Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#1449 - PSC needs to stop leopard prints because it's so last year

Just like what my title says, observe:

the GazettE's vocalist, Ruki

SCREW's vocalist, Byou

the GazettE's guitarist, Aoi

ViViD's drummer, ko-ki

Yes, leopard print jackets have been 'recycled' within the company from god know which year til 2011. ViViD's new OHP showed us ko-ki's 'new' fashion a.k.a leopard print.

omg srsly.. I DO NOT LIKE leopard prints -_- It looked.. horrible? I know they're fake prints but it gives me the shiver.

And I think the next person in PSC wearing leopard print will be someone from D=OUT or BORN. Yeah.

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