Tuesday, August 31, 2010



I suppose it is all thanks to Twitter that I know of this conference. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known anything! Coz I never watched this video below:


Thanks INDIVISUAL and Luna Sea Official Twitter for more or less providing us SLAVES (the term used for Luna Sea fans, like HERESY for GazettE) for what the members had said.

This is what I managed to get from INDIVISUAL live tweets. Pretty short and simple. The ones in bold are the interesting ones to me.


ryuichi : we are very exciting

We are talking about world tour

world tour announcement from Hong Kong

Ryuichi writing down Tokyo live!

every countries are offering for them to come

world tour broadcasting now

Hong Kong fans have present for the members

Q&A time

Ryuichi : we choose Hong Kong because this place was our ending place last time

J : I'm looking forward to jam with LUNA SEA after long time , very exciting

Shinya : LUNA SEA is my home , so i feel so comfortable.

Sugizo : we've been long journey in this 10 year , then united together again .

interviewer : are you thinking about to make new song as luna sea ??

Ryuichi : we are planning to perform new song in this world tour (I’m hoping a new album from them too!)

interviewer : How do you guys feel about this world tour reboot??

Ryuichi : in This tour we will prove our "Legend" which everybody said in this 10 years

Sugizo : we are really happy to meet all slaves in the world

Fans : what is your plan in this world tour , means something new to try ??

Inoran : We want to express our music in all countries, specially where we never played.

J : I think this band is the miracle , i feel frozen dinosaur is unleashed now

Ryuichi : We want to go to the end of the world , every night as the last night

Shinya : most important this is the heart of us on the stage and fans to come

Sugizo : We want to deliver the goodness of Japanese music to the world

The conference is over , everybody wait for the tour !!

inoran : i cant wait for the live !

J : please look forward everybody , we will show u something you never seen before

Shinya : thats you fans to make the live show . please show us your energy

sugizo : this is the complete reunion of Luna sea!!

Ryuichi : let's have a great experience !

This was the world wide No1 stream 12894 viewers !!!


This is from LUNA SEA official twitter:


Yes! I’m super excited!

Managed to screencapped a lot! All in photobucket slideshow.

Monday, August 30, 2010

#310–An okay Monday?


Today’s Monday was boring. I only had Eng Lit, Econs & History. GP was cancelled last minute. By right I should do something more to my essay outline but I didn’t. Cuss.

According to our new Eng Lit tutor, Ms UK wants to meet us all t return our QE papers. She refused to reveal our marks because Ms UK said so. omg. I know I passed but I wondered how much I got.

For Econs today, we just discuss the essay and the outline. Expect to write it tomorrow. OMG. Will need to memorise the essay after this!

History was boring. All we did was discuss the QE papers. I wish I have the guts to ask teacher how much we get for P3.

I slept the whole afternoon after doing the laundry. I hate myself for sleeping even though I’m tired and knowing that I have a lot of things to do.

My cousins arrived safely at Canada this early morning. Glad to hear that =)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

#309 – Au Revoir


Even though there aren’t many viewers visit this blog, it is still consider as a public blog/ There are times when I try not to reveal much about my life.

Well, my cousins came from Canada like 5 weeks ago and they’re heading back tomorrow. I refuse to believe that 5 weeks was that fast. It’s like they only came yesterday.

During the 5 weeks, they stayed at our place most of the time, aside from going to other cousins’ places + elsewhere. My aunt did asked me before what do we want from Canada and I requested souvenirs from the Winter Olympics.

And I got this: A green colored plushie. I forgotten the name, but I do know that this animal does not exist in this tropical climate


There are others too:




And this is most unique Coca Cola bottle.


Chocos too. The Canadian leaf.



We’ll be sending them back tomorrow. Until then, I do hope I will visit them in Canada soon. Will surely miss them =’)

#308 - DaizyStripper

I like the 2 videos but I prefer 'Stay Gold' more than 'TRIGGER' coz 'Stay Gold' showed a little bit of their dorky sides xD

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#307 - Everything

Yesterday I went to the UK Exhibition at Rizqun. Saw Izzah, Jarrod, Ik, Gloria, Matt, Syee Chee & Huey Shan. It’s been like years since I saw Izzah.

Took a lot of prospectus. It has really heavy. Will probably browse it later.

Why do I seemed to do everything? It’s like the chores at home. I sometimes don’t get it. I felt like I have to do everything at home. I ‘m not blaming mom for not getting ourselves a maid. It’s like none of my siblings wanted to help unless I told them to do so. Lazy ass sometimes. I wish they know how tired I am. Now I understands mom temper at us.

Monday, August 23, 2010

#306–Not good at all


Today sucks.

I received my Econs paper. Yea, I expected myself to have an 'ungraded' but to the extent of 30s.. It's.. hmm.. unbelievable.

I'm grateful that my GP P1 is 25/50.. Now I hope my P2 will pull the overall marks higher.

We moved to a new class for E-lit. It's so dull. The secondary classroom is so 'empty'. I guess it'll take time before we get to have the 'Eng Lit' feel. I missed Ms UK =\

Needless to say for Histor, all I had was lectures & demoralising 'advice'.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

#305 - School

After a shortbreak, it's finally back to school.

I'm not ready. For both QE papers' results & school.

I'm sure there are some papers not finished marking yet by the tutors but I hope to know at least 1 paper.

I'll try to head to bed early. Need to revert this sleeping cycle.

#304 -Squiby

Click Me!

Adopted from squiby

Please click him!

'Ore-sama no bigi ni yoru na'


Saturday, August 21, 2010

#303 - Life & Tenimyu

Looking back at my past entried nowadays, I wondered why are my post so 'factual-like'?

It's like I don't type 'long essays' here anymore.

Anyways, yesterday we had a family gathering over at my aunt's place & we all took a big family pic =)

Okay, I guess that's all there is for my life. lol

To fandom!

Lately I've been obssessing myself with Tenimyu. Previously I posted about Atobe x Tezuka (Kyaaah~~~)

And I just love the musical! Right now I'm waiting for Dream Live 1st to be done.

So far, I watched 'Prince of Tennis' and 'Remarkable 1st match : Fudoumine'.. Dream Live 1st comes after that.

I'm worried about the space I have at this laptop. It's like each file is at least 1GB. T_T

Somebody please buy me a laptop? xD

Thursday, August 19, 2010

#302 - Advice

A friend of mine was in urgent for hp credit and I sent him. He just left MSN and this is what he 'told' me before signing off.

thanks a lot for the millionth time

take care

god bless

have a nice day ahead of you

and oh yeah

good luck too in your exams

its near right

all the best

make sure you ace all the papers

which I'm sure you will

dont worry

be confident

commit it unto god

study hard, not too hard

dont overstress yourself

take care of your health

no health = no studying


so yeah hahaha welcome as per usual

and hey

if you were to need ANY help from

just ask ok?

I'll try to help you out in as many ways as I can

How sweet of him =)

#301 - The irony & realisation

The results for June AS has been released this afternoon. Many of my friends were upset about their results.

In a way, I'm lucky that I didn't take AS. Coz I predicted my grades to be a B/C for History & possible a U or if I'm lucky enough an E for my Econs.

Not worth my $. Might as well score for this November. I hope the grading system will be better for November.

And I realise from the readings of BBC news on UCAS & A-Levels, it's hard to even ensure a place in UK uni unless I work hard.

And I will study hard coz I got a friend over at Edinburgh who is waiting for me to cook! LOL!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#300 - Finished.

My QE is officially done as of today.

History 3 was all right. I know I can pass but it is the matter of the score & grade. The same goes to my other papers.

My right hand wears out now. what do you expect from writing 4 essays in 3 hours? My mom just knew today that history papers lasted for 3 hours in the exams. lol

I'm very thirsty right now and I dare not talk to anyone too close coz I think I got bad breath. Plus, I am feeling a 'burning' sensation at my throat right now, thanks to acid reflux and consumption of oily food earlier sahur.

Damn it. I seriously need to change my diet.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#299 - Last exam

Tomorrow is my last paper.

So nervous!

I realise there's a heck lotdsa things to remember.






I failed my Econs P3





Monday, August 16, 2010

#297–1 more!


Just one more paper and I’m officially done my QE.


Somehow I felt so disappointed sitting for Econs 3 earlier. Yea, I let my Econs tutor down =(


Oh well…

Sunday, August 15, 2010

#296–Dream Live 3rd


I just watched Dream Live 3rd over at YT. And part 7 is the most interesting so far!




KYAAAAHH~ –fangirl-


Now I truly know why such pairing exist. lol





Damn. They were THAT close xDDD


Here’s the video for it. It’s from 1:31 onwards~


Saturday, August 14, 2010

#295–Tenimyu + Dream Live


I think I’m an addict of Prince of Tennis. Been digging the musical at YT.


Uaa~ I love Tenimyu! I wonder if I have the chance to go watch the musical.


And I wanted to buy Dream Live! It’s a concert of them musical performers. Woah, I didn’t think a musical can turn into a concert (with thousands of fangirls too ^^)



Friday, August 13, 2010

#294–Friday the 13th


Today is the Friday the 13th. Does this date meant bad luck?


So the fasting month started yesterday. I like to call this month the ‘devil-less’ month. Really, I don’t feel sleepy like I normally do when it comes to studying.


I think Imma head to bed now. Need to go elsewhere later.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#293 - History Exams

I am currently at the school library abusing using the computer to blog. There weren't many people in the library right now, about 10 students only.

So, I just finished my first History paper! Yeay~ lol I still have one more to go! Today's paper was paper 1, modern European history.

Why is it that last minute revision questions came out? This morning Last night I was reading through the past year papers for History and some of the questions did came out. Haiz.. Sometimes I wish I studied earlier...

I told myself to make it up for paper 3 coz I think I am more fond of paper 3 than 1. Still have 2 more papers to go! Econs 3 is up on the 16th. *gulp*

No matter what, I'll do my best. 2 more papers... Someone please stop me from being a FB addict!

Oh yea, I just borrowed 2 more books form the library today. It's 'Hitler's Domestic Policy' by Andrew Boxer & 'Hitler And The Road To War' by Ted Townley. I know I told myself that I will not study anything related to Hitler but it seemed that it is inevitable.

History is not something that I can study just one chapter without knowing what happened before and after. It's a connection of many series to understand why such thing happened in the past.

Well, for the sake of my History A Levels, I'll try to digest Hitler and perhaps enter the Nazi world bit by bit.

OH! I received my Statement of Entry today from Ms J first thing in the morning. She freaked me out. I mean 15 more minutes before my History paper and I got intimidated.
lol but I came out with a =) so I hope nothing's wrong later.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

#292–What a day!

Today was fun~! Makan-makan at my place with the cousins and all.

I didn’t eat much today. lol


Saturday, August 7, 2010

#291–Ayabie disbands!

As shocking as it seemed, Ayabie has decided to disband as Aoi, the vocals going to pursue solo career.

At least Intetsu, Yumehito, Kenzo & Takehito will form a new band! Yeay ^^

Well, I would partly blame Aoi coz he’s selfish.. But I kinda like him too =x

Either case, I look forward to both the new band and Aoi’s solo!

Friday, August 6, 2010

#290–Books & a mysterious package








Those 4 books above were the ones I borrowed earlier this afternoon when I went to library. Haven’t really touched them yet though


And a mysterious package…


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#289–Relax Day


Yesterday I had my ‘accidental’ nap from 8 til 12. I was supposed to use the lappy at around 10 but I failed to wake up. lol

So instead I used the lappy from 1 til 5 in the morning. =O

Midnight connections are ^^b The d/l speed was 100kb ~! Awesome!!

Will use at late night later. I wanna watch Ep 4 of DD-Boys!

So far only watched Ep 2 & 3. Shirota Yuu is HOT! xD

#288–Obstacle 2


Finished Econs 1 & 2 yesterday. I wish I studied coz IMO it was an easy paper T_T


Oh well, what’s done is done. 4 more papers to kill! \m/


For now I can breathe a little..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

#287–Hello August!


I haven’t been productive lately.. xD


I just want this year to pass by quickly, studying hard along the way.




P.S I love Prince of Tennis SO much!! Kaidoh Kaoru #1 <3.