Friday, April 30, 2010

#153 - Last day of April

Tomorrow is May!

Half a year is almost approaching.

I don't know if I can do very well for my studies, which I should.

Somehow there are times I am determined to do well. I mean, I'm the one who's studying for my future, no one else... I know I'm different from many of my friends


#152 - Beef

I decided to cook this.

Fried the beef at a frying pan.

It prolly took me less than minutes to do so since I used the biggest flame.

And it tasted very bland, despite putting in white pepper.

And I have no idea why did I cook such food when my tummy is bloated.


#151 - BEAST MASTER manga

I think it was last week that somehow my bro borrowed the manga 'BEAST MASTER'. I'm not manga fan but the cover prompt me to read it. Besides there's only 2 manga book so it shouldn't take very long to finish reading.


Scary looking Leo Aoi

But really cute when he smiles


Thursday, April 29, 2010

#150 - Happy Day


History wasn't that bad.. If only I studied earlier, I prolly have a higher chance of getting A lol I actually have a misconception of my exam time earlier.. The paper started at 8 but I kept on thinking it starts at 10! lol So when I was at the canteen, thinking I still have 1 more hour to waste, then I realise, "WHAT? EXAMS WILL START IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES?" LOL Luckily I came to school early today coz otherwise, I would have came 15 minutes before the paper finishes! XDD

Then in the afternoon I attended the Brilliance Award. Well, my sister got it, not me. I met a lot of familiar faces too =)

Then for dinner, my sister decided to make pasta with her super special delicious sauce. I forgotten the name It tasted like carbonara.

Overall, I'm happy =)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#149 - お誕生日おめでっとございます!

Happy birthday Rayka~!~!

The guy on the left is Rayka

Not forgetting to fanmail him on his birthday like what I did on Lin-sama's birthday

And Lin-sama was the first to ask SYNSIDE's fan to greet Rayka.

Original entry here

Wed, April 28, 2010 01:59:22 - れ


〓Happy Birthday〓

直接は言いません。 (I haven't told him directly yet)

みんな祝ってあげてね! (Everyone, greet him!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#148 - Kagrra, 10th Anniversary comments

Among all members' comments, I like Nao's best~ XDD

#147 - KAT-TUN Going! single

KAT-TUN's newest single, 'Going!' will be out on 12th May! Only this time Akanishi Jin is not in it.

Nevertheless, KAT-TUN won't be KAT-TUN without 'A'. xD

I love the PV preview~ I can't wait for the HD release~

And here's the song preview:

#146 - OMG T.T

Lin-sama posted the picture above at his secret amemba post.


Lin-sama, why are you trying to kiss yori?!

T.T -wails-

lol my previous post was about yori & I even fanmailed Lin-sama to tell yori how cute his hamster is..


Lin-sama even drew hearts around that cheki with words saying 'yori chaaan~'

OMG! -Jealous-

Monday, April 26, 2010

#145 - 桃王子


It must have been yori's favourite pet. His post titled '初めまして☆桃王子です♪(*´ω`*)' (long time no see, prince 桃)

And in the entry, he posted:

Yori姫 ♥ 桃王子

桃王子 is SO cute!!! XD

Original post here

#144 - 牛丼お食べました

I am sick of eating meat nowadays.

I appreciate food, but too much meat is not healthy.

If there is chicken/fish, I'm glad to give up meat for it.

But for now, reduce consumption. Works perfectly since I have a half dis functioned mouth

#143 - Dental Pain

This morning I decided to go to the dental clinic as I delayed it for a year now

Coz last night my wisdom tooth was in pain.

And what did the dentist did? Scalling.

It's very very painful when she did it. Even right now after 4 hours the pain can be felt.

Can only eat at one side. Eww.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

#142 - Alice Nine in School Uniform!


アリス九號 - 春夏秋冬

It's Alice Nine's PV, the one where they wore school uniform! When Miko-chan showed me the pic below, I wondered if there are any PV for it. It took me 4 months? HAHA

Hiro-pon kawaai!!

The PV was released in 2005, so Hiro-pon was 20 years old that time! Ahhh~~

Oh! Here are some facts about Hiro-pon! (I believe Miko-chan read from the same web source too ;D)

:: acts as though they`re actually doing a live during rehearsals Awww.. He's too enthusiastic!
:: wanted to be a Johnny's Junior when he was little OMG REALLY? I can imagine you in a dance team like KAT-TUN but thank god you didn't!
:: designs some of the merchandise Would love to buy one if I have the chance
:: either can't swim, or he can't swim very well XD
:: was "molested" by a middle-age woman on the train during high school O_O Poor Hiro-pon
:: was so excited after the STYLISH WAVE EXTRA live he couldn't sleep and he wrote a new song He sure loves his job
:: while trying to be cool yelling something on the mic, bumped his teeth against it, and against Shou's teeth at another live HAHA! Poor Shou

Saturday, April 24, 2010

#141 - MINDEF

Today was the MINDEF scholarship briefing at BRIDEX. It was my 1st time there.

MINDEF sent in a BIG tourist bus for 8 people. XD I thought that bus wasn't for us because I anticipated a smaller bus.

Before stopping by we went to Hua Ho mall at Tutong. lol It wasn't part of the agenda but it was great to see students coming out after school. Never been to that part of the district.

I never knew there were SO many horses on the way to BRIDEX.

The briefing started at 2:15PM. The officer briefed on the whole scholarship process. It was okay, I suppose.

And I'm deciding whether I should apply or not.

#140 - 凛様愛してる~

これわ凛様の写真です!あああ~~~ かっこいい!!!

It's from his secret ameba post.

*drools on*Ahh Lin-sama, can we be together? XDDD

Friday, April 23, 2010

#139 - Shakespeare Day

Today was the Shakespeare Day held at MD. It's the first time ever held. Why today?

Because today (23rd April) is the birthday and deathday of World's best writer. The date is very significant and as a Lit. student I failed to realise this.

Born in 1564 & died in 1616. I wouldn't want to die on by birthday!

Arrived at MD about 8+. I saw Tcher Marina, the former principal of my old school! Happy~~~ lol Her speech was the opening speech for today's event, followed by the keynote speaker on 'What I don't know about Shakespeare'.

And yes, I do not know some things about Shakespeare. For e.g, he wrote a love letter (sonnet?) to Henry Wroithesly. Mr Wroisthesly was the 'hot' guy for women and *ahem* men back in Shakespeare's time. I suppose it is safe to say he is gay

So after the speeches we went to the Lecture Theatre 12 where the lecture on Hamlet was. I love the lecture theatre! How I wish we have one of our own. So there were handouts given on Hamlet and there's this activity where we have to guess the quotes from whom it is spoken from and to and about who. I didn't memorise much of Hamlet's quotes so I didn't manage to fill in a lot of blanks! =D The lecture, although it was short, was really fun!

After that we went back to the auditorium for 'Twelfth Night' lecture. lol We acted like we know the play but we haven't a clue except it has a little similarities with 'She's the Man' After that we went to The Mall for lunch.

This must have been the best lunch for this year! We had international buffet! lol There was Malay food (fried rice) Chinese (dim sum) Western (Jollibee, fish and chips) but no Indian food.. Well, the reason is that (very lame, really) the bus driver turned on the Bollywood music SO LOUD! haha I guess we had enough Indian element all the way XDD

Then there were a little left over and Theo suggested a game. I don't know what the game called
(Let's just say 'finish the food' game). So whoever did not clapped on the number '7' or said the
number '7' or any numbers that had to do with '7' will need to eat any leftover. lol I remembered
what Adri said : "Do you know why this game is created? It's because for you to learn about Maths." lol To eat or not to eat, that is the challenge XD But I gotta admit, this game should be implemented to EVERYONE so that you won't waste food. XD

3 drinks. XD

Lunch. Fried noodle (chicken, beef, seafood) Oishiii~

Cappucino ice-blended

So after lunch Ms UK treated us gelato ice-cream. Yummy~! I picked coffee flavour. I couldn't get enough coffee today. First was Nescafe as refreshment, then ice blended Cappucino as drink and coffee gelato. All are yummy! Oh! I just realise.. I'm like Nao-shi! HAHA Addicted to coffee-related~

Coffee gelato ice-cream

The afternoon programme was the performance on Twelfth Night by MD E-lit students. It was very funny! I enjoyed it very much =) We took photos with the actors XD The stage was open to any performance and it's supposed to be Theo & Adri's performance (beatboxing Hamlet's play! LOL) But it didn't happened. HAHA

Overall, today is a fun day! Our first E-lit class trip and a wonderful memory.

Ahh! I almost forgot, I learn a very good quote today from 'Twelfth Night' slide during the lecture. See how attentive I was even though I didn't listen to the lecture 100%? LOL

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness trust upon them" - Act III Scene iv, Twelfth Night

Ahh Shakespeare's quote is so relevant until present date.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

#138 - Nozomi

My heart went 'aah~' when I saw this pic!

It's not the first makeupless pic I see from Nozomi. But! This one is HOT!

I stare at it for a moment. XDD

#137 - LIN Twitter Event!

The Twitter Event for LIN brought by CURE ended 30 minutes ago. It was fun! Thanks to CURE who bought these live tweets! Too bad I missed Matenrou Opera and Phantasmagoria ones in the past

Click on the picture for a bigger view~

L - R = Kanata, Riku, KISAKI, Reiya, Mizuki

KISAKI-sama's hair is AWESOME!!!

Riku's funny face XD

Kanata, Reiya, Mizuki

Mizuki's umbrella belong to a Cure member staff lol XD

Taking a break from photoshooting. Riku's face = priceless! XD

Peace - Reiya


#136 - [Live 2010] Versailles - Ai To kanashimi No Nocturne

Somehow Princess HIZAKI's hair looked screwed??? And... Kamijo's hair is SO PREFECT after headbanging! LOL Must have put a lot of hairspray cans huh? XDDD

#135 - Matenrou Opera

Latest MO pic from CURE. Well, that was 30th March when they were on CURE's Twitter event.

#134 - バナナチョコレトセキ

(Banana Chocolate Cake)

Taken from Ayabie's INTETSU's twitter.

It looks delicious! with the coffeee!

He says this is from Shibuya.

I wonder which cake shop...

#133 - Econs


Econs paper.

I wish I did study coz honestly, I didn't.

I did, but it was like 2 hours before the exam. =S

The MCQ.. some we ever did it before and I wish I flipped the past year papers.

Ugh.. I hate it when the questions are not 'new', but rather 'recycled'

Data-response, more like common sense.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#132 - Debate

Today was the semi-final debate.

It was against PTEK.

We lost.

So yeah, the dream to go to the final cannot be realised.

Such a sad thing.


I swear I almost cry and I told myself, "なくないでください!"

Goodbye, the debating world for now.

Until I see you again.

#131 - 2 days update


The GP Exam.. I regret studying for it. I should've study for Eng Lit instead.

The GP paper was okay.. I did the question on "Does the book has a future?" I managed to write 575 words. I guess my brain wasn't functioning well that day which I could've written 600+ like I always do

Then there was this short meeting for us who are joining this particular youth programme. The form did asked for a CV and I did it like last minute A constructive CV takes hours to do but I took less than an hour. lol Wish I did it earlier...

I found out that ClearVeil will disband after their July live. When I saw a friend's blog at ameba with the title was 'ClearVeil 解散' (ClearVeil disband) I was like they're kidding me, right? I swear I wanted to cry coz my heart ache... The reason was 'different opinion in music' It pains me so much that they are disbanding.. I f*ckin' love this band out of so many of the UCP and this happened.

GEEK's Riu peta'd me!! XDD

My baby Hiroto grew up to the adult version! It's not that cute anymore!!! T_T


Since exam starts at 10, I had the privilege to sleep late and wake up late. SCREW-ed my E-lit exams. Period. It was relief to get it over. Then teacher briefed us about the Shakespeare Day that will be held at MD.

Tomorrow's debate semi-final. OMG

Sunday, April 18, 2010

#130 - Exams Fever!

Tomorrow is the start of the Preliminary Exams and I am really, really nervous.

19th - GP 1

20th - Eng Lit

21st - GP 2

22nd - Economics

29th - History

The semi final for debate is on the 21st. I want to go to the finals! Oh God...

Then there's Shakespeare Day coming up on the 23rd at MD. I'm sure it'll be fun! ^^ Let's see those cross-dressers! LOL

Last but not least, MINDEF Scholarship briefing on the 24th. I'm still thinking whether I wanna apply or not. Honestly, after reading layla-san's post at cbox, I just felt like crying again... lol A sign of desperation, perhaps? No, it's just me setting up a very unrealistic target. Okay.. I better stop talking about it coz I feel like tears are coming out again.. HAHA

I am going through the hellish weeks. I just hope I don't stress too much as I have the tendency to do so And I think I am starting to right now

Wish me luck~!

P.S Not going to blog after this post. Maybe after 22nd.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

#129 - GEEKのリウです!

Like how Miko-chan spam posted about her beloved Lin-sama, I present to y'all, リウ (Riu)!


He's the bassist for the band GEEK (I know, it's geeky.)

リウ with his fellow bandmate, 刹那 (Setsuna)! 刹那 is the guitarist. And yes, she he is a cross-dresser. XD

リウ with GAKU, the vocalist. When I first look at this picture, GAKU struck me. He looks like Wataru from this view! OMG! Well, a little~! XD

With another guitarist, 叉紅 (Saku). Oh wow.. 叉紅's arm, yummy. lol

GEEK. Taken backstage. I like this pic. GAKU looks so kawaai!

Of course, these are リウ's pics with makeup. Makeup-less looks?

Yes! Him with no makeup at all! Personally, he looks better without makeup. I like him. XDD

#128 - Last day of school!

Exams starts next week and I hope to do better.

No, I want to do better

I was teaching Napoleon Bonaparte's achievements from 1775 - 1801. I wasn't prepared for Q&A session and I kinda screwed up. lol

In the afternoon I was chatting with my overseas friends which I had not been in contact with for a long while.

Apparently, Mr D already married for 5 months now! lol I just knew it He's happily married to the Korean whom they had met in forum. She's from the States and now living with him in Europe. Awww, love knows no boundaries...

I wonder if... No! I can't think it! I am part of the v-kei mafia family! LOL

Well, he told me this: "Just believe in faith and live, one day he'll come"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

#127 - Tiger Power

I thought that Tiger-man is so cute

And to think that the person behind it is TORA!!

lol This is my cuzzie's Tiger plushie.. Cute, isn't?

And I wanna hug both Tigers ^^

#126 - Loaded

Everything is coming up at the same time, and I am SO not prepared!

Ugh.. I hate this.

I need to manage things more efficient!

No more fangirling now.. lol. I mean, yeah.

Study, study, study.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#125 - Hiro-pon!

Ahh~! KAWAAI!!!!

It's so much cuter than the other one!!

And for this adoptable, I HATCH IT!


But the body is too tiny to be seen, haha!

Hiro-pon must continue to grow!

Please click it daily =D

#124 - Choices?

Today me and Miko discovered a place where it will be our secret. We should date there more often lol

So while we were having debate discussions, Ms UK approached me about MINDEF scholarship.

Here comes the dilemma again.

She said she immediately thought of me when MINDEF needs 10 students to attend their scholarship briefing next week. She believes in me, believe that I can score 3 A.

3 A... It's sooo distant... But she insist to me that it's within my fate (or something like that la) I should start studying VERY hard and believe in myself more...

That made me guilty. Guilty for not being to score 'a' for my AS. I do not regret okay, maybe a little for not retaking June AS. Guilty that I had not been attentive in class lately.

I know I told myself I wanna apply for the Monbukagakusho, actually MINDEF also has what I want. I meant degree courses.

Hmmm... The opportunity cost for this is VERY high.

If I were to apply for MINDEF & going through every procedures but the outcome was that I'm not selected, then I should've applied Monbukagakusho. I know I will regret if I didn't apply the Japanese scholarship.

But if I apply for Monbukagakusho, I cannot apply for MINDEF unless I failed the former one. Besides, MINDEF automatically calls you if you are qualified.

Oh well... I'll see what my introvertism tells me to.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#123 - Pre-Stress

Yes. Like the title said.

The tension and pressure keeps adding.

The expectations are high. And it'll keep getting higher.


That wont stop me from blogging. =D

#122 - A bit too much? XDD

To Miko, you're right! He was clueless! HAHA!!! Though he got it wrong, it's lunch time not breaktime ;P