back to school~

Bearbear: Yeay!

Me: There's nothing fun about it!

Bearbear: Bearbear want to see around! Bearbear missed the school.

Me: *sigh*

Sunday, September 27, 2009


3 pieces of corn flavored cake rolls + a cup of oatmeal

Crash diet?

I wish


Tommorrow School! Aaah!

Slept at 4-ish, I think. Woke up 6 hours later.

I read my previous posts that were posted in '07 & '08. Somehow I like it those ways, I mean the way I typed out.

Time is 2am

Halfway doing Eco notes, neck pain for no reason.

Tucked in bed. Want Wataru (L) to accompany me everynight.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dinner at 7.30

Thats what I had

Wanna loose weight


No time stamps

New blog skin doesn't have time stamps.

Should have checked that.

Oh well...

Not trying to be LuLu's Sayuki

Back again in mobile blogging

Outside the library is so damn warm and windy.

I wonder when will I be able to blog from the laptop again.


Samui (Cold)

I missed using a desktop/laptop to blog as I have been always using my cellphone to do so. Changed the blogskin. Layla, if you're reading this, =D. GazE boys are LOVE!

I bought the lip balm for $6+ (after 30% UP - $8.90) at Body Shop. Then headed to the library. Since there is connection, why waste the chance? =P Though I'm supposed to do my Economics short notes at home after doing going out. I guess that can wait?

Off to mobile blogging again~

Jack Rose

A mini video of 'Change' by Jack Rose. Like the vocalist, Re:i's voice.

Interview video of Jack Rose


Thanks for mobile blogging & my hardworkingness in blogging sometimes I had reached 486th post since the beginning of me blogging (2007).

However, the guitarist of LuLu, Sayuki, he blogged an average of 400 posts in a month! That includes him spamming

He takes a month to do so, I took 2 years?!

Aargh! Must. Beat. Him. In. Blogging. LOL

His blog link:

30% OFF!

So buying a lipbalm later!

Midnight show

Didn't complete my Eco notes.

Currently watching BSB Live in O2 Arena London concert DVD.

Never get bored watching BSB performing.

Midnight Snack

2 scoops of ice cream with chocolate syrup.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Very slooowy doing my work

The study table.

Trying to finish up the procrastinated Eco notes.

Bearbear is there to go through the night with me.

The past

Used to be an area where old people play Chinese Chess before the establishment of a cafe


Currently sitting on a bench waiting.

Me insomnia?

Its 3.40am.. Still laying at bed.. Cant ZzZ.. I duno why.. The last time I felt dis way was before bridging minds.. Rolled here & there, eyes tired, yawn & yawn bt yet canot ZzZ *yawn* Tried not to think too much.. Hmm.. Last time oso like dat, xiang tai duo..

*I want Wataru to come near me & put me to bed T_T*


I dont like it. Weird mermaids/mermen in water. Prefer the regular edition than limited edition. Its so scary the covers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Surprise Visit!

So I was watching the 8 o' clock news & there was a knock at the door.

My mum opened the door & to my surprise, it's SMSA-ians!

10 of 'em surprised me. Ikhwan, Bashirah, Lynz, Haziq, Hilmi, Shahazren, Mirah, Hakeem Razak & Hakeem Hameed came. They came from Alin's house. 15 minutes they were here. Then they left to Safwan Wardi's.

Somehow I was quiet throughout the time. I was happy seeing them came, even though it was a while. I wish I could join them but that'll never happen.

Guys, if your reading this, thanks. =)

So many dreams!

I had a lot of 'weird' dreams today, before I woke up.

Dreamt about me meeting the GazettE members backstage. XD Uruha was the most 'obvious' in my dream. At least this time no more Aoi's chest. LOL

Then, the Backstreet Boys! I drove around with Nick & Brian. AJ gave me his phone number. Didn't dream of Howie =(

These dream 'delayed' my waking up time by 4 hours. Not bad, for a good sleeper.

So school's starting in about 4 days. OMG! I haven't 'touch' my books yet, especially the Eco short notes! Aaargh! *Calm down, calm down. Wataru is beside you. XD*


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Last night I watched the movie.

It's a 1961 classic.

I gotta admit, I half understand the whole movie.

The reason I bought the movie?

The late Audrey Hepburn.

All I know is that she is very famous.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The colourful lights

Hung it on the 1st day of Eid.

Very-last minute thing.

Its at the balcony.

I used to sit outside, and hoping my problems will fly away.

Then I stopped doing that when there are a lot of bird poops.

Monday, September 21, 2009

At a corner of isolation

Been sitting here for 3 hours in the dark.

So hot. Aircond's not turned on.

Sleepy.. Going to bed. Wanna dream about Wataru again. ^^

12012 minifanfic Chapter 4

Notes: I do not own or manage the boys. Although Wataru is mine. No, just joking. XD

Chapter 4

At a hill

Wataru: So.. Let's talk.

Me: Okay. Hmmm... *giggles*

Wataru: What's funny?

Me: I realised that I know a lot about you.

Wataru: *confused* How? I never replied your fanletters..

Me: Fansites, interview, things like those.

Wataru: Well, if that's the case, then I want to know something.

Me: What is it, then?

Wataru: You really like everything about our band?

Me: Uh-hm! *nods head*

Wataru: So that also counts the guys too, huh?

Me: Of course! Aki, Yuusuke, Tooru, Tomo.. They are all cool! I like all of them!

Wataru: Oh... *slightly frustrated* I guess I'm not in then.

Me: Wataru, of course you are! You're the coolest! Besides...*looked down shyly*

Wataru: Hm?

Me: *gave him a quick kiss at his cheek* I like you a lot, Wataru. I really do.. *shy*

Wataru: Liza... *hugged* I will keep my promise of not leaving you.

Me: It's our promise. =) (I like you so much Wataru)

I saw a cat

Went outside & saw a cute cat. Why cute? It's eyes. So I carried it when I was outside and talked to it.

"Cat, cat.. I wish you were mine. How I wish you understand my feelings right now."

Then I let it go & went inside. Knowing the cat is waiting right outside the door, I fed it with a tiny piece of chicken. Poor cat. I really wonders who's the owner. The cat is my neighbour's. Too bad.

Now that I think of it, that cat is always fighting with the other cat every night. Poor cat.


Today is Eid

So yea, today is Eid. Not much to say, really.

Visited aunt's house & many came afterwards. Eat a lot. After visited uncle's house nearby, done. Yep, that's all for my celebration. No plan to visit elsewhere.

I don't celebrate like many other of my friends. They really look toward to this Eid. New clothes & shoes, especially. So happy & very festive. I'm vice versa. I don't.

My friend told me to 'be happy on those days (Eid)'. I tried, I really did. But I failed. I wasn't that happy at all. No, I don't even know. So emo right now.

Readers, if you are celebrating Eid very merrily or maybe wondering "Aiya.. You shouldn't think like that. You're just being negative about celebrating a happy event", then you don't understand my real situation.

Sunday, September 20, 2009



exist trace new PV 'RESONANCE' is effing cool! Miko licks Omi's neck. Uaa~

I have the feeling that I will like Kagrra,'s 'Shiki'. Yeay~ The radio rip version was nice!

12012 'Usubeni to Ame''s PV is not my type. There are couples kissing. At least my Wataru is not kissing anyone.

I wish I had my laptop now


The siblings are playing.

I'm hungry.

Poor Bearbear & my favourite JRockers~!

Felt like typing it. Being random.

Bearbear: Mommy..

Me: Yes?

Bearbear: Bearbear wanted to know this for so long now... But Bearbear doesn't have the guts to ask.

Me: It's okay Bearbear. Do ask. Mummy won't get mad at you.

Bearbear: Well.. Bearbear wanted to know.. wanted to know who's Bearbear's father.

Me: *shocked* Bearbear... Truth is... Truth is you're a child born out from a wedlock.

Bearbear: What...? *almost crying*

Me: Mummy doesn't know who's Bearbear's father too. But no matter what, mummy loves you Bearbear.

Bearbear: Mummy.. Bearbear loves you too! *hugs*


The person fathered Bearbear could be a.k.a fav JRockers:

Wataru or Tomo (12012), Isshi (Kagrra,), Uruha (the GazettE), Danchou (NoGoD), Seishinka (LuLu), KAMIJO (Versailles), Jui (Vidoll), JUN or IORI (spiv states), Tora or Saga (alice nine.), Riku (chariots), Mana (Moi Dix Mois), Heath (X JAPAN)

Tomorrow Is Eid

The reason I'm posting right now is bcoz the connection is much faster. I know, 4.30am. Pathetic.


Woke up late as usual. Helped baked pineapple tarts which in the end was freakin' dry. I guessed there's always a first trial.

Today (As of 4.35am)

Finished watching 'Princess Princess D'. Love Nakamura Yuuichi, the actor, not the member of KAT-TUN. He reminds me of a younger version of Keita from w-inds. *drools*

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So after my previous crappy post, I was consolled by a friend. Thanks to this friend, I was being pushed to 'reality'.


Woke up at 11am. Helped clean the house. Spent the whole afternoon rolling popiah, until now my neck and shoulder muscles are in pain. Spent the whole night watching the anime 'Princess Princess'. 12 episodes in 4 hours+.

Speaking of Princess Princess, KAZUMA of MANNEQUINS is so kawaai in Princess Princess D! Meow~

Ever since I saw the picture of Aoi's chest, I dreamt of it! Aah~ *smack herself* & I dreamt of Wataru~ We were like lovers~ Maybe my mini fiction is taking into effect? LOL

Man, I still havn't touch Eco book since the two pages

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I hate it. Effing SLOOOW DST connection. WTH? Just bcoz my phone isn't 3G no. doesn't mean it cannot be fast! Crap. Then some men who claimed to be experienced in repairing aircond. The aircond was SOO MUCH COOLER before they fixed it. Go to hell la. Now, the whole of living room is like 35 degrees. Crap.

And I don't really have the mood to celebrate Eid. Why? Studies.

Then my 'new' haircut. The front was fringe and short. Crap. The lady don't really understand how I want it. Crap. I dislike my front hair very much.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

12012 Minifanfic Chapter 3

Notes: I realised that I forgotten Yuusuke last chapter. lol Again, I do not own the boys, though I want Wataru to be mine.

Chapter 3

Manager: Both of you had better take care yourself. I know its only a while but...

Wataru: Don't worry. I know the risk. I will take care of her.

Somewhere at a hill

Wataru: Sorry Liza. We can only be here.

Me: It's okay, Wataru. I understand. *Sit on ground* The view from here is wonderful.

Wataru: *sit beside me* I'm glad you understand me. You know, it's been a long while since I spent time outdoors.

Me: Don't you do it with the guys when you have your free time?

Wataru: We do but its always indoor. I never had my own private time.

Me: I see.. *turned & looked at Wataru* Then I am disturbing your private time. I might as well leave. *About to stand, Wataru held my arms*

Wataru: Liza.. Don't go, stay with me.

Me: *teasingly* Why should I?

Wataru: *turned to me, blushed* Because..

Me: *hugged Wataru* Don't worry. I'll always support you no matter what. And I won't leave you.

Wataru: *hugged me* Thank you Liza. I promise you that I won't leave you too. *released me & both of us looked at each other* Even though we had met for quite some time, I hope we will know each other better.

Me: Um! =) Arigatou, Wataru.

Done! Comments at cbox~

What a tiring day

I always wake up 1 hour later then what I always planned. If only Wataru appears in my dream every night, then I wouldn't mind waking up late.

So my sis & I baked the layered cake. It was 60% successful because of the freakin' apgmtgapmjwgpj butter. Haiz.. Felt sorry for my sis who wasted 3.5 hours doing the whole process.

I manage to get my lazy ass do my Eco notes. Gosh. Only 2 pages done. So lazy to do.

The holidays fly away so fast.

Layered cake in the process!

Yellow and chocolate mixtures.

Somehow the yellow mixture is less than the chocolate one.

My sis sure gonna go mad at me T.T

Long wait..

Currently waiting for my turn

My #1248

Counter #1240

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cake roll... Success!



Thanks to sis for baking.

Will need to learn how to make them.


Kek roll...failure?

Its purple & yellow layers.

Hopefully the kek jadi.

We placed ice cream tapi macam nda mau jadi.

Monday, September 14, 2009

12012 Mini Fiction Chapter 2

Notes: Characters involved members of 12012. Wataru (vocalist), Tomo (bassist), Tooru (drummer), Aki & Yuusuke (guitarist). And no, I do not own them. As much as I wanted Wataru to be mine. Click '12012' under labels.

Wataru: Minna, this is Liza.

Me: Konnichiwa, minna-san. I'm Liza.

The rest looked at me.

Wataru: She will be joining us wherever we are going.

Aki: Wataru, is she...?

Wataru: I'm glad we are together. *held my hands*

Aki: Aah, I see.

Tooru: Welcome Liza! I hope you are ready for a life of a superstar.

Me: I will try my best to suit myself. Arigatou Tooru.

Tooru: Eh? You know my name?

Tomo: She's at every single of our lives. You didn't notice it.

Tooru: Wow! You've been to our lives so much! Thanks! *shook my hand*

Me: *giggled* Your welcome!

Manager: All right everyone. We have work to do. Liza, I will show you around. Please follow me.

Wataru: *looked at me* I'll see you later, ok?

Me: Um! Gambatte, Wataru. =) *followed the manager*

Later in the day

Tomo: So there you are.

Liza: *turned around* Tomo!

Tomo: How's everything so far?

Me: I like here. Seeing everyone working so hard for your fans.

Tomo: Liza...

Me: Tomo... I... *we looked at each other*

Tomo: *looked away* I hope you will enjoy boarding with us. See you. *left*

Me: Tomo... (I like Wataru more than you. Sorry..)

Yeay~ Chapter 2 done! Typing using a phone is not cool! Comments at cbox~

Schiffon Cake!

My sis bake them.

Took her two hours to do so.

I helped her mostly with the washing.

It was very delicious, not that sweet and just the right flavour.


12012 Mini fiction Chapter 1

Inspired by Munirah's mini fanfic. hehe Here goes nothing!

Notes: Wataru - 12012's vocalist, Tomo - 12012's bassist. Click at the '12012' label to see how they look like. Wataru is my love

Me: Wataru?

Wataru: Yeah?

Me: Ano... Why am being picked out of so many fans?

Wataru: Because you wrote to me everyday? And I admit, I always saw you everytime we have our lives. *Wataru held my hands. I blushed.*

Me: Eh? Wataru...?

Wataru: Let's be together. *I stared at him blankly* That way you don't have to write anymore. And I wanted to talk to you personally for so long.

Me: Wataru... *Smile, nod head*

Wataru: Arigatou, Liza. *hugged*

Me: (Tomo... Gomen...)

Okay, that's all for now. Typing it on the phone's keyboard is very slow. Comments at the cbox~

2nd day of school holiday

So here I am chillin' on my bed, surfing the net with a very tiny screen (less then 2 inch?).

I wanna talk about MANNEQUIN. They are a Japanese visual kei band that is going on activity pause since July this year. I discovered them last year at vkmd coz they released a mini album with 5 tracks. I always d/l new stuffs that comes in small MB size due to sucky connections. Unless it's my fav band. To think about it, until now there are fresh tracks that have yet to be played. The songs are with me like last year?

But little did I know that the vocalist, KAZUMA, was actually in J-Drama Princess Princess D!

"OMG! Is it?!" - Initial reaction

I am SO rewatching that J-Drama when I have the time.


My creative fingernails!


I cut my fingernails and suddenly Thomas Edison's lightbulb lit brightly above my head to make something out of it.

I carefully carved out my name using the nailcutter.

Only the letter 'a' doesn't really stands out.

Watcha' think?

Sunday, September 13, 2009


The coolest guitarist, for a cross dresser.

See? His wig hair is long! XD

Not to mention he's pretty too. ^^

This is me

I think I want to cut my front hair.

Its been my routine to cut my hair within a week before Eid.

So that's why my hair never seemed to grow.

I don't plan to cut much 'coz I want to have my hair as long as HIZAKI's. (Though he's using a wig. But who cares, his hair is long!) T.T

I want looong hair!! Aah! Okay, this is desperate. lol

My 3rd donut!

I think this donut is the cause of my dehydration.

1st day of school holidays

Haven't do anything productive yet. My study table was left untouch since yesterday morning after coming back from school! lol

Posted some JRockers picx below.

Oh, oh! MIYAVI has a twitter account! Yeay~ Link: So far, he only tweeted twice.

Not many JRockers have twitters. How I wish they all have. Dir En Grey (direngrey) & Kaya (kaya_rose) are the official ones so far.

Last night I slept early & had a dream. Dreamt about me having a date with Wataru! It was being set up. Aah! I was enjoying myself then the song 'ASCENDEAD MASTERS' by Versailles woke me up. *sigh* I wanna marry my lover now! XD

Kisaki sama!

He is posing.


He never seemed to change his hairstyle since Phantasmagoria era.

But I still prefer his hair colour red.

OMG! *nosebleed* ClearVeil & IORI

Kisaki posted this at his blog.

*stares at Nozomi & IORI*

IORI was at ClearVeil's show!



Aah! It's Kisaki and Jui~

Former boss supporting their final tour.

Kisaki is so nice!!

Turtle invasion

Supposed to blog this yesterday but the phone connection, sucky.

Toy soldiers: "We had surrounded you, giant! There's no escape!"

Turtle: "Oh yea? Try this!" (Ram through the blocks)

I did video-ed the action.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Donuts success!

Though not that soft like the ones in stores, but its yummy with icing sugar.

Hello last day of Term 3!

Only had History class. Learning about Poland's history in the 80s.

Then after that no lessons. So I went over to AAC Station at Chinatown to talk to Miko!

Haha, as always, its always interesting to go fangirling over JRock, especially the GazettE. ;-) Ruki & Wataru are alike in someways, especially the old picx. Aah, Wataru, my love~ XD She said makeupless Nozomi (pic below few posts) looks like alice nine's vocalist Shou. Amal agreed that he's hawt~ Yes~ Nope, I'm not having scandal to him. I love Wataru! XD

So after that, I went back home. Lapas tu kami kan liat buaya tapi nda jadi wah.. Ramai orang.

Right now waiting for the donut dough to expand.

Aaah! De-ho-ed!

(Left to right) Ruki, Uruha & Reita WITHOUT MAKEUP!



The yeast powder

"Eh? How come it's airtight?"

"Anaerobic respiration, the yeast."


Currently in the process of making donuts. None of us remember my sis's 1st attempt.

Then I remembered.

The donut wasn't in the shape of a donut but 'ginseng-like' coz the dough somehow is not cooperating that time.

Signing report

I didn't know I was dragged to this event after going to the library.

As always, some kepo people, then the students' parents 'compete' for their childrens performance.

I never like this.

But there are some teachers I am familiar with at this former school of mine, even though only a year studying there.

Kai says 'Hi'

So earlier me & Miko exchanged some JRock pics, mostly the GazettE.

There's a picture where Ruki, Uruha & Reita are makeupless.

Aah! Freaked out!


Those were the times when before the GazettE was very famous.

Noseband-less Reita shocked me!


Uruha without makeup = Korean guy?? Maybe coz his eyes are too small?

At least Kai's okay. (Pic above)


So I gave Miko a picture of K & Mana holding a Rilakkuma.

"Mana is manly without his blue lips"

Today's the last day of school

Above picture is taken before the students enter the library.

Peace & quiet & cold.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Yes! Me finished reading!

Took me prolly 6 hours to finish reading 'PS I Love You', minus sleep, etc..

It was SO NICE!

I broke down to tears 3 times when I read it.

It's just so touching, especially Gerry's 1st letter to Holly.

I guess I'm too emotional.

If I were to watch the movie, I'd prolly cry! Haha!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interesting fact

So I was reading that book & this is very interesting.

Quote from the book:

'North American Indians used wampum (shell ormaments), beads or feathers for barter. In 1626, Indian chiefs exchanged the island of Manhattan, where New York now stands, for $24-worth of necklaces & trinkets offered by a Dutchman, Peter Minuit. It was the greatest barter deal ever made, for New York later became a very rich city.'

Today is a boring day

It was. The only productive thing I had today was Eco lessons. Again she reminded us to do our shorthand notes.

So I returned my overdue books after school and borrowed 4 more.

1. PS, I Love You (picture below)
2. Everything you wanted to know about Public Relations
3. Syair Perlembagaan Negeri Brunei
4. Coins and Currency


Borrowed this book from the library.

I had read 'If You Could See Me Now' & this is my 2nd book by Cecelia Ahern.

The former was very addictive & it took me 2 days to finish it.

I wonder how long this will take.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So I bought a notebook

My Economics tutor assigned us a holiday homework.

To do Eco short notes from the beginning until the current topic.

Luckily on my own initiative I started topic 4 & 6 for the short notes.

So that's left with topic 1 - 3 & 5.

"You won't regret it if you do the short notes" that's what the tutor said to us.


Apparently my 'son' (whose father is unfortunately secretive XP) is somewhat happy today.

"Mommy, mommy, look what I wrote?" (showed to me proudly)

"Ahh.. That's wonderful Bearbear."


"Yes, Bearbear?"

"Bearbear wants 9th September as Bearbear's birthday. Is that okay?"

"Why not darling?"

And so today's Bearbear birthday. XP I gave him a balloon to cheer him.

10th Anniversary!

D'espairsRay is celebrating their 10th Anniversay today!

Is it me or they really like number '9'?

They started on 09/09/99 & today is 09/09/09!

Uaa~ Their single 'FINAL CALL' released today also!

Congratz D'espairsRay!!! I hope you guys rockin' for another 10 years!

A month

It's been a month since your passing. How is it up there in Heaven? I hope you are happy with hide.

RIP Jasmine You a.k.a Kageyama Yuuichi

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A nap

So what happened today?
Hmm.. Nothing much except learning new stuffs.
Surprisingly, we only had 20 minutes of History coz of heavy rain.
Then teacher let some of us to see our History essays.
At least I did okay.
But I wonder how much I will score.
Oh well.. I'm tired.. Hitting the bed soon.
That's part of my bed. ^^ Any JRockers wanna share bed with me? JAPANESE ROCKERS ONLY! XPXP


Monday, September 7, 2009

I am procrastinating.. Shux!

Doing Eng Lit H/W in bullet points form.

Although I think tomorrow teacher will ask us to write in essay form.

Oh well... =(

Nintendo Wii

My 1st time playing Nintendo Wii at my cousin's place last Saturday night.

It was really fun.

But after playing it, I over stretched my arm.

Still, it was REALLY FUN! XD

Yeay~ Chocolates! ^^

Its a product of Switzerland.

'Swiss Chocolate Assortment' - 'A beautifully balanced selection of milk, dark and white Swiss chocolates. This fine assortment of truffles, pralines and mousses will tantalise your senses!'

Unfortunately, there are 4 pieces that we cannot eat as it contained rum & marc de champagne.

The chocos are very yummy! I felt so happy for a moment.

Yeay tomorrow no GP!

So that means the homework hand in on Weds! Yeay~ The draft only has 3 lines. But I guess I'll do it later.