Sunday, December 25, 2011

1501 - Merry X'mas!

Merry X'mas everyone!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

#1500 - The holidays!

Am enjoying every single day of this month because there are so many things to do xD

I wrote fanmails to all 4 members Golden Bomber! I had my letter in both English and Japanese. For Japanese, I asked a translator from the GB LJ to do it for me.

This letter was addressed to Kirisho since he does look like a Stitch xDD So I purposely put a lot of Stitch stickers =X

The Hanamas stopped by here and they performed at JIS Arts Centre. This is one of the painting from the centre. I don't know who drew it but it's captivating for me.

Didn't bother to take pics since I sat kinda far. Went with Miko-chan. Mom drove the car and my bro and sis followed.

So I cleaned up my closet. It's like there are so many unused clothes that I temporarily couldn't fit in so I removed them. The number of hangers does tell me something. 

Last but not least, the stuffs I bought online arrived! There's Vidoll Puzzle Ring poster, Puzzle Ring CD+DVD limited edition, Vidoll's EVE Flyer and Takumi-kun Series: Jealousy Japanese manga. The poster is of B3 size and it's already up at my wall, so as the flyer. Couldn't bother to read Jealousy now since it's all Japanese xD

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#1499 - Shop til you want to cry

There are times when I do feel like going out to shop even though I am remotely poor.

And so I bought these Hello Kitty items for $2 each xD

There's a rectangular box, MD box, Heptagon box and a notepad box.

The rectangular box. It's so tiny that I think it's best to send it to my favourite JRockers, granted the postman doesn't steal the things inside.

The MD box. I don't even know why I bought this since I don't have MD. haha

The hexagonal box. It's very small. I don't know what to put in.

The notepad box.

Since I'm a member of TBS, there's 25% off for members for selected products every month. Curious, I went there and I bought something that I kinda wanted.






Body Butter!

I picked the normal skin one coz I believe I have normal skin =X The smell felt like strawberry yoghurt to be honest. I already put a bit on my skin and it smells great~ Usual price for $24.90 but after the discount, it's $18.67 =)

Monday, November 28, 2011

#1498 - Exams are finally OVER!

It didn't occur to me that I was having my last paper on a Sunday xD

The uni re-schedule it as Monday is a holiday.

Now all I have to do is to pray that I will get into 'real' uni this coming January~


Sunday, November 27, 2011

#1497 - Last exams!

Yes! Will be sitting for my last paper in 12 hours time xD

Not looking forward to the paper but definitely for the holidays.

Contradict much? xDD

Can't wait to go home as well~ Been staying at Nadiah's place for almost a week now. It was fun while it lasted~

I miss my bed!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

#1496 - The irony

Living in a not well known country is helpless, especially when it comes to the entertainment world.

ViViD went to Singapore for the SUNDOWN Festival 2011 which is going to be tomorrow and they had their handshake event earlier, like few hours ago. They arrived yesterday.


Live so near i.e 2 hours flight to Singapore but still so far.

Really butthurt.

I swear, if I have the money, I would have flown to Singapore during the day, do window shopping or whatever til the handshake event. Then take the 1st flight back right after the handshake. Screw the exams since it's going to be easy. Yes, if people ask me, "Where were you earlier?" I would proudly said "I was at Singapore."

-sigh- JRockers just don't come down to this part of Asia, let alone JPop. KPop conquer so much, me dislike it bery much.

Anyways, I'm just so jealous of those fans who get to meet them UP CLOSE and PERSONAL even if it's just for that few seconds to less than a minute. It's something for fans to treasure.

Aaaargh!! I'm almost crazy liao ah...

#1495 - Happy birthday

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and apparently his friends threw him a surprise birthday party at Buccaneer.

And I supposed all his friends chipped in to buy this Lego model for my bro:

I don't know the name of this model but I know it's been what my brother had always wanted for so long. -cry in happiness-

On side note, the exams today was easy. But the hall was effing cold, like winter. I used a winter jacket courtesy of Nadiah's mom, and even after I wore it, I felt so cold! I'm pretty sure the aricond temperature is less than the usual 16!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#1494 - It's Exams!

My revision isn't working as I thought. Well, more like I drag myself to last minute revision, thanks to my awesome procrastination skills. =_="

Anyways, yesterday was my first paper UB0303, which has to deal with Arts and Humanities. Well, I was glad that I was able to answer the questions (we only need to answer 5 out of 10 questions) so I guess I was lucky that the 5 subjects I studied was just ok.

I supposed there's this 'Like A Boss' attitude when it comes to exams, plus kiasu also. I have no idea why I didn't read the instructions on the front cover. Like, I don't know. I know I always do but somehow yesterday I didn't.

So as kiasu as I am, writing down everything I know in essay format. Only after the exam then I read "Write your answer in bullet points". Then it was WTF moment.

Don't care lah. 1 paper down, 3 more to go.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#1493 - The Exam Month

It's the first of November, the beginning of what I call as, 'The Exam Month'.

I can't wait to sit for the exams and get it over~

Must. Study. Hard.

And I wanna shine like Lin of Affective Synergy xD

Monday, October 31, 2011

#1492 - Halloween~

It's hard to imagine that today is already the last day of October. It was only 2 months ago I moved into the hostel and yesterday, I moved all my stuffs from the room.

Since I don't have classes in November and December, I might as well move out from the place and get the deposit. So I'll just stay at Nadiah's place if I need since her mom says okay.

I think I better start studying soon. I mean, I'm sure I can do well.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

#1491 - What a hot day!

It hasn't been this hot for a while now has it? I mean, these few days have been cloudy and rainy so I supposed a hot weather is good for a change. Like, I can literally feel my skin burning whenever I drive without wearing long sleeves.

So I was driving back from Guardian (forgotten that today is plastic bag free day so I carried my stuffs on hand) and I noticed the mileage of the car.

Lucky 7s. I stopped my car in the middle of the road just to take this picture. Lucky me there's no car behind me when I took this picture. Reminded me of an AKB48 song 'Lucky 7' xD

Thursday, October 13, 2011

#1490 - Life so far

Ignoring the previous post, I realised I haven't quite blog about my life for so long..

Thanks to busy school life and my laziness to blogging, it's somewhat being ignored. So let's see what I got for this post that has a lot of pictures..

Monkeys spotted behind my room at the hostel! My room's facing the forest mind you so it's a no wonder that I get to see monkeys once in a while. There are at least 8 in a pack. Family I supposed.

And here's butter chicken from one of the canteen stalls at the campus. It's only $4 and it's totally worth my money. ^^ Delicious too.

And this is Mamak noodles for only $3 with a free cup of Teh Tarik. I think this is probably the most cheapest food with satisfying taste.

So me and my girlfriends, Joyceline and Nadiah went to the Mall one day and entered Holika Holika store. 3 of us managed to buy stuffs and it reached the minimum spending to get a free poster. Well, Joyceline and Nadiah both has one so I took it instead. =D I swear, everytime we visited the Mall we will enter Holika Holika for window shopping.

So one of the Fridays I went all the way to uni to only knew that I forgotten my laptop (charger and cooler I did bring it with me though!) and class was cancelled last minute so I ended up hanging out at Gadong with Joyceline. We had Pastamania for dinner. This is the 7 inch Pepperoni Pizza (Chef's Recommendation) for $9.50 A bit too hot from the black pepper but delicious~

And so Joyceline told about this Hello Kitty shop in Brunei! I never knew such shops existed because I know one in Singapore, at Central to be exact. So I bought:

Hello Kitty pic frame for $7.50 I couldn't resist this one because it has koto (the instrument on the right) and it looks traditional~

Hair clip for $2.50 Too cute to refuse!

And mirror for $2.50 I don't know why I bought this. okay, maybe because it's cute xD

Since I registered for Body Shop membership, bought these stuffs as well:

Concealer and Lip balm.The Aqua Lily shower gel was a purchase with purchase thingy and it's only $5. The usual price was $14.90 so I think it's a bargain.

Introducing Nadiah's 'husband':

The boys at uni was like ""OMG RCZ!!" and I go "Oh, ok." the differences between car enthusiast and non-car

We went to Excapade at Time Square. First time entered there. Very small and lively.

Chicken for $5.

This is called 'Paradise Roll'. I love it so much!

#1489 - Random collaboration!


Howie D of the BackStreetBoys featuring Shirota Yu a.k.a U (I'd call him Shirotan xD)

This is so good to be true!!

Listened to the preview already..

Totally digging it!! It's so beautiful ^^

I know Howie's voice is very acapella-ish coz I listened to countless BSB songs and it's easy to tell, as for Shirotan's, he's not bad too. I'm surprised actually xDD

Kyaaa~~ I want the full song now!! xD

Thursday, September 22, 2011

#1488 - The Semester Break

It's the semester break since Monday. Unfortunately, it's not a break for me since I have to attend the make-up classes for one of my modules. The lecturer will be away for a month plus for performing the Haj.

Today was the last make-up session and she apologized to us for making our semester break 'miserable'. Actually, I won't call it 'miserable' because without the classes, I am most likely not be able to do my assignment, not for a bit due to distractions back home.

Well, foundation programme is so far so good. A lot of things just piled up, and to think that everything is supposed to hand in at the same time. Oh the horror...

Wish me luck.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

#1487 - The stigma of the '48' groups

When I first started to dive into this '48' fandom, I didn't think Aki-P (creator of these '48' groups) could go far with his 'idol you can meet' concept.

It all started with the main unit, AKB48. Now this main unit has other 'sister groups': SKE48, SDN48, NMB48. Another upcoming sister group would be HKT48.

The initials stand for the name of cities for (prefectures) in Japan, except for SDN. It goes like this:

AKB = Akihabara (Tokyo)
SKE = Sakae (Nagoya)
NMB = Namba (Osaka)
HKT = Hakata (Fukuoka)

SDN = Saturday Night

What else is new? Oh...

JKT48 (Jakarta48 based in Indonesia)

I was REALLY surprised to hear JKT48 in production. Like, for real? This is their blogger link and this is their FB Official Page

Am I excited? I'm not too sure because I can't imagine '48' idol groups singing in other languages that Japanese. Sure, the music, melody, lyrics will need to 'suit' for a  Pop song but I suppose there's no harm to try the preview of JKT48 in the future.

But anyways, since there's already movement of this '48' around Asia, I can imagine myself the other '48' sister groups existing in a lot of Asia countries:

KLP48 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
SGP48 (Singapore)
MNL48 (Manila, Philippines)
BGK48 (Bangkok, Thailand)
SOL48 (Seoul, South Korea)
BJG48 (Beijing, China)
HGK48 (Hong Kong)
Taiwan48 [There's supposed to have an audition for this group this Summer but no news???]

Yep, the list goes on and on... I can really imagine these are the upcoming names for some '48' groups:

NWO48 (New World Order)

Personally, I am waiting for Sapporo48 for Hokkaido prefecture and Okinawa48.. As well as JAPAN48 (JPN48) where you can have the best of the members from each of the '48' groups in Japan to form JPN48. But of course, all these will just remain in my fantasy xD

Friday, August 12, 2011

#1486 - Long gone

This blog is long gone...

I'm just so lazy to update nowadays.

Semi-hiatus here. laters

Saturday, July 23, 2011

#1485 - Happy birthday

I almost forgotten this!

It's my hubby's birthday today~

30 years old already! omg!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

#1484 - Gifts

A lot of things happened these days. Somehow it's always like this time when you're going for studying that fun things happened.

I FINALLY received my mail from Malaysia after 1 freakin' month. It's better than not receiving it. I was worried that I won't receive the mail. It's from a dear friend of mine, W. Xiangling

Lot's of goodies came together with the handwritten letter.

All in all, I cried when I read the letter. I missed her so much. I wanna visit her soon!

I don't know which part of me suddenly go for splurging on magazines. Bought both CLEO July issues. The left magazine is the Malaysian edition whereas the right is the Singapore version. Personally I prefer Singapore version.

A colonel burger and a small size Pepsi drink for $2.80 Not worth my money for late lunch -_-

And this! Went to SA this morning, hoping to ask Mr Paul to let me borrow the book for a longer time. Truth it, he lend it to me before the As and I kinda abandoned it til today xD He lend the DVD to me and implied to me to return it ASAP. hehe ^^"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

#1483 - The wait is over

It was only last week that I posted about how long do I have to wait and the list was out today.

Thank god I'm in.

And lil sis, if you happen to read this, ask him about what I told you, remember? If he can't even do it then he's not a man worth remembering. =X

Anyways, there's 2 more weeks of freedom left. Like OMG seriously?!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

#1482 - Bandar

On Friday, Gloria, Matt, Syee Chee, Tian Fu and I, the 5 of us, went to the BRIDEX exhibition. Left at 6.30 with Gloria as the driver. Picked up the other 3 friends on our way.

I don't know what made me went to BRIDEX. Honestly. But I guessed it's because I never hang out with the 4 of them and also I never attended any BRIDEX exhibits in the past made me do so.

I kinda like the airshow coz I never see real jet fighters flying in the sky. But what I probably don't like is the noise of those jets. It's like I'm hearing artificial thunder and it is not pleasing at all. Now I can understand slightly of those who had experienced wars and the fear they experienced of these jets.

From the exhibit, we went to Times Square. The last time I wanted to go to TS, I was technically lost but now I know the way to it. We had lunch at Pastamania, my first time. I had Chicken Cheese Sausage:

I must say though, the servings are small and it's really pricey. Don't think I would want to eat there again. But it was a fulfilling lunch since all of us chipped in for a 10 inch Pepperoni Pizza and Cheese Sticks. The Cheese Sticks is delicious.

I saw this at Best Eastern and I just couldn't resist not buying it. It's $7.80 for 3. PoT Chinese manga!!

It's vol 16, 17 and 18. Now I have at least a manga of PoT. It's just me wanting to have PoT-related stuffs.

There's this Korean cosmetics product store called 'Tony Moly' beside Times Square. It's at the Airport Mall. I don't know why but I don't quite like the interior design of the Airport Mall. I don't know.. Myabe coz it's half finished?

So yea, they wanted to go there so I tagged along. I can't believe I actually bought myself a Baby Powder BB for $14.90. O.o Guess I'm just curious of how powders are effective for my skin.

Went to The Mall after that. Just shop around a bit then headed to Tian Tian Chicken Rice restaurant for dinner. Before that we stopped by at Booker which is beside the restaurant.

Apparently there's a 20% off on all books and novels. I was just browsing for any cheap books that I hope I can buy since I have a tight budget and I bought myself this:

'The Return of the Native' by Thomas Hardy. I bought this because Hardy is one of my favourite classical author. After reading 'The Mayor Of Casterbridge' I am looking forward to any works by Hardy. His stories are somewhat based on his own experiences in the 1800s so it is, to me, really interesting.

Well, this novel's original price is $6 but after a s discount of 20%, it's only $4.80. I am really happy with this purchase and can't wait to read it. lol I couldn't even finish 'The Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens and other classical novels I had so it'll take a LONG time to finish this.

Then yesterday, met up with Rose, Sie Ying, Faith and Feeqa at The Mall. Well, Feeqa tagged along. Too bad Kavitha can't go last minute coz her mom 'had a bad feeling' so she stayed at home with her.

But anyways, we had afternoon tea at Secret Recipe. It's my first time dining there and I guess it was okay. I ordered Brownies Walnut which cost $3.50 per slice. The tea is Earl Grey. Thanks to Sie Ying for the tea coz she ordered Oreo Cheesecake that comes with free tea or coffee but she doesn't like both so I 'took' her drink. hehe