Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

Currently at my cousin's place. The connection here is like 'snail'.
Earlier afternoon all of us went to my cousin's place. We stopped by Supa Save to buy some stuffs. Ice cream. ^^

Then my aunt dropped us at C A Mohammad to eat murtabak. She said there very delicious. Heh... ==" So ordered murtabak telur and teh tarik.

After that left to my cousin's place. Watched a lot of satellite TVs. Most of it are like CMs. I saw Kohaku news!!! AKB48, Ayumi Hamasaki, Tohoshinki are among the performers for this year's Kohaku.


Printscreened this while I watched the making of Sakura Tsukiyo. I like their pose ^^

Message to Lin


你好!我是丽莎。 我是来之汶莱。私わブルネイ人です。v(^-^)v

我常常都來到你的部落格(ブログ), 希望你会用华文来打你的文章。 哈哈!因为我读不懂日语。。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。

虽然我无法的去看你们的LIVE,我祝你们团体SYNSIDE成功!希望2010年是你们成功的一年! (^∇^)


希望我能收到你的REPLY,可是让你读这MESSAGE我很开心了 (=⌒▽⌒=)

I sent a message to Lin through this blog. I hope he will reply me, although I am sure he will read what I wrote. If he replied, I'd faint! haha! XDXDXD

The Last Day of 2009

So I'm just going to type whatever that fills in my head. I guess it's going random.

2009 is probably the 'stress' year, yet filled with fun and hardship. When I looked through my blog, of course, there are just so many things I didn't really blog in. I mean, there are just some things I am afraid to blog in.

But anyways, life in College is HELL. Just about 4 hours ago when I told my mom about next week school reopening, all those images of homeworks and tests and exams filled in my brain. Those jargons of sentences and texts and phrases. Suddenly I am afraid of going back to school.
But to think that I just need to pull through for about 11 months, after that it's FREEDOM til university. So it's 10 months of studying til my ass off versus procrastination + chances of not going overseas.

I know 2010 would definitely be a tough year for me as I am going to sit for my A Levels. *gulp* The expectations are there. All I have to do is 'study and score'. Funny that whenever I wanted to be serious I tend to slack off from my purpose.

I don't want that happen again. I mean all the years I had been 'slacking off' and starting tomorrow onwards, I am going to change. Well, hopefully. It's for my own future. No one can study for me, no one can sit my exams for me. I am what I am.

There are a lot of plans going on for me. I mean, there are decisions to decide as to whether I am going to join the debate thingy again or not. A lot of seniors said second year is damn tough than the first. I don't know.

Then I need to decide on how to apply a scholarship to Japan. **Whee** I remembered Ms UK & Mrs Imelda said I have the potential to go for MINDEF scholarship (which means straight As, no exception). I haven't done much thinking about MINDEF cause the requirements = tedious.
I wanted to apply the Japanese one so that I can attend all those one-man lives and buy singles+albums because my interest is Japan. I don't want to go to United Kingdom for my degrees. Why? Cause it's too 'common'. Too 'common' like a lot of students go to UK. I want to be 'different', even though it will affect my future, which is another thing I have to think throughly.

All these thinking stuffed my brain like STACKED RUBBISH. Layla always said this. Haha!

All in all 2010 is a challenging year. I mentally told myself that I need to leave the 'visual kei world' (all those updates, new songs, etc...) if I want to do even better. That's like forcing myself to give up my interest for 11 months. I doubt it'll happen cause, I mean, I can't just give up everything! Maybe limiting is the word. Yeah, I need to limit my 'fandom' for a long moment. I believe it's for the better.

I am not gifted with a smart brain like I wish I had. So I guess it's up to me to create my own history in 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ups & Downs of 2009

2009 is almost over. A lot of things & events happened throughout this year. Listed down some stuffs that I recalled.

1. I dropped Mathematics. I just couldn't take Mechanics.

2. Owned Utada & BSB newest albums. xD

3. Death of Michael Jackson & Jasmine You of Versailles.

4. Bands that I once listened/still listening/heard of disbanded. They are:

LUPO LABEL & bergerac - 12-09

since1889 & sectMa - 01-08

176BIZ - 17-03

Black:List - January

Hime ichigo - 09-12

5. Joined Bridging Minds and got 'Best Performer Award'.

6. Received a Peta from Ryouga ^^

7. Failed ONCE for this entire school year, inclusive of homework marks, topical tests and exams. (And vow not to fail in 2010)

8. My nails were long. About 1cm long. Broke my own record.

9. I cosplayed Isshi of Kagrra, . Cosplayed failed.

10. I did my very first album review. It's on the GazettE's DIM.

11. Miko-chan and I promised each other to go to Japan one day! Oh-my-God! I can't wait for that day to come!!! The one-man lives, splurge... Ahh~ Thinking about it just made me smile! =)

12. Did my own weird Halloween makeup. =D

13. Said did not want to take AS but took it anyways. I hope I'll get A.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No rice

Today no rice were served. Just ate bread and noodles.

Feels so weird for not having rice. Just something 'off'.

It's good too, I guess.



Seeing the picture above made me smile wide. =)

Phantasmagoria is going to perform again!!!


IORI?!?! What ever happened to your hair?! I don't really like it ==" Your not that charming prince anymore~ haha... JUN looks nice. Well, at least your trademark pink hair is there ^^ Riku... Hmm... Nothing much change. I like your hair though. Why can't Iori's hair be lke yours??? No more blue hair for Matoi, but his 'mean' eyes are there. Sweet~ KISAKI-sama!!! You are just beautiful!

They were removed from their 'Disbanded' page under UCP. I wonder if Kisaki is planning a REVIVAL for them? Ahhh!!! MY FAVOURITE VKEI BAND IS GOING TO PERFORM AGAIN!

Monday, December 28, 2009

JaME Votes!

Click here to vote!

I'm excited~

Artist of the Year


Album of the Year
Quite hard for this one! I have either 'Utada - This Is The One' or 'the GazettE - DIM' to pick on. In the end I picked Utada - This Is The One.

Single of the Year


Concert/Event of the Year

An Cafe in London

Surprises of the Year

Definitely SUGIZO joining X JAPAN. When I heard of it, I was like "WHAT??????" Seriously a BIG surprise for me!

Dissapointment of the Year

Various musicians passing away: Jasmine You (Versailles), Kaori Kawamura (Sorrow, solo), Masahiro Shimura (fujifabric), Kiyoshiro Imawano (RC Succession, solo), Futoshi Abe (THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT)

Needless to say, I half grieve Jasmie You's passing til today.

KAT-TUN Frenzy

D/l KAT-TUN singles. Got all their 4 albums liao.

I'm going to buy your stuffs one day! Just wait.. T_T

So much for a hang out...

Yeah, it's all bad timing too. With the government payday coming in, for sure families want to bring their kids out. I can't blame that. Besides, who doesn't procrastinate their homework til this last few days before school?

And there goes my phone credit. About $2+ gone, so much for a meeting. Why can't I at least get a reply or MAYBE AT LEAST A MISSED CALL that said "I received your text message"? Yeah, texting your boyfriend or girlfriend all day and night you have the credit but when it comes to a missed call which doesn't EVEN COST A CENT you are being a lazybone and not even bother to do so. What the hell?

I appreciate those who replied my texts and telling me reasons why you couldn't make it today. Thanks a bunch.

To those who don't, and I doubt you are reading this coz you are being M.I.A (missing in action), well, I'm dissapointed.

Maybe I shouldn't even bother this shit.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today's Day

Today was probably a shitty day.

Woke up in the morning to find that I only have yogurt for breakfast. Okay, that's not that bad. Went to the market. Wanted to buy those oily food which are delicious but didn't because mom was like "No you cannot buy" face.

Then after lunch went to buy two pairs of shoes. A pair of high heels and flat heels. I wasn't allowed to buy high heels because "you don't know how to wear them". It's kinda true.

The worst: I had a haircut. I told the lady to cut my front hair straight, like this:

But instead it turned out bad. FUGLY (F*cking + Ugly). It's too damn short! I said before the brows but maybe I should have said right on the brows.... AHHHH!!! Cut thin my hair ahh... Maybe should not have asked it. It's too frickin' thin! How am I going to curl like HIZAKI? Hopefully by the time that hair is long it's going to be thicker than current state.

So I guess that's the worst haircut I ever have.



One more week til school reopens.

I am SO not ready to go to school!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another peta!

Whee~ I got another peta from Riu of GEEK. ^^

So I FINALLY deleted ALL those songs that I never listened. =\ I think I cleared off 2GB of music that I never listened.

Don't simply download =\

Still I have TONNES of files to clear! It's too hard and demanding... haha

Recycle ALL!

After all those time of clearing those unwanted papers, it's time to recycle them.

Arrived at the recycling centre.

Cute doggy ^^

In the midst if those papers...

Found this! Took it home without the people there knowing xD

All those papers we recycled weighed about 480kg. That's about 10 years of papers collection if you ask me.

What is Visual kei?

View that video above and understand visual kei more. =D There are English subs so don't worry about JRockers aspeaking Japanese

Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas Dinner (sort of...)

Went to my mom's friend's place for X'mas dinner. It was okay la... There's no one that I know there so quite bored. We left about 1 1/2 hours later, receicing this:

My X'mas prezzie. It's just snacks.



One man army vs 2 troops




The afternoon so far

Slept at 4am after going online. I think I kinda woke up my sis. She said something about "Light exposure at night can cause cancer" Maybe she means light from mobile phone.. No idea...

Woke up at 12.30pm. I wanted to have brunch but the road to kitchen was blocked, especially to get the food. T_T But in the end I did ate.

So I'm stuck at the living room. My cousins came over. Had a long chat with them.


I had watched the PVs of w-inds.'s 'New World' & 'Truth ~Saigo no shinjitsu~'. <3 the vids! It's like those R&B dances + feel. Thanks to the songs, I feel like dancing everytime I listen to them.

Then watched SINCREA's 'White X'mas' PV & the making of the PV. The PV was okay.. It's very 'still' most of the time. But I like how the snow comes in. The making made me love those boys~ It's so funny! The boys showed their dorky sides. Cute. ;D

Last was Vidoll's 'Eve'. When I saw the preview, there was a women. Warning: Fangirl mode. Skip this if you can't bear THERE WAS A WOMAN IN THE PV!!! NOOO! The last few singles had been having female 'actors' like the one in Puzzle Ring & Cryptic Tokyo. And now Eve too?! Well at least in Eve the furthest Jui & the girl went was just touching the hand without showing their faces. If they do show their faces + holding each other's hand, I AM GOING TO KILL HER! JUI IS MINE!

The PV, nothing much. I like everyone dressed in black though.

Japanese X'mas Songs


SINCREA - X'mas Day

KAT-TUN - White X'mas

L'Arc-en-Ciel - Hurry X'mas

w-inds. - Yakusoku no Kakera

Ayumi Hamasaki & Gackt - Itsuka no Merry Christmas

Bearbear X'mas greeting



New blog layout!

It's been a LONG while since I changed a blog layout. Trust me, it wasn't easy finding one.

Ended up I found this.


Not to mention it's pink

Like it? Comment at cbox! =D

Thursday, December 24, 2009


the GazettE 'A HYMN OF THE CRUCIFIXION' is today.

*sigh* Lucky fans get to spend their X'mas Eve with the GazE boys..

Me? Well... No one.



X JAPAN is going to the States!


They're going to be in Hollywood! Aaah!

It's scheduled on 9th January 2010.

If I'm in America, I am sure going, even if there is heavy snow whatsoever!

SYNSIDE Guitar Picks~

Uaaa~ *_*

Pic taken from Lin's blog.

I want 1 even if I don't play a guitar

On the guitar pick is written:

"Reward be the pain


Reward be the pain? I don't get it... Pain is the reward huh?

Is it 1 one of those Master Yoda's English?

Or those 'funny-but-understandable-English' that Japanese rockers tend to use in Engrish lyrics?

Oh well... =\


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bearbear met Santa?

"Mommy mommy! I saw Santa Claus!"

"Oh..." *disbelief* "Where did you see Santa?"

"In my dream last night!"

...... (No comment)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the GazettE DIM SCENE Tour09

IT'S OUT! GAAAH! I wanna watch!

For sure I can't


If I just have a laptop my 2009 will end just nice!

No laptop = SUCK BIG TIME

Realisation of Life

Today only slept about 4 hours. Went to the hospital. Today is the longest stay at the hospital ever! Finished at around 11.30am.

My grandma went to the eye clinic. It's confirm that she has cataract. The right eye is more serious than the left. I don't know what to say. The cause is because of diabetes. It's just too scary. According to the medical file, she has it in 2006 but she said she was not informed by the doctor then. Now I believe in human mismanagement. Damn.

Then it hit me. I gotta take care of my health before something worse hit me. It's tough being what I am. I sometimes told myself that if I don't start controlling, I am soon dying.

I mean, getting your doses of medicine from the pharmacy, especially from the PHY (which means those who are being treated with specific illnesses) is not funny. Seen those patients with HUGE amount of medicines, from a dozen or two of needles to big boxes of tablets, it's frightening.

Prevention is better than cure

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pink evening sky

Kono sora wa kirei desu ne~

It's the 4th time I cried

不知道为什么只要一看VERSAILLES团体的SERENADE MV,眼泪就会不由得掉下来。

应该是那团体打Bass的Jasmine You。






Jasmine You过世时才三十岁。




'Straight Through My Heart', the song I am listening to

It's 2.35 AM.

Earlier I was hardcore with my phone that I didn't realise the battery level.

It was left 4%.

Which means I broke my own record for having the flat battery power!

Last time was 5%! Whee~

As I am typing this, my phone is in charging mode.

Plus, listening to BSB This Is Us album.

<3 them SO much! XD

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chinese post




去之前我吩咐她买我最喜欢的 专辑。




Teru of Versailles

Last night (or rather today) I had a dream on Teru

It's exactly that face appeared in my dream!

I can't recall much but I think the whole band of Versailles too appeared.

Kawaai Teru! ^3^

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Got a lamb plushie & BSB newest 'This Is Us' album! YEAY!

Thanks to sis for buying the BSB album at Melbourne~ ILU! xD


So empty

Friday, December 18, 2009


The 'thing' above is a mameshiba.

It's a green bean with a face of a dog.


Reno said that IV had that mameshiba face. XD

ViViD New Single!


3rd Single - Across The Border
Release Date - 2010.02.17

Limited Edition Type A (CD + DVD)
1890円 (Tax in)

#1 - Across The Border

#2 - 夢ノミチシルベ (Yume no Michishirube)

Across The Border MUSIC CLIP

Limited Edition Type B (CD + Booklet)
1890円 (Tax in)

#1 - Across The Border

#2 - Feast of the Moon

#3 - 夢ノミチシルベ (Yume no Michishirube)

A 12-page booklet

Normal Edition (CD) 1575円 (Tax in)

#1 - Across The Border

#2 - トワイライト (Twilight)

#3 - 夢ノミチシルベ (Yume no Michishirube)

Source: Brand-X

OMG! I can't wait!

the GazettE

Found this picture while surfing the net.

Is it me or those GazE boys are hot!

And stylish too ^^

They all look tall in that pic even though Ruki is the shortest xD

5.30pm - Russian

In addition to my 'History Wall', I had added another timeline.

It's 'The Russian Revolution (1900 - 1927)'.

Even though I posted it at my wall, I have the slightest feeling that my tutor won't be teaching the Russian Revolution.

I don't know...

There's only one thin textbook on it so it should be 'short' compared to the others but I have problems with Russian names.

No offence but its kinda difficult.

Maybe I just need extra reading.

Time waits for no man

It's just too scary to think that the week after Christmas is New Year.

Then 4 days later school sessions will start.

And then we are Seniors in the college.


I seriously hate being hungry after midnight

Luckily there is food to consume

1 more week until X'mas~ [Bearbear's POV]

"Mommy, mommy!"

"Yes, Bearbear?"

"Christmas is 1 more week! Yeay! Bearbear can't wait!"

"Bearbear can't wait?"

"Bearbear can't wait for Santa Claus to give me presents!"

"Oh... *chuckles* Has Bearbear been good this year?"

"I behave well this year, mommy! What will happen if Bearbear did not behave well?"

"Then Santa Claus will not give Bearbear presents. Santa does not give presents to naughty kids."

"I hope Santa does give me present! Bearbear wants presents~"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy birthdays!

L-R: Ryuichi, Keita, Ryohei

I cannot believe that I almost forgot!

Yesterday was Ryuichi's bday!

And today is Keita's bday!

Gaah! Happy birthday (and belated) boys!


Isn't she he pretty?

*sigh* If only I am that pretty~ Jealously rage

I want to cosplay HIZAKI one day!!!

The Origins of WW I & WW II (1871-1941)

The moment I look at that 2 metre high papers, the more fear I have.

School is opening soon!

There are at least 30 historical dates to remember!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009





纸上写的是世界大战一和二的开始时间 (1871-1941)。




Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15 more days and counting

I am in deep shit.

There's just about 15 days til 2010 and I haven't really touch my books.

Well yea I touch them everyday but not getting any texts absorbed and digested into my brain is BIG EFFING DISASTER!

God... This is bad.

How on Earth am I going to survive next year...

Yea, I can bet my poker chips that next year is going to be like HELL.

Monday, December 14, 2009









Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was happy to hear that Versailles' SERENADE PV is out.

Throughout the PV I kept on looking at the spot where Jasmine You used to stand in between of Teru & Yuki.

I cried.

He's not coming back anymore, is he?

The PV itself was already heart-breaking, let alone the sad melody of the music.

Watching it for the 1st time crushed my heart a little.

It's too touching!

At least some elements of Jasmine You are visible at the other 4 members' outfit.

Versailles moved on.

"Welcome to Versailles"

For all the GazettE fans out there ^^

Saturday, December 12, 2009



Today is 12012 Free Live at Shibuya C.C Lemon Hall!

If only I am in Japan today...

Desperate to see Wataru & the rest perform

I hope in the future if I happen to be in Japan I will get to see their live


Friday, December 11, 2009

X'mas songs

Its 2 more weeks until Christmas!

The Japanese X'mas songs:

Artist - Song title

w-inds. - Yakusoku no Kakera

L'Arc-en-Ciel - Hurry X'mas

KAT-TUN - White X'mas

SINCREA - X'mas Day

ヴィドール (Vidoll) - Merry X'mas 2 u The best pick!

Ayumi Hamasaki & Gackt - Itsuka no Merry Christmas


Kuroyame - Merry X'mas I Love You

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Burnt a big hole in my pocket today.


A new album to my CD Collections.

3:37 AM

I think I am starting to be a vampire this month.

4 - ZzZ

12 - Wakey wakey

1 - TV

2 - Spring Cleaning

3 - TV Movies

5 - Bath

6 - Dinner

7 - TV Documentary

8 - TV News

9 - Music

11 - Online

That's basically is happening this week. No study. OMG! I SHOULD BE STUDYING LIKE A NERD! WTF?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

LIN's post


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last night's dream

I had a dream last night. It was about Wataru. I remembered we dated & kissed in that dream. Duno how the 'kissing' actually made me woke up 1 hour earlier.. Hmmm...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Utada Hikaru - DEEP RIVER

Listened to Hikki's album all night.

Love all her songs.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

ClearVeil's NEW looks!

(L-R) Naruka, Ryuto, Saki, Nozomi, Hisayoshi

Saki looks very hot with his hair flares up a bit.
Nozomi, my god! He looks like Tora of Alice Nine. At least his signature green is still there <3
Ryuto! WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?! It looks so spiky, like that Sora of Kingdom Hearts.
Naruka.. Uh... I don't know why but I don't really like your looks.. Hisayoshi looks familiar.. A bit like Ayabie's Intetsu from the side. He's getting better xD

Friday, December 4, 2009

the GazettE Nameless Liberty Six Guns -FINAL-

I watched the GazettE NLSG, skip a lot of songs coz I didn't plan to watch all -yet-. I cried during the end of the show. Tears just came out from my eyes. When it came out, I was like "Eyh? Why am I crying? Stop crying la..." I can't stop. Thanks for the subs, at least I know what Ruki is saying. Uruha cried the most. Poor Uru.. Love that Uruki moment during Silly God Disco

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hang out!

What a day! Left the house at about 10.30am. Followed SY's car. The driver is her bro. Her cousin Ivan followed too. Great to know someone new.

On the way, there was a damn long queue. I think we queued for about 30 to 45 minutes. The police spot check was freaking slow. So the 4 of us were complaining about the slowness of the police, Michael Jackson's death and all, DPMM football team. lol Boredom in the car.

We arrived at The Mall around 12.45pm. The first thing was to book the tickets for the movie. Luckily we managed to get the 2pm tickets. SY and her bro went for New Moon while Ivan & Me went for Ninja Assassin.

Shit! Rain is effing muscular. 8 packs. Haha. But the movie, too much of killing. The blood looks like tomato sauce squirted out from those people. Rain's scar is effing real. But yeah, too much violence for kids. There are some scenes where I have no guts to watch, especially the scene where Raizo, the character Rain played, where he was ordered to kill a man. Damn. It's just too gruesome. Nevertheless, I rate 8/10. Good job Rain! You're a badass! I think I'm going to start listening to Rain because of that movie. The movie lasted for about 1 hour 40 minutes.

Met Dhayati, a JENESYS friend. Last met her was 2 years ago on December 2007 at the airport where we said our farewell. I can't believe she could recognise me coz I couldn't even recognise her!

Then it was total Arcade. The 3 of us, exclude SY's bro, spent like 3 hours. Crazy! We played the Basketball like 5 times. We went overboard for the kids basketball until the balls were stucked at the net (picture below).

I didn't know there were tickets for some of those games. I was a little high on those tickets. lol Then we went to K-Box. Sang about 10+ songs. We were entertainment high, not alcoholic high~

It was about 7+pm when we left The Mall. Since SY & Ivan haven't been to the night market at Gadong, we went there for dinner. SY's bro bought a lot of food for all of us to share. Bought beef kebab. Hmmm not bad la, still prefer the one in Town.

I love today. I don't think I ever experienced it before. Damn, it was really fun~ No adults, just us "kids".

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We are Fangirls! - 2.00AM

I'm dead tired but just a quickie.

Miko chan and I were fangirling on JRock bands.

Members of D=OUT ARE EFFING HAWT! *nosebleed*

Especially vocalist Kouki! who looks like my husband Wataru hence Wataru-clone. Damn. I'm in love with him~

Miko: Since Liza is taking Kouki, I must let you (Kouki) go *tearful*

Me: Don't cry~ *Shares Kouki with Miko*

Miko: What? You're willing to share Kouki, your husband-clone guy to me? XD

Me: Kouki's just a clone, Wataru's the real guy xDD

Miko: lol The way you said reminds me you are a scandalous woman..

Me: I'm a scandalous woman, just don't tell husband Wataru about this *shhh* XD

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guess that Japanese performer

Since today's the 1st of December, I feel like posting some 'firsts'.

Above are a list of names that are connected to the Japanese music industries.

There are first male soloist, first female soloist, first rock band, first male visual kei band, first female visual kei band, first boyband and the rest are just my favourites due to their popularity.

So, can you match which is which?