Monday, January 31, 2011

#1426 – Judgement

The SMS registration for results started on the 29th. I didn’t bother to do so because $3 is very expensive.

Since then I was very anxious and is still.

The more I think about what my results will be, the more pressure I feel.

I can’t think about it too much, otherwise I probably will get headache like last night.

But oh my god…



must. fangirl. more.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

#1425 - Tensou Sentai Goseiger

I just watched the 1st episode of 天装戦隊ゴセイジャー (Tensou Sentai Goseiger) a.k.a TSG. At first I was kinda curious with it because it does look like the American Power Rangers, the one when I used to watch when I was a kid. Which in fact is!

TSG is the 34th season of ‘Super Sentai’. The one I just started watching will end next week~ It premiered since last year.
Well, the reason I watched TSG was because Kento Ono & Hamao Kyosuke (Mao-chan) are in!! They are Gosei Blue & Black respectively.
Kento-kun ^^ I always like him as Yanagi Renji for tenimyu. Gosh he’s so tall! 180cm and what, only 20 years old?
Mao-chaaaaaaaaaaaan~ I didn’t quite like him as Kikumaru for tenimyu but for Takumi-kun series, YES I APPROVE ^^b

The most epic ‘pose’ for any power rangers after they defeated their enemy:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

#1424 – Life so far..

2 days ago was a busy and yet, a fun day. It started from afternoon til night time.
Anyways, I went to Yu Ting’s place. We went to the Edu UK Exhibit at Rizqun. Actually, there was another one at SA the next day but the reason I took the time all the way to the capital was because the scholarship department won’t be coming down. I supposed it was because they are ‘under-staffed’.
But even when I arrived there, I forgot to ask them the more important questions. Careless me.
So after that, we went to McDonald. The last time I had a McDonald meal was last December at Miri’s drive through.
I has the yearly Prosperity Burger plus chocolate sundae. Shouldn’t have ordered the sundae coz by the time I finished the burger, it melted. Still, it’s yummy! Total late lunch meal was $9.18
Luckily I arrived back home before heading out to another hangout at KB.
It was at 11 Sports Café. Before that, went to the CD Store to help my bro to buy a CD. Then I saw PoT Cute version~ I never watch those episodes before so I’m happy I bought it. Will post about this some other time.
It was fun having a hangout with a large group of people who agrees. Thanks to Chin Ting who organised this for Denise and us xD
Gaah.. Shouldn’t have clipped my hair. Exposing my wide forehead Dx Then we went to the park and took lotsa pics. Me & Chin Ting went and played the swings which had a sign saying something about kids older than 10 aren’t allowed to play. lol
After that we went to the Archery. I didn’t play coz I didn’t bring enough $, plus I haven’t the guts to try it out yet xD
It was a fun night

Sunday, January 23, 2011

#1423 – My life

Honestly, I do these 3 things right now: Eat, Play, Sleep.
Yea, my life is just that boring. I do want to hang out but I haven’t got any $ with me. I mean, even if we are to just loitering here and there, I would want to have a little bit of $ with me.
My laptop was confiscated for a period of time in the afternoon. It’s a good change momentarily. So I decided to start memorising Hiragana & Katakana.
I know I could self-study but the motivation is not in me. Speaking of motivation, some needs to motivate me to watch all those piled up DVDs.
Currently watching: Gokusen 2, Remote, Tokyo Ghost Train, Princess Hour. I don’t know why but it’s hard for me to sit there and watch all those episodes as opposed to using the laptop for hours.
But anyways, yesterday I went to Excapade. Too bad Denise couldn’t make it for some last minute stuffs. So there’s me, Sie ying, YB, Chin Ting, Nissa and her boyfriend, Veron, Chern Hin and Yung Xin. I never met Yung Xin before so it’s my 1st meeting. But I didn’t talk to him though. Totally an ikemen! xD
Anyways, I ordered tori katsu bento. I missed eating chicken so badly.
After that we went to the Archery centre beside WYWY. 1st time there and it’s a cool place to chillax and all.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#1422 – SPOT

I’m going to flail on Shin Prince of Tennis a.k.a SPOT but I prefer to call it shin-tenipuri. xD

So yea, earlier this morning, about 2AM instead of watching Gokusen 2 episode 3, I decided to read the manga that my sister d/l-ed long time ago.

OMG! I love it!!! I want more!!!

So there’s this page where the middle school vs high school. I can’t remember the new characters’ name quickly so what I did was edited this:
I typed in their names and set this as my wallpaper. I suppose in this way I can remember their names faster.

Before I read the manga, somehow I got hold of this image. I don’t exactly remember how but my first thoughts on the characters were

blue-haired guy looks like Akutsu Jin being bleached in blue.
That curly hair looks like Niou (I mean, he bleached his hair white so I wouldn't be surprised if this is him)
Yellow-haired guy similar to Kamio Akira, their hairs are to a side.
The guy in the middle = Sanada!
The one in specs + curly hair = Yukimura!
Purpled hair guy: Atobe?? No mole? hmm.. maybe he removed it?.
Red haired besides the specs: Momoshiro with a twisted personality. I mean, their hair has almost similar style.
black haired with specs: Higachuu's Kite Eishirou. Heck, they look the same?
Silver hair with bandage: Kikumaru! Eiji always has a bandage on his right cheek so maybe he wanted to look cool instead. Speaking of coolness, I think Shun's the guy ;D
Black haired beside Shun: I didn't think anyone that resembles him.
The brown curly hair: Jirou xD lol I don't know why but Jirou's name came to me.

I judged those new characters based on the original character’s appearance. But now that I know who they really are, I do think Irie is slight similar to Yukimura. Well, there’s only up to volume 5 of the manga so can’t judge much yet.

Oh yes! I declare ANGEL PAIR! Who? well, it’s ShiraishixAkaya XD I wonder how should I name them? ShirAkaya? KuraKaya? lol so weird…

Uaaa~ I want more SPOT!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

#1421 – 4 days update

The past 4 days have been rather interesting. On the 12th, which was Wednesday, I went to school with Amal. She drove me there. Had settled my UCAS thingy. Still waiting for my teacher’s reply. Dx At this rate I don’t think my application will be sent by 15th Jan UK time. oh well..
Then there was no electricity from 10:30AM til 5PM. There was current for about an hour before it tripped again til 11PM. The horror.
Went to SLMM on the 13th. Bought meself a pair of slippers. My previous one was already in a sorry state. I don’t think I wanted to throw since it’s from Japan xD
Yesterday was the worst blackout. It lasted for about 16 and a half hours from 8AM til 12:30AM midnight. Oh my god. It’s like no airconditioner for so long was so suffocating. Since there wasn’t anything much to do, I mostly slept the whole time.
And today, went to Yen’s place for BBQ. Borrowed a lot of DVD titles from her but I think I’ll take forever to finish watching them xD

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#1420 – 11.1.11

I didn’t realised that today is 11.1.11.
Anyways, I woke at 2PM today. I wonder how come no one bothered to woke me up at 1? heh
I slept at 4.30AM I think.
Was watching Tenimyus xD

Monday, January 10, 2011

#1419 – Appreciate Nature

I said I love my hair. But now I realised that it will cause even severe damage later.
I got split ends just one day after rebonding. Oh my god.
Thankfully hair will grow half an inch in a month, so that’s 6 inches in a year!
I can’t wait to have my hair grow faster!!! I want my messy hair back!

#1418 – All done

So I did surrendered myself to bed at around 10AM. Thankfully I woke up at 1PM+. When I woke up, I saw Amal’s text to check on my FB.

She asked me if she could use indents for her PS. Being all blurry, I was like ‘what the heck is indent?’. I never heard of that word before so I googled that word.

I think it took me 10 minutes to realise what is indent! It’s basically that ‘spacing’ when you start a new paragraph. I sometimes used my thumb to measure the amount of space before I wrote the first word on a new paragraph.
Speaking of which, my PS is finalized. Now I just need to wait for Mr Fadilah to go through my app before I hit ‘make payments’ xD

#1417 – My PS

I received a reply from my GP tutor last year on my PS.

Oh my god.. the trauma.. Like there are 20 mistakes ranging from simple to big ones.

I quickly edited it and sent it back.

I hope there’s no more mistakes!

Correcting PS is a daunting work

#1416–I did my hair

Yesterday I decided to go for hair rebonding. I don’t know why but I guess I just want the feel of ‘very straight’ hair for at least once. Actually it was recommended years ago but since I need to use tudung all the time, back then I thought there’s no point in doing so since I’ll be tying up my hair and it won’t be ‘straight’ any more.

Yes, I love my hair~ Felt like I’m one of those AKB48 members. LOL Okay, that’s too much.

Comparing one of the AKB48 member, Kitahara Rie:

With mine:

Okay, my ‘idol-wannabe’ smile failed but I realised our hair pattern is slightly similar. Surprisingly, she’s one day older than me (I just knew that when I was searching for her name)

But yeah, basically my hair is very long and I like it ^^

Saturday, January 8, 2011

#1415–Another productive day

Knowing that I will wake up past noon, I purposely asked my bro to wake me up at 6:30 despite me sleeping at 3AM. I tried to sleep earlier but failed.

I only managed to wake up at 8:30AM. Had breakfast then work on my UCAS choices. After lunch, continued on with UCAS thingy + FB.

Out of the blues, I decided to go for a jog. It was freakin’ hot today.

Thanks to Wui Chung, I cleared my doubts for the UCAS form. All I need to do now is wait for the PS to be finalized.


Currently reading ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens. I hope I could finish it before the results is out.

#1414–Interesting thought

I came across a post titled “How do multilingual people think when they use 3rd language?”. I supposed it applies to me so I decided to left a comment.

This is part of my comment: “Anyways, usually I do the thinking in Chinese no matter what languages I speak. It's just a 'natural' thing for me. Sometimes I do mix in 2 or 3 languages together when I speak, if the other person doesn't understand what I wanted to say. When I think in Chinese, usually the meaning will be 'projected' in English by itself (as in English characters) and not Chinese characters. “

Which is quite true.. It’s hard to explain this if you can’t understand. To be honest, I don’t know how to rate which is my mother tongue/native language. I felt like all 3 languages are my mother tongue. It’s so weird..

Friday, January 7, 2011

#1413 - Change

I had decided to cut my nails after 2 months plus of not doing it. It’s the left hand’s nails. Typing the keyboard hurts a little.

I told myself that this afternoon I must continue my uni research but it failed. =_=


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#1412– Today

I slept at around 2AM, waking up every 2 hours later and managed to get back to sleep. I went to the loo at 4AM & perhaps 6AM for stomach ache. Then around 8-ish my sister bugged me for a letter:




I hate it when a letter stated ‘SEGERA’ (It means ‘Urgent’) it only arrives a week later. I mean, seriously, don’t they understand the meaning of that word? By right it shouldn’t take a week to deliver to your home since it’s DOMESTIC delivery. Funny that an X’mas card that I sent last month to the UK only took me 4 days. I’m even surprised by this.


So yea, the letter is about this belia cinta tanah air programme. I think I might go for it. I don’t know.


So I managed to sleep till noon. Spent my time on my PS the whole afternoon + gaming + chores. It was productive. Reading some of the PS samples online made me a bit defeated but I won’t give up. Argh! I’m chasing a dateline here!!


Then went to bookstores. Taught my youngest sister Maths. oh my god. now I’m very thirsty. I don’t know why but I tend to speak loudly. I did try to lower (or maybe ‘soften’ is a right word) my voice but I can’t seem to do so. Now my throat hurts a little. I’ll just drink lots of water for now. I’m sure it’ll be all right after a night’s rest.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#1411–RPG are that fun

Okay, I understand how you play this whole PoT RPG.


It’s fun. xD


Somehow Kaidoh seems like my future alter-ego instead. lol

#1409 + #1410–I couldn’t bother

I have found the source to why the post number seemed less.


Apparently there are two 1000th posts, one from the old blog and the other one from this blog.


So I declare the next post after this will be the 1411th post.




And no, I don’t think I would re-numbered all the previous post numbers.

#1408–It’s gone

I mentioned about some verification code few posts back.


It’s gone! I can simply blog from Windows Live Writer!!


Thanks Blogger! I know you knew this isn’t a spam blog =))



Arrived at Procter for dinner at around 7:30PM


Firstly was today’s free soup.


Then came honey drink. It’s funny that I ordered hot honey but they gave me cold one instead.


Ordered French Fries. I used chopsticks to eat them for no reason.


Then came my chicken sandwich. I swear the menu said ‘chicken sandwich + salad’ but they didn’t serve the salad?


My Penang Prawn Noodles. I like the 4 big prawns but the noodle’s soup is tasteless. The noodle is actually mee kuning. =\


This was their fried chicken. We thought it was going to be those deep fried chicken with crispy skin and all but, this one’s mediocre. Shouldn’t have bought it at the first place.


Desert was ice cream. Free. But it’s too little, even for a 5 year old, trust me.


Conclusion: NOT going to eat there again.

#1406 - Be As One

As soon as you enter my blog, you'll hear a Japanese song playing. It's on your right.

Currently I'm addicted to the upcoming w-inds. new single, 'Be As One'.

It's really a good song ^^b

#1405 - The morning spent

Went for an appointment at the hospital earlier. Then waited for Izzati to send me home. Apparently her mom was having her appointment to.

I got the courage to say 'thank you' to aunty directly for buying me Siti Nurhaliza's 'Lentera Timur' CD last year. This is the post where I blogged about it. Took me 8 months to do so! I never met her mom so earlier was my first time. Very kind =)

Then I continued my K-T World Tour DVD d/l in the morning. I'm left with Disc 3, the last disc! I wish I have enough $$ to support them.

Earlier I watched 2 clips from CDTV at YT. I like SID's performance of 'Rain' in this one.

Another one is AKB48. =_= I wanted to d/l this clip but I couldn't be bothered to.

#1404 - blogs merged + issues

So I merged my old blog with this new one, which is why you can see this is the 1404th or maybe 1405th post.

With that said, I can't blog through Windows Live Writer.

Why? I think I found the solution:

Dear Blogger, this blog is not a spam blog. This is partly my personal blog. Thank you. =)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

#403 – It’s only the 2nd day of 2011

For the lack of title.


I slept in about 3AM-ish but being woken up at 10:30AM. Thanks to my half-disfunctioning A/C, I’m using the fan at the moment. It was all right. My cousins came in at 10:30, which was why I was woken up.

But I had a dream of me entering GP class for tomorrow’s first day of school. Heck, I do miss school. I mean, I know I can do self-reading. I guess I miss ‘proper’ education.

I did said I registered myself as ‘Kaidoh Kaoru’ for this RPG thingy some previous posts before but honestly, I don’t know how to ‘play’!

Hmm.. I don’t know what to blog anymore aside from my fandom. My life is very plain and bored.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

#402–Fandom Time

This picture was screencapped from Johny’s Countdown 2010-2011. Hell. Just look at the number of fangirls attended the event!


I wonder how would it feel like to get to see KAT-TUN & Hey! Say! JUMP in this event. Must be crazy!


Next is ViViD’s Yume ~ Mugen no Kanata~ PV Preview. I honestly do not quite like ViViD now. I don’t know why. Maybe they’re just over-rated. Shin looks JUST like Shou from Alice Nine, Ko-ki’s new image reminded me of AYABIE’s Yumehito. I mean, they’re like a ‘plastered’ band. They’re from PSC and I guess that’s another point to note.


The song was so-so for me. I hope it’ll be better once I get to see the whole PV.


YES! AND’s PV, ‘BLINDNESS’ is out!

By far the best song of AND for me! Gotta love those heavy guitar riffs.

#402–Happy New Year

This year I celebrated my new year with my laptop xD


And of course, with pink glittery nails.


I haven’t thought of my resolution yet. I didn’t do it for last year. Maybe I’ll write something later.