Friday, June 4, 2010

#233 - ClearVeil boys

Stalked ClearVeil members' blog. It's been a long while since I go to the members' gallery. Here's what I found interesting:

Saki, Nozomi and idk who's that guy.

Ryuto and Nozomi with the hats. Nozomi looks nice in hats. Sorry Ryuto but you don't look so cute with that pout

I'll start with the okay-looking to the best! 5th place:

HISAYOSHI~ Not only he doesn't post pics of himself, he just doesn't smile?!

Naruka~ Love the lips xD

Ryuto! Oh-ma-gad! Why blonde?? NOOO!

Nozomi sweetheart =D

And the pic that made me drool is Saki!

Saki, you are just gorgeous without makeup!

ClearVeil guys are love~

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