Monday, May 31, 2010


You had been warned ;D

All pictures are taken from BARKS website

So like I was surfing around the comm and someone posted up a pic of Shou (below) and I went "OMFG!!!"

I'll just fangirl about what comes to my head when I first saw those pics xD

I can see ViViD with their latest outfit ^^ Too bad there's no close up pic for this

SHOU!! His eyepatch is so cool! HOT!

Keiyuu is so adorable xD His signature fringe is still there ^^b

I cannot believe this is Takeru! I mean, WHY THE BRAIDS??? Yummy arms =P

Maybe I gotten used to Byou's hair in Cursed Hurricane PV but I DON'T LIKE HIS HAIR!!! No style?! And he looks like Ruki too for some unknown reasons..

Shin looks all right. Even though they wore their PRECIOUS single outfit, I thought of the black sequin shirt Ruki and Shou wore for BEFORE I DECAY PV & V-ROCK FES respectively.

This shocked me! I didn't know Nao from kagrra, is like one of the vocalist for TOKYO HIGH BLACK?! OMG HE LOOKS SO COOL!! Unlike his usual image in kagrra, (no hippie Nao, this is Rockin' Nao!)

Keiyuu as member of the TOKYO HIGH BLACK. He looks very cool!

#217 - Tribal Arivall Live Twitter Event

Yesterday I was constantly checking up at Twitter for no reasons until I saw musicJAPANplus (mJp) was tweeting about the Tribal Arivall.

I read about it few days ago and I didn't think I would follow them from about 9am til 8pm at night

Initially I followed them using my phone but after a while, I monopolized used the laptop like throughout the whole afternoon til evening. lol!

I basically pasted out every single tweet by mJp on words then edited few things before I posted up at the several LJ comms out there.

This is very interesting from SCREW:

Q: Have you played pranks on the other members. What were they?

Byo: I played a number of pranks on Jin.

Kazuki: I've sexually harassed Jin-kun

Manabu: Too many, so I forgot.

Rui: I put pepper into a bentou.

Jin: I've sexually harassed Byo.

I'm amused by the number of 'sexual harassments' happening within the band members ^^b

The experience of monitoring for 8 hours at Twitter is tiring and envious! hehe This is by far the longest Twitter event I monitored, compared to RIN's photoshoot brought by CURE. That was about 4 hours.

And now back to reality.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

#216 - Taku Cross-dresses???

Do not read if you cannot stand fangirls ;P

So like I was watching Heisei Ishin's Ruru & Kakera PVs AND I noticed something similar in Taku, my new v-kei crush.


I didn't know he cross-dresses because my 1st PV was Prism and he doesn't wear any skirts.

Ruru PV

Kakera PV

From both of the screenshots, you can see he wore a skirt~



Taku looks like a girl =DD His hair reminded me of someone.. Scroll down to find out who =D


Yea, his hair reminded me of Ayumi Hamasaki's latest look from Rock n Roll circus. Only that I think Taku is prettier than Ayu in this case LOL

I like his smile =) The first screenshot looks a little awkward but the 2nd one is LOVE xD

Ahh.. Why is Taku look so pretty? =DD

Saturday, May 29, 2010

#215 - Green Debate

Today in the morning was the Green Debate organised by UBD together with BSP.

It was my first time entering UBD campus. I was anticipating the debate as there are 10 teams from 10 different institutes, inclusive of ours. We arrived a little late, like during the 1st 2 minutes of the 1st round. The 1st 2 rounds wasn't that tense until round 3, that is us. hehe

So after the 5 rounds of debates finishes, there is like 1 hour before the announcement of the winning team. So Ms UK brought us around the campus. It was hot since we were walking around. But I really like the whole surrounding, so green. Below is one of the campus area.

The best part of us touring around the campus is that we met the Chancellor of UBD, Dr Zul by coincidence! How rare is this! I never get to see the school principal strolling around when I was walking at SMSA.

It was an honoured to meet him with 2 other lecturers. Too bad we do not have a camera to take a picture with him. The chancellor personally wants us to study at UBD after we finished A levels. Oh wow... He personally invited us. (Y)

The results were out. We were 18 points behind to get to the finals. We ranked 3rd overall. But everyone did their very best shot.

And I drank this root beer right after I went back home. Cooling and refreshing.

Friday, May 28, 2010

#214 - w-indsが大好きです!


Few months back I met a fan who's willing to trade one of the limited edition cards. She was generous to include some of the photos too.

I agree to trade my Ryuichi card for this group card.

It's a sticker.

#213 - あの猫わ怖い。。。

My neighbour cats somehow think that I am their owner earlier when I was drying my pair of jeans outside.

Those cats stood by the door.

The black kitten is cute.

And there are 3 black kitten

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#212 - Kyaaaaaa

My beloved Lin-sama posted the pic as a secret entry.

OMG I love the highlights! && the outfit he's wearing! It looked kinda smart~ &&& we had almost the same hair length too!! xD

I love you Lin-sama even though you are still a shy man even after we had married in my dreams

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#211 - PETA!!!

Ahh!! I received peta form Lin-sama today!!! -hugs around him- lol


Riu is so kind to peta me for 2 consecutive days.. hmm I guess I'll peta him everyday too ^^

#210 - Expired drinks

Last Sunday as I was cleaning a table, I saw this box filled with packets of drinks.

I had actually ignored this box for more than 2 years already. As you can see, there are coffee and tea sachets that I used to store them for further use.

The best of all, all of them expired already.

But I suppose it is still okay to drink them. I'll do it sometime if I need caffeine.

#209 - tired

Eng Lit - Ms UK gave last minute revision for the other AS papers for tomorrow. Oh yea~ Tomorrow no Eng Lit too due to AS (Y)

Then Econs. I slept again in class. zZz. Aggregate Supply topic was okay but I like the idea of Keynesian versus Monetarist. I think I still prefer Keynesian theories.

Then History. What teacher said yesterday wasn't a joke. She really didn't enter the class. lol


So it ended up Zaidul being a leader and he wants us to express our concerns/emotions. I suppose it was all right.

GP. Did mind map on press media censorship.

I didn't turn up for the debate meeting today coz I didn't have anything to contribute. I don't feel like to.

Then on the way back home, my mom told me that Ms UK told her on the report signing day about my tiredness in class. "She seemed tired all the time"

I was like :O Teacher notices! lol

Monday, May 24, 2010

#208 - SS501

The boys look so visual~ I like xD

Great song too!

#207 - What a distressing time

Today is very depressing. Not to mention it is freakin' hot.

Oh! It's energy day. So let's save energy for today /sarcasm

Right... To think that I have been sleeping with my lights on...

Anyways, my other lessons for today was okay. Not too bad. Except when it comes to History.

Tantrum thrown at us on Saturday doesn't seem to be sufficient for her. This is what I remembered when she entered the class: "So I supposed all of you had done your research so today I'm not going to write anything on the board because my hands are tired so any of you please start (the lesson)."

In this class, there are like 5 'usual' ones inclusive of me. So like there's this one usual wanted to contribute ideas and she stopped him "No I don't want you to talk today. "Please sit down. I want some other people." So I know I will not be allowed to speak for the whole lesson.

And it felt like a war zone for that 1 hour 20 minutes. There isn't supposed to have the extra 15 minutes.

But really, the attitude she showed us. It really discourage most of us from learning this subject.

It's horrific.

And because the rest didn't do to her expectations, her last sentence before she left the class was "If this is the quality of work I get from you, then I do not have to enter the class tomorrow."

And she is not entering the class tomorrow, well, no comment. It's not like I cannot do this subject without her help.

I'm wondering if that last sentence is a joke or not.


I'm just going to study my ass off for all my subjects regardless of what the problems are.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

#206 - 12012

This video is love, especially Wataru. He looks like a nerd (Y)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

#205 - Wake up call

A lot of interesting things happened today.

During Econs, Ms T somehow always complain us Humanities students not being 'intelligent' i.e not being able to understand the basic concepts which she assumed the Science students can understand their basic concepts of their sciences well than us.

Sounds bias if you asked me.

Then she go on and on unleashing her 'somehow-not-so-satisfied-teaching-us' temper which can demotivate me BUT I don't give a damn.

I'm just going to study my own way.

The episode doesn't stop there.

In History Ms J too released her temper.

Her first question was 'What is the Erfurt Union?' and I went oh shit! I completely forgotten about it

And perhaps none of us being able to answer her, she just unleashed her dissatisfaction. She even say 'I'm pissed'

To make things clear: She wants us to be proactive. And starting this Monday IF none of us are not being able to answer any of her questions, 2 consequences:

1. Kicked out from the class forever.
2. A good scolding for all of us. Think of it like a 'domino effect'. If one falls, the rest fall too.

#204 - Rin

This is funny! Poor Kanata being scared by KISAKI. Evil KISAKI ^^

Suddenly I missed Chinese calligraphy... T__T

Friday, May 21, 2010

#203 - CN Blue LOVE

This is the latest release from CN Blue

Hmm I'm no big fan when it comes to KPop but I decided to give them a try.

I forgot their names already.. lol

The 'rockish' parts is like 15 seconds? haha

I like the song without the MV

#202 - Bear bear's POV

Note: Bear bear is saying these. What I said are in brackets. hehe

Yesterday mama brought me to the sushi restaurant because her best friend celebrated her birthday there! I was so happy~

I saw a lot of mama's friends as well. I was a bit shy *^_^*

The raw salmon was very delicious, mama said.

Did mama actually ate this? The baby octopus is so cute!

(Liza's words: Well, its meant to be eaten! And yeah, this shot is so adorable, don't you think?)

I wanted to try to eat ebi tempura, but it's too big to be fitted to my mouth.

The desert was macha ice cream~ Oishii!

#201 - Birthday

昨天是我的好朋友生日。 她请客。 我们在一间有名的sushi店庆祝生日。

我送了她一个书单, 写了几句有意义的话。

虽然那间店很靠近我家,但是我是最后一个到。 (笑) 打扮太久了吧。。。 哈哈


她问我是什么人。 我让她猜。

她说我是日本人。 哈哈!

心里好高心。 因该是我一直讲日语,搞到她以为我是日本人。

我吃了好多。肚子好胀。 今天肚子好了一点

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#199 - 2nd draft checked

Just received my edited 2nd draft.

And expected, I need to do a 3rd draft~ lol

This time 4 mistakes/corrections..

Hopefully after I submitted, it'll be a perfect PS

#198 - 2nd draft

I just checked my PS 2nd draft.

And it seemed that I will have to do the 3rd draft.

This time having 18 mistakes, compared to 31 previously.

And I thought I had checked everything

Now I believe some seniors saying they did like 10 times for their PS

Monday, May 17, 2010

#197 - Tiredsc

I was trying to focus on the unification of Germany first thing in the morning. Yawn-ed a lot of times dues to my lack of sleep.. -sigh-

During E-lit, everyone was revising for the AS later in the afternoon. I was oping that there will not be any classespus I wanna escape it but I cannot coz Ms UK is my group tutor

Econs was okay. I supposed the jargon concept of Multiplier is getting narrow now, since I kinda understand it a bit.

Enjoyed History today. We learnt about the unification of Germany today. Yes, I love the history of 19th century Prussia better than the 20th century Germany.

This morning also Sie Ying gave me the printed Monbukagakusho application forms! Many thanks to her for printing it for me.

I called up the embassy for some clarifications and now I'm not sure if I should give it a shot or not. Hmmm

Sunday, May 16, 2010

#196 - SuG + Secilia Luna

So I was in the middle of fangirling about Taku when Miko-chan told me something.

Thanks to her, I now know that SuG will be going to Singapore this 31st July for the Sundown Festival!!




But...! The qualifying exams will start on 26th July.


Better luck next time!

If SuG make it big, then I believe there will be a chance to see JRock CDs selling in S'pore. -crosses finger-

And I was checking out my Twitter followers.


Secilia Luna followed me!


A JRock band followed me on twitter!

And of course, I followed them back =D

#195 - I have a crush on...

My new crush is..

平成維新 (Heisei Ishin)'s vocalist
拓 (Taku)!!!

So I d/l-ed their latest PV which was Prism.

And I just love Taku's voice + his looks~

Ahh~! I'm having a crush on him!

That I went to his blog at ameba and stalked some of his pictures.

Aaa~ He is just too cute! ^^ Especially the one in X'mas outfit.

I will start hunting for Heisei Ishin's stuffs starting next week~ Yeay~ xDD

#194 - Stuffs I bought

I woke up around noon today. Did some photocopying for my the scholarship app. Then went to buy some stuffs.

I like the number but unfortunately, I have to use it T__T

I felt like eating junk food so I bought Twisties.

Highlighters! I only have green at the moment (even so it's almost running out of ink)

And I would love to own any one of those =)

#193 - My Squibies

I'm glad Usagi-chan 'evolved' into the Sailormoon, my favouriteanime character of all time, or shall I say my favourite super hero! =D

I wonder when will Hiro-pon 'grow' up. I just ope he'll be very cute.

Hiroto won't evolve anyway (how I wish I just freeze it at baby stage.. The baby stage is just adorable)

Ruki & his hammer. lol The hammer he used during PS Carnival actually.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

#192 - 2010.05.15

We did some data-response ques in GP. Not my cup of tea.

Then PS. I thought there will be E-lit. Luckily Nabeela told me there wasn't. lol I guess I was too sleepy on Thursday that I didn't hear about the no lesson part on Saturday.

I slept for 15 minutes after tying to understand the Multiplier concept of Economics. At first glance it was rather confusing. Even after Ms T's explanation on the Multiplier concept I am still blur.

Ms J asked us to find the meaning of several German words:

  1. Augsleich
  2. Dreikaiserbund
  3. Weltpolitik
  4. Kampfzeit
  5. Sammlungspolitik
  6. Volkskaiser
Because the next topic we are going to learn is the unification of Germany. Oh wow~ New topic~ Also it means : MORE READING!

I know very little German, this is what I know: Ich heisse Liza. Ich liebe visual-kei. Auf Wiedersehen~ =D

#191 - My PS

I received my PS feedback today from my GP tutor. As you can see, there are like 31 mistakes.. I was expecting it but I didn't think sir put it in red coloured comment! lol Why can't he used other colours anyway? Maybe he got used to mark in red ink

This is the email I received from my GP tutor (My thought are in italics):

Hi Liza
Thanks for your statement. I've made several suggestions to improve it. Resubmit it once you're happy with your corrections. Don't feel depressed with the amount of comments - they're there to help you and highlight areas where you repeat errors - learn from this. Depressed? Is it THAT bad? Oh, this was before I open the attachment

It's good on content!! hehehe


Friday, May 14, 2010

#190 - SCREW newest PV

The latest release by SCREW is their Cursed Hurricane PV, featuring their new bassist Rui.

I love the song and the PV. It's not that heavy-metal-ish type and Byou's voice really suits him singing slow ballad-like. =D

#189 - Study, study, study!

I spend my whole afternoon reading the whole of STACKED RUBBISH, not!

When I took the pictures, it came to me : Exams is coming soon! And a hell lot to read too!

Bear bear is sitting on the peak lol

I spend the afternoon writing the remaining words for my PS. I'm glad it's done! Hopefully my GP tutor won't vomit after reading it. lol

Writing a PS is like writing the composition 'Myself' , only that this is Pre-U standard, not the primary one composition.

And I had written in things like politics, economics & history, that means I will need to constantly update my brain with those. Woah!! Overload! I don't lie when I wrote that PS but I'm just afraid it'll backfire me instead if I'm not prepared.

And! I decided to apply for Monbukagakusho as well! I know I barely read Japanese but I'm just going to five it a shot. Like poker, risk everything to get a reward. lol