Friday, April 29, 2011

#1456 - PoT stuffs

It's been a while since I fangirl over things I like so here I go~

First off, the NEW movie for PoT! Trailer below~

September!! omg.. PoT in England!

The next video is a fancam of the tenipuri fiesta that was held this year. Just look at the crowd!! I wanna go there one day! T_T


There'll be a CD release as well! It's this. I mean, almost all my fav songs are there! And very cheap too, comparing to $12 for 2 songs (a single) this is $18 for an album! SO BUYING IT! GAAAH

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#1455 - What a life

Sometimes I wonder about life. A lot of people that I know are lucky. They're not necessarily rich but enough to survive. Mine's the other way round but luckily I have family members to help me pull through.

From my family's condition, I can't afford to buy a lot of 'wants', even 'needs' are difficult sometime.

I know we are all being tested but I think the psychological effects are the hardest one for me.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

#1454 – AKB48

AKB coming to Singapore
Yes. I purposely made it big.
omg they’re coming to Singapore! like, wow.
And twice a month starting from 15th May.
I wonder how long this whole ‘regular “Theater Style” live concerts’ will last. Apparently I misread. It's going to be until December! T_T I mean, coming to Singapore from Japan is tiring (and expensive. But I guess it’s a not a problem for the company being very rich. I mean, everytime AKB48 releases something, surely it’ll hit at least 500k mark, then a million, so yea.)
I’m curious about this that if this whole concert is an on-going thing, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to attend at least once. Really, J-Pop rarely come to Singapore or Malaysia (coz all the time are those K-Pop bands which I am 90% not interested at except for SS501) so this is a great opportunity to see their talents in front of my eyes.
Maybe with AKB48 coming to Singapore, we get to see other J-Pop talents coming down as well? –wishful thinking- When will any JE boyband coming down here?? xD
So yea, I think I might do something that I told myself not to do before: Dive into the AKB48 fandom xD
Speaking of it, I‘m anticipating NMB48’s debut coz they’re Osaka based group. Why?
Osaka = Kansai-ben! lol

Friday, April 22, 2011


Long time no see, bloggie. I know, I partly abandoned you.

Anyways, my life is now back to the boring ‘eat-play-sleep’ cycle. I’m no longer part of the labour force and I think I’ll keep it this way.

So I have like 3 months of holidays before uni starts. Hopefully I’ll be accepted!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#1452 - Vampire Stories

I'm not sure what this new movie will be all about but it'll be released this summer!

And VERSAILLES will be doing the theme song for this movie!!

Kato Kazuki, Baba Tooru, Yanagishita Tomo are casting as well! I thought the girl on the right looks familiar and I was right at guessing. She's Tanaka Reina of Morning Musume~ One of my favourite Momusu member xD

Great cast and I hope, a great movie too ^^

Link to the movie

#1451 - T-k series gif spam

Warning: Not for those who dislikes Boys Love (BL) ;D

Takumi-kun Series gif spam~

My favourite one:

#1450 - Fangirling time

So I just watched D=OUT's newest PV titled 'ONE'.

And I can't help but to squeal at this part of the PV:


Lucky kid!! I want Kouki to be my hubby~~ xDD

I haven't watch vkei PVs for a while and this one cheered me up =)

#1449 - PSC needs to stop leopard prints because it's so last year

Just like what my title says, observe:

the GazettE's vocalist, Ruki

SCREW's vocalist, Byou

the GazettE's guitarist, Aoi

ViViD's drummer, ko-ki

Yes, leopard print jackets have been 'recycled' within the company from god know which year til 2011. ViViD's new OHP showed us ko-ki's 'new' fashion a.k.a leopard print.

omg srsly.. I DO NOT LIKE leopard prints -_- It looked.. horrible? I know they're fake prints but it gives me the shiver.

And I think the next person in PSC wearing leopard print will be someone from D=OUT or BORN. Yeah.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#1448 - So I guess this is part of Life

I requested for an advanced salary weeks ago because apparently the company is uber late when it comes to wages.

Now I understand what it meant by “父母的钱是很难赚的” a.k.a parent's money are not easily earned. Yeah, being part of the labour force is so NOT cool.

At times I told myself, "I'm working for the $$$ and experiencing another angle of life." It's a bit of motivation sometimes.

And because those $ are hard-earned, I'm slowly understanding the distinctions between "needs" and "wants".

It's easy to spend $ but definitely not easy to earn it. I should be grateful to God for making me experiencing this other angle of life.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I love the CM!

Speaking of it, my v-kei obsession isn't on a high for some time.. I don't know if I could be like that again.