Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#255 - Procrastination sucks

I'm doing things I'm not supposed to.

I just watched 'The Clique'.

WHEN I'm supposed to do my E-lit essay.



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#254 - Lin-sama

Uaaa~ Lin-sama peta'd me today! He must have read my fanmail! I got 2 other peta as well ^^

I don't think many are interested in what I wrote. lol But I'll just translate anyways.

It's a fanmail so if you do not like it, don't read it.

Hello Lin!

I missed you blogging in Chinese (laughs)
If you have the time, please write in Chinese, ok?

Your (Band) outfit looks great! Also, your new hairstyle looks very cool! Red suits you well!

Take care yourself!

All the best

I like you (*^_^*)


lol Miko even suggested I should write "I love you" instead of "I like you" to him.

Maybe one day? =P Well, it's a fanmail so it doesn't hurt, right? =DD

Uaa~ I love you, Lin-sama, my husband! ^^

Monday, June 28, 2010

#253 - Literature in English

We received a new book today. It is 'Selected Poems' by T.S.Eliot. His works in literature is too difficult for me to comprehend.

I must say, he is a very intelligent poet. He attended Oxford for goodness sake! Plus, he is THE most important author in this 20th Century. Don't ask me why. Intelligent as he may be, he died of emphysema, a lung disease because he smokes.

There are 7 sections in this book, mainly:

  1. Prufrock and other observations
  2. Poems 1920
  3. The Waste Land
  4. The Hollow Men
  5. Ash-Wednesday
  6. Ariel Poems
  7. Choruses from 'The Rock'
For our exams, we will only learn the ones I underlined. But the underlined sections, there are poems, except for The Hollow Men which itself is a poem of 89 lines.

Prufrock and other observations

The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufock
Portrait of a Lady
Rhapsody on a Windy Night

The Waste Land

I. The Burial of the Dead
II. A Game of Chess
III. The Fire Sermon
IV. Death by Water
V. What the Thunder said

I don't know if I will like his works or not because there are a lot of literature devices which for most part I am not familiar with.

These terms are all jargon to me until I knew the meanings:

cadence, elision, sibilance, solecism, metonymy, archaism, oxymoron, (nope, not a moron names Oxy) conceit, parenthesis (seemed like peristalsis), digression, nuance, litotes, anachronism, bathos, tautology, euphony, aphorism, doggerel (a dog?), idyll, paean, acrostic, epigram, vers libres, enjambement, caaesura and many more...


I wish we did drama papers instead of poems...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

#252 - Birthday

~the night is still young~

Felt like saying that /random

Anyways, my sis surprised me with the party set from Excapade yesterday.

I know I can finish it all by myself. Maybe I should have a marathon on it

Many thanks to Miko-chan and Sie Ying for their prezzies!

The party set

まゆみちゃん / 麻由美ちゃん

Bling-blings~ That's why it shines =D

Friday, June 25, 2010

#251 - 生日快乐!

今天有3位日本明星一起和我庆祝生日!他们是12012的Aki-kun, JackRose 的 Shige 和 UnsraW 的Sho!!

Sho is so cute ^^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

#250 - SYNSIDE

Hello blogger!

Lately I don't feel like blogging. Sometimes I have no news to share at all.

Aside from my fangirling stuffs =P

Which I'm going to do~

This is SYNSIDE's new looks with their new outfit:

L-R: -akino-, kikyo, Rayka, yori, Lin

Effing awesome!

I went "Kyaaaaaaaah~!~!" all over it. And actually self-fangirled myself at the middle of the night with this LOL

I mean, LOOK AT LIN-SAMA! *nosebleeds* I SEE LINMOMO!!! =DDD My husband is hot. ;P

The others too look great! -akino- with his slightly visible nose and the colour of the noseband is quite silver-ish in colour. I like. yori shows off his tummy again~ yeay (^^)b Rayka is beautiful. He looks so 'soft'.. idk that's what I thought of. YORI!! OMG! I LIKE YOUR SKIRT~ but I don't like your top. It looks a bit mismatched & I think it's a bit too 'heavy' for a drummer. Oh yea, that man lady is the drummer. I would like to cosplay yori's outfit for a moment. And Lin-sama.. I want to see the whole of you~! His hair styling is almost similiar to when he was in his disbanded band, Leviathan:

I went all nosebleeding seeing this! I never knew Lin-sama SHOWS off his tiny exposed chest (^^)b

Monday, June 21, 2010

#249 - GazE boys me likey

Miko had this printed out.

I just need to look at GazE boys everyday for inspirations


#248 - 1st day of 3rd term

One word to describe today's first day of 3rd term.


And I mean, SUX BIG TIME.

The NEGAtivity beats the positivity a lot.

I'm lazy to rant it here so here's what happened:

  1. Crappy assembly outside the assembly area.
  2. Scored a B for my E-lit Essay. One more mark less and I'm getting a C.
  3. History period = BIG FAIL. Some lecture on things not congruent to the subject.
  4. Sudden GP test.
  5. Headache.
I hope tomorrow is better. Ugh....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

#247 - Let's Going!

Oh wow.. Time flies. It's like only yesterday the term break started.

Omg. Tomorrow's school! I'm SO not prepared to go back! T_T

I want to be positive for the new term. Exams are coming up soon & I want to do my best.

This is from KAT-TUN's newest single, 'Going!'. The whole song is very positive & I want to believe that I can 'break down the walls of the world'.

Get your dream!
Running as fast as you can
You break down the walls of the world
The roads are never ending
The one step starts stepping from start,
Let's Going!

#246 - Monopoly

This is very good!

Friday, June 18, 2010

#245 - Alert

Today was horrible.

I slept at 5am today. Then around 6-ish til 7-ish I had diarrhoea again. The 2nd time happening this year. O.o Thankfully I had the last bottle of some Chinese meds to cure it instantly. Now I wish I don't get struck by diahoea gain. Otherwise it's hell (=_=)"

So I slept in total 6 hours. Woke up at noon. Ugh.. Currently I felt slight fever. I don't know if this is football fever or a cold. lol

I'm SCREWed~ GP essays outline not done! Felt like skipping Monday's class instead. -_-

#244 - Kamenashi Kazuya

KAT-TUN's K = Kamenashi Kazuya =D

Such a sweet boy =)
No wonder he stole my heart from Jin's

And K-T's No More Pain PV is AWESOME! (^^)b

I mean, Kame in black eyeliner!! So visual!!! =DD I can now imagine him in a v-kei band! lol

See? His right eye's covered in black eyeliner + eyeshadow~ Too bad it's only one side. Still, he's hot with it!

His yummy arms~ ;P

His English is SO fluent in this vid!

"Nice to meet you too, Kazu-chan!"
*shook hands* =DDD

Here's K-T's No More Pain PV. Personally, this is the BEST PV they made! Too bad Jin is not in though, otherwise it would be 6 hot guys~ It's okay, Jin! Good luck for your States concert at LA!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#243 - Let's Go

5 more days til the holiday ends. Oh-em-gee. I was only 20% productive throughout this holiday. So SCREW-ed for 3rd term. Well, hopefully not. Must FOCUS for 3rd term.

Yes, I declare 3rd term WILL BE the HELLISH TERM in my life. A Levels, the exam that will be deciding my future, is coming very soon.

And with that, I suddeny have a mix of emotions. School is about to start and suddenly I was just afraid to go back to school. I guess this 'refusal' will fade by the time I get used to the 'momentum' of going to school, coming back late & sleepless nights. Qualifying Exams, scholarship interviews & A Levels. This is one hell of a rocky road.

Life must go on no matter what.


'Before I Decay' lyrics by the GazettE somehow fits my introvertness.

Before I Decay
Please abandon instinct
I was stuck in a loop of a vicious cycle
It was a mistake to have entrusted you
I die at abnormal speed

-the GazettE, BEFORE I DECAY

#242 - Vanity

Lately I have been playing with makeup. lol I suppose it is used to kill boredom though I could have used those time to study.. Gaah I hate myself

The first one was the emo makeup while the 2nd one I caled it 'all red'. Personally, I like the 1st one better than the 2nd one coz my smile in the 2nd picture looks retarded. I like how my lips are in both the pics *self vain* (^^)b

#241 - JAPAN WON!


There are 2 reasons why I watched this match earlier.

1. I support Japan for FIFA World Cup no matter what critics says

2. My husband Wataru watched the game LIVE at the Free State Stadium at Mangaung / Bloemflontein (^^)v

And since Wataru is there, I thought maybe I could see his face among the many crazy Japanese football fanatics. LOL Nevertheless, he posted up some pics! Yeay~

This was taken before the match.

And he took this pic! So he must have on the 'entrance' side!

This was what he posted at his blog (with translations so it's not accurate):

日本 勝利!!2010-06-15 02:29:33






(Pic above)




I had arrived at the hotel.

I took many pictures during the game.

I might write up a report tonight.

Anyway, this is the picture of the Japanese team squad before the kick-off.

I'm quite good with pictures, right? Of course you are, darling~ xD

Sunday, June 13, 2010

#240 - Wataru in South Africa!


My dream comes true.


Now I will peta him right on 11pm instead of Lin-sama =DDD (of course, both are still my husbands) =D

Aside from that..




He posted several pics in the blog already:

He came across this at a souvenir shop. lol He had no idea what that was. I was thinking of Pumbaa from Lion King.

"E Miyawaki" lol

So he is going to watch 4 matches! There's Argentina vs South Korea, Brazil vs DPRK, Netherlands vs Japan and Japan vs Cameroon.. Uaa~ I'd probably watch the match with Japan playing coz who knows, the cameraman able to film him in the middle of those Japanese footballers! *fingers crossed*

Last but not least, a pic of himself!


Friday, June 11, 2010

#239 - Vidoll's Jui

I just found out this news earlier and I couldn't help it but to pour out my whatever thoughts. Maybe what I say may not make sense as it is 3-ish AM and I'm dead tired + sleepy. I wanna do this before I forget.

So I was browsing S-T and this post with the title "Vidoll goes on pause" almost made my heartbeat stop. What was it all about? It's about Vidoll going on pause after their September 18th live because of Jui's conditions.

Original entry is from Jui's blog here and the translation is from here. Credits goes to Adrienne of Shattered-Tranquility.

Japanese entry:


From Jui's blog (translated):


I’m sorry.

I told one lie

to all of you.

I’m really sorry.

Since the spring of last year,

I was feeling some pain in my left vocal chords.

I wasn’t able to hit that falsetto that I’m so proud of.

Then, during our summer tour last year,

it became obvious,

and it was really, really tough,

I forgot how to sing.

I thought that I had to do it, no matter what,

so I went to the hospital

and they gave me some strong medication.

Throughout our long tour, with twenty stops,

Sometimes, everyone’s concerns, worries and encouragement

ended up changing

into this huge pressure on me.

But, I’m a professional, so I had to keep doing my best.

That’s what I told myself.

So at the very least, I could my best to sing,

I stopped talking,

I stopped singing,

until the very last moment, I’d rest my body.

I ended up being depressed on my own.

Before long,

autumn turned into winter, and the seasons passed,

and during that time the pain still hadn’t gone away,

and I become more and more stressed.

In February of this year, when we were rehearsing for Shun’s birthday event,

even though I had done a pretty good job at resting my voice,

I still couldn’t do that falsetto.

When I went to the hospital,

the told me, “you have a big blod clot”,

and upon hearing what they had to say, I was honestly shocked.

But, in my blog,

I lied, and said

“My throat is doing fine, and I’ve recovered”.

I am truly sorry.

Now I’m at the point where if I don’t use an inhaler, I can’t sing properly.

On this past tour, I couldn’t sing in Sendai and in Kashiwa,

Something would happen, like I’d lose my inhaler, or it’d break

And without the steroids, my voice would wear out.

Lying like that, and being on stage, I felt irritated with myself,

and being overrun with emotions, there were tears, and anger,

and I took it out on you, who have nothing to do with it.

I can’t do any long tours.

Without earphones, I can’t sing at all.

After a 30 minute event, I’ve reached my limit.

I hate lying about this [and won't anymore].

I’ve decided to take some time off to get treatment.

I’ll be having surgery.

It’ll be about a year and a half.

I thought over and over that maybe, I should stop singing.

I feel like God,

has come to me and said,

“You have to stop singing”.

But, I’ve had this dream since middle school,

and at least, little by little, with you and the members that dream is coming true…

I can’t think any other work except singing,

there are still countless songs left in me,

God has something special planned for me.

Because I’ve been able to captivate people, even if it’s just a few,

and even if it’s just a bit, I’ve been given the power to be able to sing.

With that being the case,

so that I can in the future put even more effort into [my singing], I’ll keep moving forward,

that’s what I’ve vowed.

This is the first time I’ve been so honest,

I don’t know how much can be cured,

and letting this all out, is scary.


I will definitely

come back

So, please believe

in me

and in Vidoll

and wait for us.

We’ll put all our energy into the lives we have left,

and when I’ve made a complete recovery, we’ll be back,


will always make me happy.

Thank you for reading this until the end ☆


Rame, Happy Birthday.

So he has been lying for the sake of his own job. I felt sad & pity at him. I know I'll be crying if he does lose his voice.

To be honest, in my opinion, Jui's voice is the most beautiful one in the SO many hundreds of visual kei bands I listen to. It beats all other vocalists IMO.
I fall in love with his falsetto. And to think that he can no longer do falsetto for now, it's a terrible thing to hear.

As a fan, I wish he can just cancel out any lives now and do the surgery ASAP before it is too late. But, his decision is to carry on til September 18th. He is very brave and willing to take a risk in this. I remembered there was this time for a month long he didn't blog because he was depressed over his voice or something. During that period, I was hoping things will be okay.

But the truth is that, he is terribly sick.

I think there are more to say but my mind doesn't seemed to work now.

I guess I'll end with this quote.

It's from 1 of their song, 'EVE'. This quote summarises my fandom with Vidoll, especially with Jui.

"I want to love you don't say it's selfish"

Last but not least, happy birthday Rame-tan!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

#238 - Nerdy notes

One of the criteria LSE is looking for under IR is:

"we want the students who arrive at the School to be able to concentrate their attention and to display the stamina required to meet a difficult challenge like reading the whole of a complex book; to understand it; and to give a coherent account of their understanding."

Reading the whole book... =_="

Anyways, the past 2 days had been productive. Aside from attending the Econs extra classes in the morning (tomorrow's last~ Whee~) I did some VERY light reading on my subjects.

And counting the days til the school reopens. Suddennly the holidays seemed too short.

Monday, June 7, 2010

#237 - The holidays

Oh wow.. I haven't blog here to 3 days already. I had been blogging elsewhere.

The holidays officially started on the 4th but I had mine 2 days earlier due to laziness. Since it's the holidays, I felt like blogging about this time where I went on a trip to the capital.

It happened way back in March. That time I was staying at my aunt's apartment for the BGIC event. Since it was already over, I decided to stay for another extra night before heading back to hometown. So, I used that one day to do a little trip on my own.

I woke up late and hadn't ate anything for breakfast & lunch. Before I went to the destined place, I wasn't that confident in walking alone so I used Google Map to find my way. lol

So I had decided to walk to Yayasan for a late lunch.

1 more km seemed so far on foot

Trying to cross the traffic. Note the time on the clock tower. It was 2:35pm.

In the end, I did reached Yayasan!

So I went in and walked around the area before setting to the food court for a late lunch. These are what I had:

I bought this before entering the food court.

I had a great late lunch before setting on foot again. Instead of going back to my aunt's apartment, I went to the capital. I wanted to use the bus to get back instead of walking again. But, the bus system is just too complicated for me to understand. lol

So I walked back.
It was almost 5 when I was on the way back.

I didn't know there's such street exist:

Near y aunt's place there's this eatery and a park for hangout. I decided to give it a go. I remembered seeing a lot of stalls selling fresh seafood. Too bad I haven't much money to go for it.

I craved for a ABC back then so I asked around quite a number of stalls for an ABC. I think there's only a stall that sells it. It was $2.40, quite expensive for a cup BUT it was very yummy~

It even had ice cream! lol

After I finished eating. hehe

It was so nice to walk around the capital on my own. Although I have to admit it was hot to walk at 2-ish in the afternoon, it was a nice trip. For once I felt like a foreigner on foot. =D

Friday, June 4, 2010

#236 - Been looking for something like this!

Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
Miyawaki Wataru
were married on
June 04, 2010
Marry Your Favorite Character

HAWT! *_*

Yeay~ We're married now with the proof of the cert! =DD Was engaged before =DDD

That also means I'm married to Lin-sama as well! =O

#235 - New promo pic?

Took this from their official myspace

Unfortunately they haven't update their individual member pics yet

Is Uruha's hair getting longer? Kai looks like he's having bangs again.. hmm

#234 - I'm so dead

The CYC interview is tomorrow and I'm SO not ready for it..


#233 - ClearVeil boys

Stalked ClearVeil members' blog. It's been a long while since I go to the members' gallery. Here's what I found interesting:

Saki, Nozomi and idk who's that guy.

Ryuto and Nozomi with the hats. Nozomi looks nice in hats. Sorry Ryuto but you don't look so cute with that pout

I'll start with the okay-looking to the best! 5th place:

HISAYOSHI~ Not only he doesn't post pics of himself, he just doesn't smile?!

Naruka~ Love the lips xD

Ryuto! Oh-ma-gad! Why blonde?? NOOO!

Nozomi sweetheart =D

And the pic that made me drool is Saki!

Saki, you are just gorgeous without makeup!

ClearVeil guys are love~