Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#1437 – NDS Roms

I think it all started out from a fangirl of PoT that I knew that I started to go back to gaming. She had PoT Gakuensai (dating game with PoT characters) on NDS emulator and that’s how I got to the frenzy of having NDS roms.

Well, I did download PoT’s Crystal Drive. It’s really an addictive tennis game, way better than Super Mario’s.


Of course, aside from this, I did download a bunch of Final Fantasy for NDS. Like omg. I missed this series so much! The last FF title I played was FFXII for PS2.


I’m sure you can read what I wrote ;D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#1436 - GEMINI

It’s been a while since I posted about JRock/v-kei. Somehow the interest isn’t ‘there’ for now (Too much JPop for now)

So anyways, if it isn’t my friend who told me to listen to Alice Nine’s ‘GEMINI’, I wouldn’t have done so. I d/l-ed the file quite some time but I told myself to listen it ‘later’ i.e procrastinate.

And I must say, GEMINI is better than VANDALIZE, their album, in terms of vocals and songs. I think I like Shou’s improved vocals in GEMINI.

But, the PV for the song ‘GEMINI’ is… uh.. I okay I supposed.




I just love that shot of Hiropon in GEMINI xD

Sunday, February 20, 2011

#1435 – UBD Open Day

Despite knowing I’ll be going all the way up to the capital, I slept late. All thanks to Tenipuri Fiesta which I couldn’t resist not watching right after I finished d/l.

Having only 5 hours of sleep today, I’m currently a bit dizzy.. *yawn*

So I left home at around 7:30AM. Arrived there one hour later, I think.

Entered the Chancellor Hall where the UBD Open was. Asked about Unibridge programme. So far I think it’s all right. Only that the fees are a problem for me right now. I mean, oh my gosh.. $2k+.. T_T


Money is always a problem…


Met Celine who was a volunteer for this open day. I don’t remember the last time meeting her, I think it was 2 years back when she was in my group tutor class.


After that we went to hospital to visit a friend of my mom’s. I was being all emotional and tried not to cry but in the end I shed a tear anyways. Nenek Fatimah was hospitalized for more than 3 weeks already & we only knew it last night. I don’t know why no one tell us.


After that mom wanted to go meet her friend aunt Lucy who’s from the States after 6 years but tak jadi because she’s going out elsewhere. I hope they’ll meet at least once!


Really lazy to type in details because I’m so sleepy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

#1434 – Yukimura Seiichi

He’s one of the PoT character, specifically Rikkaidai’s buchou a.k.a Kami no ko (Some translations named it as ‘child of god’ or ‘demi-god’)
Anyways, his birthday is March 5th and he has been releasing CDs annually since 2009.

Discography of Yukimura Seiichi as soloist:
2009 – last songs
It’s his debut album I supposed. I like all the songs ^^
2010 – Sore wa sore toshite
It’s a mini-album, only 4 songs. I like the song ‘Jibun kakumei’ (Self Revolution) featuring Niou Masaharu.
2011 – Prologue
And his upcoming mini-album! I hope it’s more than 4 songs. Gosh, I totally LOVE the cover of this compared to the other 2! He looks so relaxed ^^

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#1433 – no title

I don’t know what to put as blog title.
The only thing I like 2 days ago (Valentine’s Day) was the live show by Cocoa Otoko. Too bad there’s only Kenken, Takuya & Kousuke. I wondered where’s Kei-chan & Shougo.
And while I was watching the live show, I tried hard not to squee~~ as I was recording the show. Gosh, Kenken why are you so adorkable? You with your Kansai-ben and shy nature ^^
Yesterday I woke up late, at 12pm. Went to my cousin Wei Fung’s place. I kinda volunteered myself to go early coz it’ll be so boring sitting infront of the laptop for the whole afternoon. I arrived there at about 1.30pm. Helped out once in a while since all the cooking were almost done.
Most of her friends and colleagues that came yesterday are people with kids or single ladies or bachelors. Somehow I kinda see myself as a single lady with other friends having their own kids or something. lol so much for a future thought.
Glad I spent time over there instead.

Monday, February 14, 2011

#1432 - Valentine Kiss

'Valentine Kiss' is a famous love song in Japan. Originally sang by Kokusho Sayuri, there are a lot of covers of this song, especially by PoT characters xD

And this is the original singer of 'Valentine Kiss':

The male host is cute xD

#1431 - 100% Yuuki

I was humming a song and suddenly I hummed the song '100% Yuuki' literally translated as '100% courage'.

The original version of this song was ssng by a JPop boyband called 'Hikaru GENJI' which already disbanded. Then the song was sang by several other JPop bands under Johnny Entertainment like Ya-ya-yah, Hey! Say! JUMP and NYC.

Personally I love NYC's version better.

And this is the original version of '100% Yuuki' by Hikaru GENJI.

If you watch the video, halfway in the song they did some acrobatics moves. If you ask me, I think it's some sort of policy that any boys signed to JE must learn the skills of acrobatics. Hikaru Genji is famous in the 80s and early 90s and their trademark was using rollerskates, just like how Kis-My-Ft2 does.

Ooh, speaking of them, Kissumai will have their debut CD this May! Finally after 6 years!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

#1430 – A new phone

Last night my Sony Ericsson walkman phone died. At 1st the screen froze when I wanted to view the messages. I thought resetting the phone by taking off the battery then switch it on would work.

And it didn’t.

So I ended up with a new phone for only $98. It’s Nokia 2690 which is this:


Too bad I need to buy a new memory card to have my songs into it.

I want to fix my old phone if it’s not that expensive. I mean, my contacts and memorable messages are stuck in that SE!

Friday, February 11, 2011

#1429 – The past week

I haven’t updated this blog for a while. Honestly I did update but it was elsewhere.

So, the A levels results were out. There were so many emotions flowing in me at the moment I received mine. I was at Sie Ying’s place when I knew my result. The moment when I saw the SMS that mom sent me, I froze. I guess I was expecting a better result, something that I shouldn’t have, my own high expectations. I really did cried when I knew my results. At first I tried to hold on to it but eventually I went to the bathroom and just cried silently.

My results:

GP – b

Eng. Literature – C

Economics – D

History – E

I honestly thought it was the end of my life. My points are insufficient for direct admission for degree here and to think that I have to spend a huge sum of money for a foundation. 2k is seriously a big sum for me, especially when I’m freakin’ poor. But I guess it’s better than me go working.

Some of my friends are re-taking A levels for this June. When mom told me to do so, I immediately refused. If what I studied for a year and a half only managed to give me a C, my highest grade, then realistically I don’t think I can go well in a period of less than 4 months. I won’t regret my choice of not re-taking A levels because I know, most likely to me, it’ll end up in disappointment and a waste of $. I want to be more realistic from now on.

Fast forward to Monday was the day I went to school to get the statement of results and school leaving form. Met my tutors, Mr TG & Ms Joy, and told them my plans after this. I’m glad that they are supportive and asked me to keep in touch. I know I will. I even told Ms UK & my secondary teacher Sir Addie about it too. I don’t know why but I felt happy being able to maintain this teacher-student relationship with some of the tutors that care.

On Tuesday I received another shock from my best friend, Sie Ying. Apparently it has been decided that she’ll be leaving for Australia today. So it was like so fast! So the next night we had a farewell dinner with her and other girls. Well, it does look like a ladies night out instead. This time we sat indoors instead of the rooftop. I gave Sie Ying a card with messages in it. I cried when I wrote the messages. Guess I’m too emotional almost all the time?

I had La Mien for the 2nd time at 11 Sports Café. The La Mien was really made by Chinese chefs! And the drink I ordered was ‘Liverpool’ which I thought it was a really cool name. The drink is strawberry. Can order it again ^^


And this is a bracelet that Kavitha bought for me when she was in Singapore: It does it in my wrist perfectly!


The yesterday it was Chin Ting’s birthday. She didn’t know me, Denise and Khairunnisa are coming. We surprised her at Procter. I gave Chin Ting a small card with a ‘happy birthday’ message in it. Yau Bing came back from Thailand and brought us some souvenirs. I picked the bookmark coz it does look authentic.


So the plan was to surprise Sie Ying at her place but she wasn’t in the house. I called her and she was at the shop instead. So we went to KB town, thankfully there were a lot of parking spaces. 2 cars with a bunch of us teenagers/youths in the town was like a major ‘lepak’ area. lol Then we went to the Archery since Chin Ting wanted it. Sie Ying tagged along too.

Today Sie Ying left for Australia. Feeqa and Rose managed to be there as well. There’s a picture of it at FB. Gosh.. I wish I was there too =’( The feeling of having a best friend leaving was so unexplainable. I shed a tear when I thought of those happy times we spent for more than 7 years. Oh wow…

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#1428–Tenipuri Family vote

I just answered a survey on the theme of ‘Tenipuri Family’. It was a bit hard coz there are some questions that made me want to put in 2 answers! But of course I stick to just one. The ones in italics would be my alternate choice.


1. Who would be the most ideal boyfriend?

Yagyuu Hiroshi. I would like a gentleman to be my bf =) Or Atobe coz he’s rich xD and maybe even Ootori coz he’s so kind & sweet.

2. Who would be the most ideal brother and sister?

Shishido Ryo. He's very defensive of something precious (or at least that's what I thought)

3. Who would be the most ideal dad and mom?

Dad: Sanada. I adore his philosophy.
Mom: Oishi. He's the 'mother-hen' so it fits well. I would’ve said Yukimura. I was thinking of Alpha Pair as my parents xDDD ALPHA PAIR FTW~!

4. Who would be the most ideal best friend?

Ootori Choutaro. He's kind in nature and it's nice to have him.  Taka-san would also be another choice. He is kind and he makes sushi!

5. Who would be the most ideal cute baby child?

Kaidoh Kaoru as in the tenipuri family. I don’t have any other alternatives because Kaoru-chan is just TOO cute!!


#1427–Yanagi Renji in TSG?

I watched epic 5 (it's episode 5 actually but instead of the word episode, they use epic) Kento-kun was all Yanagi Renji-ish. xDD

The title for epic 5 is 'Magical Hyde' and it really was magical xD Gosei Blue gained a new transformation called 'Gosei Brother'. Well, Gosei Blue is part of the water element called 'Seaick Tribe' so his new partners are the animals from the water kingdom. xD

Anyways, in the beginning Hyde & Agri (kyaa~ my favourite 2 boys from Tenimyu) were asked to do some shopping. Agri is the hot-headed guy and very straightforward. So he simply pick any food from the shelf.

But instead, Hyde looked carefully (analysing) at each of the food based on price, freshness, etc by just looking and comparing. I do think he has good memory because they had visited 5 shops and he told Agri that shop 1 has the cheapest price, shop 2 blah blah.

I completely LOL'ed at this because in tenimyu, the character he played, Yanagi Renji is the same analytical guy! Both characters are so nitpick XD