Thursday, March 31, 2011

#1446 - Takumi-kun Series

Yes! The 5th installment of Takumi-kun Series is going to be released this summer!

Uaaa~ The teaser pic is EPIC!

But unfortunately, the 5th movie, titled 'Ano, Hareta Aozora' will be the last movie where Mao-chan and Dai-kun starred together as the main pair Takumi x Gii. I guess it's time that this main actor pairing shoudl change since they did 4 movies of T-k now.

Uaa~~ Anticipating both my manga and this movie! This summer is BL month. LOL!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

#1445 - Takumi-kun

See the picture above?

It's Takumi-kun's comic, titled 'June Pride'. On the lower right corner you'll see 'Parental Advisory'. hehe.. Can't help it since it's a BL (Boy's Love) manga.

I can't believe that the manga took about 2 weeks to arrive despite being neighbouring country. But hey, at least it arrived!

Now I just need to wait for few months before it reaches my hand xDDD

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#1444 - New blog skin

I've been wanting to change my blogskin for a while.

Saw this featured as 'skin of the day' over at blogskins.

And since I like the GazettE I thought, yea, why not?

GazE rock not dead~

#1443 - Deja vu?

So I'm up early to take my driving test. It was all smooth until the very last part when I want to leave the side parking.

I don't know how but I knocked over the pole and it dropped.


And from then I was a bit unstable. Even when I went uphill the car doesn't want to go uphill. Stupid clutch. So I used my instincts.

Reverse the whole car backwards and go up. Thankfully that went smooth.

While on the road the car died twice when I wanted to enter a junction. But thankfully the road test I passed.

Now all I have left is parking test in the next 2 months.

I'm feeling all shitty right now. This disappointment is the same disappointment I felt when I received my A level results. The mind was thinking "Why didn't I do well?" but the thought I had was "Why didn't I pass today?" It's the same thing which is why I kinda call it 'deja vu'.

I don't know why but I believe there's always a good thing from this. Well, I hope.

(Although we're hurt, we move on to a new step)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

#1442 - Lodsa things?

Okay.. I did said I wanted to update at my last post but turned out that I was lazy to do so =_="

Basically I had my driving lesson on a rainy afternoon. Driving in rainy condition for the first time was scary due to poor visibility. But it was okay. Can't wait to have my license!

Knowing that another bestie of mine, Nabeela will be leaving to KL on Saturday, I had a last minute hangout with her and Izzati at Excapade. I was so glad that she came even though she with another group of friends were supposed to meet at the same place at 8. lol

I gave her a picture together with a green frame and a note. Initially I meant to place the picture frame somewhere in my room but I decided that giving it to her will be worth it as well. Really glad she likes it. I'll miss her so much ='D

Oh gosh.. Another good friend of mine left elsewhere. I guess as life goes on, friends do come and go but the true ones will stay behind. It's so hard to describe this feeling. I mean, being together for many years and they left elsewhere, you know that the next time you meet them, things will be different and probably on some point, you'd realise you guys are not on the same page anymore. I am afraid of this.. But I know that I'm just hoping for the better. Besides, the 2 besties that had left me are people that I enjoy company with. It's sad that we won't be able to talk like usual since they are not physically here but I believe that we will be good friends.

Now I'm being all melancholic again...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#1441 - The free day

Lotsa things to do! Will blog later~

Friday, March 11, 2011

#1440 - Tokyo Earthquake & Tsunami

This is horrible. 8.9 magnitude. aftershocks. tsunami. nuclear plant breakdown.

Twitter feeds kept on giving news for the past 6 hours (and counting)

My prayers to the Japanese and others who had lost their love ones.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#1439 - tenipuri meme

My comments in italics:

[ ]You play tennis because of Tenipuri - I kinda plan to. Really.
[ ]When you win at something you say “Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na” - HAHA. I might just say "Watashi-sama no bigi ni yoi na~" ok, that sounded odd.
[x]You say Tenipuri quotes at random moments - Yep~! "Ma, shanai suwa." or "Makewa ikenai" or "Tensai teki!"
[x]You love Tenimyu - 'nuff said.
[x]A majority of the songs on your Ipod/Mp3 are Tenipuri/Tenimyu songs

[x]When you go into the manga section of a book store you immediately look for Prince of Tennis - I really really want PoT manga!
[ ]You own Tenipuri merchandise - I want one!
[x]You have over 20 Tenipuri songs memorized
[x]You watch Japanese Dramas just because they have a Tenimyu actor in them - This was unintention. Like Aquarian Age has Sakurada Dori (I didn't realised this) But since I got into tenimyu fandom, there are just SO much dramas & movies to watch.
[x]You have gotten at least one person into Tenipuri

[x]You look on Ebay for Tenipuri stuff - Because I want at least one merch!!! Desperate much.
[x]You check for new Tenipuri fanfics everyday - xDD
[x]You watch animes that have Tenipuri voice actors - Another unintention thing too.
[x]You try to learn Tenimyu dances - I tried 'Minna no Odoru' and 'On My Way' once. Don't think I can remember the steps now unless I try doing it again.
[x]Whenever you hear “ecstasy” you immediately think of Shiraishi. - "mechya ecstasy ya~" It's more like I think of the character ANd the voice actor coz he's hot and dance well ^^b

[x]You check the Tenipuri website at least once a month - It's just a habit.
[x]You have had a dream containing a Tenipuri character - Of course!! I dreamt Alpha Pair being married! omg -dies-
[x]You can read the kanji of all your favorite character’s names - Slowly..
[x]You do at least one thing Tenipuri related every day - Such as having Rikkai's motto 'Makewa ikenai' in my head.
[ ]You compare yourself or someone you know to a Tenipuri character

[x]You try to do at least one tennis move from Tenipuri - Zero Shiki drop apparently is the easiest. lol
[x]You have/want a jersey from your favorite team and do/would wear it in public - Yep. Showing off the pride of RIKKAI UNIV. or Hyotei logo. hehe
[x]You have imagined yourself meeting a Tenipuri character and/or a Tenimyu actor - I want to meet Hamao Kyousuke, 4th gen Kikumaru Eiji!!!!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY!!!!
[ ]You have a Tenipuri/Tenimyu poster/picture on your wall - Soon!!!
[x]You have tried or wanted to try one of the Tenipuri dating games - Wanted to try. I want to end up a date with Niou xD

Grand Total: 20

Times your total by 4: 20 x 4 = 80%

Oh wow.. I'm 80% obssess with tenipuri. Seriously. I think it should be over 100%. lol

Sunday, March 6, 2011

#1438 - Where the Hell had I been?

Where the Hell had I been since my last post?

Lotsa things happened but only one thing remain certain.

I'm still surviving.

And I just wanna say,

Happy belated birthday to besties Kavitha & Miko-chan~ The prezzies are still with me xD

and of course, a belated birthday to Yukimura Seiichi!!! Rikkaidai's buchou is love. especially together with Sanada.


I even dreamt them as husband and wife. omg there goes my mind