Saturday, October 30, 2010

#351 – 6 more to go!



Let’s do this!

#350 - The weeks so far…


The exams were, uhm, well, okay? I wish I studied early so yeah..

So! Yesterday was Econs 2 & I accidentally drop Bearbear outside the school hall. I realised it was missing when I entered the hall. I was panic and wanted to cry. lol

Thankfully my friend saw it but she didn’t took it back home. She placed it outside the exam hall. I went & took it at 6.30AM. haha

The morning was spent at the market. Ate these as breakfast:


After that my uncle & aunty went to our place and bought us noodles for lunch.


I realised that I like to talk with adults more than people of around my age. lol I don’t know why but I guessed it just happened that way.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

#349 – Exam Schedule




I won’t be blogging after this because I realise studying is so much important now. How I wish I had more time to study!=_=

Good luck to everyone who are having their exams, and me myself.

#348 – 10/10/10

First and foremost, お誕生日おめでっとございます、細貝圭 (Hosogai Kei)!!!


Kei-chan is 26 years old today~ Kyaa~ My favourite ‘Hiyoshi Wakashi’ actor for Tenimyu!

I sent him a fanmail earlier~ He understands English well so not a problem ^^


I like how Kei-chan speaks English to his good pal, Kubota Yuki xD I love his laughter xDD

Saturday, October 9, 2010

#347 – Last day of school (for now)

I slept at 2 in the morning today, all thanks for my procrastination skills. HAHA I was doing an essay on Hamlet then my sister came, knocked my door at 12AM:

“Liza, you want coffee or not?”

“Ha? You insane? Drinking coffee at this hour?”

-Entered the room with a small cup- “Nah, take it la. I made too much.”

The coffee even had whipped cream as the top. Weird. And I was fooled by her Starbucks cup. She used it but the coffee was custom made. lol I was like “Where the heck did you get Starbucks at this hour?”

So while drinking the coffee, I manage to complete the essay and felt asleep (thankfully) Otherwise I’d be zombified.

Nothing interesting happened in school today. I went at around 9AM, submitted my essay to Ms Joy. She said I could just emailed her my essay. Yeay~ Talk about saving papers. Then hang around, trying to study but failed. lol

Was at the library after recess, hoping to wait for the announcement to carry the desks and chairs. Funny thing is the circular before did mentioned that we are supposed to do so. After gathering a group of friends, we went all the way to the top floor, wanting to carry the desk and only to be told that the school hall has enough desks. =_= So much for coming all the way up. Then we were told to carry the desks from the tech block and so we did. Just carried one table then left.

It was a productive hour in the library. I read on WW1 from the library. How I wish I could do that here but the distractions are too many. heh

Friday, October 8, 2010

#346 – Nobel Peace Prize


I managed to watch the live stream for the Nobel Peace Prize at 5PM earlier. At first the person who announced the prize was in Norwegian language, or whatever foreign language that is just too foreign to me. Of course, I don’t understand a THING about it until I heard a Chinese name being said out in the foreign language.

I was pretty sure it was a Chinese name. Well, he couldn’t pronounce it clearly so I was half curious. Thankfully, he announced it in English, confirming my doubt. Twitter helps as well.

Congratulations to Mr Liu Xiao Bo for winning this year’s Nobel Peace Prize!

Quoted from the official Nobel Prize web: “The Nobel Peace Prize 2010 was awarded to Liu Xiaobo "for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China".”

At the right side of the Nobel Prize web, you can leave your message to Nobel Laureates. I did and I was waiting for my message to appear. The messages appear randomly and I think I waited for 20 minutes on that page to print-screened this:


A proof that I did. haha

Thursday, October 7, 2010

#345 – 2010.10.07


Technically the ‘last day’ of school for the official school leave, I wondered why did I even attend school since morning.

I had PS since 7.45AM til 11:05AM. It’s a new group tutor again, no more Ms J. And I must say I wasted my whole time doing something. Cuss. Oh yea, I’m proud to say that I skipped Econs for the very first time. HAHA!

Then I slept the whole afternoon.

And here I am, lazy to study. zZz

Oh yea, Happy birthday Tezuka Kunimitsu of the Prince of Tennis! =)) I like you more when you are in your 1st year than 3rd year (He’s too stoic!)




Wednesday, October 6, 2010

#344 – 2010.10.06

The morning was sooo boring. I didn’t bother about GP, I would have slept longer and just gone to class in the afternoon.

There was the sembahyang Hajat but I didn’t attend. So basically I was free til recess. Did a little reading on Italy’s history & fangirl a bit with Miko-chan before she left for her class.

Only 4 of us (Me, Wui Chung, Mazriana and Afirah) entered GP. Basically sir just discussed about the topics on past-year-paper. oh em gee. Next paper is EXACTLY next week!

Then PS set 2. Did Econs readings on Balance of Payments. Never like BOPs but for the sake of the exams, I’ll just do it.

I kinda like E-lit today. It was my first time entering the language lab, and prolly the last. haha. Ms Joy said it was meant for secondary students and not pre-U. Then afternoon’s Econs class was zZz.Except for one part Ms T was actually praising for my beautiful handwriting. lol I never had a teahcer/tutor complimented me on that.

The weather today was so HOT! Even after a cold shower it doesn’t cool down much. I was actually reading the papers and a cup of coffee for about an hour and a half. It was great drinking the new coffee. this time was KOPIKO Cappuccino, an Indonesian product. It’s sold for $1.40 for 6 packets! Dead cheap!


This is the one. It even has this small sachet of choco granule.


Look at the foam the coffee produced! Yum.


I know I will go buy this secretly without my mom knowing it. lol

Sunday, October 3, 2010

#343 – Miri trip


Today we went to Miri. I realised that I hadn’t been there for a year. So yes, I was a bit culture-shocked.

We left at around 9AM. The first place we stopped by was Imperial Mall. The only thing that I really, really wanted was w-inds. NEW WORLD album which comes in CD+DVD for RM 44.90 but NONE of the places I visited has that CD! Damn it.

I went to this CD shop which usually sell JPop stuffs but there’s virtually none of JPop but more of KPop. Bleh. Well, I did saw SS501 stuffs but that’s not my priority. If I am filthy rich, I know I will buy all of SS501 CDs from the stores.

So anyways, went to this place called HARTZ for lunch. It’s a buffet and the best of all, it specialises in chicken buffet. xD My sister went to HARTZ when she was in KL and the HARTZ in Miri was recently opened. I think not more than a month and it’s really packed during lunch.

It just so happens that one of the machine for roasting the chicken broke down so the shop opened a little late than usual. We were lucky that we arrived earlier because we didn’t reserve a seat. For RM18.90, it really does satisfy anyone who eat there.


I only took this food pic. Vanilla ice-cream with beer F&N Zapple xP


After HARTZ we went to Bintang Megamall. I was hoping to find w-inds. album but no luck. T_T So instead, I saw this:


Ayumi Hamasaki ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll circus’ album (CD+DVD). It was released this year and of course, pricey: RM44.90 But! It’s WAY cheaper than to buy her ‘BALLAD’ or ‘You Are…’ single which costs RM69.90!!! It was CD+DVD too! I don’t get it though.. Usually singles are cheaper but it was rather opposite there. Haha but at least it’s WAY cheaper than in KL where KAT-TUN single is RM90+ and album is RM200+

Hooray for my 1st ORIGINAL Ayumi Hamasaki item~! omg I actually did bought Ayumi Hamasaki stuffs!! lol If I have more RM I would have just bought her other 2 singles and her ‘NEXT LEVEL’ album AND Utada Hikaru’s Single Collection Vol 1 album xD

And I got this Nobita doll from SPEEDY as well. It was given as a promo item. haha. Cute.


I had nothing better to do so I went to Starbucks. My first Starbucks drink: Surprisingly Hot Chocolate for RM10 (It was RM9.50 but there’s tax) Beside it was Mamee BBQ for 40cents. I was walking to Starbucks and I saw this at one of the shop so I just bought it for my indulgence. haha


I bought this earpiece for RM3.99 (Yes, you can see the price tag there xP) Why? Well, because it was green in colour and I just feel like having one.


The thing about this earpiece is that it’s a Japanese brand ELECOM. It even has a website to it so I went there. Curious about the ‘actual’ price, I searched around and found that it’s sold for 1491 yen (tax included). So that’s about B$20! Check here if you don’t believe me~ lol! The one I bought was less than B$2!!! So the one I have, is it an imitation? haha but whatever it is, I kinda like it.

Oh yea, I bought this at a CD store. It was so cute. I used to play Super Mario games with my Gameboy colour back in the old days. I like Mario more than his rival, Luigi.


If I knew w-inds. album can’t be found in Miri, I rather stay at home. Too bad I can’t turn back time. I don’t really like to shop in Miri coz the things that I wanna buy can’t be found there AND here! And the things that I like the most: CDs! I admit I am CD fetish xD

Saturday, October 2, 2010

#342 – Last weekend to enjoy?


Today was the teacher’s day and hari raya celebrations here over at the school hall. I wasn’t really looking forward to it. It’s funny that not the whole school is involved. Initially they left out MA5 & PreU2 but only earlier they announced that MA5 are not involved.

So not many PreU2 came to school, as expected. Since I’m not going to the hall, I wore my school uniform instead. Everyone were told to wear baju kurung or cara Melayu for this event.

Since I wore school uniform, I felt like I’m a secondary student instead of them ‘university’ students. SA is like university for one day. lol And it really felt awkward being the ‘minority’ with school uniform against the ‘majority’ of coloured clothing. I went to the canteen to buy food and everyone was staring at me. haha I know I’m unique.

I bought nuggets and chips. I was eating it til the remaining 4 pieces. It was just out of the blues that I thought about turning it to a sort of animal? haha.. Maria said it was like an octopus while Munirah think it’s like a Jellyfish. lol! The ‘eye's’ and ‘mouth’ was from Maria’s egg tart that was burnt. lol


After recess, spent 2 hours in Econs class. Ms T was late for class so we had time to fool around by mimicking her lines when we were to be late for class. HAHA Then discuss MCQ paper. I am glad I came just for this paper because it cleared away a lot of my doubts.

So I heard the school principal was pissed about one issue. This student complained to today’s paper about the school’s aircon. I salute her for being brave but at the same time it’s stupid to reveal directly. Not everyone here can accept direct criticism (unless you are a debater coz you get used to it) But I guess it is high time that the school should do something about the hall as well.

Friday, October 1, 2010

#341 – Ms Joy’s crib


This morning we Eng Lit students went to Ms Joy’s place to watch the movie ‘The Homecoming’. It’s based on Harold Pinter’s play.


Overall it was okay. At least I have an idea of how the characters are when I read the text. The movie wasn’t that bad, except for the appearance of Ruth. When Alyssa told me she’s the one that pulls the movie down, I wouldn’t want to believe it. But yea, her appearance isn’t what I kinda expect. Her eyebags are too obvious~ haha


Ms Joy’s LCD TV. Awesomeness!

So after Act 1, we had a morning break. You could tell everyone was hungry. haha! Mr Tshali, Ms Joy’s husband, bought us some refreshments. There were donuts, Cokes and roasted popcorn. Then afterthat we continued watching the movie till end.

After that we hanged out for a while before heading back home. I love teacher’s CD collections! I wanted to borrow her Charles Dicken’s DVDs. That’s like movies of his play. I’m curious about ‘The Great Expectations’ would be like on screen although I haven’t really read the book that I bought years ago.


Theo and Faiz playing the guitar ^^

Then Ikhwan sent Faiwah home first before sending me. Before that I stopped by DQ coz it’s been a long while since I had one. =)

#340 - B/L stuffs

Yes, I'm excited because of some stuffs. I know someone is proud of me for this. xD

Sooo I was saying about how cool Aiba Hiroki was (he was acting as Fuji Syuusuke for Tenimyu) and then a friend of mine recommended me 'Sukitomo'.

Never did I know that it's a B/L movie. It's a movie that Aiba-kun acted in. So I watched the trailer and it was (^^)b

Was scanning through the comments and another title caught my interest: BOYS LOVE

This one made me grinning after watching 2 men kissed in bed. *_* And! Saitou Takumi is in the movie! He acted as Hyotei's Oshitari Yuushi (with his sexy Kansai-ben~) in the musical. With Yoshikazu Kotani, the actor who acted as Kawamura Takashi for 3rd cast Seigaku.

I love Saitou Takumi! The first stuff I saw him was in 'Princess Princess D' but he was acting as the school council president. xD He was so kakkoii ^^

There's BOYS LOVE 2 too but Takumi-kun is not in. Dx lol