Thursday, September 30, 2010

#339 – Last day of September~


As October is drawing in, lots of us preU2 are having our own ‘private’ study leave. haha.

Anyways, today was okay. Very few entered classes today. I felt so nervous! I mean, my 1st paper is in 2 weeks time.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

#338 - Coffee


This post will be all about coffee.

So I was in the middle reading the Econs essay sample and my brain all went ‘stuffed’ about economic facts and I took a lil break.

All the while I reserved this Pokka coffee drink that I bought from the hospital vending machine for $1. I felt like drinking it out of the blue. I supposed it’s just for my satisfaction.


You can see my reflection at the drink. lol I don’t seemed to see this drink sold at shops, or maybe I’m not too observant about it. This drink is really good!

I’m being biased here. All coffee drinks that I drank are delicious. Let’s see…


This is another unopened Mr Brown coffee at my table. I think this is the normal flavour. There are another 2: Vanilla (left) and Cappuccino (right)


Then of course, NESCAFE. I think there are 4 of the same ‘series’ but I had only tried 2: Mocha and Cappuccino.


Those are the ones in cans. The Nescafe 3in1 is also my favourite and it comes in Original, Mild and Strong. I prefer Original flavour the most because it kinda balances the whole composition of sugar, coffee and cream.


Speaking of Nescafe, I remembered there’s this one time few years back I ovedosed myself with Nescafe Ice. Well, 3 sachets of Nescafe Ice to be exact into the drink. I did it just for the satisfaction. lol I guessed because of the word ‘ice’, I tend to put too much ice and the flavour just disappear so to get the coffee flavour, I put in another sachet. I then realise that what I’m putting in is coffee so I stopped putting it in. But it was very delicious.


I tried Nescafe Gold before and it was okay. Mom bought it for the freebies. It’s a cylindrical container for you to put your coffee beans in.


So I was browsing around pictures for Nescafe and I saw this. I wanna try this Irish Cream Latte.


You could say I’m a Nescafe fan but I have yet tried all the products offered by Nescafe. I know I will one day. Click here to view the various products offered by Nescafe

Enough of my Nescafe talk, here’s another one I like too. I think the brand is my cafe. It’s from Taiwan.


Last but not least, Pearl Cafe by Power Root. I don’t think I quite like it.


I tried all 4 of this series of coffee. The brand is MASTER CAFE.


From left to right: Colombian Style coffee (mild roast), Tiramisu Style coffee (Italian Taste), Latte Style coffee (Rich Milk) and Mandhelding & Brazillian Ice Cofee (Italian Roast). It only cost 70 cents per can and i quite like it. I prefer Tiramisu Style coffee.

I have yet try this:


Took it from Miko’s blog. xD I never tried Starbucks coffee. Kinda regret that I didn’t even bother to buy anything from Starbucks when I was in Japan years back. haha!

My first time drinking coffee was kindergarten. I asked from mom I think to just have a sip of black coffee and I never really like it. Since then I didn’t drink any coffee until primary 6. I heard myths of the effect of coffee like short-term memory and immunisation to caffeine but hey, I can’t help it but to enjoy every drop of coffee.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

#337 - SEASON

Among all of the Tenimyu songs, "SEASON" is my most favourite. The music and lyrics touches me. And it almost wanted to make me cry when some of the actors cried when singing the song.

Just listen to it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

#336 - 関西べん

So earlier I chatted with a Japanese student, who happens to know 関西べん (Kansai-ben)! Yeay~

I was first exposed to Kansai-ben when I watched Prince of Tennis National tournament. There's this school named 四点宝持 (Shitenhouji) and the Japanese they speak was 'different'. I thought it was some sort of Korean speaking Japanese at first! lol!

Basically Kansai-ben is a Japanese dialect spoken at Kansai region. Osaka is one of them.

So yea, he taught me quite a few phrases of Kansai-ben. It was fun ^^

I'll just share this joke which I found it funny. I'm sorry if you don't understand my joke. -_-

It was evening when we were chatting so we would greet each other ”こんばんは” (Konbanwa). I asked him how to use ”なんでやねん” so he told me to use that when he said ”おはようございます!”

So it turned out to be:

(Good morning!)

(What the hell?/What?)

The thing is that you don't say morning when it is evening. That is why you reply "What?" as in "Are you insane? Coz you just greeted me the wrong greeting" that kind of sorts.

Here's another one I learn as well:



どないでっか~ is the same as お元気ですか while ぼちぼちでんな~ is the same as 元気です。

I wonder how would it sound like? Kansai-ben does not sound like those anime that we watched. There's a bit of 'slang' to it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

#335 – Bandar


I slept at 1.30AM and managed to wake up at 6 for a trip to the capital. We left at about 6.40AM

My sister got the best student award earlier and the event was at the capital. It was awarded by PGGMB.


This is the view from 10th floor, I think. It was taken when I was in the elevator.

So after that I went to the Mall, suddenly have that craving for yogurt ice cream. Unfortunately they ran out of yogurt flavour so I had green tea instead~ According to them, yogurt flavour will only be available like 2 weeks later.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

#334 – Happy Teacher’s Day


Today is the teacher’s day official date. We History students, along with the PreU1 did a mini surprise and celebration to Ms J. To what I know, a preU1 guy pretended to cry and told her that there’s problem in the class. Of course, Ms J was furious knowing it so she entered the class like a storm. lol we punk’d her xD


This was the blueberry cake we had earlier. Min Hyuk oppa bought it. It was delicious!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

#333 – Report Day


My Wednesday morning started out with me sleeping for my first class, Econs. We were discussing about the essay and I slept for maybe 5 or 10 minutes? My head was facing downwards so others might think I am looking at the book but in fact, I was sleeping. Haha!

Ms T caught me and was asking “Liza, what is the answer?”

By then I miraculously woke up and just stared at the book thinking, “Shit! What were they talking about?”

“Are you feeling not well?”

I manage to think ‘no’ and nodded my head. Phew~ Lucky escape. xD

During History we were discussing about Cold War and a friend of mine seemed to be lost in translation. He wrote the points down but I guess due to nervous breakdown he had a hard time thinking of what he wanted to say. Poor guy.

GP was fun. It was all listening to Mr TG talking on the topic on ‘terrorism’.

Then during Eng Lit we were revising on The Homecoming and we asked to act out a play. omg I don’t like to act for this text.

This afternoon was the Report Signing. My new group tutor is also my History tutor. At least she kinda has this split personality when talking. lol

It’s official, I got 2 U this time. And I never have 2 failed subjects in my entire life. =_=

I like what Ms UK commented at my report sheet:

“A very hardworking and capable student who can improve in revising and focusing on the ‘A’ level texts to excel in the subject. Hard work will result in amazing outcomes.”

I love you, cher (if you happened to read my blog! lol)

But yea, I must study very efficiently. I think for now, there’s no such thing as ‘try your best’ but rather ‘force yourself to do the best’ but of course, forcing yourself in a good way, like reward yourself with chocos or something.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#332 – D’espairsRay on hiatus

Okay… This is SO not what I am expecting when I opened my Twitter feed.

I sincerely hope that HIZUMI will have his throat treated VERY well before starting their band activities. As much as they want to continue, health is priority. I am sure pther fans of D’espairsRay understands this.

But what worries me is that they are looking for prominent doctors and clinics, overseas included. I mean, if the specialists (God knows how many he had seen!) HIZUMI sees in Tokyo & Kansai hospitals (I seriously have no clue as to how many hospitals/clinics are there in Tokyo & Kansai region.. You tell me) could not help him, then I figured it must be serious. How serious? Only God knows.

I love HIZUMI’s voice coz he is one of the many unique vocals in the JRock/v-kei scene. When I first heard MIRROR (my 1st song) I fell in love with this band. Gosh.. I cannot imagine him losing his voice!

11 years is a long history for the band and I don’t want to think towards disbandment or whatsoever. It’s already enough to be on hiatus.

I’ll just pray for his recovery, just as much as I did for Vidoll’s Jyui.

Monday, September 20, 2010

#331 – Hello 4th term!

Surprisingly I could wake up at 6:30AM without complaining about Monday blues.

I should’ve known better than there will always be a General Assembly for every new term. And GA was boring, really.

And I had been bombarded by H/Ws already today. All 4 subjects has H/W.. omg. Luckily today I wasn’t been asked to contribute for history class. It was on American containment policy which I had forgotten to do a research on. Lucky~

Imma go do research now.. Time is SO limited!

#330 – School in less than 8 hours!

Yikes! It’s 1:46AM as I’m typing.

I did a little of writings but a lot of readings so I hope my brain won’t fail me later.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

#329 – Mugging time…

So I had opened like 40 tabs of educational readings that has Vietnam war, SALT, inflation for Econs essay.. OMG that’s like a hell lot of readings and scribbling!

Oh yea, I kinda stopped playing FB apps now.. I used to play like 10 of it a day? That took me 1 – 2 hour to click everything. Now, I kinda limiting myself to just Restaurant City and Millionaire City. Well, I know I will play them after my exams.

Gotta go get some food before doing HARDCORE reading!

#328 – Connection is back!

lol The connection that we illegally used is back~ I hope it’ll stay like this!

So.. after at the library the 3 of us (including Aisyah & Syaza) went to SLMM then A.Ayam. Before that Syaza sent me and my sis back home then we went to Syaza’s place.

Ate a few Patchi chocos (Gosh, I missed eating the chocos~) and Kek mata kuching. The kek is abit spongy like.

Went to SLMM as they wanna buy testpad. Oh the horror.. School is tomorrow. I bought a blank DVD to burn a movie file.

Ordered sweet & sour chicken with add-on pepsi for $3.50. Not worth my $ at all coz the food, especially the chicken, is not ‘clean’. Ugh. I don’t think I wanna go there and eat anymore. Seriously.


Went back home and my cousins are at my home. I like my 4 year old nephew. He talks about ‘Kamen Dragon’ and my 2 year nephew too tried to imitate his elder brother by re-telling the whole story in his ‘2 year old English’. I swear it was so cute~ His maid translate to us what he was saying.

And yes, I am currently mugging for my homework…

#327 – Tomorrow is new term…

As I am typing this, I am currently at the library. Saw Aisyah and Syaza as well. The reason I am here is because home does not have connection T__T So dead when school reopens…

I have a lot of tabs opening: Vietnam War has about 30 tabs? Dream Live 7th xD

Uaa~ I don’t want to go to school…

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

#326–A new laptop~

I just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to my Aunty Lisa who’s over at Canada who BOUGHT A LAPTOP FOR ME!


The new baby~ You can turn the screen 180 degrees AND it’s touch screen! lol

Okay, life is getting interesting by the minute. Bye.

My legs hurt because I went for a jog this afternoon. xD

#325 – Emo post?

oh-em-gee! Today is already Wednesday! Time flies, time flies~ And school starts next Monday! Damn.

There are like a HELL tonnes of work to do! I mean, A Level is like next month.

As I am typing this, I suddenly thought of owning myself a laptop. But yea, it’s utterly impossible. Who to blame? I prefer not to say. Only God knows. OMFG I JUST GOT A LAPTOP! (8:40pm) WILL BLOG IT AT NEXT POST!

I did mentioned that I have 15 essays to do but the compulsory ones are like 7. The other 8 are like the practise questions which I know I have to do but not motivated to. Even the 7 compulsory ones I find it difficult and lazy to do.

On top of that, there are as always a lot of readings, especially for History. Of course, other subjects I do need to read as well.

I guess after this I won’t blog much. I decided to leave temporarily my fandom of visual-kei & Prince of tennis musical (Tenimyu). Those things can wait but my exams cannot.

My exams will end on the 18th of November. So maybe I’ll blog here on that date. Besides, my life is very boring anyway due to my family situations. I don’t get much luxury so I don’t see the point blogging about my life.

See you soon bloggie. I know 2 months fly very fast.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#324 – EROS

The title for this post is ‘EROS’. How does that come about? Well, try to guess as you read along. Oh yea, this post contains a lot of sexually exposed ‘abnormal’ pics for you ‘normal’ (a.k.a non-visual kei) people out there.

First off, let me introduce to you: Rito and Yuuki. Rito is the one on the left, while Yuuki is the one on the right. They’re members of a visual-kei band ‘Lycaon’. I got this pic from cure_office twitter. They are doing the photoshoot for CURE October 2010 issue. How adorable with their peace signs (^^)v


So as I browse along, I saw a few pics that made me died on the spot, literally. I first thought: ‘Damn! How can guys looks so much SEXIER in thongs?’ This picture is the one:



I freaked out once when I know HIZAKI was a cross-dresser (and not a ‘genuine’ female as I hoped) and got used to this ‘cross-dresser’ thingy. But this! =O He made me more jealous! Jealous for the fact that he’s pretty~ (Am I even normal to be jealous at guys/men? LOL!) This pic below also made me died:


Yuuki, your pants! OMFG. This reminded me of Jyui and his ‘no underwear’ live blogpost (of course, he was kidding xD). *nosebleeds*

The last pic of their photoshoot: (Their sexy legs *_*)


Yes, those pics not only made my day, but it also gives me insanity.

So how did the title ‘EROS’ came about? It is the theme for their photoshoot (as stated by cure_office) and I think they took the word ‘erotic’ and removed 'tic’ from the original word and put in the letter ‘S’. In a way, instead of giving the theme ‘eroticness’, the letter ‘S’ acts as an adverb.

Yes, Japanese people are creative. *_*

I wanna end this post with HIZAKI. My sister agreed that the dress is pretty and we both wanted it! Uaa~ HIZAKI-sama, aishiteru!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

#323–2nd day of Eid

Woke up at 8AM but only got my lazy ass out from bed at 10AM. Visited a distant relation of mine at around noon. The beef was nice ^^b

Then I went to change my $ for USD20~ Why? Hehe ;D


A closer look at a Jackson. I thought it was a Benjamin. lol


Then in the evening, went to SLMM to buy foodstuffs. My sis bought the choco box and got Wu Chun card. I traded both of my Jiro cards for this xD


First time bought this. I’m curious about the taste.


First time trying this as well, but I don’t like it Dx


The temptation to buy this as well~ It’s been a long while since I drank this.


So at night we wanted to visit some of mom’s friends but since none were in the house, we ended up at a restaurant. Hehe ;D My meal was:


Friday, September 10, 2010

#322–Dream Live 7th




Thursday, September 9, 2010

#321–The month of Syawal


It’s official. Tomorrow will be the Eid. Excited and nervous at the same time.

And the mission to loose weight = FAILED. xD


Now I’m worried!


Nevertheless, I shall try to be happy tomorrow. Try.



Today was the last day of my Econs extra class. Honestly saying, I did cleared my doubts.


On top of that, Ms T gave us essays again =_=


But luckily, I have this book as a guideline. So I can simply copy the answers. lol!


Speaking of essay, I got 7 essays to finish but to practise more, there are actually 15 essays to be done. ugh..


Yesterday went to SLMM and bought the stuffs for Eid though I am not into it. But! I saw this choco box and I couldn’t resist but to buy it. Actually I wanted to buy it for my sister hopng to get Calvin card but instead I got 2 Jiro cards. heh




Wednesday, September 8, 2010

#319 - PICO

I played Ameba Pico earlier. I can't help but to notice a user who dressed just like Shou! The outfit if from Senkou.


#318 - Dream Live 7th


Uaa!! I'm excited! I want the DVD T__T It features the 1st cast of Seigaku which they performed in 2003. Neverless I'm sure they are still cute men boys despite some reaching 30 years of age! Well, I estimated that xD


The song they used is F.G.K.S which stands for "Fight On! Get On! Keep On! Step Uuup~!"

I see sexy Sanada dance! *nosebleed*

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#317 - I (heart) Kaidoh

As the title suggested, "I (heart) Kaidoh" Im spamming a few pics of him xD

Kaidoh is the most hardworking student in Seigaku. xD

Oh yea, the pics are taken from

I love Kaidoh during his 1st year. Cute~ Of course, chibi versions are LOVE!

I just like his blankless expression! Because I don't get to see it all the time except in one of the episode.

#316 - Holidays?

The 3rd term holidays started on the 3rd officially. So far, the only amusing thing happened since then is the sungkai outing with Ms UK and other -lit students.

Other than that, it's not a good story to tell.

My Econs classes since Monday was okay. Only that I felt SOOO sleepy at 8 in the morning. I wished I could chew gum but there's no way I could do it. heh Ms Tan has been making us suffer with essays. Speaking of one I need to memorise after this!

Bleh, 2/3 more days til Eid. I personally don't have the mood to celebrate. It's hard to know why. But of course, the doors are open to anyone who visits. I doubt I'll visit any houses. *Being EMO*

Monday, September 6, 2010


Oh wow! Kamijo looked very beautiful! The one who stood at Jasmine You's place is their new bassist, Masashi. I need close-ups of him! Not much change for their costumes. Hizaki still in red, Teru still in silver-blue-gold type of outfit, YUKI as well. Kamijo has that white coat as a new addition.

DESTINY is good ^^b

Saturday, September 4, 2010

#314–Yesterday and Today, they are very different


Yesterday was an episode that I never thought it'll happen. Good and bad things happened.

Us Eng Lit students had etra class in the afternoon from 3.30 to 5.30. The best thing is that we wore informal clothing to school xD Ms UK gave back our Eng Lit QE papers. After adding up the scores for 4 papers, I got a freakin' grade C.

I got 68%. It was like 2 more freakin' mark to get a big fat B! Cuss. I know my friends are like 'wow, not bad you got C' but I really really want a B. =\

So after the class, 5 of us (Me, Faiz, Azri, Alyssa & Munirah) hopped into Ms UK's Audi! Gosh. My first time in tcher's Audi. Awesome~! The adjustment for the front seat is automatic. All I did was pressing a few buttons and it moved. Haha, being a lil no0b there.

We went to Ayamku Seafood restaurant for sungkai. I didn't know there were offering sungkai buffet. Teacher's treat xD When we're just about to leave, I gave tcher the mini-album I did and 2 cards, 1 from me & the other from Diana.

About the mini-album, I wished I have pictures to show and do the talking but unfortunately I accidentally deleted the pics from my phone before even realising that the supposedly bluetoothed pics are not at my laptop. (wow! What a long sentence~)

So basically the cover is dark purple and the inside sheets are in light purple. The light purple sheets have our individual pictures stuck on each page, accompanied with the scrapbook frame. It took me weeks to get the items and 3 hours to assemble. The front page was 'English Literature Class of 2009 to 2010'.

After that we went to shop a bit coz Ms UK wanted to buy some stuffs.Apparently they are all baking items. Then she sent us home.

Then something happened that made me cried. I did talk about it with Nabeela over at ebuddy and I don't feel so happy even after that. Maybe I was too EMO. So I called Miko-chan as well.

I broke my own record for calling the longest. During the 1 hour 21 minutes we talked about my problems, even manage to fangirl ^^ At one point our conversation was disrupted by Miko's mom (I think?) xD And yeah, this is our 1st phone call date And I realise we do share the same views & interest. Only that she's into Y-related stuffs (4 letter word that has connection to BL) but I'm not. lol!

To be honest, I actually did think of not asking for help. But it was already 'suffocating' inside & it was really 'painful'. I really did wished I could get rid of by just keeping quiet but in the end I raised the white flag.

Yea, I am an emo at times. Miko's advice was to ask me to listen to Alice Nine's Akatsuki & of course, forgets about it.

「无くしたものは ああ~ 要らない振りをしてた」
“The things which were lost, aaah, I pretended that I didn't need them”


Thursday, September 2, 2010



Today was a good day. The morning me and other students went to MD for this OxBridge (Oxford & Cambridge) roadshow. I know I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.


Unfortunately this brain of mine is not of OxBridge standard yet. If only it is.. xD


The afternoon I continued watching Prince of Tennis National Tournament~! Yesterday I watched like 70% of it from 3pm til 12AM. ^^b


Then the evening we went to buy food since 2 of my siblings aren’t at home. Went to Guardian and store and bought these.


Yes, SilkyGirl lipstick xD Currently on a promo for buy 1 free 1.. I can’t believe I actually bought it

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#312 - 2010.09.01

I am currently in the school library abusing using the PC.

So just now I finished my GP lesson. We got our P2 back and I am in total shock.

failed my GP for the 1st time in my whole entire life.


I cannot believe it myself either. I was hoping to get at least 50%. But I suppose this is already Fate. My tutor said I blew my paper badly but he asked me not to be discouraged. Yea, I shouldn't. Just let it go and remember not to repeat the same mistakes again.

I think I'll cry later.

The good thing is that I passed my History. Well, I know I can and will pass. But the marks surpassed me. Today we were given P3. My teacher miscalculated my marks by 10. Overall, I got a whooping 93% for History. A big grade A. Still, I know the paper better. I can only hope that I can really get A (or possibly A*) for this subject for the real exams in 2 months time as it is my favourite subject out of so many.

I'm left with Eng Lit marks yet to be known. I have the feeling that I passed this paper but I wonder what is my score. I'm hoping to get either A or B. I'll only know it this Friday. Oh, it's going to be fun~

So with that determined, this QE obstacle is terrifying. Somehow I wish I really did study.

So yea, the morning of my 1st September of 2010 is very depressing.