Friday, December 31, 2010

#401–Homemade Pizza

Instead of using the laptop in the late afternoon, I decided to make pizza instead. Thanks to my sister’s help as well. I was just as clueless for some stuffs.


The results. It’s a BIG pizza that its crust produces sound when we hit it.


We set the table with these. Served Royal Select.

#400–New Year’s Eve

It’s hard to believe that today will be the last day of 2010. Tomorrow is the start of a new year.

A new year.. Hmm.. Of course, I want to do better once I get into a university.

I guess the thing I want is a “change” to myself in a good way.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

#399 – Hangout

Yesterday was a hangout, well, more like a reunion for the Mannequins. Unfortunately not all came. But I was glad to see Faiz who’s now in JIS came. He drove all the way from Tutong. Awesome!


I followed Sie Ying’s car. Our instincts told us that it’ll be at IDEAL. Upon arrival, only saw Waie, Amal & Saiful. Then came Khai, Su Ling, Rose, Faiz and Malek. Saw my cousin kakak Azean too with his brother Najib.


We girls sat at one end and the boys at the other end. We shared about our ‘stories’. I guess we are now all grown up huh? lol


We didn’t enter the Exhibition Hall to see the ROBOTS but went to the arcade instead. I never been there myself. I played Time Crisis 2. Somehow I love playing shooting games.


The best part is squeezing 5 people in the photo booth. Me & Sie Ying who stood at the back needed to tip-toed ourselves.


I love Purikuras~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#398–Just 2 more..

Sometimes I’m out of words for the post’s title.

Anyways, I think my life will be more ‘productive’ starting next year.

I miss school =\

And to make up for that, I signed up for an RPG fiction writings. I know my brain was mentally saying “Are you nuts?”

It’s a PoT fiction RPG thingy. Since the character Kaidoh Kaoru needs someone to fill in, well, I signed up.

Fiction writings.. I’m afraid I’ll run out of ideas! lol

I wish I signed this up earlier.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

#397–pairpuri 8


I got my hands on PairPuri 8 featuring Sanada & Ryoma.

Heck, this has got to be the most hilarious pairpuri I’ve watched!

Some screencaps:

Yagyuu & Sanada

Yagyuu & Sanada in suits. Ah~ Gentleman Yagyuu in suits = TOTAL WIN.

Princess Akaya

Akaya in a dress. LOL! I bet he was forced by Yukimura to wear this.

Renji & Sanada

The Rikkai tennis club is performing a Cinderella skit. Sanada’s the prince and Renji is the attendant?


So halfway through Akaya quits becoming Cinderella and thanks to the almighty Yukimura, Ryoma became Cinderella instead. OMG! SanadaxRyoma!


This is Ryoma’s reaction when he was told that he will be kissed by Sanada! HAHA!


Rikkai’s team sent Seigaku a letter with this photo. *_*

Of course, it would be better if Sanada is carrying Yukimura instead. YES! ALPHA PAIR FTW!

Friday, December 24, 2010



I did this photoshoot of my plushies last night xD


Merry X’mas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#395–One week update

It seemed like ages since I updated my blog. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t bother to when I mentally told myself to update.

Both ‘PLEDGE’ by GazE & ‘Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~’ by Hey! Say! JUMP were released on the 15th. I expected HSJ single to be #1 of the Oricon and GazE’s 2nd. Too bad GazE coz otherwise they would have got a #1 rank single. Still, the releases were great. It’s worth buying them.

Went to Miri on the 17th & 19th. My sis tagged me to go on the 17th with 2 friends. It was all right. Ate laksa at a local stall which is really local. I guess we were the only tourists eating at that stall.

I only bought a snowman for RM7. But I splurged on the trip on 19th.

Brunch was at this place:


And no, I do not enjoy Japanese food across border. Now I understand why Mirians come down to KB for sushi. Picture below is their ‘Dry Set menu’ for RM18.90 The yellow plate at the bottom left is another side dish for RM3.


And worst of all, I forgot there’s TAX. Quite pricey for an average meal overall. Speaking of tax, I did some digi photo processing. Heck, I thought it’ll be RM8 (RM0.80 per piece, I asked to process for 10 pcs) but it turned out to be RM11. Shiet. I felt like I’ve been cheated.

Self-note: No Japanese food and no digital photo processing across border.

But the most worth item is from WATSON: A Rilakkuma bear~ I’ve been wanting one of those for a while now. xD


I am sad that kagrra, will disband in 2011 but nevertheless, they updated with a new set of costume. I love it.


And I am shamed of saying that I’m a PoT fan when I missed this!

A TENIPURI FESTIVAL in 2011!! [Link here]


OMG Forget about JRock one man lives or concerts, this is a MUST go!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#394 - mirai iro

Today is the release of Plastic Tree's 'Mirai Iro' single!

Just watched the PV. At first I didn't noticed it. OMG CHIBI RYUTARO IS JUST SO ADORABLE! Not to mention chibi Ryutaro shares the same haircut with the adult Ryutaro. lol

Monday, December 13, 2010



Thanks to a post in LJ, I like InooBu pair xD


Sunday, December 12, 2010

#392–err.. shopping?


Went to the Mall today. Watched HP 7 at Cinema 8. Funny thing is, I was late for 20 minutes. lol So much for watching the movie. I thought the movie started at 12.,50 and to think that it was at 12.30pm. A misconception of time indeed. =_=


But I guess the best thing I bought today were nail polishes.



The far left is the grey coloured nail polish from Skin Food. The other 3 were from Face Shop. Face Shop one were 3 for $9.90. I just can’t resist myself from buying it. lol


Bearbear met Santa Claus snowman at Skin Food. lol


I bought Pocky today~ I missed this food ^^


This is the most not worth item I bought. It’s $3.90 but the only content I got was some cardboard to make a pokemon and a PIECE of chewing gum! lol I thought it’s gonna be a large square piece but turned out to be A PIECE. Well, it’s from Japan so yea.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

#391–SYNSIDE to disband

If Taku’s death made me worse, SYNSIDE’s decision to disband made me even worst!

There were just too much to digest these 2 days.

I cried when I know Taku’s death, let alone SYNSIDE’s disbandment.

The reason as to why they wanted to disband is due to musical indifferences. It’s common for many bands to have this reason for their disbandment.

But why on the band that I like? –sigh-

It’s just so heart breaking.

Their last one man live will be on 31st March next year. If only I have the $ to attend their last live.

Dear santa, please send me $2000 cash. Thank you.

Friday, December 10, 2010

#390 - r.i.p Taku







R.I.P Taku

(Forgive my lousy cropping and text)

#389 - brilliant snow

Kato Kazuki-sama~~~

I love this song ^^

Thursday, December 9, 2010

#388–they’re here~


I ordered it somewhere else few months back and I didn’t mind the long wait. Thanks to ma cuzzie for bringing it for me.

The contents are:


Aoi’s guitar pick from Stacked Rubbish tour. It’s for a friend of mine (of course, he pays later) until, IT’S MINE!! MUAHAHA!


12012 Usubeni to Ame flyer. I got this free~

DSC09378 DSC09380

10212 TATTOO single~ It’s the limited edition single. I want this coz Wataru is the cover xDDD The postcard was sold seperately although if I were to buy this from Like An Edison, the postcard would have come as a freebie.

DSC09379 DSC09381

12012 Heart The Clip & their 1st album, PLAY DOLLs limited edition. For Heart The Clip, it’s only the PV for ‘Heart’. Gosh I missed the song so much xD For PLAY DOLLS, the PV is ‘Icy Cold City’. I love 12012 during their indie days more. hehe

#387 - The Red Carpet Days PV

This video appeared as a recommended video at my YT account.

I was like "huh? There's a PV for 'The Red Carpet Days'? How come I never knew about it?"

And LOL!!! This has to be the best dorky PV by Versailles ever! KAMIJO, you are just so adorkable! Hizaki's hair is so damn long! But I'm kinda happy to know that my hair's length is about to reach the same as Hizaki's. xD

A lot of evidence of KamijoxTeru pairings~ -dies of happiness-

R.I.P Jasmine You, the eternal member.

#386 - Takumi-kun 4: PURE


I need to thank Kyra-chan for upping Takumi-kun 1,2 & 3 in MF for me. I love her. ;D

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#385–purple nails

So I removed that purple + pink nail coatings earlier and to my surprise, my nails are purple!!


No, that picture is not being photo-shopped. I did not coat my nails with base/top coats either.

This is so cool! I can’t wait to have those nails grow~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#384 - momusu element

I lol’ed when I saw these 2 pics of HSJ:



The position of HSJ taken, it’s like I’m seeing them as Morning Musume members, only that they’re hot guys, not girls.

See the similarities?



The member who stands at the centre are usually the leader. But for HSJ’s case, I guess it’s just random positions. It’s better this way~

Sunday, December 5, 2010

#383–last night

Meant to post this yesterday but somehow I didn’t bother to. lol

So anyways, my sister came back from Mulu after her 4 days 3 nights adventure. She bought us stuffs, though I didn’t expect her to do so. hehe.


This is a Batik purse. I really like what she bought for mom.


Free postcards from the resort I think?


And she bought me this bracelet. I totally love it as it is green~

My cooking was horrible. =_= What I thought was easy to accomplish wasn’t that easy at all. heh


Salmon fish. Yumm.


Not perfect pieces. They’re all, uh..


lol Only one piece remains ‘perfect’

Saturday, December 4, 2010

#382 - Sexy Wataru


This was from their XIII Party DVD. Gosh after watching it I so want to buy this DVD!!! Gaaaah! 12012 performing one of my favourite indies song 'Boku no kara kara'.

Shirtless Wataru, Tomo and Yuusuke = -dies in a pool of nosebleed-

#381–Versailles 2011 Calendar

Teru posted this pic at his blog.



Teru looks so ‘Japanese’ with the flute. lol I don’t know why but he gives me this ‘ancient Chinese’ feel. Kamijo..Curls + Blonde = EH? Somehow it doesn’t look very convincing here.. HIZAKI!!! You’re SO feminine! oh my god. I need to kidnap her, I mean, him!!! Masashi is HOT with the samurai sword. –nosebleeds- YUKI!!! Are you half-naked?!?!

Someone HAS to scan these once they’re out!

Friday, December 3, 2010



The new PV preview of H!S!J is out!

Uaa~ I think I heard ‘xie xie’ (which they sang it as ‘shie shie’) at 0:16. Too much katakana~ Need romanized lyrics! haha

LOL at Kota-kun at 0:55~

#379–Pink + purple nails

I bought this sticker meant for nails. the stickers were curved so I used the sticker for the thumb and index finger. As for the other 3 fingers, I cut out a long piece of tape and stick it over.


Thursday, December 2, 2010



I fried the croquettes. It wasn’t that hard. Yummy~

#377–purple nails


I love my nail colour. It’s dark purple + glitter. Maybe next time I shouldn’t buy glittery nail varnishes coz it takes DAYS to completely remove those glittery stuffs.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#376 – pre-X’mas decor

Went to SLMM to buy some stuff.

I bought a mini X’mas tree just to test out my creativity skills.


Lots of décor on sale.


Can’t wait for it xD


Earlier in the wee hours I played PICO.

At first I randomly props anyone til this guy caught my interest.

Calmando Qual’s MAYA.


We talked in my PICO room for quite some time.

At first I was curious: Is he fake?

As much as I doubt that he is real, I still think he is fake.

I don’t know.. he could be a real MAYA or an imposter.

I even asked him Kansai-ben, which to my surprised, he does know!

He even gave me the official blog which is this.





I used Google Translate for his entry. I had this feeling that he is talking about him. Truth is, I doubted him as the ‘real’ JRocker. OMFG!

I want to talk to him and apologize badly!!!

I want to thank God for letting me to meet a JRocker xD

#374–december 2010

There will be only one December in 2010. After this month it is the new year.

Other places perhaps are snowing already. Speaking of it, I miss snow. 3 years ago, everything that happened was like as if it was in a dream. But it isn’t a dream.

It happened. The snow of Sapporo.

I want to go there again. Every time December comes, I will reminisce the times back in Japan.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#373–we are versailles

Another file that I managed to to d/l from a site was Versailles ‘World Tour 2010 Method of Inheritance GRAND FINAL’. Days before I asked my brother which one to watch first between the GazettE & Versailles. He answered GazE first because ‘save the best for the last’. Boy I didn’t made the wrong decision!

Versailles’ concert was AMAZING! I mean, seriously. They don’t have a long setlist but the performances they brought was SO beautiful and well executed. Somehow it flows as I watch the live.

First song was ‘God Palace –Method of Inheritance-’. I have to say of all Versailles' song, this is a masterpiece from KAMIJO. It’s 10 minutes long and it is a beautifully composed song. The opening was perfect with this song.

Next was ‘Ascendead Master’. I quite like this song a while back and haven’t listened to them recently, I had forgotten how awesome the guitar solo this song had, especially during the part where both Teru & Hizaki played the solo together.

After that was ‘Amorphous’. I like the beginning part of this song where it was played in acoustic guitar first before switching to electric. omg so like Hizaki played the acoustic! –dies-

‘愛と哀しみのノクターン’(Ai to Kanashimi no Nocturne) was played next. Needless to say, this is another great song. This song was played all right I guess.

‘月下香’(Gekkakou) was played after that. It’s the B-side song of Ascendead Master single. Somehow, b-sides are better than the a-side and this is not exceptionally, especially it’s played LIVE~

There was a short announcement by Kamijo that Masashi who had been their support will be Versailles’ 6th member. I am glad that Kamijo said it as ‘六人のメンバ’ (rokunin no memba) = 6th member. The encore was epic. Everyone was calling ‘We are Versailles’ repeatedly.

Versailles came out of the stage with the ‘DESTINY –The Lovers-‘ outfit and played that song. It was considered as a ‘new’ song because that was the first time it was played I believe. The live version is SO much better =3

The last song they played was ‘The Revenant Choir’. Doesn’t matter Kamijo’s Engrish wasn’t that clear, it is another masterpiece after ‘God Palace –Method of Inheritance-’.

The credits of the concert ended with this:


Yes, Jasmine You will always be the Eternal member.

Monday, November 29, 2010

#372–screw tv

SCREW TV was live earlier from 8 – 9PM local time. Too bad it’s only 1 hour but it suffice xD

I remembered before I saw makeupless members of SCREW and didn’t quite like it. OMG! After watching them without makeup, they’re GORGEOUS!

Kazuki-sama xD He’s the coolest one here


Byou and Jin. Byou looks like a doll! MY god.. He is so beautiful!


Manabu & Rui. Manabu looks so cute with his glasses xD


I want this card! T_T


Bye guys! lol During the whole show, Byou keeps on staring at the iPad


The rest of the pics can be found here. It's all my screncaps.