Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#373–we are versailles

Another file that I managed to to d/l from a site was Versailles ‘World Tour 2010 Method of Inheritance GRAND FINAL’. Days before I asked my brother which one to watch first between the GazettE & Versailles. He answered GazE first because ‘save the best for the last’. Boy I didn’t made the wrong decision!

Versailles’ concert was AMAZING! I mean, seriously. They don’t have a long setlist but the performances they brought was SO beautiful and well executed. Somehow it flows as I watch the live.

First song was ‘God Palace –Method of Inheritance-’. I have to say of all Versailles' song, this is a masterpiece from KAMIJO. It’s 10 minutes long and it is a beautifully composed song. The opening was perfect with this song.

Next was ‘Ascendead Master’. I quite like this song a while back and haven’t listened to them recently, I had forgotten how awesome the guitar solo this song had, especially during the part where both Teru & Hizaki played the solo together.

After that was ‘Amorphous’. I like the beginning part of this song where it was played in acoustic guitar first before switching to electric. omg so like Hizaki played the acoustic! –dies-

‘愛と哀しみのノクターン’(Ai to Kanashimi no Nocturne) was played next. Needless to say, this is another great song. This song was played all right I guess.

‘月下香’(Gekkakou) was played after that. It’s the B-side song of Ascendead Master single. Somehow, b-sides are better than the a-side and this is not exceptionally, especially it’s played LIVE~

There was a short announcement by Kamijo that Masashi who had been their support will be Versailles’ 6th member. I am glad that Kamijo said it as ‘六人のメンバ’ (rokunin no memba) = 6th member. The encore was epic. Everyone was calling ‘We are Versailles’ repeatedly.

Versailles came out of the stage with the ‘DESTINY –The Lovers-‘ outfit and played that song. It was considered as a ‘new’ song because that was the first time it was played I believe. The live version is SO much better =3

The last song they played was ‘The Revenant Choir’. Doesn’t matter Kamijo’s Engrish wasn’t that clear, it is another masterpiece after ‘God Palace –Method of Inheritance-’.

The credits of the concert ended with this:


Yes, Jasmine You will always be the Eternal member.

Monday, November 29, 2010

#372–screw tv

SCREW TV was live earlier from 8 – 9PM local time. Too bad it’s only 1 hour but it suffice xD

I remembered before I saw makeupless members of SCREW and didn’t quite like it. OMG! After watching them without makeup, they’re GORGEOUS!

Kazuki-sama xD He’s the coolest one here


Byou and Jin. Byou looks like a doll! MY god.. He is so beautiful!


Manabu & Rui. Manabu looks so cute with his glasses xD


I want this card! T_T


Bye guys! lol During the whole show, Byou keeps on staring at the iPad


The rest of the pics can be found here. It's all my screncaps.


I finished watching the GazettE Nameless Liberty Six Guns -01- last night. It was held in Budokan. I have to say, every GazE performance is always the best ^^b

Starting off with ‘Nausea & Shudder’, I don’t know why but I found this song to be too ‘long’ and somewhat a ‘boring’ start. I like this song but yet, it doesn’t seemed ‘right’, in my opinion anyways, to begin this song.

Thankfully, the next song was ‘SHIVER’. Not much alternation was done to this song. It almost sounded like the original version, except that this was of course sang live.

Agony’ was next. I couldn’t recognise this song because I never really hear this song much. Ruki’s fast singing (more like beatboxing/rapping. I think he passed as a rapper xD) made this song sounded pop-ish, slightly out from the usual heavy oriented GazE music.

Before I Decay’ came after. Oh my god.. The first impression when I heard this song was ‘Why is it so gibberish?’. I couldn’t differentiate between ‘Engrish’ and ‘Japanese’ in the lyrics when Ruki sang so ‘deep’. And this ‘gibberish’ impression was left on here as well. Somehow, I never like ‘BID’ because it was just too ‘gibberish’. BUT! The music rocks BIG TIME. Only until the bridge part that I appreciate BID.

Hyena’ was all right. Fangirling part: Aoi kisses xD and URUKI moments xDD Ruki whispered something to Uruha in the middle of the song and I admit, Uruha’s grin was SO WIDE. =)) My imagination is telling me something of X-rated stuff. lol

I think this live version of ‘13STAIRS-1’ is better than their last DIM SCENE tour. Ruki sang like a half dead person in the beginning, I mean seriously. His deeeeeep voice sounded like ‘dead’ but at least he could reach that note.

The next song was 奈落 (Naraku). I guess it was all right. Then, ‘The $ocial riot machine$’ sounded pop-ish, with it’s autotuning (which to me is a big no-no) It kills the vocals when autotunes were inserted. But, the headbanging part is ^^b

I never realise Uruha’s solo in ‘Hesitating Means Death’ was so beautiful. Personally I like this B-side of SHIVER more. Then came 1 of my favourite song, ‘HEADACHE MAN’ which at first does give me headache. The chorus part is so addictive, which I guess why it give me this ‘headache’ feel. lol

By the time the show was up to ‘Cockroach’, I was already yawning. lol To keep myself from sleeping in front of the monitor, I headbang. Well, not TOO over like those fans but just movements of my head. lol.. The song was okay.

As soon as the guitar part for the next song, I squeeled~ It was ‘Filth in the Beauty’, another favourite song of mine. I love the moment where all GazE boys headbang at the guitar parts. It was epic.

There were only 2 songs for Encore. The first one was 関東土下座組合 (KANTO DOGEZA KUMIAI). Never heard of this song before. But! Another Uruki moment xDD This time it was too suggestive xD It’s like Ruki was asking sex from Uruha on stage with his body movements. lol Uruha teases Ruki and left him. Uaaa~ Epic Uruki moments xDDDD Still, I think Uruki moments in Siilly God Disco is better ^^b

The last song was ‘Linda ~candydive PINKY heaven~’ This song is just nice to end the whole concert. It was always so sad to see the members trying to hold their tears. I’m sure deep down their hearts they appreciate all fans who came to watch them.

Then the screen showed several images. When it showed the outline of Tokyo Dome, everyone was screaming. And yes, it was official. the GazettE will be playing at Tokyo Dome this coming Boxing Day (December 26th). How I wish I could go there, nevermind if I was sitting at the FAR END of Tokyo Dome. I guess it is every artist’s dream to play in Tokyo Dome, although I think playing in Budokan or Yokohama Arena is already considered an achievement. The capacity for Tokyo Dome is 25000 at one show. I hope ththeere will be a DVD release for their first show in Tokyo Dome!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

#370–BBQ day

So my cousin had a BBQ dinner & invited us over. It was all right I guess. I love BBQ. I ate a little too much but it was still nice ^^

Let the picture do the talking.


I never knew that garlic bread is so easy to make. You don’t need garlic spread for it. Simply mix in butter with chopped white garlic. Place the bread into the oven and done.



The cat came and ate those leftover that has meat. I always dubbed these animals eating ‘first class meal’. That cat was so brave that it even managed to steal a long piece of lamb for itself. lol



#369–so far…

I was supposed to wake up at 8.30AM for my daily routine but instead I woke up 2 hours later.

I had a nightmare. I dreamt about the Korean War was about to repeat its history. It was.. well.. odd. I guess the passion for History does bring itself to dreams too huh?

My brother was saying how annoying my alarm repeated itself and I didn’t even heard one bit. =_=”

So anyways, we went out to buy shampoo. I bought 2 earlier. Those saleslady trying to ask me to buy other shampoo because the one I took is ‘made in Thailand’. I was like ‘So what?’


I just simply say “It’s ok…”. I mean, really. I don’t really care where the products are made for, as long as I could use it. Plus, I haven’t much $ myself to buy a better quality shampoo.

And if the lady doesn’t want me to buy the ‘made in Thaiand’ Pantene shampoo, why does SLMM import it at the first place? Well, the reason they import is because it is cheaper. Any Economics students can tell why they are cheaper. It’s because the cost of producing the product is cheaper in Thailand than any other countries perhaps.

Bleh. I’ll continue blog later.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

#368 - AND's 'BLINDNESS'

I was kinda excited when I saw this preview of 'BLINDNESS' by AND. I have a liking towards AND, maybe for the fact that some of their songs sounded almost similar like the GazettE. I'm not implying that they sounded exactly similar but somehow listening to them gives me this GazE feel.

The preview looks great at first, where the members were dressed in cloaks. It kinda reminded me of Organisation XIII from Kingdom Hearts 2.

Well, except that the members of AND doesn't have the hood to cover their faces. Then the later part of the preview showed, I suppose, their newest outfit. I like those costumes being suit for winter.

Anyways, I can't wait for their latest release!

#367– new blogskin

It’s less than a month til X’mas but since I can’t wait to change this blog’s layout, I think I found the right one. Unlike the previous layout, the content is focused on the centre. And it’s FF & IE friendly too! Yeay~

And Lin-sama peta’d me! So happy ^^ I miss his Chinese posts though =(


Friday, November 26, 2010

#366 –1 week


Today marked 1 week of holiday after exams.

So far I guess life’s okay.

I managed to clean my room. During the process of cleaning my room, I learnt something very important. NEVER KEEP RUBBISH. For the past week that I had been cleaning, I never realised that I kept SO many rubbish. Such as snack wrappers, candy wrappers, chocolate boxes, aluminium cans, old newspaper cuttings, past exam papers(!), etc. So basically all sorts of junks that anyone probably never imagined.

All those junks mentioned above has its own purpose. For example, wrappers, chocoboxes, drink cans indicated which food or drink that I had tried, exam papers to show how good I was, cuttings are a reflection of the past. Then when I come to think about it, “If these things were idle at where they are for me have no time to even look at it, then for sure these things will definitely stay idle for the next 5 or 10 years.” For this thought, I decided to just get rid of them by any means: Recycle or Throw.

Except for those chocoboxes, practically I will get rid of them for once and for all. It felt so much better when the room is cleared of rubbish. I must try not to buy anymore stuffs for a start!

As for the process of losing weight, I suppose it is going okay. I haven’t gone out to the sun for a week too. Taking it slow and easy.

What else? Ah. Me getting driving lesson soon, hopefully by next week. Can’t procrastinate it any longer =_=


Thursday, November 25, 2010

#365 - HSJ Tokyo Dome

I just came across this video by random:

It's on HSJ Tokyo Dome concert for last summer. I don't quite understand but I was shocked to know something unique in this concert. I admit, it's my first time seeing such AWESOME thing!

See those dancers in red? There are 315 of them dancing! If you watched the video, it is SO unique! Oh wow. I swear I almost stopped breathing because it never came to me.

Since their debut in 2007 at Tokyo Dome, there were 1,000,000 fans attended their concert. Oh wow.. 1 million.. That's a lot ne!

Now I can't wait to get my hands on their concert xD

#364–Hey! Say! JUMP

Recently I have been listening into Hey! Say! JUMP. I have to admit, 10 HOT cuties in a boyband beats SuJu ;D As usual me being JPop biased xP

It was all thanks to Hey! Say! 7 that I get to know H!S! JUMP. Well, HSJ consists of 2 separate units, which are HS7 & Hey! Say! BEST. Simply, HS7 + HSB = HSJ ;D

Click on the picture to get to know the members. My personal favs are Yuto-kun and Yuya-kun ^^


So anyways, my first song, and still my #1, is their 2007 single ‘Ultra Music Power’. I SWEAR BACK THEN I ALMOST BUY THIS SINGLE! GAAAAAH! When I was in Japan in 2007, this song was played at one of the radio stations that I tuned in.

This is their ‘Ultra Music Power’ PV.

‘Your Seed’ was nice. Gives this ‘oriental’ feel, with oriental elements in it. HSJ in black = HOTNESS xDD



Last night’s dinner was the best. ;D


At least we managed to finish 90% of it. hehe

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

#362–UCP T-shirt


Hora! This is the picture that I wanted to post yesterday.


This is the front view of the shirt. I prefer the back picture, this:


The words circling the heart is actually the bands under UCP. There’s Arc, CINDY & KATE,  E’m ~grief~, HEISEI ISSHIN, LIN –the end of corruption world-, Megaromania, NEGA and Synside. This was printed before Heisei Isshin announced their ‘graduation’. Plus, there are 2 new bands entered UCP, PERESTROIKA & Cu[be]. If there’s a ‘new’ version of this, I would love to have it as well, provided that I have the $.

Monday, November 22, 2010

#361–The afternoon


I went to the land transport to get my provisional license. On the way, me and mom talked about me getting a part-time job. She said that it’s not that important coz the important thing right now is to get my license.

I know that if I work, I could at least get a few hundreds and use it to spend on CDs. lol But if I don’t, I don’t think I lose a lot coz I will go search for employment after uni. I would prolly abuse my 7-8 months long of holiday. haha.

My sister told me there’s a parcel for me to collect. YES! My UCP shirt arrived safely! I don’t have my phone with me right now so I’ll take the picture later.

So after going to here and there, get this and that done, finally back at around 3-ish. Continued cleaning my room. I daresay it’s 30% done. From the looks of it, I think I will be able to have no boxes in the room but stored in the cabinet!

Today is the American Music Awards (AMA) and BSB performed together with NKOTB! I was looking forward to BSB coz I have no clue on NKOTB’s songs. I mean, NKOTB is not my generation. They’re the 80s. I’m sure our parents know them. haha.

I do not think this is their best performance. I wish they did better! Still, BSB = Love.

#360–Back to College Part 2


Went to school earlier just to return that ONE Eco book xD Saw a lot of friends there as well. So I guess this is really the end of school life.

When I think about it, that 1 and a half year was fast! I can vividly remember the times I would complain about those heavyload homework, not understanding tutor’s lessons, etc. But now, it seemed that there is no ‘education’ space for the following months to come til uni life.

From this point onwards, I decide how my life will be. From primary education til secondary, I felt that I have been spoonfed. In college, I was half-spoonfed and the other being an independent learner. I wonder if there is any big difference or not later in uni.

Oh well, I’ll blog more interesting thing later ;D

Sunday, November 21, 2010

#359–Room cleaning

The whole afternoon was spent in room cleaning. It has been a while, or maybe years, since I do so. This time there are real STACKED RUBBISH among all my items that just has to go.

Let the pictures do the talking. I’m tired.




This is freaky. I’ll let you decide what the heck are these.


Last but not least, half-faced me. hehe. I used that mask because I know there will be dust.


I love my nails so much.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

#358–Back to college - Part I


I can’t sleep early last night so even when I wanted to sleep at 12AM, I only ended up sleeping at 1/2AM+. Thankfully I managed to wake up before 7 to go to school to return the books.

So much for returning them. I FORGOT ONE MORE FREAKIN’ ECONOMICS BOOK! If I only brought it I don’t have to go again on Monday. Which is why there’s ‘part 2’ to this post.

Min hyuk oppa said he is going to Korea this December. OMG! I AM SO ASKING HIM TO BUY ME SS501 REBIRTH MINI-ALBUM!

5 hot men + eyeliner = TOTAL PWN!!!!


So anyways, I decided to paint my nails~ I did said red previously but now that I looked at it, it’s PURPLE!


Yeah, it’s a bit pink when you look at this picture but it is really purple. That means I am going to buy red coloured bottle soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

#357–The afternoon spent


Since I’m going back to school to return my books, I was excited to clear them from my room. lol


2 heavy bags. I didn’t weigh them but from my estimation, it’s at least 10KG.

I left to town, wanting to have a haircut but it’s freakin’ expensive. I mean, $15 for haircut + steam. O.o So instead, I just went around town and bought these 2 cool items:


Firstly, a drugstore brand nail polish. Presently I only have SilkyGirl’s black and white colour nail polishes so I decided to but this. It’s actually red coloured. I don’t want to buy high end ones coz I haven’t much $ I don’t always use nail polish.


The next item is something that I had been eyeing on.


YES! w-inds. Another World album!

I saw this CD for months already at that store but only managed to buy it today. Thank god it’s still there! During my last trip to Miri, I didn’t manage to find this. Of course, buying that album in Miri would definitely be WAY cheaper. This one burnt a big hole in my pocket T_T Nevertheless, I GOT w-inds. CD!!!

So it’s my 3rd w-inds. album ^^ I hope I will buy their other stuffs one day.

#356–The Perfect Ending

I am happy to declare that TODAY IS THE END OF MY EXAMS!!!

-throws confetti-

I can temporarily being lifted away the responsibility of a student for now. Talk about 7 month long of holidays!!! Oh yeay!!

7 month period is sure a heck long time. There are just SO many things that I want to accomplish before begin university life. Yeah, I firmly told myself since I was in primary that no matter how difficult study is, I must and will end up in a university. It is important for my life to be a undergraduate, otherwise the time spent in Form 6 will be useless.

I do not know which university I will end up in less than a year, hopefully, but I know I appreciate education. Initially I do not have the desire to enter a local uni because overseas is definitely a better choice but when I think about it, every place has their benefits.

Hmm.. I wonder which uni I will end up in.. Deep down I wish I did applied for that private Japanese scholarship earlier but I guess I could find other alternatives. At any rate, I do not think I should worry about this until the results are out.

Results will be coming out by January/February next year. So for now, I’ll just keep myself busy with other activities. Speaking of it, here are what I want to do:

  1. Clean up my room. This includes throwing away all the unnecessary rubbish that I have been keeping for the past decade. I had made the effort to throw away my primary books + papers and there are just so many RUBBISH in those boxes! Maybe being the house of cockroaches as well. Ugh.
  2. Be more healthy. Yeah, I’m stuck with this since I was a kid. This will be a hard thing to achieve but I must in any way motivate myself through it.
  3. Learn up Japanese. I wanna turn this hobby/interest to a better stage. I felt hopeless when I don’t understand my favourite idols speaking in Japanese. xD
  4. Job-hunting. Oh dear.. I’m lost at this momentarily. I feel like I should enter the workforce temporarily before uni life. Seriously. I wish I do not have to do this a.k.a being a rich kid. lol

I know the list goes on and on but I’ll do things slowly. Hmm, on side note, PLENTY of time to fangirl + watch BL movies. LOL!

Life has just begun.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#355 - ワタルのTWEET

Waking up in the morning has never been any happier with a reply from an artist ^^

So yesterday I tweeted Wataru-san about ‘still think of you’ with my phone. Too bad I can’t type Japanese characters so I typed in words instead.


It read ‘I love the PV and song of (your) new single ‘still think of you’.

Never thought that he would actually reply my tweet! Kyaaa~


He replied “Thank you very much! It makes me happy that (you) said such. I wonder if it can reach in Japanese.. Anyways, Thank you!!★o(^-^)o"

Honestly, I don’t quite understand the last sentence coz I shamelessly used Google Translate so yeah.. Still, I’m happy that a Japanese artist replied my tweet~ It’s been a long time since I received replies from a Japanese artist. If only Wataruuuu from 12012 would reply my tweets xD


So I replied Wataru-san, saying that I can understand few Japanese but I can understand his tweet. Wishing him all the best as well.

Since I’m listening to the single (ripped from the PV), I thought I should tweet him. “I can understand some parts of ‘still think of you’. The song is meaningful.”


This is the cover for their single. There’s only 2 songs plus 2 instrumental for 1050 yen ($15). I wish they included the PV DVD as well, making it more worthwhile for purchase. And yes, this one is entering my wishlist xD


Monday, November 15, 2010

#354 – Purple Days

I am proud to say that I discovered a band that look a little like v-kei. They are Purple Days. I like how the band’s name is so random ^^

I subscribed to avex over at YT and that’s how I come across this band. I listened to their upcoming release single (17th Nov), ‘Still think of you’ and PV is brilliant! Lot’s of ice and snow.

I squeeled over when I read the vocalist’s name, 吉田ワタル. I don’t know how to read the kanji but the katakana is read ‘Wataru’. *Kyaaa~~*

Another ‘Wataru’ in the non-vkei scene! Whee~~ He’s mine too! haha!

Stalked Shota’s blog here and found some cute pics.

This is a cute pose of PD. 3 bishies FTW! *_*

(L-R): Keyboardist Shota, vocalist Wataru, guitarist Toshi


You’re my ichiban for now! xD


Saturday, November 13, 2010

#353–V-kei covers v-kei!



This is a GREAT piece of news! Apparently some of my fav v-kei bands are going to do cover versions of some of the songs that I know~ Banzai! haha

When I was looking over at the tracklist, I squeeled~ 12012 IS GOING TO COVER ‘WINTER, AGAIN’!!! OMG! ‘Winter, again’ is my 1st and favourite song of GLAY. To think that 12012 are doing the cover! And Wataru-sama is singing GLAY’s song! Uaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I decided to buy this CD when I have the $, for the sake of this song only. haha

Another one I’m looking forward to is the cover of X JAPAN’s ‘Kurenai’ by Matenrou Opera. I hope Sono’s voice could work coz somehow I find his vocals kinda ‘nasal’. As well as the cover of SIAM SHADE’s ‘1/3 no Junjo na Kanjo’ by NoGoD. Oh wow.. Talking about Danchou’s high pitch! Looking forward to this as well.

Still, I want to hear Wataru’s sexy voice in Winter, again!!!! xDDD

I like the chorus (translated) of the ‘Winter, again’ that goes:

I want to go with you someday
In the time when the snow builds up
I want to show you
How white the town I was born in gets
I want to see you, I miss you
The more I think of you
The more I can hear the sound of bells deep in my heart
On the cold nights

*imagines Wataru’s singing this part* *flail*

Here’s GLAY’s ‘Winter, again’ for a start. Ahh~ It’s almost the start of Winter season as well =)

Friday, November 12, 2010

#352–3 more papers!


Long time no see, bloggie! Oh yea, hello November! Although it’s approaching mid-Nov already.


3 more papers to go and I’m free!

Look! My nails are painted in black. I just love long nails but unfortunately my nails aren’t that strong. I can actually bend my nails down. Yikes! I just hope it doesn’t snap. Currently they’re 0.5cm long. Go take a ruler and measure it yourself, ne ;D

So! The 3 papers that I sat past 3 days (1 paper for a day) was all right, though I could do even better. I anticipated the questions to come out anyways so it wasn’t much of a shock.

Hmm.. Predicting what question might come out. I sound like Inui or Yanagi from Prince of Tennis. Both of them are experts in data and can sometimes predict the next move by the opponent during a tennis match. haha

5 more days til the next bombardment. omg!