Monday, November 30, 2009

Last day of November '09 (til 1 millenium later)

When the sun sets at dawn, it'll rise at dusk the next day.

When time flies past you, it won't come back again.

Therefore time is precious.

Yet many of us are very careless with time.

It's something that runs past you so fast that you didn't realise you are loosing the race.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Did something productive today.

Cleaned half the toilet.

Too lazy to do the rest. =S

Well, at least I'm satisfied! Yeay~ Especially the mirror which is oh-so-sparkling! xD

Not anymore

Drugster brand saves my time of removing the pinkish nail by scratching it off easily instead of using nail polish removal

Pink nails

Pinkish nails w/o permission

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Breakfast - 9:40am

Pulut + ketupat-like + satay sauce

Friday, November 27, 2009

645th post

Post check.

It's 645th post in this blog.

There's still a looong way to go to 1000th post.

I won't stop posting until I had reached that target.

I bet you readers haven't reach 500th. Me, the Queen of blogging. Well, maybe. xP

Then maybe after that, I'll think of something new.


My earpiece for my phone is getting retarded.

Whenever I tried to tilt, I can actually listen to the backing vocals of a song instead of the main vocals.

Or even just the guitar strumming. How cool is that! Haha...

I found it cool but I don't want the earpiece RIP so soon, not when I don't have the money to buy another pair.

The price to buy another pair is at least $40.

Damn broke.

Suckish day

I want him dead.

I want money.

I want my life to be perfect, but yeah, SHIT HAPPENS


Dreams can be dejavu. Recently I had dreams on doing Differentiation for Maths, joining an ice hockey game for a tournament and entering some debate competition.

That Maths dream is torturing. It's like calling me to continue my Maths again. Geez...

Why on earth is ice hockey in my dream, the hell to that. Ice hockey. Uh...

Debate. Oooh, this one better be REAL! I want it to be happened.

1:48AM - 'Za Suppa'

*burp* Had supper at this time.

Hell, I hate being hungry at the dead hours.

I should stop having solid & maybe go for H2O.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

SMSA Idol 09

A quick update on today's event. It was very very enjoyable and fun. So much of freedom and shouting. xD

I think that's all? I'm lazy to update right now. Hee...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Currently listening to Filth in the Beauty - the GazettE *HEADBANG*

At this dead night, I looked at my 'Things To Do' list. Seriously I think time is slowly moving away that I might not even have the time to do all of it.

And when I think about the cruelty of time, I thought of pressure.

Things to do:

Study & Revise. yawn... Easy said then done

Read 'Wuthering Heights' or 'Great Expectations'. I'm not sure bout this 1. I have to go check the syllabus

Clean my room Forget about it. Procrastinate this until after A Levels

I guess those are pretty much for this Winter holiday.

Cruising at town - 5:50pm

Went to Town in the afternoon. I bought with me $10, initially wanted to buy hair shampoo.

As I was looking for 1, I saw SS501's Concert 2008 DVD. Price is $6. Heck. Shampoo would at least cost $4+. Found 1 shampoo costs $4.20. It was a hard decision to decide whether to buy the DVD or shampoo for a limited budget. For Economics students, the opportunity cost (the cost of forgoning another product) is high here! lol

Forget bout the shampoo. I have in mind for the DVD. There's a general store beside the CD shop. Who knows if there has cheaper shampoo.

Hell yes! There is a cheaper shampoo, less than $4! A drugster brand, $2.80! Any types of shampoo works for me, drugster brand or high end brand so I care less bout the product but much bout the pricing.

With the remaining change, I went and purchased the SS501 2008 Japan Tour Grateful Days Thanks for... DVD. I also saw KAT-TUN DVD Concert for $11 but didn't have enough $ to buy the latter.

Went out to town for the second time. Bought the KAT-TUN Live Tour QUEEN OF PIRATES 2008 DVD. Yeay! ^^

It's just too tempting to buy CDs! Happy~


Borrowed 3 kids books. Napoleon, Martin Luther King & Adolf Hitler.

Shelves of books

I felt so tiny compare to the books here.

Back to the Old School

I followed Amal's car to old school. Met with teacher Param. Her first question was how are we doing. "I want to go to University! Form 6 is tough but so far still can manage la..." Teacher was like "do things one step at the time". Can't help it since I am impatient. I told her of Bnu's biology marks. "That's very good! Then what is he doing when he was in my biology class?" haha... People do improve when they go to college unconsciously.

Then met with Sir Addie. Didn't know he had moved from Physics lab to the Senior Office. Chat a while. Too bad teacher Salawati is not in for our cert.

P.S: Tan, you missed " 'nuff said" for my blog intro. You know what I'm talking about. xP

SMSA Fiesta 2009

Never did I wonder that I woke up LATE! There wasn't much time to get prepared.

The moment I arrived at school, many were heading to the school hall. I was like "Okay... I am late..."

At least the hall is airconditioned. There were many students and parents. Seeing some of the parents, I wish my mum was here. Too bad she has appointment.

I looked through the programme book. I realise that the 'Best Student Award' were all those Science geeks (a.k.a From Science classes). I wonder how did they calculated the datas & nominate the students.

As a student from the Humanities class, I feel a little bit, well, pissed. In some people's perception, Humanities students are probably 'not intelligent'. I just wished there is AT LEAST A STUDENT'S NAME for the 'Best Student Award'. I mean, I felt biased by it.

When I looked through 'Best Student Award' by subjects, I am pissed again. Like only top scorer gets the award. I ranked 2nd for History & Literature. Damn it. There is no more next year for this award.

So after the award, there is a group photo session. Then it's the hanging out hour.

The scholastic books are so cheap! $3 each! Heck, it's even cheaper than buying from the catalogue itself. So I had bought 4 of them.

1. Horrible Histories - Frightful First World War
2. Horrible Geography - Desperate Deserts
3. Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
4. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain

Horrible series are great books. I like how the way those books illustrate their content. The other 2 are literature books. 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens should be a nice book, I hope. Well it's thick. After buying $12 worth of books, I'm am officially broke. T_T

There were karaoke singing for 50 cents per song. At the same time were some students selling food & handicrafts items. I tried the chocolate fudge from Zatil's stall. Yum! It was 50 cents each earlier but later they sell it for 20 cents!

The karaoke session at the rainbow table PS area was hectic. Deputy Principal sang a song. That's another side of a DP that I will never thought of. A lot of students sang too. Ada la lagu Agnes Monica, WINGS and some others. I wouldn't mind singing the GazettE's Filth in the Beauty song & headbang like the boys did. xDD

Overall it was fun. I'm glad I came.


Going to sleep soon. I hope everything will be fun in school later. I wonder who will be going later.

Wataru's beside me again. Well, he is my husband so he sleeps beside me. xP Oh, Bearbear's in bed too! We are a happy family. Haha!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Even though I told myself not to eat for dinner, but the 2 pieces of bread stuffed with cheese and egg tempted me.

Guilty pleasure.

Sitting in the family hall watching TV is another guilty pleasure. This time, I got 5 mosquito bites at my legs. Damn it! It's so effing itchy! I hope that if I don't scratch it, it'll 'disappear'.

And I'm going to school tomorrow. I don't remember the last time I went to school. Hopefully it'll turn out okay.


I had Mee Hoon with crabstick + veges fishballs for brunch. Supposed to be breakfast but I woke up late.

After that meal, I had Macaroni with LOTSA cheese. That is lunch. Mum purposedly place cheese in every layer. Too cheeesy~

We bought a choco ice cream cake for my bro. His bday today. I think I had a quarter of the whole cake.

Now my tummy is full!


Going to bed. Wataru is beside me, sleeping. I am a little sick & I have no idea why. I felt hot & cold at the same time. *hugs Wataru tightly* Oyasuminasai, Wataru. Arigatou. ='D


Mariah's nini passed away today. May God bless her nini's soul. Amin.


Just finished watching 'Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie Conqueror Of Shamballa'

I LOVE Edward and Alphose Elric!

I'm so happy with the ending. Both brothers reunited! Yeay~


Monday, November 23, 2009


Spent the whole afternoon sorting out a cabinet. Basically it was rearranging my stuffs and all.

Did laundry with precautions. No more numbness.


OMG! I didn't realise it at 1st watch.

Ruki did shed a tear after they completed their 2006 - 2007 Decomposition Tour

I paused the DVD at that moment. Yep, there's something shining all the way down at his cheek. Thanks to the reflection of the light, it was clear.

Ruki must have love his fans very much.

I don't think I'd get bored this Winter holiday.


Finally posted my choco art. It's the 2 pictures below. Very easy to do.

Choco Art 2

Used probably 10 pieces of cheese to make the 'hair'

Choco Art 1

Using chocolate whip cream to draw the face


Found my backup music CDs. Didn't know I actually did burn some of the music to CDs. It's only 1% of my whole collection. =\ I guess it's better then nothing.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


IF YOU ARE A FAN OF WONDER GIRLS (Korean girl band), IGNORE THIS POST. You had been warned.

After reading this article from the link above, particularly the comment from Park, I despise JYP. Utada may have 'change the colors' (from the comment in the article) heck, this made her special.

I guess JYP is trying to say "Guess what? Our WG toured with Jonas Brothers, the famous trio, and the song 'Nobody' reached the #76 in the Billboards Charts! Woo hoo!"

So? To say that Utada FAILED is stupid!

Okay, her song might reach #96 which is lower than your WG but she had a this coming 2010 which some locations already SOLD OUT. Need I mention that there is no promotion being carried out for the tour yet? Except online ticket selling that is..

WG needs JB promo to be 'known', boo hoo.. Utada self promote when she 1st started in the US in 2004, no promo with watsoever American artists although she sings 'Do You' with Ne-Yo as a featuring artist. Thing is, she doesn't need any bands to 'promote' her.

Grrr... Park giving that particular comment makes me sick. It's racist. He himself is Asian & he is saying bad things about Asian. Maybe he thought his WG is the only Kpop band that entered the US so they're good or something. Screw you. SCREW you for saying Utada FAILED.

And you're lucky coz if I have my laptop with me, I'd be analyzing each & every line (like what I normally do in my Literature class) of your comment and make comments out of it

Laundry + Japan vkei

Yesterday I did a terrible mistake in laundry. I forgotten to wash my hands thoroughly after immersed them in detergent water. Few hours later my hands were numb and at first I have no idea why. It was damn numb for like 6 hours? Slowly the numbness gone. It was terrible.

And I was chatting with Vee, my Indonesian visual kei friend. Same with Miko. lol

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Swiss Hotel Apartment & Tat Hotel and Cafe

During the report signing, I heard of the Swiss hotel trip. Since there were vacancy, I thought of joining. Boy, it was worth every money.

Me, Sie Ying, Zatil, Raja Azmi followed Wina as she's the driver. We were actually late but when we arrived at the location, we saw the Principal and Deputy Principal.

All of us entered the hotel and was greeted by the receptionist. The program was started with a photo taking by the media. I was panicked by the word 'media', thinking of TV. Luckily it was just the photographer for BB. After the photoshooting, we were given a briefing of today's programme by the Operating Manager, Mr Herman.

We were split into 4 different groups, each heading to the different departments. Me, Sie Ying, Zatil and Wina were in a group and we visited the Kitchen.

It was interesting to see the room where they store the kitchen stock. I asked a few question about how they manage the kitchen. Then Wina had the privilege to cook fried rice, chef's style.

After that we learn how to fold the napkins. One was the 'lettuce' or something. I thought at first it was lotus. At 1st, I thought mine was retarded and in the end, I was the only 1 who is able to do it. lol

After that, we were taken to the receptionist. Here, we get to know how a receptionist works. It was fun as a lot of ques were being asked. The manager for this reception department is a very experience man. I think we took about 20 minutes or more here.

Then the housekeeping. We get to enter the 3 types of hotelrooms available. Who doesn't like the Suite? It is the biggest room. And all of the hotel rooms have the river view and sea views! Looking at the view of the town area from the 7th floor was spectacular. I never get to see the view and it was my first time.

The last was the maintenance. It was just a bunch of stuffs relating to Sciences. But here's a good tip: Should you get stuck in an elevator, NEVER try to open the elevator's door by any means.

Because those people who are fixing those elevators will somehow can cut your arms if you open the door and at the same time they are trying to move the lift or something. Well, something like that la.. But yeah, just press the help button in the lift if you get stuck.

After that, we were brought to the Tat Place which is pronounce as 'That's Place'. It's the sister hotel of Swiss and somewhat smaller. Swiss has 40 rooms but Tat Place has only 12 rooms.

At Tat Place, 1st tour was the receptionist. We were given a demonstration on the card key system, and a little explanation on how they work. After that we were at the food and beverage. The waitress demo a cup of mochachino. The expresso machine is so cool! The operating manager overheard me and Wina saying how cool it would be if we can own 1 and he said it'll cost us around 5k. O.o Might as well just order the drink there.

Last but not least was the room. We only toured the Loft. My god! I love the Loft! It is so spacious. The interior design of the room is dim lighted and everything in there is black. I felt like I am in a another country or something. Seriously! It was way much better than that 7 star hotel room. Okay, I'm exaggerating. They have a kitchen, dining room, living room, 2 toilets and a big bedroom. I must say I like the spiral staircase. It was a little scary going up.

After the Loft, we had a late lunch. Rice, noodles, grilled lamb chop, sweet and sour mango fish and veges, cocktail, soup, cordial drink. My bonus: mochachino.

After lunch, we were asked to give our feedbacks. I guess my idea was out? 'create a scenario where people will get stuck in the lift'. Hehe...

The goodies given were notepads and pens from both the hotels, a Swiss hotel mug and their brochures in a bag.

Tour concluded at around 1.45pm. I am glad I signed up for this trip.

Actually I knew of this trip earlier and my assumptions: uh... A trip to a local hotel? Where's the fun in that? I was wrong. Never judge before you even experience it.

Report signing

The report signing was earlier. My mum & I arrived at about 7.40am. Overall it was good. Met a lot of friends. My results?

History - 85
English Literature - 72
General Paper - 65
Economics - 41

My group tutor complimented my results, saying it is a good set of results. I still feel bad. Before its 2A 2C and now its A, B, C and an effing U. Downgraded liao. I still have to work hard. Some of my friends got straight As except for GP. The hell they get that. Oh well, have to work hard next year.

On side note, I still owe the school library a book. Damn it. I can't find the book and it was supposed to return it on the 5th. I have no idea which book.

Plus, there's another round of 'talk' this coming month. There are at least 3 people that I know of. I hope it's going to be okay.


2 things that kept me from blogging frequently:

1. The usual 'Post to blog' for my pictures doesn't wanna work for no reasons. I have no idea why. Before it was all right but lately, it's going stupid.
Will definitely missed picture blogging.

2. Stupid DST connection. Needless to say, there are no initiatives for improvement.

And maybe a 3rd reason: I want to flip my books for real. So far I failed at doing so because of the phone (well, blame myself for being an addict) Maybe staying away from the online world for a while.

Blogging WILL always be a part of my life and I don't intend to give up blogging for as long as I live.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Aaargh! Tagging posts is a mountainous job, without a laptop! I know there are at least 200+ more posts to tag and I'm lazy =\ It's draining my phone credit away...


So I was counting the number of tags for my blog. Before I was lazy to tag and kinda regret not tagging the posts last year.

Currently there's 441 tags in 616posts (inclusive of this post) of this blog. If I wanted to include the ones before, it could well reach over 500.

And I was thinking, maybe after reaching 1000th post, I might blog elsewhere. I don't know, I might change my mind.


Just watched 'Raise your voice' starring Hilary Duff. I can never get bored watching that movie.


Little did I expect a friend's text message 4 hours after I went to bed. Surprisingly I heard the text message coming in, with Vidoll's 'Merry X'mas 2 u' as the ringtone. Usually I don't hear it as I am a good sleeper and wouldn't hear any noises until I am fully awake. Even if I do, the response in negative.


Aaargh! The phone connection is being faulty this night. In the afternoon it was smooth. Because of this, I can't upload the 3 pictures I drew. Oh well... Maybe I'll try later.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I did chocolate art. It suddenly came to me like a light bulb.




Just watched Donna Drewbarry Show. She's good with her paintbrush and colour. I wish I had the skill and talent in Art.

Ice Lemon Tea

It's 1 of the leftovers from Eid.

Still have 3 fizzy drink cans & 6 non fizzy drink cans.


Right after lunch, I had been laying lazily on my bed, using Opera Mini.

Too much comfort = Complacent & Tiredness

Now and then when I look at my school books, I 'generate' a self stress future. I have to stop this. It's freaking me out.

It's cloudy again outside. Only yesterday was hot.

The Pact - Jodi Picoult

Very addictive


I watched the GazettE 'Decomposition Beauty' before bedtime. Just a few songs, not the whole concert.

It cheered me a little.

Now I'm awake for the day.


Just woke up. Supposed to wake up at 10.30 but my tutor's text message woke me 15 minutes earlier.


My eyes are hurting me. I guess it's because of the laptop incident. Its like the moment my sis said it, it took me a while to think. C Drive? All the while I have been saving my files in the D drive but that was before the laptop is being upgraded to Windows 7. Then it came to my senses. The backup copies of our files are in the C drive. Shit. It doesn't make me feel any better when both C and D drives were gone. We could reformat it but its useless coz our files are gone FOREVER. I had backup copy of the old videos but not the new ones. Even worst, I didn't have ANY backup for my 30+ GB of music, except for 12012 which is only 1 GB. Damn. So I just broke down to tears. My sis said something else but I bothered less. I was depressed. The first thing I did was texted Miko-chan. I did even though it was near 11pm. Arigatou Miko-chan. :-)

I don't feel like talking about it. It's like one fifth of my soul just got 'deleted'.
I want to go to sleep and have amnesia on this. It's torchering.

I can't blame anyone, can I? Even though it was my sis's fault but it just meant to be that way so I can't blame anyone. Not my sis. Not God. Maybe me.

AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! -commit suicide-

Wataru... bearbear... I need you guys. I hate this post. T_T ='(

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18.11.09 - 10:52PM

My sis broke the news.

All my files are GONE.

The laptop's permanently damaged.

All those Gigabytes of videos GONE!



And those pictures... 3GB of it!


I felt terrible losing my precious stuffs in digital format. My dearest stuffs.

Like what Miko said, I can always d/l them again. Yeah... 2 years of music releases of 1000+ songs... It'll take time...

It's God's Will. No one is to blame.

18.11.09 - 9:00PM

I had my nap at a sofa for god-knows-how-long but its not more than 2 hours, that's for sure.

I cooked some instant noodles for dinner. And had smoked salmon too. FROM CANADA!!! My aunt sent it over through a middleperson. My god... It was goddamn delicious.

Earlier on, I told my mum that I wanna go to school tomorrow. She was a bit dissatisfied with my decision coz last week I told her my last day is today. Another thing is that she thinks I am bothering my neighbour too much by sending here and there.

It's true coz my mum gotta pay the neighbour some gas money. It's a big freakin hold in the pocket.

Tomorrow is talent show and I feel like I wanna watch. After that, my mum said I can go.

I don't know if I wanna go or not.

the GazettE 07

My own original pirated copy. Haven't watch it completely.

600th post


spam for the 600th post. So sad

I like the next post better ;D

18.11.09 - 4:45PM

After coming back from home, the first thing I did was put aside my books and played the GazettE's 07 Live.

The first song is 'Filth in the Beauty', one of my favourite song. I only got 30 minutes so I mostly fast forward the concert.

At first I was quite worried because I'm not a die hard GazettE fan. In the end, the menu selection appeared after the whole show. At least I know what song they're playing later. Hehe...

18.11.09 - 3:15PM

I'm going home now.

I just remembered I got the GazettE's 'Decomposing Beauty' to watch.

I'm such a bad fan. XS

18.11.09 - 2.46PM

(Continued from previous post)

But I'm tired.

The library is cold and it's making me sleepy...

Trying to read

I'm trying to read them


(Continue in next post)


Forget King Lear.

Its removed from syllabus.

Ugh.. Its even thicker than the former.

Why did they removed it? -sigh-

Library - 2.17PM

I just photocopied 6 papers that costed me 30 cents.

Crappy phone connection. Everytime I wanna post it'll cost me a cent. Why? Coz its 'unstable'. Usually when its 'stable', one time access is cheaper than multiple access.

Library don't have wifi, I mean its unaccessible now.

18.11.09 - 2:00PM

In the library.

Somehow it motivates me to study.

Just got my copy of May/June '06 History. 35cents gone.


As usual I arrived at school about 7.30am. Went to the canteen, waited for Miko-chan. She transferred SuG's LOVE SCREAM PARTY song to me. Yeay! Too bad we don't have time to transfer DaizyStripper's Dandelion.

On the way to school, my tutor texted me, saying that there's no Eng Lit today. So that makes it free lessons from 7.45am until 12.20pm. VERY JOBLESS.

So I spent the morning in the library until recess.

Set 3

Su Ling, Jasmine, 'Aisyah and some others were there. Just chatting and a few jokes. We even planned to go to the old school to the History exhibition.

Set 2

Talked with Izzati. We kinda reminisce our mistakes in our secondary years. There is really nothing to do.

Set 1

Initially I was alone so I just joined Emily and Yuen. When I went back to the library, Amal and 'Aisyah were there. Amal asked about how many posts I had posted today. Heehee...

Set 5

Went to see History tutor in regards of the syllabus next year. Who knows she's not in today. I wished I had asked her yesterday.

I decided to skip Economics today so I went home early. According to the other set, the tutor didn't teach anything so why bother come. xP

Otanjoubi Omodetto!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17.10.09 - 10:42PM

In the end I did took my late afternoon nap. When I woke up, it was freakin' cold.

While having a late dinner, the siblings were watching 'I Not Stupid'. LOLed so many times. I vividly remembered the 'Orchard Road' scene where the father called the manager and asked about why did their competitor had their advertisement in 'every corner, every angel, every street, every bus, every taxi, every inch in Orchard Road'. HAHA

Currently reading Economics. I still feel guilty for failing my EOY. Damn it!

But no matter what, I have to face it.

After that, I'll flip through those -new- History books. Just gonna look at those pictures only. xD

Pretty IV

If only I'm as pretty as her him.


It's taken from the preview PV X'MAS DAY.

He's cute. ^^

The song 'X'MAS DAY' almost made me cry.

Maybe because of the melody

It's raining - 4:07PM

Currently doing the laundry. Since outside is raining, I had decided to use the rainwater for my laundry.

Water is free from the rain. God's gift.

Although I was almost soaked wet by it, it was fun. Just hope I'm not going to be sick or something.

17.11.09 - 3:40PM

I might as well not sleep... Just want to force myself to stay awake. The earlier post was a spam

There were changes to the literary books. For Shakespeare, its Hamlet and The Tempest. No more 'King Lear'. I should not have wasted my time reading it last night. Because of that I slept late last night. -yawn-

OH CRAP! I GOT TO DO THE LAUNDRY DOWNSTAIRS. Damn I had forgotten. No bed now. No dreams of Wataru

17.11.09 - 3:35PM

I'm so sleepy now. Feel like going to bed.

But then I got lots of things to do.

Well, it doesn't hurt to have a nap, right?

What's better to spend your afternoon in an air conditioned room in a cloudy day sleeping?

Kawaai Neko

Got this from KISAKI's blog.

Ano neko wa kawaai desu ne...

My A2 History books

Only the far right one is coloured, the rest are black and white.

In fact, thats the ONLY coloured one out of the 15 books.

17.11.09 - 1.56PM

Something unexpected happened in school today.

All of us Pre-U were called to assembly at the canteen since it was drizzling outside. The deputy principal kinda scolded all of the 150+ Pre-U for not coming yesterday. Yesterday was some charity event plus cleaning campaign.

She then kinda said we are students who are afraid of the words 'cleaning campaign'. Then she proceeded with her disappointment on our attitude and stuffs.

Lazy to comment more.

On a brighter note, I got my GP marks. 1st ranking in class, 4th in the whole GP set. =D

And I got my -new- History books today! I'll post up a picture of it after this post. 7 of 'em. And that means MORE reading too

17.11.09 - 6:58AM

Ohayo gozaimasu!

Woke up at 6.30AM, then showered, then breakfast.

I told my mum that I'm supposed to go be in school tomorrow, not today. When she asked why, I just go 'heh'.

I'm full now. Gotta get ready.

17.11.09 - 1.07AM

I'm supposed to go to bed with Wataru like 2 hours ago but I went online at my cellphone.

Megaromania is going to Romania this 20th December! They are going to perform at The Silver Church in Bucharest. Damn lucky Romanians!

On 2nd thought, the reason why Megaromania wants to perform in Romania is because of the name 'Romania' in the band name. Just my thought.

Oh well... Nights.

Otanjoubi Omodetto!

Happy birthday JUN!

You'll always be the pink head guitarist to me xD

All the best in your new band, spiv states!

Monday, November 16, 2009

16.11.09 - 9.15PM

Although I didn't watch Fullmetal Alchemist from beginning to end in consecutive episodes, I must say, I love that anime.

And somehow something happened after the eruption. I was being a little shitty.

Well, just a little.

I'm not going to blog bout that. It's just too depressing. Maybe I will blog it but not here, besides, who would give a damn about my life? Yes, no one. Remember that Liza. No one.

So yeah. I have no idea what are my feelings right now. It's like I want to kill someone.


16.11.09 - 1.55PM

I didn't hear my alarm at 9.30am so I ended up waking up at 11.45am. Crap!

There were few egg tarts in the kitchen. My sis, who cannot sleep, just wanted to bake those egg tarts, in 5 in the morning. It was delicious.

Then my mum got into volcanic mode. Not going to elaborate it.

16.11.09 - 3.36AM

Since the phone connection's smooth after midnight, I decided to do a post on the female visual kei bands.

It was time consuming, since everything is done with the Opera Mini browser at my phone. So instead of having a 12 inch laptop screen, I'm looking at a 1 and a half inch cell phone screen. Not to mention the 'keyboards' is tiny.

But I enjoy doing it! I've been meaning to do so for a long time.


Female visual kei bands

The following posts below dedicated to Muqsit, who requested me to do a post on female visual kei bands.
Hehe... Enjoy reading!

I can't believe myself that I am posting all of 'em through my cell phone!


デンジャー☆ギャング (Danger☆Gang)

Formation: 04/09/2002


Members (left to right)

Bass: Thera

Vocal: Waka

Guitar: Hiko

Drums: Rei



Formation - 2003


Members (L-R)

Gt: Omi

Gt: Miko

Vo: Jyou

Dr: Naoto

Ba: Mally


Go to this link for the group pic:


Formation : 2009


Members (left to right)

Drums - 心 (Cocoro)

Bass - ゆめ乃 (Yumeno)

Vocal - Junna

Guitar - Nagisa




Members (left to right)

Keyboard: Mai

Drums: Yuki

Vocals: Hakua

Bass: Setsuki

Guitar: Corota

Utada Tour

Hikki is going to tour US and UK starting mid January 2010.

I'm proud of her (^^)v

I hope it'll be a world tour.

Who knows?

I might be able to watch her concert in M'sia or S'pore, IF there is a world tour.


16.11.09 - 1.05AM

After coming back from the library, I lazily rested at my comfy bed. Who knows, I dozed off to sleep!

It was like going back to sleep after waking up for 5 hours. I don't know why sometimes I don't like myself for sleeping too much. And that might explain why I am blogging at this dead hour.

Woke up, had dinner. Then my pair of eyes were 'stuck' to the TV. It was playing 'Fullmetal Alchemist'. Too addictive!

Took my shower at 10pm. The difference I can feel in taking a late shower is that it is much cooler & refreshing (for me) compared to the early morning or late afternoon.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

568th post

I wanna reach 666th post ASAP.

That means I have to spam my own blog

Better still, I wanna reach a 1000th post.


I woke up at 10am today. Overslept by 1 hour.

Had a piece of cheese for breakfast. Surprisingly it lasted for two hours.

Then had brunch. I think I had too much of red meat this week. Not good for health. =S

Went to the library to return and borrowed books. This History book is freakin' old, like the last time it was renewed was in the 80s. But at least it has study hints for History which I am desperately needing it.


I missed you Jui!

You haven't updated your blog for 10 days already.

I hope you are doing fine.

Your last post was touching, at the same time, sad.

Please don't overwork yourself.

I'll always support Vidoll for as long as you guys do music.

I think I can send a fanmail to him, minus the 1st line.

Now is 2.12AM

My tummy just made weird sounds.

An indication of hunger.

SCREW that.

Going to bed.


My Trojan Horse

It always fall off from my desk

Saturday, November 14, 2009

King Lear


Another Tragedy Drama

Prolly this is my main book of Shakespeare as opposed to the rest.

For the sake of A levels...

The Merchant of Venice


Books to read this winter holiday

William Shakespeare:

1. King Lear
2. Romeo and Juliet
3. The Merchant of Venice
4. MacBeth
5. A Midsummer Night's Dream
6. Measure of Measure
7. The Winter's Tale

8. Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
9. The Mill On The Floss - George Eliot
10. English Ivy - Catherine Palmer

And of course, my school textbooks =S I doubt myself that I can finish all of 'em. But both are important coz A Levels is next year & I don't wanna be a school nerd with facts but to fill myself with fiction.

14.11.09 - Afternoon

I skipped lunch today. It was very unusual of me. I usually don't skip lunch for any reasons.

So instead, I went for an afternoon nap. I set my alarm at 2 pm.

I had a dream that it doesn't want to let me go. I remembered I struggled to actually 'wake' up but I couldn't. I have no idea why. It's like the dream is trying to 'swallow' me.

But luckily, my alarm woke me up at 2. I was 'released' from an unnatural force. After switched off the alarm, I went back to sleep again until 3.30pm. This time no dream though.

I walked over to my friend's in the neighbourhood for a favor. On the way there were thunder but I didn't bother much. Because the chances of me being hit by a lightning is, well, non-existance? xD But I was aware of it.

Since the library is nearby, I went there. It's been a long while since I went to the library. A lot of seniors were also there.

I borrowed Shakespeare again, 2 of 'em. King Lear & The Merchant of Venice. So lame. There are only 7 books by Shakespeare, inclusive of the 2 mentioned. The rest are 'Hamlet', 'The Winter's Tale', 'MacBeth', 'Measure for Measure' and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

I try to read as much as I can. But the Shakespearean language is a barrier to me. Yes, me trying to be a Shakespeare geek. Huh. xD

It was already raining by 5pm. I asked my neighbour to send me back home. The siblings were watching 'Fullmetal Alchemist'. Gosh, watching anime is very addictive. I'm lazy to join them.


Today's a boring day. I only had History and the rest of the time were free lessons.

During History the tutor only talked about what books we will receive & that's all. And she even told us not to come to school on Monday & Tuesday because of school activities. LOL

Surprisingly there is no Economics today. I didn't expect that coz I was looking forward to it. So I went over to the AAC area at Chinatown to chat with Miko chan.

I have no idea how did our conversation started. I guess its from the unagi rice she bought. Heh. There's hiragana, katakana, V-Rock Festival, our dream to go Japan, etc... I think we talked a lot. XD

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cross stitch

I bought it like few months ago.

I feel like cross stitching.

But the tiny 1mm boxes make my eyes goes O.o

Coca Cola

The water bottle has a volume of 330ml.

The coke too.

Coke daisuki.

Friday the 13th

YES! I FINISH MY AS EXAM TODAY!!! What a relief!

All the while I dislike Julius Caesar but Fate played with me today. The questions on JC is in fact easier than 'A View from the Bridge'.

But anyways, its over now.

Maybe from today onwards I will appreciate Shakespeare's work and to be a Shakespeare freak. Well, not that Shakespeare knows what is the meaning of a freak, does he? xP

2 more weeks of schooling til the real holidays begin.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My 555th Post

Whee~ I had reached my 555th post! I wanna aim for 666th soon!

Today is the school reopening day. In other words, we are to receive our EOY exam papers, if not all, half of the papers.

I scored 32/50 for my GP paper 1. Anxious for paper 2 though. I wish I wrote better.

History I got 85%. =) I can't believe that I scored 25/25 for my source based question. SBQ is like 'being a lawyer for 1 hour & to attend the court presenting the given case'. The court means writing down your answers at the paper. So yeah, getting a full mark was unexpected, especially when some of your facts are not 'facts' xP And the best of all, we will be receiving another 6 to 8 books on Monday for A2 History, the Modern European history 1897 to 1939. Whee~

Then the depressing subject: Economics. My tutor gave me a look that has the face 'you disappointed me'. And yea, I did. For the first time in college, in ANY tests or exams, I fail. I broke my very clean record of not failing.

I was hoping at least a 50 but I didn't. A lot of my friends who are taking Economics were shocked. I can't do anything anymore, but to learn from this failure.

For that particular moment, I fucked up. Economics is my favourite subject and I failed. I couldn't help but to wonder, Why am I not more intelligent? Why am I that careless and stupid? How can I even fail?

Eng Lit wasn't bad, for now. Paper 4 scored 33/50. =\ Still worried coz TOMORROW I WILL BE SITTING FOR THAT PAPER FOR THE CAMBRIDGE EXAM!!! And maybe the episode of depression from Eco class was carried forward to Eng Lit made me all distress.

When I couldn't understand why or what, I feel like breaking down to tears. It's like tomorrow's the exam & I'm still stranded in a sea full of doubts. It wasn't long until I told myself, 'Just do your best & ANSWER the question'.


So today is a depressing day for the start of the school week.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Julius Caesar (JC)

I will be taking the exam this Friday.

I'm nervous about it because I only revised 20% of JC.

Still got 80% more to go! T.T

Even though I am taking literature, I don't really enjoy Shakespeare's work.

Maybe it's just me making it look hard.

And to think that I am going to study on another 2 more of Shakespeare's work, 'King Lear' and 'The Tempest' next year just makes me go crazy!

Oh well... After the exam, I am completely free from academic work.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time is 2.30am

Just managed to complete half of Julius Caesar essay.

Dead tired.

-hugs Wataru & Bearbear to sleep- xD

Midnight Yogurt

Mango, strawberry, vanilla, grape

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bearbear, the secretive father revealed!

Bearbear: Mommy is going to sleep soon... Hmmm... I wonder if I should ask..

Me: Bearbear, is there something on your mind?

Bearbear: Mommy, I know I asked you before.. Urm.. -scared- Who is my father?

Me: -relunctant- Bearbear...

Bearbear: -curious- Is it Wataru?

Me: -shocked- How did you...?

Bearbear: Mummy looks so happy when he is around.

Me: =) Yes, bearbear. He is your father. We didn't live together. I'm sorry...

Bearbear: Its okay mommy! Even if mommy & Wataru are not going to stay together, as long mommy is happy, bearbear is also happy!

Me: Bearbear... -hugs- Thank you

Bearbear: -hugs-

Being random again.

Janggeum's Dream

Its a Korean anime.

I think this is my 1st Korean anime.

Its about Janggeum learning a variety way of cooking whilebeing a palace cook and travelling around the North Korea.

Its kinda based on the Korean drama 'Jewel of the Palace'.

Somehow it inspires me to cook.


Lunch earlier was this soup.

Carrots, broccoli, meat & big onions.

The soup was very sweet.


The seasoned fruit.


Let's go for another bowl.


In the middle of class.

Doing 'A View From The Bridge' by Arthur Miller

In the library

Doing essay.

Last minute work.


Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today was my Economics Test. It was horrible. I wish I had studied earlier. Oh well...

*throws confettis*

At the canteen, when I saw Miji did some 'art' work, I thought of joining too.

Carved 'ViViD' on the styrofoam container.

Filled with the 'special paintcolour'. Can you guess?

'This Is Art'

This is our 'paintcolour'. Any ideas? =D

Friday, November 6, 2009

My AS Literature in English Exams + The Wait

Today was my Eng Lit AS. And you'd never guess what happened.

I woke up around 9am today, which was one hour late then I supposed to wake up. The night before I studied til 1am and actually overslept. Procrastinated for 1 hour and got into the serious mode at 10-ish. It wasn't full concentration because of last minute work.

There's like tonnes of things and quotes to remember in a time span of 3 hours so I was afraid I couldn't answer the paper. A lot of things were in my head like what if you can't do any of the questions because you ignored that part which you thought it was not important (I still think the whole context is important) OR nervous strikes and you go totally blank.

So I followed my cousin to school. Upon arrival, I saw Sie Ying. She took AS Business Studies as well. Then as we were chatting, she mentioned about Economics tomorrow.

Me: 'Ha, got Eco meh tomoro?'

SY: 'The final exam one'

Then I realised that I totally forgotten my Economics MCQ. I was too absorbed into Literature that I forgotten I have the last paper for my EOY. So about 2.15pm we entered the hall. Me and Faiz were searching for our seat (our first time entering the exam hall) and couldn't find it. So we were approached by an invigilator who seemed to look at our confusion.

I told him that we were supposed to sit for literature paper and another female teacher was like 'oh, so its the 2 of you! You see, we received orders from the MOE that the literature paper is to be sat from 4.30pm because some students in the capital took both BS and EL.'

I was like 'WHAT??? 4.30PM? THAT MEANS OUR EXAMS WILL END AT 6.30PM!'. The invigilator did said that we could sit it now but we will still be quarantined till 6.30. So me and Faiz decided to sit for the paper at 4.30pm.

The time between 2.30 to 4.30 is what I called as 'The Wait' (the blog title). So we have 2 hours before the exam and we went to the canteen for our revision. But after a while we got bored so we decided to walk to the nearest shop. The journey was prolly 10 minutes walking. We arrived at the shop and picked out some drinks and snacks. I choosed Cola Zero, water and M&M. It's been like AGES since I had M&Ms. Faiz's treat =D (Thanks!)

So after walking back from the shop, we revised a little more and entered the exam hall. You know, being the only 2 students sitting for the paper with about 8 invigilators in the hall felt 'different'. So after being issued of the question paper, I went straight to see the question.

I was intimidated at first, seeing the essay questions of both Song of Ourselves (SoO) and Jane Eyre (JE). The essays looked easy but I haven't a clue in answering that. Though my tutor did told us that essay is relatively easier to score than text analysis, I choosed text analysis for both JE and SoO.

I was writing non-stop for 2 hour. Analyzing the question and thinking on what to write. It kinda reminds me of sitting the Additional Maths paper for Mid Year in form 4 for the first time where I calculated and doing the paper non-stop for 2 hours. Only that I wrote a lot and too much. 3 and a quarter pages for SoO text analysis and almost reaching 4 pages for the text analysis on JE. Its like writing a 1000 words of essay in one hour, only that you were given references. Yeah, I think I wrote about 1000 words each. At least there is no word limit so not a problem. =)

So the time stroke at 6.30 and I finished the exam! Yeah~! The male invigilator was like 'you guys been non-stop writing since 4.30, can get A.' I really hope I can get A. I mean, if I got A for AS, then it's say goodbye to the first 4 books of the syllabus. I was relief that the first half was over.

My right hand feels numb right now. It was this 'wobbly, itchy' feel, get me?

I am determine to do well for William Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' and Arthur Miller's 'A View From The Bridge', which is for my next paper next Friday. Hopefully the question is not that hard.

But for now, study Economics. Maybe not since it's only MCQ.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shou and Ruki

This is an article taken from MusicJAPANPlus (Link here)

[blog] Who Was Nice to Alice Nine Shou?

Alice Nine was among the artists that participated in the recent V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09. The vocalist Shou appeared onstage in an outfit with black sequins while also sporting red eye-shadow...but there was one problem. He was wearing the exact same kind of things as another artist! Shou talked about what happened at V-ROCK FESTIVAL.

Shou posted the entry on 24th October, 11.37PM which ofcourse was after the event.

"Later [after deciding on makeup and outfit for festival] when I looked at the artist photos of the GazettE-san for their single 'BEFORE I DECAY'...I found that Ruki-san was wearing similar black sequins and also red eye-shadow!

Since I was planning to wear the outfit and put on the makeup for V-ROCK FESTIVAL, I sent an e-mail today [October 24th; the day Alice Nine performed] to Ruki-san and asked, ever so politely, if it was okay to wear similar costumes and use the same kind of eye-shadow.

(Long pause)

There was no reply from Ruki-san!
I thought 'I'm sorry Ruki-san! But I'm going to wear them anyway!'
After we performed and came back to the dressing room, I found that Ruki-san had emailed back to me.
He had written 'Sure, go ahead!' It turned out he hadn't been upset at all! (laugh)
Basically what I'm trying to say is Ruki-san is a very nice person."

How similar did Ruki and Shou look? musicJAPANplus will soon show live photos of V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09 so please check them out and have a look!

It's funny that Shou only realises the black sequin and red eye shadow after he decided on what to wear on the actualy day. 'Ruki-san is a very nice person' So sweet~
I did tried to compare Shou's outfit with the pictures of Ruki. Well, look at the picture below and they are similiar! Shou's eye shadow is not that 'red' compared to Ruki's though (as in those promotional pictures of BEFORE I DECAY)

Ooh! I found the post on Shou's blog posted on 24th October, 11.37PM. (Link here)


後日、先輩のthe GazettEさんの「BEFORE I DECAY」のA写を見たら

















Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's Day

I cramp all my History work in from yesterday's 8-ish until 2.30am today, which includes chit chat, onlining on phone, etc... Gosh, I really hate last minute studying! Why don't I ever learn?

So I woke up late, around 6.45am and got ready like half an hour later. When I got into the class, I felt like everyone is prepared. Well, all of them were reading the notes so it looked like some kind of 'serious' class. It didn't intimidate me that much.

So the paper was given and flipped through the question. The essays killed me! Cramming never really works for me so I was kinda shocked when I look at the questions. I felt almost blank.

Well, 3 hours to write 4 essays is tiring. I plan about 15 minutes in total for the 3 essays. I think I did badly. But what's done is done. The last question I did was the source based questions. That one really made me like a lawyer, re-read the sources again and again but still couldn't come up with any answers. In the end, I just simply wrote. A little bit of crap.

Overall = Not satisfying But I am glad the heavy loaded essays are over this year!

So after History, me and Faiz got some tutoring from Ms UK in preparation for our Eng Lit AS. *gulp* She previously ave us this particular text analysis on Jane Eyre. We took about 3 hours to complete it and Ms UK gave us a O.o look. Well, I can't help it! Tutor said I have no problem in writing but the cons, I wrote somethings that are not relevant to the question.

Gotta go and hardcore Eng Lit. I hope to get a good grade this year coz if not, I need to pay for next year. T_T

Monday, November 2, 2009

At the school library

I went to bed at around 3am today. The coffee I drank didn't combat much of my tiredness. Then I woke up at 7.30am. After a quick breakfast, I tried to finish my procrastinated homework. Went to school at 8.30am. Eng Lit tutor last minute cancelled the class so I ended up at the library.

Saw Feeqa, Su Ling and Miji. I tried to finish my text analysis (which in the end I finally did! Phew~) and I didn't study much. It's hard for me to concentrate when there are friends chat once in a while. The girls started to draw doodles. I guess I was carried by it too.

Liza loves Wataru ^^

Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st November

Today is 1st November. Nothing interesting has happened yet. The only interesting thing that happen is that I haven't start flipping my History books which the exams is on the 4th.

I want this week to quickly end. It's torturing.

Well, that's a boring 1st post of the month.