Saturday, July 31, 2010








(From top pic to bottom) Crab meat balls, wedges, smoked salmon, spaghetti, cabonara sauce and my meal xD

So yesterday was my sis’s birthday. We cooked pasta with carbonara sauce as she loves Italian food (influence from Fratini’s, perhaps?)

It was a LOT of food that I actually took 1 hour break to finish it. lol

Thursday, July 29, 2010

#285–Obstacle One

My STRESS week is over~! Whee~!

But my exams are still ongoing. The next paper on the 3rd.

The past 4 days were essay-based exams. First 3 days were Eng Lit so I written 8 essays. Then yesterday was GP 1, another essay. Making it 9 essays in 4 days! I’m good, no? ;P

Even today Econs 4 also got essay, 2 again.. LOL

My head feels heavy. I’m mentally exhausted! Time to have a proper sleep.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

#284 - Tomorrow exams invade

Tomorrow is the start of the QE. I know it will be very rocky.

So I'm just going to abandon this blog for a while.

Even if there is something interesting to blog, I'll just wait til next time.

But I doubt there's something to blog coz my life is boring, really.

Until then, bye bloggie.

Friday, July 23, 2010

#283 - Double birthdays

Happy birthday to Wataruuu~~ You'll always be my favourite vocalist and husband too ^^

And PICSPAM of Wataruuuuu~~~

Also, to one of my favourite actor, Daniel Radcliffe. All thanks to Harry Potter movies!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

#282 - SHIVER

OMFG SHIVER single is GOOD! ^^b

Actually, just 'HESITATING MEANS DEATH' from the 3 songs. SHIVER and Naraku are just okay-okay..

I'm SO buying this single! Too bad I didn't ask Layla-chan to buy 1 for me as she's in Japan right now.. T_T

Like the chorus part of HMD. Shall end this post with it.

This bullet is all openings
Don’t forget the meaning that pulled a trigger
I bet all on this bullet
Don't forget the meaning that pulled a trigger
Hesitating means death

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#281 - 2010/07/21

Exams are coming and for particular reasons only God knows, my surroundings are a lil negative.

It's hard to concentrate if NEGAtivism is around, not that no one never suffers misfortune in life.

Thanks to a dear friend of mine who helped me and motivates me. Everytime I read that text, I felt like crying. Then I told myself, 'I need to be strong.' That friend of mine seemed to understand me or than I do for myself.

Isn't it strange that friends seemed to know you more?

Oh well.. I need to try my best for my exams!

Never give up.

Monday, July 19, 2010

#280 - Tired

I'm fucking tired.

Exams are coming and I'm not prepared.

Aside from that, I got a tutor who wastes our time talking crap. So much for teaching.

Well, no point complaining, isn't?

My left leg is killing me as well. I hate this.

Last night, I couldn't sleep. I don't know why. Maybe I'm not used to sleep before midnight. I ended up rolling in bed, trying to close my eyes then had nightmare and wake up again for 3 hours. I tried methods like listening to music, trying to 'send' signals to my brain to sleep but failed. Initially I wanted to sleep at 11 but slept at 2 somehow.

Maybe I'm pre-stressed? Insomniac?

Ahh, shit. The connection is DOG SLOOOW.

#279 - Charity Concert by Music Club

Earlier was the charity concert. ^^b I like the whole concert even though I do not know most of the songs played except for Guren instrumental. lol

Another highlight was Yap W. Chung played the violin~! My first time watching it LIVE! Kakkoii!!!

Bought this for $2. I bought the black one because of Lin-sama's black coloured swallowtail~ xDD Wanted to buy a purple one to match with Synside's current outfit but black looks cooler. (Y)

#278 - In the library

I'm currently abusing the school computer. Well, there are others who do so, so why bother? lol

Anyway, I can't wait for the charity concert later.

Coz there's a performance of Guren!! Uaa~~

well, it's only a instrumental version but who cares? GazettE song!! xDD

Oh well, will blog later. Hopefully I won't get marked for using a digicamera

Saturday, July 17, 2010

#277 - OMG

KAT-TUN's Jin Akanishi (26) will officially graduate from the group later this year, it has been announced. KAT-TUN held a concert at the Tokyo Dome on Friday night, and Johnny's Jimusho president Johnny Kitagawa spoke to the press there on the same day. He said that the final decision will be made after Akanishi's U.S. tour this fall, but at this point it appears to already be guaranteed.

Since May, Akanishi has been in the United States, working on his solo career. He performed concerts in Los Angeles in June, and he has scheduled a 7-city tour for September and October. Kitagawa also revealed that Akanishi is already planning further concerts for 2011. Meanwhile, KAT-TUN has been continuing as a 5-member group, just as they did when Akanishi temporarily left in 2006 to study abroad.

Kitagawa explained that right now, the focus is only on Akanishi becoming successful in the U.S. He said that it would be too soft on Akanishi to let him return to KAT-TUN as a fallback if he doesn't succeed. It would also be unforgivable to KAT-TUN fans to have Akanishi dragging the group on, or returning the same way he did in 2007.

Kitagawa once again assured fans that KAT-TUN is not breaking up. Although the group's name is based on the initial characters of the members' names, it is said that Akanishi's "A" will be replaced by
extending Kazuya Kamenashi's "K" to "KA." There are no plans to bring in a new member, as Kitagawa stated that there is no need to have six people in the group. He said that the five remaining members are currently doing fine without Akanishi.


It was just last night me and my sis talked about buying concert merch when there is a 6 member concert but apparently this might not happen.. Currently concert merch featureing 5 members only..

Gaaah! Whatever Jin chooses, I wish him all the best! I like the idea how Kame's name is KA though..


Friday, July 16, 2010

#276 - Eng Lit

E-lit Friday classes is so cool! I arrived an hour earlier so plenty of time to look around. lol

ne, Miko-chan, your name! xD

Our break with quiche~

And egg tarts

'Let learning take yo' lol It's actually 'Let learning take you around the world'. Purposely took this shot

err.. no comment

We received our new text today, and it's the last! The Homecoming by Harold Pinter

'Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature'

I didn't know there is such award!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

#275 - Toy Story 3

Last night I watched Toy Story 3. I had watched Toy Story 1 & 2 way back when it was released. This is truly an emotional movie. I recommend anyone to watch the 1st 2 first watching the 3rd. The 3 movies are really great.

I cried towards the end of the movie, when Andy gave up his toys to the new owner. It was just so sad. From TS1 & 2, we get to see how attached these toys were to Andy and in this movie, he lets go of it for the sake of college. Suddenly I remembered the storyline of TS1 & 2 and the toys' adventure in hoping to return to Andy.

I know I'll be crying again if I were to watch this movie for the 2nd time. The 2 other movies that made me cry were a Korean movie titled 'Taeguki' and a Japanese one titled 'Sekai No Chushin De Ai Wo Sakebu'. These movies touches anyone's heart.

Well, I like Buzz's Spanish mode. Laughed like crack! But the best scene is definitely the ending. Sad but touching.

Picspam of Toy Story 3!

Sheriff Woody & Buzz Lightyear. 2 best buddy.


He's my favourite character ^^


He's my favourite character too ^^



Mr Potato Head

New toys and old ones in TS3

Except for Woody & Buzz in the picture, they are all new toys in TS3. See Barbie's love interest, Ken?

Buzz, Woody and Bullseye

3 pics below are from the movie. Sorry if it spoils you ;P

Before getting themselves to be donated to Sunnyside. Woody doesn't agree with their idea, with his 'We belong to Andy' motto.

Welcome to Sunnyside.

College or attic? Eventually Andy placed Woody for college & Buzz in the attic. But of course, his mom spoils the whole part.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

#274 - Eye Make-up Remover

I finally bought this! An eye makeup remover! No more torchering my own eyes with cotton & warm water!

Costed me $2.35 after a discount of 10%. Original price was $2.60.

I tried on the product and it really glides through easily~!

Happy~! =D

#273 - No Fear Shakespeare

Brought this over at BOOKER store for $10.40

There's even a manga version of 'Hamlet'! That's surprisingly new. It cost $19. Will buy it next time.

#272 - Love Juice Part 2

Few posts back I was talking about love juice and I get to try it today. It's at the Hot Point Cafe over at The Mall.

B12: Love Juice

Tadaa~ My Love Juice.

Of course, hoping it to be sprite with pineapple (just like the Love Juice menu I posted) is out of ming. The taste is PLUM. O.o How could a sour taste drink be a love juice anyway? lol

In the end, I did manage to almost finish the drink.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#271 - Last day for the week!

This morning's somewhat 'motivational talk' doesn't really help much. It started from 7:45 til 9 AM. I slept for 30 seconds during the talk & wasn't showing much interest. I wish we had Lit classes instead!

Oh yea, I forgotten to mention about the 2nd incident. It was the shortage of water since last night until this afternoon. Funny that it only happened at KB and not the rest of the area. Ugh.. I don't want to recall today.

Tomorrow's my interview! I need to excel this.

Monday, July 12, 2010

#270 - Monday Blues

Monday blues sure does happen to me all the time. Because 2 not-so-nice incidents hapened today.

Amal gave me the novel today. It wasn't 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' like I previously mentioned but 'The Undomestic Goddess'. It's still from Sohphie Kinsella. I read the 1st few pages & I'm addicted to it already! Not going to read now as it is bad timing.

Thank you very much Amal! Will treasure this birthday gift!

Then somehow I scratched my own leg. I know I scratched it unintentionally but what I didn't know is that there was blood and it dried there. Painful? Nah.. I enjoyed it.

I couldn't help but accepting the fact that QE is exactly 2 weeks from today. tbh idk if I'm ready. I hope I do. The schedule is not pretty at all.

As for that, I'll blog once a week after this. Or maybe after the exams. It depends. I need to remove virtual and enter reality.

#269 - TOSHI received our letters!

Few months back there was a project calling all fans of X JAPAN around the world, especially TOSHI's to send him letters of encouragement. Here's the extract from the web:

"Project made by XRD after the news of Toshi's divorce and all the issue with Masaya/HoH, that consisted in gathering letters, drawings and pictures from fans all over the world of people showing their support, putting them together in a scrapbook album, and giving it to Toshi."

Click here to read the successful project. It reached at TOSHI's hand safely at the Japan Expo at Paris recently and I'm very happy that my letter was included! So it did not got lost in the middle of nowhere~

When I look at it, how I wish I had more time to decorate my fanmail instead of plain testpad with blue ink and the big black coloured 'WE ARE X!'.

Will bookmark the site and read all the fanletters.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

#268 - FIFA 2010 FINAL

This is what I saw when I went to Google. Nice!

Netherlands versus Spain later at 2:30AM

Uaa! I might just watch the 2nd half game so that I get to sleep more. Can't help it since I'm a good sleeper.

Honestly saying, I think Spain might win. I support Spain more than Netherlands =D

Can't believe FIFA 2010 will come to an end soon.. I remembered I watched the 2006 finals alone. It was as if I watched the 2006 finals last week. So 4 years had passed huh?

#267 - 2010/07/11

Today so far has been a little productive.

I managed to recopy my E-lite notes to my custom made A4 notebook (saves a lot of $ to buy a new notebook).

Hm. That's all for school-related. I wanna try do that essay Ms UK did after this.

Oh yea, I watched Prince of Tennis today. Just blogged about it before this. Go read yea. =D

Next week is terrifying, but I suppose the week after that is HELL.

#266 - Prince of Tennis

I spent about 3 hours today in watching Prince of Tennis anime. This is SO not me! I don't watch a lot of anime for unknown reasons but this one got me hooked.

Honestly, I actually watched the live action of PoT before watching the anime. I bought the DVD back then coz I heard of Prince of Tennis. And I fell for Tezuka buchou, the real actor in the live action. xD Still, the anime is 10000x better than the live action!

I watched until episode 20-ish, I think. Before that my siblings did watch and I just tend to sit with them so I don't watch it in sequence. I know there are like 5 schools in the anime & a lot of characters to remember.

My favouite characters in order: (to be honest, I like ALL of them!!)

  1. Tezuka. 部長わ最高だ!! ^^
  2. Kaidoh. Gaah I don't know why I fell for Mamushi (Viper)~ It must be his green headscarf! xD
  3. Fuji. That child prodigy who never lost a match in a tournament! I swear I thought Fuji was a girl before hearing him speak.
  4. Echizen. Son of the legendary Samurai Nanjirou. I wonder when will he be able to beat his own father...
  5. Kikumaru. Cheerful guy. I like how he sometimes says "Nya~"
  6. Momoshiro. He always pick a fight with Kaidoh like they are sworn enemies.
  7. Kawamura. BURNING!! xD
  8. Inui. He never fail to amuse me with his Inui Special Vegetable Juice that made all his team mates vomit, except for Fuji.
  9. Oishi. I don't know why but I seemed to pay less attention to him.

PoT cast!

Front row: Fuji, Echizen, Kikumaru
Middle row: Oishi, Kaidoh, Momoshiro
Back row: Inui, Tezuka, Kawamura

They're gorgeous in white! xD

Kawaai! It's the TeniPuri version! TeniPuri is the chibi version of PoT.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Maria tweeted about having a Love Juice at a cafe and I went "Uaa~!~! Where? Where?" lol

You see, there's a song by Akanishi Jin titled "Love Juice" and I just got hyped up.

Such a cutie ^^ *peace*

This one was taken by a fangirl in US. Jin is currently doing a solo tour in the US and anyone who attended his concert can try his drinks.

Seee 'Love Juice' in the menu? I wouldn't mind try all of it. xD