Saturday, October 31, 2009

Half makeup face on Halloween '09

Since today's Halloween, I wanna do something odd.

So I decided to put on makeup instead.

How do I look?

the GazettE fangirlism

So as me and Miko chan were chatting, I printscreened this part and edited the whole 'screen'.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The cute lil' drummer! ^^

I'm back temporary

Even though I said that I won't blog, guess what? I just did! I miss my blog too much.

I realised that I cannot not blog, even though since the 9th (previous post) I surf the net. I just didn't blog. I don't know why. Maybe I don't want this blog to be too much of my fangirlism in visual kei. Or I guess my life is very damn boring.

So yeah, currently in exams week.


2 more to kill, no 3 more to kill.

So far, GP was easy peesy. Literature is.. uhh... *shook head*

Economics, History and AS Literature to go!

So after my exams done, here's what I gonna do:

  1. Dedicate a post to my friend on the female visual kei bands.
  2. Spam one post on all my visual kei addicts!
  3. Continue my stalled fiction. I got too much of ideas.

Entertainment, who doesn't like them?

Friday, October 9, 2009


Okay.. I think I'll stop blogging now until next month. Exams is 15 more days away (tomorrow will be 14! Ugh...) so time to be real.

Indeed hell-ish weeks ahead.


I got:

1. 4 books for Eng Lit = 300+ or more quotes/phrases that I have no other choice but to memorise them. Need to re-read the 38 chapters of 'Jane Eyre' which the English is like 1800s language plus I half forgotten what happen, 'A View From The Bridge', a short drama & 'Julius Caesar' - 16th Century Shakespearean language is not really my type but need to memorise also. Oh, not to mention the 29 poems that I have half forgotten.

2. 7 topics to remember for Economics. Some concepts still blur blur.

3. 9 books to read for my History exam. Not to mention also to remember the important dates, names, key events, etc. Cold War (inclusive of the prospective of USA and USSR, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Capitalism versus Communism, etc), Korean War, Vietnam War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Congo Crisis, Suez Crisis, Arab-Israeli Crisis, United Nations and many more that I just cannot remember.

4. GP uh... Just do la. No other choice.

I'll check my blog once a while so drop by anything you wanna ask/say at the cbox above.

Time is really running out. How I wish I could stop the time!

To those who are reading, especially any SMSA-ians, good luck for your Final Exams, A Levels & AS Levels!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pressure = Force ÷ Area

Oh dear... Exam is 16 days away.

I think I am probably going to stop blogging. I know I'm not going to stop blogging. Maybe not as frequent as I used to like everyday.

Time flies so fast and before I know it, I'm sitting for my papers.

Time to be less a dreamer & more a darer.

I can do it

Wednesday, October 7, 2009



BEFORE I DECAY lyrics, not? Haha! XD

Currently playing it again and again.

Somehow I can detect 'Engrish' properly. But the pronounciation is of course, 'different'.

I had searched for the lyrics. I don't know if the lyrics is accurate or not so bear with me.

The chorus part of the lyrics goes: (not 100% correct!)

Please abandon instinct
I was stuck in a loop of a vicious circle
It was a mistake to have entrusted you
I die at abnormal speed

This is what I hear BEFORE I go and look for the lyrics:

'Freeze come and to this day
One step to the rope the world is soaking
Even to this day they come and prostitute
And time no tell you must stay

Yes, TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I was laughing at myself at the way I intepreted the lyrics before I looked up for the lyrics.

Nevertheless, Ruki, I love your voice.

School today

Arrived around 7.10am. Waited for Miko chan coz wanna get 'Before I Decay' song plus I wanna send her the semi naked Tokyo Shitei pictures & others. Instead, we hurriedly went to her Maths class to find her missing item, only to know that it had gone missing. Poor Miko.

So we left to her registration class for a while. Her tutor's always late so I'd figured we'll have the time to transfer the files. Who knows, THE TUTOR SOMEHOW ENTERED EARLIER THAN EXPECTED! I got the song but she didn't get the pictures.

'I wanna transfer 'that' (Tokyo Shitei) pics to u ASAP so that I can delete it from my phone'

'You were mentally abused by them, is it? Haha'

Yea, somehow I am. I didn't think their 'new' look is that 'cheap'! HAHA

1st class - Eng Lit. Got our 'Julius Caesar' book today! Then studied Act 1 Scene 1 & half of scene 2 today. Have to memorise QUOTES.

Some good ones:

'We make holiday to see Caesar, and to rejoice in his triumph' (Act 1, scene 1, lines 32-4)

'I love the name of honour more than I fear death' (Act 1, scene 2, lines 89-90)

I like today's Eco class. Monetary & Fiscal Policies. Macroeconomy. I guess that's the reason I take Eco: To learn the bigger issue of a country's economy.

Julius Caesar

Received the book 'Julius Caesar' today

The text is hard

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brian of BSB is diagnosed with swine flu!

I can't believe it! Brian of BSB got the flu! I pray for his speedy recovery!


I slept late last night today, bout 2.30am. So I was about to doze off & somehow... I 'saw' a pair of hands with no other body parts in my very short dream. Those pair of hands were flying here and there and as it was about to fly to my direction, I woke up! Scary!

If its for Halloween, not this early! I remembered I shouted 'Ah!' when I woke up.

Recalling this dream gave me the chills...
Received my exam timetable today. Gotta admit, I dislike it very much. Previous ones I still have 3 days of 'rest' (where I could watch extra TV) between papers.


24th - GP 1 & 2

28th - Eng Lit 3 & Economics 2

29th - History 3

31st - Eng Lit 4


5th - Economics 1

Notes: Subject to changes

28, 29 and 31 are hell! I mean, heavy loaded papers of essays in 3 consecutive days! I hope the timetable changes to favor me instead!

Looks like its gonna be a hellish weeks ahead.

18 days to Final EXAMS!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The evening

Had my evening nap at 6-ish & woke up at 8.30pm. Then thaught bro his Maths. So nervous that he won't pull through.

I didn't watch '300' altogether. Now I regret not watching it before. Last time I watch half of the movie (I think?) and I had forgotten the whole movie. Maybe tomorrow? Hmmm...

Start of the week

History - Just recalled back the same ol' story. Rather boring so went onlining for a while. Hehe.

Eco - Finally handed in the short notes!

Eng Lit - Studied about the historical context of the play 'Julius Caesar'. Tutor said that the storyline of the movie '300' is somewhat similiar.

Imma watch '300' later.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not productive

Woke up at 2+pm. Then wasted my time with opera mini.

Wanted to buy 'Neo genesis' magazine volume 40 (saw it at layla's blog) but very expensive.

Forget it liza.. You won't be able to buy it now. In the future when you have $, then maybe.

Haiz.. I hate being with no $ at all. Life's hard w/o $

Its 10.30pm now. Might as well finish up my eco notes and sleep.

Neo genesis Vol 40

I want this magazine.


I know almost of all the bands featured except for 'The Kiddie'

The most labels/tags for a post ever!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sir Addie's crib

8 of us were at Sir Addie's crib. That's me, Sie Ying, Kavitha, Rose, Amal, Tasha, Malek & Khai. Most of us arrived around 4+.

It was fun hanging around at sir's crib.

We talked with Aiman, sir Addie's daughter. She's SO talkative for a 7 year old! Last year she was shy and quiet. That's very surprising. I don't remember if I am that talkative when I was 7.

So I did talk with Aiman about her school which is my former school. 1 of her teacher, Mr. Jeffery, came. He thaught me before. And Aiman was like 'cikgu ada ajar kakak liza like 7 years ago right?' 'Ya.. I teach her X-Men' lol

The funny thing happened was between Aiman & Khai. She wants Khai to be her 'brother' & stay over for the night. How cute! Earlier on, there's this guy (Aiman's friend I think) who 'choked' Khai with his arm coz Khai said that the friend is Aiman's bf. Not bad, the reaction. Aiman claimed that he is 'ex best friend'. We all laughed at that. Kids' minds are very interesting.

Aiman wanted us to come to her birthday party. Poor girl. I think she's gonna missed us.

All and all, I wished everyone came. It will be more fun.

School day

I had forgotten that today was Saturday. There used to have assembly every Saturday before H1N1 became very serious.

Ms UK had to leave for the capital so no GP & Eng Lit lessons.

History is okay. Didn't learn much. Got a bunch of UN related notes though. *shoves away the notes*

Eco as usual learning.

I went home early today, texted my neighbour to send me home. Little did I realised that...

I forgotten to take the home key.

So I ended up waiting outside for 20 minutes before I entered in.

Oh, it's 3.05pm. Gotta go & get ready.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Interesting ideas

Few hours back I was supposed to find any related articles on 'divorce' but I got diverted to public opinions instead.

So doom for GP tomorrow

I really like those public opinions. Maybe those goverment servants should set brudirect as their homepage.


Its a kebab.

Its SO meaty.

Yum, my favourite food.

Thanx Bearbear

Bearbear: Mummy... Why are there tears coming out from mummy's eyes?

Me: Bearbear, it's nothing. *wipe away*

Bearbear: But mummy, there's a lot of tears coming out... Are you okay, mummy?

Me: Bearbear... *hug*

Bearbear: *hug* Mummy... If it's about Bearbear asking who was Bearbear's father last time, Bearbear's sorry. Bearbear shouldn't ask...

Me: No Bearbear, it's not that. It's something else.

Bearbear: What is it then, mummy? Does Bearbear knows?

Me: Bearbear will not understand even if mummy explains it.

Bearbear: *scared* Mummy... *hugs*

Thursday, October 1, 2009

life's fucked up

Something happened earlier. I know it will happen but I simply hate it. I hate to accept some things. Part of it is my life. Fucked up, my life.


Mee soto.


Kagrra, Shiki

Shiki is a beautiful song. I hope it will reach the Oricon charts, even if its the last rank (30th).
'Utakata' reached the charts in 2006, I think 20-ish rank.

Anyways, I had watched the preview of 'Shiki'.

*drool* Shin is playing the Koto. Better still, the shot of him playing is clear! Not like the one in 'Utakata'. Uaaa~ Can't wait for the whole PV!!!

School so far...

1st class was PS a.k.a Private Sleeping Private Studying. As always, me, Izzati, Nabeela & Hafizah were in the library.

I tried to read my Eco but I kept on yawning.

Then our 1st GP lesson for the week. 1st thing that Ms UK asked, "So did you missed GP lessons?" Uhh.. Maybe? Had an assignment to do. I don't like assignments, ESPECIALLY when I don't have internet access. =( How I wish I have internet AND laptop!

I had realised that during History lessons, me & Min Hyuk oppa are always talking. Haha! So its always half listening, half talking. *gulp* Ms J asked us to review back UN. Omg, that's a hell lot to recall!

Nothing much happened in Eco. Since we were learning about Exchange Rates, I thought of asking on the FOREX. "Wa.. Liza is starting to speculate on the foreign currency." Yeah, I wish...

By far the most interesting Eng Lit lesson ever. We studied the history of William Shakespeare a.k.a. the pioneer of Literature. The 1st question asked - 'Who in this class never heard of William Shakespeare?'

So Ms UK talked about his family background & his plays. Most of us do not know Shakespeare's plays. I only know title of some of the plays but never read them (as in reading in the 16th Century English Language). "If you don't know any of his plays, I'll kill you." Can't believe Ms UK said that. O.o

'Studi Smart'

I thought the spelling was a mistake.

Still, I need to 'studi'.

1st October!

I can't believe that I slept early, about 9-ish. Usually its past midnight.

Woke up at 5.30am.

Currently in class with Bearbear ^^

OMG! My group tutor just entered. Haha

23 more days to Final Exams! Aaah!