Sunday, January 31, 2010


I'm hungry and not so sleepy. Probably because of the coffee and ginger that I drank after dinner. Yum.

So I did a lot of educational related stuffs today but felt like unprepared. I don't know.

The results are most probably be released tomorrow. I'm mentally not prepared. I haven't register the SMS result thingy. What if I'm disappointed? -worry-

Oh well...

A day's out

After ate my breakfast (a packet of Indomee, yum~) followed mom to the market at 10.30.

It was so hot. But according to mom, that hotness of the sun will eventually bring in rain.

Which did for about 30 minutes during noon.

So after the market, went to make myself a pair of baju kurung. Mom haggled a lot. hehe. A total of $34 spent ($12 tailoring + $22 clothing material) I never like to wear baju kurung but it waws exceptional to do this one.

After lunch, wanna go to this Japanese shop but it's closed. So head over to my neighbour's to print.

I have SO many things to do!!! -dies-


Had a good nights' sleep

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My evening spent

Went to my mom's friend's son's birthday. It was ok.

Met with Loryta, my senior senior. She's 2nd year at Uni. wow.. the last time I met her she was only about to start.

Time flies~

The cicada bug I talked about few posts back RIP.

Poor bug...

Show your support to TOSHI of X JAPAN!

Please click this link to see how YOU can support Toshi!

Toshi is having a hard time lately and I supposed it is not much to write a simple English letter to him =)

I hope he'll be better in shape and continue to rock X JAPAN!

We are X!

~Lovely Couple~

I think them 2 make a lovely Yaoi couple.

I like HIZAKI's smile. It's so sweet~~~

And her his dress!

I think I fell in love with him when I was watching the vid.
Wataru is mine... =D


Is it me or I think assemblies are a waste of time. Well, apart from listening to some mumbling speech by Mr.C (seriously to anyone reading this, if you are speaking with the microphone at your hand, speak clearly ba!) and almost got detained because of my skirt (I guess the silk-like material is unaccepted) morning is boring.

Miko was almost detained too because of the skirt material and she replied "This skirt was the original one from school" a.k.a Mother of all skirts. HAHA

GP was just continuing the comprehension. Thank god no one do 3 strikes law! =D

Then PS. Just read a little bit of History for presentation later which wasn't my turn later

Then during recess or somewhat 4 minutes before the recess end, me, Sie Ying and Kavitha went to 'book' the school blazers for BGIC. Luckily I wasn't late for Eng Lit.

I arrive somewhat 2 minutes after teacher came in class. Phew. Then Ms UK releases her tension on us. She was the tempo tutor for GP Set IA and told us about them. If any of you happen to be in GP Set 1A (and is reading this!) I have no comment. I pity Ms UK since she said that she will be 'under pressure' this few coming weeks.

I wasn't worry about that. I'm worried when she said "it's the 2nd year and you guys haven't hit the button yet for my class". ==" High positive expectation.

Then Econs. Nice and Easy. Though I almost fell asleep -again-.

Then death defying History. I was hoping for tutor to call my group but apparently she didn't.

Friday, January 29, 2010

In the library

Should have known that the library opens at 2.15pm since today is a Friday.

So much for coming at 1.30pm =="

Luckily I brought along my Econs essay homework. So did my Econs essay outside the library. Poor me.

It wes hot again earlier.

So yea, Fazren came first, then Dk Nissa and lastly Mazriana. We're discussing for our GP Presentation.

I did last minute changes to our topic. We're doing the 3-strikes law.

Hopefully no one is doing it. I remembered no one did that. Gotta ask all the groups.

A BIG Insect

It;s not that small...

I was surprised to see such a BIG insect. I mean, not even cockroaches are that big. I don't know how did it ended up at my house.

Playing with the GazettE's song titles

I went to the Bath room to get Discharge from my Nausea & Shudder.
It is a GENTLE LIE if I say I don't suffer from DISTRESS & COMA.
IN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS, OGRE and Maggots comes out from nowhere and LEECHes everywhere.
I suppose it is PEOPLE ERROR to think such way.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm beat

I owe myself tonnes of readings.

Felt like a Uni student for a while.


Today kinda sucks.

History lesson our tutor suddenly wants all of us in groups of 2 or 3 to do a presentation on the whole lessons UNPREPARED. I was damn panic. At least we get to do this Saturday. My god... To think that I was half listening throughout the lessons... T__T

Then GP. Nothing much except that I got a fact wrong. A historical fact.
Martin Luther King Jr with his freedom for the Blacks occurred during 1960s and I wrote it happened between 17th and 18th CENTURY Laugh all you want. Crap.

PS. Saw my senior Fatin and we talked a bit. Good ol' JENESYS programme memory.

Eng Lit continued watching the movie. I don't get the ending though.

Econs. Was sooo sleeepy. I sweat I almost fell asleep. Then tutor go and ask everyone what time they slept. I told teacher I slept at 1 but I guess it differs.


Even though I drank coffee, I'm still tired.

I guess my system is immune to caffeine?

Is there such a thing as immunization to caffeine?

Even so that doesn't stop me from drugging myself with coffee.

Hitting to bed without even studying.

Damn it.

As much as I wanted to, my brain is deprive of oxygen.

I hate this.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I hate it when I have to do something that I don't.

I tried to stay positive but things somehow turned to negative at just one instant.

I don't understand.

It's such an ass sometimes.

When you try to do something beneficial, it backfired.

Eff my life sometimes.

I like my marks

This was the first essay for Eng Lit.

Got the feedback few days ago.


Still, I treated it as a '19' coz there can be no perfect essay score, can it?


I had a list of releases that I started to write since last year and realised that today has the most releases ever~

born - RED HOT COBRA mini album


Karasu - LASTICA

L'arc~en~Ciel - BLESS

SuG - gr8 story (1st major single!)

Sandwich de 120pun? - Kino doku na Shiawase

EAT YOU ALIVE - Coke in a vein

Alpha Vout - Scar Edge

Hi:BRID - glider


Reality check

During PS time I was talking to Izzati about things that I have to do within 2 weeks.

Then it hit me that I haven't really touch them -yet-!


  1. History assignment. Haven't even started.
  2. BGIC research. Only founded one stuff
  3. GP presentation info. Not much =\

Could time fly any slower?

kagrra, - 凛

Nao looks HOT in the PV! I like how his hair (Pic below) was

Too bad that was the only screen that can be viewed clearly in the whole PV

If Isshi has a lil girly face, he would been a very pretty fairy~ xD I love him! HAHA

Fangirlism time!

So I was roaming around LJ Comms (so much great stuffs!)

The complete set here.

She edited her disc 3 of Untitled Vandalism Graced the Beautiful Days DVD.

I see Shou's cleavage xDxD

Versailles launched an official application for iPhones users! I want an iPhone now! Kamijo looks very cute in that app. Kawaaiii~~

That's not Isshi right???

I just haven't get used to kagrra,'s indies days yet. The outfit is for their 'Rin' (凛) PV.

Isshi the pink fairy~ xD

Here's the PV of 凛. Ooh! It's the same kanji for SYNSIDE's Lin!!! Uaa~~

This is from 'a basement Melody...KISAKI Devil's Night No.23 February 2001' It's a book on KISAKI's history.

Aww... KISAKI-sama is uberly cute!

This pic is taken from a Heisei Isshin member (the one standing at the middle but I have no idea who he is)

JUN and IORI = Loves!

I like how JUN stick his tongue out xD

IORI is just so pretty~

And the picture has too many bright colours!

27th January 2010

I felt like my brain is clotting with 'unknown substances'.

Earlier during Econs, I have no idea why my tutor was contradicting herself. She wanted to finish the syllabus ASAP but yet she kept on 'advising' us not to waste time and care about our studies. She asked everyone:

"How many hours do you study in a week?"

Honestly, I think less than 5 last week =S

Gotta add more to it

History was bleh. I didn't listen to our teacher most of time again. She entered late -as always- but understandable. I never loose interest in this subject but sometimes she goes off the tangent which I don't really enjoy as much as Mr TG's. I mean like today, we were learning about Russian's economic situation in the early 1920s and she said something about those poor peasants become prostitutes to survive. =="

I don't know but I don't think it's connected.. I guess that means I had done some readings on those Russian jargon?

Then GP. I like GP lessons nowadays. Somehow I can focus during GPs then others.

After that was PS. Went to the library to bind my History papers = photocopying my BGIC-related stuffs. The binding machine at school is so old. Maybe because I'm a noob in these...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I hope Ryuuto received my letter.


ClearVeil 最高!!!

kagrra no su Ep 75

This episode is about cards. I think they have to guess who is the person when questions are being asked. Most of them are from the year 1500 - 1600
. kagrra, really knows all these ancient Japanese history.. Wow.

Izumi won the game. He's really good! and too HYPER! haha~

So when there is only one last card, Isshi decided to hide it behind the ceiling.

Which was no good coz no one can reach for the card barehanded. So Isshi tried using a transparency to retrieve the card.

So Izumi helped retrieving the card. Nao kiddy-up Izumi xD Shin snatched the retrieved card instead. HAHA

Then later, Izumi and Akiya were both being tied by Nao's uhh hakama belt? the green one at Izumi's legs. haha... It was the wrong card. lol

I must say I enjoy watching 30 year old men boys in this episode. Izumi is sooo childish~~~ I didn't even think they are 30 at all. xD

I'm a front stabber, get that.

Today's assembly was so sudden. No one knows why the assembly was called for. Then prinicipal revealed about the last Saturday's incident where a fight was involved. According to him, it is a first time thing in the school's history. -sarcasm: "Uhh okay?"-

Then he talked about some students uploaded stuffs at FB or at blogs. I didn't really listen to this part coz I was half listening. He said something about "talk bad things about the school at personal websites and it can be traced back to the origin" or something like that.

If any of you are from my school regardless of what post and some stuffs here offends you, "Boo hoo." I don't care if anyone are reading my blog every single day or whatsoever. Maybe the way they know if you are being bad is to send school staffs to add you as 'friend' over at FB?

Yes, I'm being a prejudice here.

And thanks to that unnecessary assembly, we didn't get to watch the drama. Tomorrow no class coz teacher is out for a meeting which means I gotta wait til Thursday. So much for a useless assembly.

Econs class have problem. More like burning rubber smell. No idea how did that happened. History was bleh. I don't know why my mind was elsewhere. Daydreaming about Wataru

GP we were given a task: group presentation. Ughh... I like the topic we all agreed on, which was "What are crime against humanity and how are they dealt with?" The reason I choosed this was because I kinda have an idea of what to present next Weds. Still, I don't like group presentations.

My wish came true!


Yes its 20 past 12 and I'm not yet zZz

Anyways its my daily routine to check for peta, hoping for any JRockers to 'peta' me.

Peta is a feature used in ameba where if they peta you means they had visited your blog




-crazy fangirl mode-

He visited my blog~


Monday, January 25, 2010

Hot JRockers with hats!

Ruki (the GazettE)

Yuugiri (DaizyStripper)

Aoi (the GazettE)

Wataru (12012)

Got the idea to post this from Miko-chan xD

Only Wataru's doesn't quite fit in

He needs attention too! says me =P


I joined the BGIC this year.

Gulps... nervous...

I more or less scheme through the guide lines and anything related.

I must say, I got intimidated!


Gotta calm down....

Yeay~ AnotherHikki album in my collection!

Received my CD today. Unscratched. PERFECT condition.

Thanks to my neighbour who got it from me from the post office. xD

The seller puts in a note. It goes:

"I'm glad to receive your letter. Hand-writing is always friendly. :)

Finally I had received the cash on Thursday very safely. But on the other hand, I didn't really like Paypal. It's exchange rate is worse than local bank, although it is safer on transactions. Btw, my friend tried send cash from foreign to me many times...ha

GazettE is very popular in the world now. I have lots of friends listening to them, maybe the reason is we love visual-rock too.

Anyway I hope you'll receive the CD in a perfect condition!

Best wishes."

Slight edit from the original piece of paper.

I totally agree with the GazettE part! Right on!

Hee~~ I'm just overjoyed with the CD right now.

ViViD Across the Border PV Preview~

Shin was manhandled~ haha

IV stick his tongue out to one of those guards. lol

I see Reno's thigh!!! -drools-

Monday Blues

The first period was PS. We helped teacher set up the projector and all for our Eng Lit.

Watched 'The Importance of Being Earnest' staring Reese Witherspoon! lol Ther are many other casts but I don't know them except her. The movie was okay. We only watched half way today.

During recess 15 of us were called to be briefed on the BGIC Conference. Whee~ Each of us are representing different country.Too bad our tutors picked for us though. =\ I'm representing the Democratic People's Republic of Korea a.k.a North Korea in the area of politics.

Politics! xD Time to jammed my brain with all those History lessons I learnt last year on Communism and blah...

Ms T gave us an essay for eccons. 25 marks! So I guess that's 2 pages of economic explanation? T__T

War Communism again in History. NEP is tomorrow.

A brief idea of what to expect on the next GP lesson. It's 'Crime and Punishment'. Mr TG commented on our essay writing. He might give us tomorrow. -crosses finger-

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another new week tomorrow

Tomorrow is Monday so it's the Monday Blues.

I have no idea why do I say such thing.

I blogged 11 posts (inclusive of this) today.

Yeay~ lol

I wanna reach 1000 sooon

Coz after the 1000th post, well, there'll be something up.


I think I might go to bed early. Maybe not.

12012 stuffs

Uploaded TATTOO preview plus their promo pics. (I'm addicted to their new song preview~ xD)

Click here for TATTOO preview wma only.

Click here for TATTOO preview wma and their promo pics together (rar format).


Song and pictures credits to 12012

All uploads are in mediafire.

ViViD Across the Border Preview

Jargon of Russia History

I just finished copied ALL the thousands of texts from a web to Microsoft Words.

Why not just print it straight from the web?

Nah... it'll consume a lot of ink.

Not saying that printing 24 documents doesn't.


The first time I looked at the song title 'B&C' by Hikki I haven't a clue. Only like years later then I realise B&C stands for Bonnie and Clyde. lol It was actually written in the lyrics but it didn't strike me then.

Then another question pop up in my head, ''Who are Bonnie and Clyde?"

Extracted from here.

Bonnie Parker was just shy of five feet tall, all of 90 pounds, a part-time waitress and amateur poet from a poor Dallas home who was bored with life and wanted something more. Clyde Barrow was a fast-talking, small-time thief from a similarly destitute Dallas family who hated poverty and wanted to make a name for himself. Together, they became the most notorious crime couple in American history.

Bonnie and Clyde met in Texas in January 1930. At the time, Bonnie was 19 and married to an imprisoned murderer. Clyde was 21 and unmarried. Soon after, he was arrested for a burglary and sent to jail. He escaped, using a gun Bonnie had smuggled to him, was recaptured and was sent back to prison. Clyde was paroled in February 1932, rejoined Bonnie and resumed a life of crime.

The Crime Spree Begins
After the two reunited they began traveling with Raymond Hamilton, a young gunman. Hamilton left them several months later, and was replaced by William Daniel Jones in November 1932.

Ivan M. "Buck" Barrow, brother of Clyde, was released from the Texas State Prison on March 23, 1933, having been granted a full pardon by the Governor. He quickly joined Clyde, bringing his wife, Blanche, so the group now numbered five. This gang embarked on a series of bold robberies which made headlines across the country.

They escaped capture in various encounters with the law. However, their activities made law enforcement efforts to apprehend them even more intense.

During a shootout with police in Iowa on July 29, 1933, Buck Barrow was fatally wounded and Blanche was captured. Jones, who was frequently mistaken for "Pretty Boy" Floyd, was captured in November 1933, at Houston, Texas, by the sheriff's office. Bonnie and Clyde went on together.

On November 22, 1933, a trap was set by the Dallas, Texas, sheriff and his deputies in an attempt to capture Bonnie and Clyde near Grand Prairie, Texas, but the couple escaped the officers' gunfire. They held up an attorney on the highway and took his car, which they abandoned at Miami, Oklahoma.

On January 16, 1934, five prisoners, including the notorious Raymond Hamilton (who was serving sentences totaling more than 200 years), were liberated from the Eastham State Prison Farm at Waldo, Texas, by Clyde Barrow, accompanied by Bonnie Parker. Two guards were shot by the escaping prisoners with automatic pistols, which had been previously concealed in a ditch by Barrow. As the prisoners ran, Barrow covered their retreat with bursts of machine-gun fire. Among the escapees was Henry Methvin of Louisiana.

The Last Months

The FBI joined the chase in 1933. Until then, the Bureau lacked the jurisdiction to get involved in what were local crimes. But in the spring of that year they gathered evidence from a stolen car that had crossed state lines—and traced it to the elusive pair. That led to federal interstate car theft charges and enabled the agency to officially join the manhunt in May 1933.

At that point, Bureau agents went to work, distributing wanted notices with fingerprints, photographs, descriptions, criminal records, and other information to police officers across the country. Agents followed the couple’s trail through many states and into their various haunts, particularly in Louisiana.

On April 1, 1934, Bonnie and Clyde encountered two young highway patrolmen near Grapevine, Texas. Before the officers could draw their guns, they were shot.

On April 6, 1934, a constable at Miami, Oklahoma, was shot and killed by Bonnie and Clyde. They also abducted a police chief, who they wounded.

On April 13, 1934, an FBI Agent, through investigation in the vicinity of Ruston, Louisiana, obtained information which definitely placed Bonnie and Clyde in a remote section southwest of that community.

The home of the Methvins was not far away and the Agent learned of visits there by Bonnie and Clyde. Special Agents in Texas had learned that Clyde and his companion had been traveling from Texas to Louisiana, sometimes accompanied by Henry Methvin. The Methvins ultimately decided to help authorities locate the couple.

The FBI and local law enforcement authorities in Louisiana and Texas concentrated on apprehending Bonnie and Clyde, whom they strongly believed to be in the area. It was learned that Bonnie and Clyde, with some of the Methvins, had staged a party at Black Lake, Louisiana, on the night of May 21, 1934, and were due to return to the area two days later.

Before dawn on May 23, 1934, a posse composed of police officers from Louisiana and Texas, including Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, concealed themselves in bushes along the highway near Sailes, Louisiana. In the early daylight, Bonnie and Clyde appeared in an automobile and when they attempted to drive away, the officers opened fire. Bonnie and Clyde were killed instantly.

In addition to the automobile theft charge, Bonnie and Clyde were suspects in other crimes. At the time they were killed in 1934, they were believed to have committed 13 murders and several robberies and burglaries.

Barrow was suspected of various crimes including:

* Murdering two police officers at Joplin, Missouri
* Kidnapping a man and a woman in rural Louisiana. He released them near Waldo, Texas.
* Murdering a man at Hillsboro, Texas
* Committing robberies at Lufkin and Dallas, Texas
* Murdering one sheriff and wounded another at Stringtown, Oklahoma
* Kidnapping a deputy at Carlsbad, New Mexico
* Stealing an automobile at Victoria, Texas
* Attempting to murder a deputy at Wharton, Texas
* Committing murder and robbery at Abilene and Sherman, Texas
* Committing murder at Dallas, Texas
* Abducting a sheriff and the chief of police at Wellington, Texas
* Committing murder at Joplin and Columbia, Missouri

Their story, though romanticized on the silver screen, was hardly a glamorous one. From the summer of 1932 until the spring of 1934, they left a trail of violence and terror in their wake as they crisscrossed the countryside.

In the end, the couple, often compared by the public to “Robin Hood,” was shot more than 50 times. The car riddled with bullet holes after the May 23 ambush represented the real story of Bonnie and Clyde - one of extreme violence.

Bonnie Parker

Clyde Burrow

I didn't know Bonnie is a female! So does Hikki's B&C lyrics has something to do with crimes? Nah... See for yourself.

Utada Hikaru - B&C
(English translation gotten from here)

I thought love at first sight
wasn't possible but
Baby then you came to me
I thought I couldn't love
one person but
Baby then you changed my mind

A lucky encounter like this
probably won't happen again
Coincidence or destiny
It doesn't matter either way

No matter what happens
No matter what happens
I won't regret
Take me with you
As far as we can go
As far as we can go
Always, like Bonnie & Clyde

When I'm with you
I can be myself naturally
Maybe you're the one for me
The people who make fun are
probably just lonely
I was like that too

If I put my current feelings into words
the magic will disappear
Until this moment is gone
don't say anything
For a little longer
For a little longer
I want to forget
Keep on driving
Even if I hurt you
Even if you hurt me
Always, like Bonnie & Clyde

Don't promise me
It's better if the future isn't secure
We'll have to take our chances
Come on and try me

Restaurant City Popularity


I'm proud of my restaurant


kagrra no su Ep 75

L-R: Nao, Shin, Izumi, Isshi, Akiya

The men boys are in hakama! Kakkoii~~~

I don't like Nao in specs. I don't know why but he looks weird there...

Ishhi maybe you should put on a kimono instead =P

To Miko

Click on the pic to get a better view.

L-R: Nao, Tora, Shou, Hiroto, Saga

Oooh~ I see Saga's tummy~!~! xD Yum

Hiro-pon looks so tiny!! Kawaii~


Got the image from here.

The flyer looks so pretty~ I want one! lol

Rayka is going to be discharged from hospital tomorrow! Yeay~

He will perform on the 31st.. Now I'm worried. I hope he doesn't overpush himself too much







Good morning

I kinda like how my hair 'stands' out today.

'Visual' - Miko-chan (LOL)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

12012 - TATTOO





800th post!

OMG!!! 12012 new single TATTOO up for preview!!!



ViViD Across the Border promo

Got this pic from Ko-ki's blog. I think he said about the items wil be giving it out to people who buy the single or something.

Aaa! I want all 3~ T__T

Just keep dreaming Liza...

"It's so visual"

Woke up late this morning. And I was -almost- late for assembly.

My right eye has 'lines' (formed from pressing on the quilt?) that Miko called it 'visual' look.

Even though I stood at the front today, I still cannot really hear what the principal was saying. He doesn't speak clearly... Ugh... Then as usual the discipline checking. At first I thought "Eh? Why is it so slow?" Later did I know that the checking was done by the head of Discipline committee.

I think I blew my GP essay writing. I know sir did mentioned us using reference but I should have known better than references are NOT supposed to be used when writing. heh. I reached the minimum 500 word limit quantity wise but quality wise... uhh... No comment.

Eng Lit we did character analysis. There's this character by the name Cecily Cardew who believes that she is to be married with Ernest. Thing is, she 'made up' the point that she and Ernest are engaged. My tutor was asking us in general.

"Girls do you think you would do? Make up your own engagement with an imaginary person that you never met?"

"Uhh no."

"Are you sure? Who knows you're doing it at blogspots, diaries?"

That got me thinking. I think I imagined married myself to Miyawaki Wataru of 12012. LOL

Econs was okay. Did 5 MCQs. Got 4 correct ones with 2 lucky guess. heh.

History... hmm... okay la... Learnt Lenin's 'War Communism' policy which I cannot rely on her lecture because I was half listening

Friday, January 22, 2010

So many paths

Earlier in the late afternoon me and my sis had a little chat.

Then somehow it got diverted to the point of where to go after As.

The future is so hard to predict.

Even though I said I wanted to try my luck for the Japanese scholarship, after the talk, now I'm uncertain.

One thing for sure, I don't want to end up studying at the local university!


Vidoll's Rame and Shun playing Jan-ken-pon. It's the rock-scissor-hand game. LOL

An unfortunate incident

On 17th January the vocalist of SYNSIDE, Rayka, had an accident. Below is the translated blog post from Lin's blog. If you want to use my translations PLEASE credit me.

突然 (Suddenly) Thu, January 21, 2010 21:09:31

写 blog。

I'm very sorry that for these few days I did not blog.


I had told you before that there was something going on and it is this.

Rayka 遇到了,交通事故。

Rayka had an accident.


In the beginning it was quite serious but after some time it is getting better. Currently he is in the hospital having (*1) liquid as he cannot eat with his injured tongue.


The moment when I heard this news I was feeling very worried, (I) didn't know what to do.


But after a few days (I'm) feeling a little better, currently (I had) calmed down.


We all hope Rayka is able to be with us on this coming Live on the 31st.


(I'm) very sorry for the sudden announcement.

*1 - I think it's those injections into your skin to receive food (glucose) in liquid form.

Poor Rayka! I do hope he will recover soon! The live that is going to be on the 31st is their 1st live. I wonder how did he injured his tongue.. Maybe he bit it? Hmmm...

Versailles - SERENADE (Eng Subs)

So I founded the Eng subs of SERENADE. It's the song that somehow made my heart weak whenever I listened to.

From the line 'Hey, we had a promise, right?' until the end of the song, that's when I thought 'man... this song is just so sad!' Coz the mentioned line made me think this way.

This song is dedicated to Jasmine You and having a promise to meet (as a 5 member band), it's impossible because JY is no longer here. The idea that JY is not here anymore just...

Well, that's how I imagined it.

RIP Jasmine You

Sound in Gate

I was reading this particular piece of analysis on the songs of 'Sound of Gate' and 'God Palace' of Versailles new album, 'JUBILEE'.

Click here if you are interested

From 'Sound of Gate'

When the church bell rang, you should have come back to your senses.

The thing you saw between the sword pointing east and the sword pointing west was his memory.

When the sun rises above your head and the shade fades away, the key of the heart will appear and the 13th gate will be opened.

Don't be afraid of the night.

Darkness is not born out of darkness,

To those who are used to having their heart pierced

Oricon Ranks

JUBILEE - 10th

Monad - 30th

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Morning school. Don't have lesson for Eng Lit. The others were learning some new stuffs. Amazingly our Econs tutor who always let us out late seemed to be in a good mood and let us off 30 minutes which is very rare.

In the afternoon went to a friend's place to print some exam papers. Gosh I love the coffee coz its sweet. According to what the aunt said, we must drink coffee everyday for remembering more things or something.

Had my evening nap from 7 til 10 at the living room. Even though the sleeping position wasn't comfy, managed to sleep for 3 solid hours.

And I'm typing things short coz life is being unfair to me. Yeah, I wish I have my own laptop and internet connection


Errors made by Japanese people, especially English are just too cute!

Observe the first picture (click on the picture). See any mistakes?

If not, look at the next picture.

Amuses me sometimes

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Versailles 'JUBILEE' album ranked 4th in the Oricon Charts with 4093 copies!


Vidoll's 'Monad' also was released today but I didn't check the rank -yet-

Edit (22 Jan): Monad ranked 27th

Gaah! I wanna buy both albums!

So much for a talk

There was a dialogue session earlier today. I'm lazy to describe it coz I hated it. Even after the session, when we are on the way back to school my teacher was asking "why didn't you ask anything?" well I wasn't given the chance to. I felt so bad for not being able to voice out my school's situation. So yeah. It's a waste of time to go to this dialogue session although I admit it is an honour to represent the school. Still, what's the point going if I didn't say anything? Might as well don't go and stayed in school not missing any lessons. The opportunity cost is VERY high.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tanjoubi Omodetto!

Happy 27th birthday Hikki!

I wish I am at the House of Blues to watch your performance as part of your 'IN THE FLESH 2010' tour.

I will always support you, my #1 Japanese artist of all time! (Y)

The lock and key

Yesterday I asked Hafizah to bring the catalogue and lol, I had forgotten about it until she approached me.

That's the Mickey Mouse lock and key necklace I posted about few days ago.

The cross is pretty. I wanted to buy for Miko (Oops, busted! xD) but since she doesn't have any use so no need la. If I buy, she might give it to Nao-shi. LOL

Busy like a bee

Today there was an assembly. Seriously, why can't people when they talk to a microphone speak louder? I'm talking my school principal here. Really, I didn't hear much except the fact that the Minister of Education is coming to our school this Thursday. O.o

Then followed by a speech by a student. Really, even my Eng Lit tutor was asking us what is the purpose of his speech on civilisation, discrimination, etc. No idea! I wasn't listening.

Coz I was fangirling with Miko at the back. HAHA I pity those who listened to our giggling and loud talk xD The price of Miko's face when I told her that Nao of Alice Nine might be Chinese because he ever said some Chinese word very accurate = PRICELESS!!!!

During recess, hang out at PS area upstairs. I love Matt's hair! So "visual". HAHA. e used a lot of wax, I think, which is pretty cool! Me and Miko was like "Yeah, lets put on some eyeliner on him, then colour the hair, put lip gloss" xD

So far today's lesosns were all right. Quite boring to update bout my lesson life today. lol Maybe a simple one?

Eng Lit : With only 25 minutes, highlighted important quotes and left an assignment

Econs : Study new topic on External Diseconomies of Scales

Hist : Lenin's Central Control a.k.a Communism ideas, etc

GP: Continued mind map on Child Labour + assignment

Oh my... I don't want anymore assignments!

Tommorow is a special day~ I hope to 'shine' tommorow.

Our wants are unlimited

IT SUCKS WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY SOMETHING THAT YOU LIKE WHICH IS IN LIMITED QUANTITY AND IS SOMEWHERE NEAR YOUR PLACE. I'm talking about those sales pages. The limited edition of kagrra album is selling for USD30 from Japan, second hand. I FREAKIN WANT IT.

Sometimes I'm fed up with it that

To those concern, you know who you are. I hope you would help me in doing things sometimes. Yea, I know you have your own life (who doesn't?) but doing simple little things does help you know. Everyday coming back I have to do the same old routine and I wish you would do it just at least ONCE a week. I don't know how to tell you directly coz you somehow one way or another seems always busy. Hope you get the message.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ryouga is my fav guy!!

The members' of ViViD had updated their blog with new banner and profile pictures.

Ryouga (pic above) = HOT


I'm SCREW-ed

Just woke up from the shortest nap ever. *yawn*

Today is cold. Me likey cold.

First class was Ps. Was trying to read War Communism, NEP and so forth but got distracted by catalogue megazines again~ ==" The goods aren't that pretty though for this one.

Eng Lit. We finished Act 3 = Finished the whole play. Yeay~

Econs. The tutor left for some business and started the lesson late.

History. Teacher didn't ask us anything but will ask tomorrow. Learn about the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

GP. A new mind map on 'Child Labour'. Haven't got started on the essay. O.o

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today is a sunny day

It's 8 and I'm not watching the News. O.o

Woke up quite early today since I slept before midnight last night. I think yesterday was my earliest night to hit the bed so far for this year.

I think it was yesterday I told mom about my future planning and she was a little, well, 'leave it up to me'. I mean, of course, the future is for me to decide but I'm a little unsecure.

So I emailed my aunt about me going for a Japanese scholarship and she called me and advise me blah blah blah...


Oh, first sunshine after 2-3 days of rain.

In the afternoon I did my 5 Econs MCQ. It was tough. Felt a little demotivated. If 5 MCQs are tough, imagine doing 40 in the exam. -die-

Accidentally cut my finger over a piece of wood. A lil bad...

I want you to smell nice

Just put my Bearbear into a water with softlan hoping it will smell nice after 1 or 2 hours soaking.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cold is what I like

Went to the town area. Bought myself a chocolate ice cream in cone for $1.80.

Ice cream + Raining outside = Cool~

I won the slots

This is the 777th post of this blog.


Today is Easy Breezy

I turned off the airconditioner last night as it was already cool enough. So when I wake up, it was a little bit chilly. I felt like I'm in Tokyo again with that coolness.

I forgotten to photocopy my IC for the AS Exam. Crappy photo machine at the library was broken down so I couldn't submit my form earlier. Seriously, the school should consider buying a NEW photocopy machine! I don't think it'll cost that much. The existing one is SO damn old and needs constant repair. lol I sounded like I am going to write a letter to the principal or something.

The first class was GP. Mr T.G gave us a sudden reading test. lol It was the one founded in the internet. Then he asked if any of us searched for the job description for our assignment. He shared with us for a role of a housewife. "The hired housewife must be willing to share a bed with the employer" LOL Gave my assignment to another friend to let her complete it.

Spent the PS at the library. Instead of reading through Russian history, Hafizah bought a catalogue. So me and Izzaty were viewing through it. Uaaa~ There's this Mickey Mouse necklace with a lock and key~ Hmmmm Thinking of buying it since the item's available until March. -I hope so-

We were waiting for Ms UK to enter. It's sometimes usual for her to enter late due to her post as the Head of the Career department. So we waited, and waited and waited. I think 40 minutes later Alyssa, Munirah and Azri decided to help us to submit our essay to the office. They left and no sooner 3 minutes later, teacher came. She was surprised that we were there 'early'. O.o We told her that she was the one who's late. Everyone handed the essay homework and she was like "Why is everyone being so good today? It's a little scary..." lol No lesson for today! *victory dance*

With the weather continuously being cool, Econs made me feel so sleeeepy. The classroom is ariconditioned. I wanted to have a shut-eye but the tutor kept on explaining the topic. Today we learn something on graph. Like how to find the AVC and the likes. The idea seems almost similiar with intergrating the shaded area between 2 curves! (or something like that, I forgot my Maths)

History lesson was okay. Rather dull. Teacher called out some names to explain what 3 sentences mean. I mean, we have a day to explain and some students took like so freakin' long to explain one. Pity them. I was a little impatient at some point so I blurted out the answer. xD The class was cold too and this time was a little unbearable.

To cousin Wei Yen if u happen to read this

I just visited your blog. I am sorry for your brown dog. RIP. Looking forward for your next update. =) Leave a message at cbox if you see this, yea?

GP assignment

Self-initiative to do so

Hopefully the others have something to contribute later

GP Assignment

Working on this next


I broke my record for writing the most number of words in an essay.

Somehow I felt like it's a mixed of both quality and quantity.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Eng Lit Eßay

Still doing it


I bought a second hand Utada Hikaru's HEART STATION album like last week? Bought it from a website. Thanks to the seller who willing ro receive concealed cash, I AM GOING TO RECEIVE THE CD PROBABLY BY NEXT WEEK OR BFORE FEBRUARY!!!


So that means I owned all of Hikki's Japanese album except for her second album 'Distance'.

Speaking of her second album, I should have bought it like 3 years ago when I was in Japan.

With a limited amount of cash that time, I had the option of either go for one album which is Hikki's or 2 of GLAY's singles. It was a tough choice coz I like both artist!!!

In the end, I picked GLAY's 2 singles instead. Coz the cover of G4 looks very interesting (Teru's glasses, nice) and the other single, 'Itsuka' is my favourtie song with DVD angles of the 4 different members! Who can resist Hisashi's coolness?

Oh well, I suppose I will buy 'Distance' one day.

This is sad...

X JAPAN went to Hollywood on the last 9th January to have some of their music video being filmed there. A lot of news sites gave a figure of 8000 people came and watch them filming ther music video in LA.

At first I couldn't spot the mistake in the second picture. I mean, yea, its circled in white. I was like "So? It's not like they are circling the numbers 8000 or something." Little did I realise that it's a photoshop failure. =="

So sad... I wonder if the number 8000 is supposed to be 800 or something...

Credits to this link.


It is still raining. I almost slept again for the 2nd time. Ahhh... Nice weather to sleep.


It had been raining since yesterday morning and it is still raining.

Thursday, January 14, 2010




Few days ago I had forgotten that I placed a piece of lettuce in a concealed plastic baglike the one above. It emits a STINKING smell for days after it went bad.

Unlucky for me, my tissue and earpiece was near the stinking plastic bag so I had to do something.

No, don't bother check your Chemistry book.

It's just placing those items into a concealed plastic bag and spray perfume into it. Then seal it tight.

Let the perfume particles circulate around the bag. I left overnight.

Taking it out, it smells nice~

The morning

It was a rainy day when I arrived at school. Su Ling had bought the cake for Bnu's birthday. So after placing the cake at the canteen (borrowing one of the stall's place) went to the usual seat with Miko's 'Lao Po' gang. xD The 5 of us (ShuTing, Janice, Layla, Sharon and me) were waiting for Ginger, Miko and Diane. As it was near registration time, we left the canteen.

My registration class is so DARK. I have no idea why the lights weren't on even though the switches were already on. =\ Group tutor didn't enter today.

The first class was History. I knew I'll meet Miko on the way. It's been days since we met. I missed our fangirling in school. LOL

History was all discussions. Luckily tutor didn't asked me today so it's a lucky escape. She gave us some assignments though =[

GP. Mr T.G likes to 'go off from the tangent'. lol

Recess. The old Mannequins gang is at the foyer. How I wish we had a camera to take a picture of it. Bnu's birthday is today and we all sang birthday song to him. We celebrated his birthday and Nabb's WAY belated birthday. HAHA XD If we were at the old school, we could have ask the teacher not to teach for a little while xP

PS was busy. Thanks to Amal for delivering the extra pieces of cakes. I didn't delivered mine! Went to see my History tutor for the past year paper. She asked me if I want to take AS History and I said "Last night I was flipping through the papers and I only know 30% of the whole paper so I'm not taking it." She didn't mind. Then I was 'stuck' listening to her lecture on History... So much that I missed the cake delivery!

Thanks for Faiz for clearing up my dilemma. I can sign up for AS if I want (with payment =[ ) and can CANCEL IT IF I DON'T PLAN TO SIT IT AFTER THE RESULTS IS OUT! So it's a good thing. But I REALLY REALLY HOPE I GET A so that I don't have to waste my time and money. Oh god...

Eng Lit. Only continued the drama paper. I don't feel like doing any literary essay that's supposed to hand in this Saturday.

Bearbear's Tragedy

This morning during History class, I accidentally 'scarred' Bearbear's face!

God was I panic like crazy!

So the first thing when I got back home was to clean off that blue ink.

The ink is not visible now, only 5% still can be seen.

Poor Bearbear... Currently he's all alone waiting to be dried.