Sunday, February 28, 2010


Thanks to my sister's craving for 'roti tissue chocolate', I delayed my fasting time by 30 minutes. I was supposed to fast at 8pm but my mom went out late to buy the food (and I wanted to eat anyways) haha I guess I should purposely delay my appointment tomorrow.

This is the Roti Tissue Chocolate. It looked like Dosai, but this is crispy.

OMG like 12 more days to BGIC and I am DEAD MEAT. But I guess I am somewhat lucky because the country I represented, DPRK, is not a bossy country. lol Still...!

And I got like debate research that I haven't really discussed with my team mates. OMG.

And the M-P Prog report!

And my GP H/W!

And my Econs MCQ!


(I realised I had been using this quite often...)

But the bonus side, I got a free album~ Well, Izzati went to KK last week and I asked her to buy for me Siti Nurhaliza's 'Lentera Timur' album which was out in 2008 I think. I wanted to pay her but her mom said she bought it for me. Woah~ I never see her mum before so this was really unexpected! Must thank aunty as soon as I see her~

I need motivation dearly!

Today is the last day of February 2010.

Tomorrow is March.

Time flies very fast.

And I don't think I had tried my very best to achieve the best results yet, well at least for 'reserving' my name for any scholarships.

I also need to start learning Japanese on my own, FAST!

I must do better than before.

7-8 more months, Liza! WAKE UP! Suffer for 8 months to enjoy the BEST time after As!

Saturday, February 27, 2010








IV posted a pic of Reno's thighs at his blog!

Looks yummy. xD


I'm seeing a pairing of RenoxIV LOL!

Post #952

I'm halfway doing my Eco short notes which is due anytime next week. How I wish I had did it like my daily routine

Friday, February 26, 2010

kagrra no Su Ep 76

I haven't watch it and might do it later.

According to the comments at LJ, this is the last episode for KnS!



I just finished watching this episode.


All the members are dressed by the stylist (the boys as well) according to the theme they had picked.

I practically LOL'ed when Nao was the stylist styling Isshi. I'm not sure what their theme was but Isshi dressed like an Oshare-kei guy! HAHA!

And unfortunately.. This is the last episode... T_T










HE FINALLY POSTED IN CHINESE! Gyaah~ -Imagines Lin-sama when he was a kid- -dies!-

Hiroto hatched!

Ahh! Hiroto hatched from his egg! LOL


12012 TATTOO CD Band Download Data Comment!

12012 <3

Versailles' new looks?

They're wearing outfits from the brand Alice and the Pirates.

If this is their new looks.. My god.. KAMIJO.. His long hair -dies-

KAMIJO looks like dressing back to Lareine (His former band) age, HIZAKI back to HIZAKI GRACE PROJECT era, TERU looks like from their indies day of The Revenant Choir.. YUKI.. I think he's okay xD

4 HOT looking pirates!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Otanjoubi Omedetto!

Happy Birthday to Kavitha and Miko-chan~

I hope you both like my prezzie although it was like okay

Stay healthy and happy always! xD


Today I was feeling very very tired. It was my first time feeling this damn tired throughout the whole day.

I think I was sick, it's like I was feeling cold and hot at the same time. My god... Unfortunately I didn't bring my own Paracetamol to overdose myself.

Throughout the whole day until 1.30pm, I was 40% physically there in the class, trying my best to listen and other half was drifting to bed. Ugh... It was terrible.

The first lesson was History and I felt like I just woke up from bed and the next moment I was in the middle of a Stalin jargon.

In the afternoon, we had debate discussion. Sir bought in MacBook and I think it cured my 'illness'. I feel SO ENERGETIC at the moment I look into a computer screen. lol

Right now I feel like puking =="

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


TATTOO release!

Congratz 12012~!


exist†trace with clothings from SEXYDYNAMITELONDON.

Gotta love Jyou's outfit!

Connection between JRockers and the columns

D'espairsRay - Kamikaze

chariots - Doku

12012 - As

Alice Nine - Sleepwalker

See the similarities?

Bands playing at a spacious area with lightnings on top and on the sides of them.

I wonder if Alice Nine and 12012 filmed their PV at the SAME location (almost the same, no?)

Alice Nine vs GLAY

Miko-chan gave me tonnes of A9 pictures. The one below made me laugh.

Tora looks like TAKURO from GLAY! LOL Takuro is 2nd right at pic below.


School was okay.

Had Econs first. Submitted MCQ with 4 blank explanations. I even left a not to teacher with my post it notes, saying "I did not write down the explanations because I really really do not know how to explain." Seriously. Ughh

History. The last 3 presentations are today, which conclude the presentation week. Soo.. uhh.. no comment. Someone really wasn't prepared.

Recess. Debate club meeting. Sir wanted to do a debate on 'Capital punishment' which I totally against it! Gaah! Like a lot of GP classes are doing this debate and I really wanna skip this! lol Sir said he might change the motion. heh

GP. Just gave us a text on some past yea papers. So lazy to do! Feel like copy the ans from web lol

PS. Nabeela went home early and Izzati was absent so I hanged out upstairs instead of downstairs with Amal, Maria and Ginny. I managed to get my lazy ass to read those Russian notes.

Eng Lit. Continued 'Hamretto' We are 3 more scenes before finishing the book! Yeay~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SIMS Version

This is VERY cool!


Currently as I am typing, I am at my cousin's place.

It's very lively here~

My cousin Yen bought in sushi.. hmm this calls for a second round. LOL

I got homeworks to do after this... Doesn't seem like I can escape now...

Monday, February 22, 2010


I posted a lot today. lol It also means I have been sitting here since 6?

Imma do light reading then off to bed. Or maybe I'm not going to do light reading at all.

Great. Them siblings are fighting over the laptop again. Shit.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians versus Ensoku's 'This is a Pen' PV

I saw this posted over at the comm and it is meant to be funny (or something like that?)

Watch the trailer first then the PV. There is something similar in those two.

And I wonder what... Connection here is effing slow so I am VERY curious to find out!

Edit (11PM) LOL!!! 'This is a pen' PV is LOL! He just sings 'this is a pen' all the way throughout the end of the PV.

P.S Miko-chan, please d/l the 2 vids below for me? Onegai shimasu~

Dear Diary

Sometimes I wonder the purpose of having a public blog. Of course, typing my life here really DOES saves paper but the sentimental values are not 'there'.

I have this feeling of 'I want people to read what I wrote but at the same time I wish I was psychic to know what were they thinking as they are reading my entries'

But it is unlikely to happen.

Posting whatever here will end up at search engines like google or yahoo, of course.

My private life isn't that 'private anymore'.

Recently I deleted my TAGGED and FRIENDSTER accounts, both created like 3 years ago. I felt a little 'secure'.

Still, I don't think I can ever avoid being 'publicize' at social networking sites like FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

I see around my friends' profiles, being tagged at countless of photos (some reaching thousands and is still counting) in FB. It scares me. I never really like to be tagged at my own photos (except for a few memorable ones, and yes, just few) by anyone (with another exception of JRockers picx THAT I don't mind being tag for thousands xD) nor do I like to upload my pictures that tells my 'life' to many people.

By saying so, I am contradicting myself by saying this: There are a few things that I wish to share to everyone through pictures that tells a thousand words too.

Limitation is the key. Of course, I can privatize the album and be selective to whom shall be able to view my pictures. It's not that hard.

I feeling scared, that's all.


OMG I couldn't believe that is Kamijo!!!


AND アンド -&-

Vo - Ikuma (郁磨)

Gt - Kiri (キリ)

Gt - Peco

Ba - Ken (けん)

Dr - Suzune (鈴音)

AND (pronouce as 'ANDO') a.k.a アンド a.k.a -&- a.k.a Eccentric Agent AND

L-R : Peco, Ken, Ikuma, Suzune, Kiri

I was browsing my Japanese music files and I don't seemed to remember when did I d/l-ed AND first album which is self titled (release 2009.11.11)

The songs in -&- suits me well. Moderate heavy and very nice guitar solos + riffs.

The album reminded me of the old GazettE songs.

アンド/AND - Comments for INDIVISUAL

AND | MySpace Music Videos

So how did this band AND got their name? Kiri has the answer!

When I was talking to one of the members from a senior band that I used to be a roadie for, I said “I’m starting a new band, but aren’t there any cool names?!”, and he said, “It’s best to have a band name that’s easy to remember”. So then we got this idea, “How about using a symbol?”. When we were looking through symbols, we found “&” and there wasn’t even one more that was a hit after that. So after that it was like, “If you guys go with &, you’re stuck with it”, and we thought that having just a symbol would be cool, so we decided that we’d make it “&”. However, as you’d expect, we started to think that just having “&” would be hard to read, so we altered the band name a little, declared our name written in katakana as “アンド”, and began activities.



Tom Yum

Bought this for $1. Funny that the instruction said cover the lid for 3 minutes then serve while I waited for 10 minutes to have my noodle 'edible'. It's more like those Maggi noodle packet than instant.

It was spicy!

Waiting for the noodles to be edible

Added eggs and fish from lunch xD

Even though it was hot and spicy, I love it~

I think I like today

The first thing when I entered the library was "uhh did the school paid the electricity bill?" Coz half of the lights weren't turned on lol So we moved from the usual seat to the other tables. Hastily did my M-P Prog report, forgotten to do it like last night? lol

Eng Lit. Still on 'Hamretto'. We are like 70% finishing the story~ I'm afraid of the essays!

Econs. Almost fell asleep -again-

History. Many of today's presenters did poem I guess because it's easier to do and they are all free verse and free style of poems anyways, not those classical ones like sonnets

GP. Did correction for comprehension. Boo. Why do I feel like Iam doing everyone's work for GP Project?

Sunday, February 21, 2010




我 的老公 男朋友 喜欢的明星在日本了!












I just wish I have the $$$ to have MY OWN INTERNET and PRINTER!


I'm interested in the 'origins' of the bands when they turn to Major (Indies to Major)

I don't know much about Vidoll's 'origins' except there's one time Jui raced with a kid with his boots. lol

Just watched 'Gothikaroid' and 'Chocoripeyes' (I thought Final Fantasy's chocobos are in the PV. lol) PVs. Chocoripeyes are more indies than Gothikaroid but both have one thing in common.

Nasty. Blood.

Doesn't stop me from loving Vidoll =)

So Gothikaroid's the PV where Jui doesn't wear underwear xD

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kagrra, 10th Anniversary Web!

The special 10th anniversary web is very pretty!

And! They are going to have a tour from around August to September.

Best part is that they'll be releasing 2 singles! Ahh! This is rare! lol

June 16th and an unconfirmed date in August. Mark at the calendar! xD


I like how they spell 'Calendar' as 'Calender' XD

Still, 12012 boys = HOT! (Especially Wataru~)

Tired and Humorous

This morning assembly. Zainal, Nasir and Adibah did a mini-presentation on 'National Day' today.

GP. Nisa didn't come today so there's only 3 of us. Discussed about the items and infos for our Project. I am SO not putting her name to our project!

PS. I'm being a good girl today xD Did my H/Ws.HEHE

Eng Lit. Continued 'Hamlet'. Claudus is being very 'sarcastic' when he prays to God and poor Hamlet, didn't knew it was sarcasm coz otherwise when Hamlet killed Claudius, it's the end of the story.

Econs. Sleeeepy! I wanted to sleep like 10 minutes before the end of class! Hell! Luckily Ms Tan didn't ask for our MCQ which I still has lots of blank for explainations. HEHE

History. Presentations by students. First up was Nasir.
OMG. He sings for his presentation. (Well, Ms J said we can deliver our presentations in any style) And OMG He sang off-pitch! Ugh... Just the first line, I though "Well, yeah, he has nice voice" but until the part when he sang "Ahhh" (one of the 90s song but I can't remember which song) OMG I CAN'T STAND THE OFF-PITCHING! Me and Min Hyuk oppa wanted to laugh, no, Min Hyuk oppa already laugh and the ones in front wanted to laugh so badly that they almost can't stop themselves from laughing. He sings about the 'effects and events of WWII and as much as I try to listen to his lyrics (which he sings in a not-so-nice voice) I don't find the significance of it!

Then Erma (no idea what she was talking about!), Fizah (Nice poem according to Min Hyuk oppa but I can't seem to hear her), Siti (using our name to represent Historical people, err.. not a good choice coz I can't digest which character is played by who in a minute). Aziela supposed to be first but the there was technical problems between the laptop and the projector.

After that was the M-P Prog. Okay la..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yugoslavia Next!

I just finished my research on India.

Going to read on Yugoslavia now.



12012 TATTOO single covers

Tomo posted it today at 5AM

I want the top one where Wataru is the cover boy =D

But owning either 1 makes me HAPPY~


OMG -nosebleeds-

This is him posing for Like An Edison 2008 Calendar.


Why oh why?

Ealier I opened like 10 tabs on my research

then sudden black out for less than 5 minutes!


Thankfully when the current was restored, MF recovered those tabs.

Really, whatever hapened to the power generators?

凛-sama I mish you! XD




I don't remember the last time I was this hardworking

Just finished half-finished my Econs MCQ by 70%.

While doing so, I wondered why did I took Econs.. Ma.. No turning back now

I can't believe I did it for an hour and a half straight without doing other stuffs except listening to music coz otherwise I'll break my record for the number of yawns in 1 hour

Yugoslavia & India, next!

w-inds. ga daisuki desu!

Yesterday went to my aunt's house bai nian. A LOT of my cousins and cousin's cousins were there. HAHA.

Cousin Katty gave me 2 of her w-inds. cassettes and a Japanese phrasebook! Uaaa~ She wants me to promise her to get very good results in exchange. Yosh!

Borrowed from her a w-inds. concert DVD that was back in 2003. It's 'The System of Alive' tour. Keita sounded so different back then! Another DVD was titled '', more like comments on different things by the boys. The BEST part of both DVDs: It has Chinese subs! XD

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lame Connection




Even though I am using someone else's wifi, it doesn't mean I don't know the speed you providers are giving

ViViD - Across The Border

The single 'Across The Border' was released yesterday~ Congratz to ViViD!

This is one of the screencaps from the PV.

HOT! Especially Reno and Ryoga -drools-

Otanjoubi Omedetto!

Uaaa~ Happy birthday YUKI!

And and yesterday was HIZAKI's birthday!!! I can't believe I had forgotten the princess's birthday!!!! -headdesk-

I am sick

I blame yesterday's food. haha.

I ate porridge last night. It was half-ok half-bad so I thought Well, it's still edible, yea? Ate 2 bowl of it xD

So I went to bed last night at 11. Then suddenly I went to the toilet to 'do my business'. I thought it was like 5am. Went to check the time. It's 1+am. Heck. Thankfully I get managed to go to bed after that.

1 hour later, another toilet trip. This is bad... Then 2 hours later, another toilet trip. That's it. I am SO going to the doctor today.

It's 'Diarrhea'

Got my sick leave today~ HEHE

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The gifts from many

So earlier we went out to buy some stuffs. I bought an instant noodle cup (big one!) XP and the newest (I guess) Ferrero Rondnoir. I would like to think of it as Ferrero Rocher's cousin The new Ferrero is SO SWEET~ YUM.

Layla's going to send me clippings of 12012 and a comment DVD that has 12012 in it. XD And after I received it I will spam a post on Layla.. Hehe

Oh! A w-inds. fangirl is going to trade her Paradox group photo with my Ryuichi's. XD (She loves Ryu so much ^^) Plus, she's going to put in some digiphotos too. XD

Mystery Goo song

This is SO funny!

Tooru - 12012

Someone requested this pic at the comm.

I never seen him in this hairstyle before!

I mish his bangs xD

Today is a sleepy day

Econs. Did MCQ. & some lessons on 'Wages'.

History. 4 presentations were presented today. First was Raja's 'Napoleon Bonarparte'. Really I cannot understand his English I don't mind broken English but mumbling English? Pleease. My turn to present~ I do think I speak TOO fast. heh. then Wafi's on 'The Austrian Empire'... Ugh... At the beginning I was interested to note down whatever he was saying (it was mindmap so it should be great) but as soon as he started to speak, I lost interest in noting down whatever he said. I can't hear him Then Shamin's on 'The Battle of Some'. Really. It's okay.

Then GP. Once again it's just me and Mazriana. This time we narrowed it down to India's Child Marriage. More research! Ugh..

PS. It's only me and Izzati. 2 unfortunate things happened:

  1. I wanted to photocopy but the photocopy machine at the library was busted. Geez. GO BUY ANOTHER ONE LA! THE SCHOOL VERY RICH WHAT?
  2. My CCA cert last year was nowhere to be found. I doubt they even have it printed.

So much for going to the Admin and library.

Eng Lit. Hamlet is SO interesting! Oh yea.. it's Hamretto a.k.a Japanese 'Engrish' HEE

Went to the post office to send my fan letter to TOSHI. Then I wanted to check if my birthday card to Nozomi arrived at Japan or not. Unfortunately, this is what I got:

"If we check,it will only display the status as mail sent so please ask the receiver at Japan to check the registeration number to see where it is."

O.o So like I am supposed to ask Nozomi to go to the post office and check the number?? Gyaaa!
I just hope he received the card! So much for registering it! Haha

This can be found at the 1st floor of the toilet. It's ermm... What is that? It has allgay algae growing and water flowing down.

This is Miko's bento. It looked like shredded cheese to me if I didn't know what it really was. Tian Fu said it was fried rice. Only Huey Shyan managed to guessed it right: Mee Hoon. lol

Tanjoubi omedetto~

Happy birthday Nozomi of ClearVeil!

Edit (4.34PM)

I hope you received my card!

Here's what he blogged today 1 hour ago!



(~Thank you everyone~)





Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tanjoubi omedetto

Happy birthday IV of ViViD!

Heavy researches

Oh my Holy God..

  1. GP Research on Human Rights for India
  2. BGIC on DPRK, peace between Israel and Palestine AND terrorism activities in Pakistan
  3. History readings on former Yugoslavia history (from top to bottom, basically EVERYTHING) Being a mentor means I need to know everything, right?
  4. Re-read 'Hamlet' and make my own notes

Yeah, that's about it for THIS week. I mean, the 2nd one on my list is the MOST bulky one and the 3rd one is like ASAP thingy!

Oh my Holy God

An invitation

This afternoon went to Sie Ying's house bai nian. Went to picked up Denise. Saw Guey Jen, Xing Rong, Layla, Su Ling, Amal, Fariz and Syazwina.

I drank 4 cans of sweet drinks today. Hee. 1st was 100PLUS, then Sugar cane, then Soya bean and last Kickapoo. lol

We took group pics, chit chat and we got a tour around the house. haha.

And I am still BLOATED!


Hiro-pon and his 'duck' a.k.a the 'head' at the cake

Hiro-pon is so HOT



Picture from

Please go to the link to enjoy the mini convo between Alice Nine members. HEHE

No mood to go to school

Like seriously. Thank god I managed to wake up.

I wish I did my Eng Lit reading on Hamlet earlier Suddenly Shakespeare jargon just came trashing on me T__T

Then Econs. Did MCQs Like hell! Ms Tan let us out late. lol

History. Ms J nowadays kept on assuming that we do not know the meanings of 'proletariat' and 'socialism' or the likes. I was like there she goes again... She reminded us about the presentation. I'm 2nd for tomorrow... Oh my god...

Then GP. Only Mazriana and me in my group. The other 2 absent. If I'm the only one for my group.. Mr T.G just went through what we are supposed to do for our project. Thank god there is NO deadline!!! Still I need to do

Lunch with Miko-chan. Fangirl about Shou's makeup-less pic. OMG My first thought when I saw that pic was Is he Eurasian??? Coz he doesn't look like a Japanese!!! HOT!

That's the pic I talked about. Shou himself posted it like ages ago at his blog. -nosebleed-

Speakers' Club. It was okay. I was the 'Best Speaker of the Day' for my 1 minute speech. Hee.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Layout!

It's pink again. hehe

Well? Like it?

KAT-TUN Love yourself

I LOVE this song! It's too addicting! The BEST single released from KAT-TUN so far IMO

Juunosuke is blonde again~ Yeay~ Ueda = Kawaai! (He always has fur in all the PVs, I wonder why?) Kazuya = HOT! Jin = Err... I don't like his hair! Why does he almost turn to a bad boy? Yuuichi & Koki = ok ok


Letter to TOSHI

This afternoon I wrote a letter to TOSHI from X JAPAN.

It's customary for us X fans to end with 'We Are X'. HEHE

Sadie - Meisai

My first Sadie song and PV. This PV is dated back to 2006 (I guess) It's Sadie's first PV!

The one I watched has got Eng subs

And the PV = SUPERB!

Edit: I wondered how come there was a 'Sadie' tag before then I realised, it's for the KARASU post I did earlier. I DID NOT RECOGNISE MIZUKI FROM THE PV!!! OMG

xTRiPx - Glitter

xTRiPx - Glitter

This is my first song from xTRiPx. Not bad. Me likey =)

This is the PV making of 'glitter'

L-R: 将吾(Shougo) (Gt), ena (Dr), 弥斗 (Yoshito) (Vo), ruchi (Ba), K (Guitar)
Formation : since 2003 Seriously? That's the same year of band formation for 12012!

From the PV, K is my fave member (not to mention he wears spec ^^) Reminds me of 12012 Aki. Heck, both are lead guitarist!

SYNSIDE - THE CORE -subconsciousness-... Single Review

Since I posted up the review over at LJ, I thought "Why not post it here too?" Besides I feel like spamming my blog

SYNSIDE - THE CORE -subconsciousness-... Single Review
Release: 2010.01.20


I like 'Under the Riot' best as I used the sample of the song as my alarm clock ringtone and it woke me up very effectively as it gives me the first impression of Rayka's voice. I wasn't much of a brodiaea fan and I never listen to their music before.


For 'Sense Gate', it's a little soft but I supposed it's great for me to relief my ears after listening to 'Under The Riots' xD UTR is very metal-ish


Though I listened to more than 10 times, I can't remember a second of it, unless I go play that song. lol I have no idea why.. haha It's a good song but not as great as the 1st or 2nd.

UTR was written by Rayka while the other 2 was by Lin-sama!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lin-sama CNY post~








Happy new year!!


The last line of the Chinese post '无论在何时何地你们都时时刻刻在我的心中' -perasaan- Lin-sama, you will always be in my heart, forever~ xD 我好开心他写了文章!



Saturday, February 13, 2010


It's 12AM Japan time, meaning its CNY and Valentine's Day over there!

I'm the first to peta him again~

And wishing that he is my Valentine

Happy CNY and Valentines Day to you, Lin-sama!


For CNY eve, usually families are gathered around to have a meal (团年饭) and pray to God. I don't know much about the tradition of CNY Eve but I know I did these:

  1. I told myself to finish up my readings and homework and reports this afternoon which I did not
  2. I washed literally 100% of the laundry from washing to drying.
  3. I watched a lot of Korean MVs and listened to a number of KPop. Miko-chan rescue me! LOL
  4. I posted about my fangirling for Korean music. I don't remember doing so for a long time now.
  5. I fanmail my husband Lin-sama a CNY message xD
  6. Slept for 30 minutes imagining Lin-sama was with me. Well, we got married in my dream xP

Korean fangirling

I have no idea that I am posting this up! HAHA

Love Like This by SS501 at Music Bank

Needless to say, I love SS501 best!

A cover of Super Junior's 'Sorry Sorry' by Royal Pirates - Wow! This is my first Korean song cover by Koreans! Seriously. I like this cover. It's a guitar and drums cover by 2 Koreans.

Sorry Sorry MV! Yes I am uberly late for KPop. I like the PV but love the song better. Ryeowook oppa!!! I missed watching him. lol

There's one video where Super Junior guys crossdresses. OMG. Never EVER I seen KPop guys crossdresses (aside for Japanese Vkei) First was EunHyuk. Uhh... No I rate him 4/10! He is not ever going to crossdress again! SungMin is all right. Pretty face he has xD

HeeChul was next! Uaa~ I LOVE his LONG hair before which at first made me think he is a 'she' and he suits crossdressing best!

Host: "Why did you enter Miss Intimate?"

Hee-sica (HeeChul) : "Because I'm a fool~"


Then another guy (I don't know his name) came crossdress as a cheerleader or something.

4 of them were asked to imitate one of the song by a girl band. Hee-sica did the best~ HAHA
And he won the overall contest.

Then 4 of them plus 3 other SuJu guys danced 'Sorry Sorry'. I can't believe they 4 crossdressers danced according to their original dance choreography.

LMAO. This is one video that made me laugh like hell! HAHA

CNBlue - I'm a Loner MV. Okay la.. I don't really like the MV but the song is better wthout the MV IMO. CNBlue is a band, 4 guys.

CNBlue myspace :

The eldest is 21 yrs old and youngest is 19!

Kamsahamnida Feeqa!!! HEHE

Tomo of 12012

Just went to stalk 12012 blog.

Tomo posted that pic on the 8th.

The expression on his face = Kawaai~!

Last day of school for now

I stayed up quite late, wanting to read about former Yugoslavia history but ended up sleeping with the lights on. Thankfully my sister came in the room to wake me up.

My bro who usually wakes me up at 6.30am. I remembered mumbling "6.30am? So early???" Ugh... And today got assembly again...

The assembly was a little longer than usual. I'm supposed to give a mini speech on 'What does Independence Day means to me?' but it changed to Najib and Nasrin. Both of them did pretty good job though their hands were shaking like crazy! Nervous strikes.

Then comes to the discipline checking up. It was so damn slow because they were checking our hair! I was really impatient coz we got this mini project for GP and I was afraid we couldn't finish it today.

Which we did. As soon as I got into the class, we got into work. Me and Mazriana glued all our 'articles' to the coloured paper. The end product was okay, though I wish we could've done better.

Then PS. Submitted my sis's form. The hanged out at the hall. Today's the last day for registeration. Not many people come so it's a litle quiet. I drank a cup of Nescafe with coffee mate and sugar. Yum.

I entered the career office and talked with Ms UK. She was so busy. She did at one point asked me to remind her to enter the class and she'll give homework which I wouldn't want to remind her. Hehe.

So since Miko doesn't have their Phy tutor entering, we fangirled outside the Phy lab coz my Eng Lit tutor was busy too. I wonder if the Alice Nine fanboy is coming to the school or not.. Hehe... At one point I forgotten how we admitted that we were married to our fav JRockers. I married Lin-sama! Hoho and also other JRockers like 'the man with Chihuahua' or 'Tofu guy' or 'Starbucks fanatic'.. xDxD Also, Miko-chan read Lin-sama's post about his uncle getting married. She thought it was Lin-sama's getting married instead of his uncle. Uaa~ If Lin-sama is getting married, I'll be devastated! HAHA Their tutor did came in the end. Then I entered Eng Lit class.

We were talking about how some food still 'survive' until today like Hello Panda, JoJo (the box with toyus and chocos), YanYan (Biscuit sticks with choco), the corn snack with 2 large cylindircal ones, small packet prawn and the sweet prawn crackers. Haha! I wanted to call teacher to enter class but she said no Eng Lit class. Hee.

Then Econs. I fell asleep in the class! For 5 minutes I think. Luckily Ms Tan didn't go and 'wake' me up like "Liza, sit up straight!" lol Others did though xP

Then History. Stalin and his Five Year Plan. It was okay. After the class, Min Hyuk oppa, Alyssa and me had our first mentor-protege programme on Human Rights. It was all right.

With a mountain of readings piling up, I prefer to do my work today then to do it during the 1st and 2nd day of CNY! T_T

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hiroto of Alice Nine

Received this pic from Layla.

It's from the newest NeoGenesis mag.


888th post!!!

This is 888th post of this blog! I wish my CNY post will be at this 888th post but I think this post deserved something much better.

A blog post from Lin-sama!!! -snuggles Lin-

Hi -Fri, February 12, 2010 00:10:32















Ahh Lin-sama!!! I want to go with you to see your uncle's wedding and maybe we'll get married at there as well, together with your uncle? XDXDXD

The breifing from the army

This afternoon I went to MINDEF for my sister's briefing on the scholarship. It was last minute thing as my mom wants someone to accompany her. At the same time I wanted to go to my aunt's apartment to get her magazines.

So we arrived at MINDEF 10 minutes before 3pm. Lucky us though coz the whole briefing starts at 3. They started the briefing late anyways So during the whole briefing I wasn't paying attention much coz I'm not the one being selected so why bother much

But! They had inserted under their list of 'Preferred Japanese Universities' Waseda University! I was like 'OMG!!!' with my hands covered my mouth and my sister sat beside me was looking at me with a 'Why are you acting like that?' look. Waseda University is one of the Japan's top private university and I visited there in 2007. I want to go there! So I was excited about that part throughout the whole briefing. lol

So after the briefing finished, we left to my aunt's apartment. I got a bunch of magazines mostly Newsweek mags, hopefully can find something for my DPRK research. She gave us Ferrero Rocher and some Swiss chocos too~ Yum!

On the way back home, bought Prosperity burger from McD. I must say that's too much of black pepper! But still yummy. So otw back home, me and mom talked about our future and such.

At that one point I broke down to tears again. I said I wish I have half of my sister's intelligent brain and I just felt so DAMN not having one. Then my mom was saying something like 'well, your sister is different than you so you can't compare yourself with her.' Which is definitely true. Still... I wish I have a more intelligent brain. I mean, being intelligent is a good thing, no?

SO I told myself I wanna try my very best to earn a scholarship. It's one of my 2010 goals to earn a scholarship to Japan. If I didn't see my aunt's dictionary on the table, I would have forgotten to borrow the dictionary (picture below). I know my aunt has one (lucky me) so hopefully I can remember some of the vocabs there.

My sister is aiming for MINDEF scholar and I wish her all the best! I do hope she'll be selected.

And now I got a lot of things to catch up!!!


I think I blogged early today.

Last night the connection was a bitch so I ended up heading to bed early.

I finished my History project. All that's left is a little reading for my topic.

I choosed 'Treaty of Versailles' for this coming Tuesday's presentation. -FYI: Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919 and it ended WWI- Why?
Well, because of the band VERSAILLES. Yep. JRockers probably has nothing to do with my History topic but I just like it. I know another friend of mine is doing the same thing too. Boo hoo. I'm going first anyways.

Tomorrow will be my first History Mentor-Protege programme. Man... I got another 1 or 2 students under me. I don't like it. I hope both of them are just temporary under me coz this programme lasts until our A levels and it's really tiring to teach another 1. I am being a little selfish here, I know. I have other stuffs to focus too okay... When I knew I had to teach extra, I was reluctant but I supposed it is okay to help them out. Oh I hope it'll be over soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

BGIC Training

This afternoon we went to the ISB for the BGIC training. At first I was a little nervous apparently for no reason

So when we arrived around 10 minutes before 3. Actually the bus took us to ICC haha luckily its on the way to ISB. Didn't know both buildings were quite close to each other

We were quite puzzled at first because we didn't know where to go but eventually we reached the open hall. There were a lot of students there already although I couldn't recognised all of the attended schools.

Then the whole event started off with the students, mostly ISB students, giving a simulation on how the committee day will be like. All the while I read the theory a.k.a flow chart of how the things would go and can't really visualize it. Thanks to the simulation I more or less get the basic idea of how the meeting flows.

It's interesting to see how things will go during the real thing. But at the same time I felt intimidated by it

After the whole simulation we were then split into our committees. Somehow on the way my legs were shaking! I have no idea why!

Supposed to be there but no key was found

So we ended up having the meet in the library.

We have Q&A sessions. Dean and Kim, the Secretary Generals for Forum 1 were in too. Lachie and Moustafa are our political committee heads. It ended quite late due to mismanagement of time. lol

I like ISB and how I wish I studied there WAY early!

Thursday morning

I love my morning.

Only had History & GP today.

In History it was still on Stalin and his collectivisation. Really boring actually. Going to start the Five Year Plans on Saturday.

Then during GP we did a mini project on the articles of UNDHR.

During recess, hanged out with Miko-chan and the rest at downstairs PS area.

Then I didn't have any classes coz for Eng Lit, Ms UK was busy in the hall so no classes. Was at the hall the whole time after recess until noon. Saw Tan and we talked a bit.

By noon had lunch and tried for the first time the ice lemon tea at canteen A. Everyone said it's nice so wouldn't hurt to try one. XD Kavitha saw the process of how they make it. 30% of the drink was actually the cordial syrup itself! Wow. I don't think I wanna buy my drinks there again. Not to mention they put in sugar too!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Had my evening nap. Just woke up.

Right before I woke up, Lin-sama appeared in a dream again!

Ahh~ Why are you taking my heart much faster than Wataru did before? HAHA

So that dream is where Lin-sama wrote to me! I saw my name in a message & went 'Aaaah!' in my dream that it woke me up instead =="

And right now I wish I did not wake up.

SCREW new looks!

L-R : Manabu, Rui, Byou, Jin, Kazuki

Byou looks so HOT! Yuuto left SCREW already and is replaced by Rui~ The new bassist!

Byou does look like Ruki, well, a little!

Today is a hot day

What a day. First class was Econs. I thought I was late coz the expression Ms Tan had when I entered was scary. Maybe she's warning up for the day? We learn about Oligopoly. The curves reminds me of physics velocity graph where 'when an object is at the highest point, it's velocity is 0' or something like that. Obviously I flunk my Physics

History was all right. Still about Stalin and his 'Collectivisation' plans. Then at one point me & Min Hyuk oppa talked about toilets in Japan & Korea. HAHA They're really different from here. We both wanna import them to our homes.

Recess. Treated Miko-chan ocha a.k.a green tea. Fangirl about Alice Nine speaking Chinese. Hehe. Imagine Saga-chi pronounced his name 沙我 (Sha wo) as 烧 (Shao) a.k.a. 'Burn' LOL

GP. We did 'Human Rights' today, something on United Nations Declaration on Human Rights (UNDHR). Then Sir started talking bout post world war (UNDHR was declared on 1948) I think sir better be my History tutor for a change.

PS. Literally just hang out at the hall when I should be doing my History project. Hall was quiet. Then sis popped up to take the form & we went back home together.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Okay so I didn't study.

Will do it tomorrow.. So tired!

ZzZ -Dreams-


Came back home at around 4:45PM and haven't touch my books since. Yikes!

After dinner used the net for research and stuffs.

Fangirl with Miko again~ hee... I guess I fangirl too much on my -self proclaimed husband- Lin-sama. Imagine if Lin-sama were to read this blog... -Dies- And me fanmail him about us going on a date on 14th Feb -dies-


BGIC is getting nearer! My God... DPRK is REALLY a COMMUNIST country and there's nothing about their involvement in peace keeping roles of Israel-Palestine or terrorism in Pakistan. SERIOUSLY!

Just ate a packet of nasi lemak. Yum.

Time to do some readings then off to bed early. Hoping to continue my dream with Lin-sama and maybe have babies HEEHEE

My dream

I was really really tired yesterday... Drinking a cup of Lipton tea wasn't sufficient for my caffeine intake Managed to fell asleep at 11.30pm

Then the alarm woke me up at 6.15. I think I snoozed it.

I dreamt that I was married to Lin-sama.


We got married in my dream! -dies-

Then I dreamt that we went for a honeymoon.. -ahem-

Things didn't happen coz by 6.30AM, the FINAL wake up call means I MUST wake up

Hmm... if today is a Sunday... That dream would have been 'complete' Hmmm...


This happened last night before 11pm

Me: Konbanwa~ 11pm remember to peta NAO-shi!

Miko: Looking at my dad and sis making cookies. Aww you texted just to remind me to peta? X) -huggu-

Me: Ua~ Homemade cookies! I wanna bake one myself one day.. Yum. XD haha yea -huggu- Cookies for CNY is it?

Miko: Yeah for CNY. Maybe we should try baking cookies someday. Can try make buns and dumplings for Lin while we're at it -daydreams- And Mocha Frapp for NAO-shi.

Me: We should bake together after A levels xD Aah~ Make dumplings & buns for -ahem- future husband Lin-sama -daydreams- && extra special Mocha Frapp for Nao-shi! XD Yeay~

Miko: Good idea haha Future husband not Wataru? Haha so fast change to Lin. YES! Super deluxe mocha frap and coffee cake for NAO Everything COFFEE x3

Me: Ever heard of being scandalous? XP Lin-sama is my bf while I am engaged to Wataru.. Hoho xD lol I didn't know Nao is OBSESS with coffee-related food/drinks

Miko: And engaged to Tomo too lol! Not sure about the food part but I know he's crazy about Starbucks' drinks. Always take away the drinks to drink while working

Me: Oh yea! I forgot about Tomo! lol! Nah... I think better if you engage to him instead xP Oh.. So if we are at Japan, STALK the Starbucks nearest to the PSC Office.. hehe ;P

Miko: You're so right haha as if stalking his blog isn't enough and now targeting Starbucks cafe!

This happened today~

Me: -Opens the bag-
-Saw a piece of folded paper- I know it wasn't there...
-Unfold the paper-
-Read the note-


Wataru left a note saying "I love you" to me!!! AAAAHH!!

LOL Okay not.
HAHA I KNEW who did this!

I didn't realise that my name was spelt wrong, plus, Wataru wrote his name as 'Ayumi' LOL He wrote it hastily which can be forgiven by me as his wife.


Today was the start of the registeration for the juniors. I saw a few of the juniors that I know of. It's exciting to see new students coming to your school.

First class was Eng Lit. Ms UK was busy so she left us a piece of homework. I teamed up with Nabeela to do the work. We did until 5 minutes before the class end. We're not supposed to leave the class but we did anyways We went to the hall to see how things are going.

Econs. Today was just usual lessons. Then History. Boring Stalin. Then GP. Listened to some podcast for our topic on Cyber Crime.

Then it was a long wait til 2.30. Went to the canteen to have lunch.

After lunch I was planning to fangirl again with Miko xD but I didn't see her! Boo hoo. I saw her bag downstairs but didn't knew she, Denise & Natrah were actually over at the other table instead of at the one we usually sit. We met like 15 minutes before 1. Haha..

After Miko went to her class, I went to the library to do my homeworks. I was so freakin tired. And the weather was so hot! Thanks to Kavitha for the 100Plus. XD

2.30pm. We had our first session of the Speakers' Club. It was fun! I love it! Hehe.. There were mistakes & flaws but I know we can improve it at the next session.

So as the sargeant-at-arms & toastmaster, and no, I am not an army sargeant or a chef cooking bread I had to make sure the flow of the club. It was okay since Mrs Kamini helped us. I volunteered to be the 1st impromptu speaker. So basically the topic table master prepared several several topics at random and we have to pick one. My topic was on 'Black Cat'. I was like 'huh?' But managed to speak out things that were on my head for a minute so it wasn't that tough. Then we get to evaluate each and everyone's speeches. Thank you to Mrs Kamini who prepared us cakes for the tea-time. After that was the announcement of the Champion of the day & favourite speaker. Champion of the day are those who spoke too much 'ah' or erm or uh. Favourite speaker becomes the next sargeant-at-arms and toastmaster. I volunteer myself to be the General Evaluator.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Research a lil bit for my BGIC. I don't find any concrete evidence in DPRK's role in Pakistan, especially the terrorism part! Grr... The only thing that is so 'hot' was the nuclear deal in 2006 and that's much.

At the same time while d/l those files, I looked at the History past years. OMG. I have a hella reading to do!

I have tonnes of work to do! And I am already tired. Definitely will drug myself with caffeine.

12012 TATTOO single covers

Below are covers for 12012 TATTOO single.

This is the limited edition type A cover. -drools- Wacchi as the cover boy~~~ ah~ My darling husband featured as the cover boy~ -squeels-

This is the limited edition type B. I like this cover but not as much as the first one above ^^

This is the normal edition. I didn't really like the way Tooru posed but I am most likely to have this instead of the other 2 if I were to buy. If I am still lucky enough to find type A around, I'll snatch it