Sunday, December 26, 2010

#397–pairpuri 8


I got my hands on PairPuri 8 featuring Sanada & Ryoma.

Heck, this has got to be the most hilarious pairpuri I’ve watched!

Some screencaps:

Yagyuu & Sanada

Yagyuu & Sanada in suits. Ah~ Gentleman Yagyuu in suits = TOTAL WIN.

Princess Akaya

Akaya in a dress. LOL! I bet he was forced by Yukimura to wear this.

Renji & Sanada

The Rikkai tennis club is performing a Cinderella skit. Sanada’s the prince and Renji is the attendant?


So halfway through Akaya quits becoming Cinderella and thanks to the almighty Yukimura, Ryoma became Cinderella instead. OMG! SanadaxRyoma!


This is Ryoma’s reaction when he was told that he will be kissed by Sanada! HAHA!


Rikkai’s team sent Seigaku a letter with this photo. *_*

Of course, it would be better if Sanada is carrying Yukimura instead. YES! ALPHA PAIR FTW!

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