Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#1470 - SMAKB53

Sometimes I like it when my favourite fandoms meet. I was searching randomly for some SMAP x SMAP vids and I saw this vid:

SMAP invited AKB48 to their show and had temporarily formed 'SMAKB53' lol! I love how creative the names can be.

Like that time when Backstreet Boys came over they named it 'SMAPStreet boys' and Black Eye Peas to 'Black Eye Smap Peas' xD

Gotta admit, it feels weird seeing SMAP men boys singing with AKB48.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

#1469 - Takumi-kun series : PURE

Actually I didn't bother to search for the vids if it hasn't been for Kyra-chan, who introduced to me this great series by accident. Well, we were talking about Saitoh Takumi and I refer Saitoh as 'Takumi-kun' and hence, the world of T-k series fell upon me xDD

Anyways, I looked it up at tudou and yes, I found 5 short clips from the movie. The uploadder is a saint! Wishing she would upload the whole movie xD

I think this clip is very sweet. Featuring Takumi & Gii together. I wanna be Takumi, leaning on Gii's shoulder too ^^

And the next clip makes me grinning all the way, perhaps squealed a bit too xD The Misu & Shingyouji kiss!


Saturday, May 28, 2011


I haven't really update myself with the visual kei genre lately but THIS is exceptional.

omg Versailles is LOVE. Seriously. They never fail me.

The PV itself is so pretty~ Totally shipping KamijoxHizaki now. Their dance at 1 part of the vid is so pretty too ^_^

Okay, pretty is an overrated word now.

One word to describe this PV: Perfection.

It sticks to their genre all these while, didn't changed quite much and all their PVs from 'The Revenant Choir' til this one never fail to amaze me. I really love them *_*

I found this GIF from the versaillesfans LJ comm.

Yes KAMIJO, you are da BOSS xD

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#1467 - It's 2 days away!

It's 2 more days til the release of PURE!!

Gaaah!!! I can't wait~~

And I happened to found this at one of the ameba blogs.

I heard there was a musical for T-k series but too bad there's no DVD for it. I wonder how it would be, considering the dates for this musical is only less than a week.

#1466 - License

My sis drove me to the land transport this afternoon to take my driving license.

Finally, I can drive legally coz there had been times when I drove illegally but that's the past.

Gotta be careful now

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#1465 - Happy birthday Yuya-kun!!

First and foremost, this blog post is dedicated to Matsushita Yuya~ Today is his 21st birthday!


I first knew Yuya-kun when I was randomly searching for Kuroshitsuji musical vids at YT. It's this video:

If you play the video, after the narrator mentioned 'Sebastian Michaelis' then it's his singing.  Yes, it's his singing in this dramatic opening that captured my heart xD

But of course, nothing beats the animated Sebastian Michaelis, with his sexy voice xD


He looks so tall in this picture! He's 180cm. Damn tall. Can be my husband.

This is another limited edition cover for his latest single, 'Naturally'. There are 6 different covers and he said this is his best, the one in suits. I agree ^_^

Last but not least, his smile =)

Gorgeous smile he has~~

Monday, May 23, 2011

#1464 - Time doesn't exist momentarily

The title for this blog fits my current life. I swear there are times I don't remember dates.

So I think for the past week I cleaned my room, trying to compress everything to a limited space.

I found this! My VERY first passport. The picture is a baby pic of mine.

And I love this page where it states which countries were banned for visiting. This passport was issued in the early 90s and it's apparent why some of these countries are not 'safe' for travelling.

I love my bathtub! It looked new after cleaning it with mosaic.

And I bought this since there's this lucky draw thingy. Buy any Maybelline New York or Loreal Paris products and stand a chance to win~ I remembered 1st prize is LCD TV, 2nd prize is a Samsung phone & 3rd prize is a DSLR camera. But I think I would prefer the consolation prizes: $100 worth of hamper from Loreal Paris xD

Sunday, May 15, 2011

#1463 - Capital

Today I went to the capital with mom and sis. Sis has this interview thingy. We waited at the building for 1 hour plus before heading to The Mall.

Oh yea, mom drove at this speed coz we thought we'll be late. Holy! There's one time when there's one car suddenly went to the right lane without signalling and my mom was at this speed. Shit man. My heart stopped for one second. No kidding!

The reason we headed to The Mall was because I wanted to buy my dream PoT DVD box.

And I finally did.

But... IT'S EFFIN' NOT GOOD QUALITY. I mean, subtitles are 90% correct and it looks retarded. I was expecting for 100% perfection when it comes to subs but this is so lame. I felt ripped when I bought this. Coz pirated version costs me $25 less than the original and to think that both original (yes, with the 'original' seal) and pirated ARE THE SAME THING.

Sheesh.. Not even the free soundtrack helps when I already had it, like even better since mine is 100+ songs and this is only 36.

So lesson for today: Just buy pirated ones. They might just be the same thing.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

#1462 - An afternoon out

Once again being jobless in the house lead me to an afternoon out with Tiffany again.

She picked me up and we went to her house first since she wanna drop her sister. I like her house since it's freakin' big and clean. We chit-chat about the eatery places here and realised, there aren't many good ones. lol

I wanted to try but then it closes. Tough luck. So we decided to eat at Sports Cafe. Didn't order much coz I haven't a lot of cash in hand.

This is their signature dish, chicken roll or something. Forgot the name already. Gosh, I wish I didn't order it coz I don't quite like it.

This is the amount of chilli sauce I ate for 2 simple dishes. Yes, I'm a chilly sauce lover and this pic is the refilled one.

I LOVE this one, yam something.

This drink is called 'Real Madrid'. No idea why would they name their drink a football club's name. It's green apple and orange juice blend in together. I don't quite like it coz it's sour. I wish I ordered 'Liverpool' instead. 'Liverpool' is a strawberry drink.

So after the late afternoon meal we went over to Hilmi's place coz that's where the Giggle's Burger are. I ordered 'special burger' coz that's recommended by Bnu, good ol' friend of mine who's apparently helping them out too. It's $3.50 each and IT'S WORTH THE PRICE.

The burger meat is homemade. Trust me, I never eat a 2cm thick of patty in a burger. There's even cheese within that patty. Oh gosh, can definitely buy again. Even my mom said it's good ^^b

#1461 - Belated birthday!

I need to thank my laziness for this.

誕生日おめでっと,海堂 薫!!

I know I'm late but at least I did post about it.

I wondered why did I ever like this boy. But I guess my fetish-ness towards anything GREEN makes me instantly fell in love with this character~ 

Kaidoh's pic spam:

This is the chibi version of Kaidoh in tenipuri family. He's the baby of the family. ADORABLE!

This was when he got praised by a woman saying that he's being honest. Aww..

Very, very seldom see him smile in PoT. Seriously! He's always serious~

This is him when he's a 2nd year. Cute.

And this was him in one of the episode when he got hit by a tennis ball at his head and experienced sudden amnesia for a while. Gosh, he was definitely different in that episode! xD

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

#1460 - Kuroshitsuji

To start of for this post, this picture will be the opening:

He's Matsushita Yuya who played Sebastian Michaelis (gosh I just love to say his full name, Se-bas-tian Mi-ka-e-lis xD). Gorgeous Yucchan, no? xD

Anyways, currently I'm downloading 5 Kuromyu related stuffs over at torrent. Too bad the MF links failed. But thankfully! There are still some 'seeds' alive seeding the musical.

Of course, at the same time I'm seeding 'Neppu Evolution' and '2nd season Seigaku vs Fudomine'. I haven't watch NE and somehow couldn't bothered too. lol I wonder why did I d/l it at the first place.

So yes, this will prolly take at least a week or more to have ONE kuromyu done but it's worth the wait ^_^ I remembered d/l '2nd season Seigaku vs Fudomine' from torrent and that took me 3 days coz there were a lot of 'seeds' back then.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#1459 - Akasawa Tomoru

I can't resist not to blog about him when I saw this cutie pie xD


He's the upcoming actor for Akutagawa Jirou, Akasawa Tomoru~ I'll call him Tomo-chan ^^

SO CUTE! The GIF is from this PV:

Anyways, he's going to be playing Akutagawa Jirou and here's his introduction as the character. He's around the 3:43 minute of the video. The rest are other actors introducing their characters as well.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

#1458 - Happy Mother's Day

Today is mother's day here but we celebrated earlier last night. It was a surprised dinner to mom. The special thing for yesterday's dinner was that the food are all healthy choices (with the exception of cheese) and no fried food ^^b

It was a 5 course meal, thanks to my sister who came up with the menu.

Firstly was pumpkin soup. I forgot to take the picture and I have to say, I didn't quite like it coz we didn't put enough pumpkin. So it ended like drinking chicken stock.

Secondly, stuffed tomato with sandwich. Thanks to my genius-like cooking skills, all the eggs I boiled wasn't hard boiled. So instead of stuffed egg, we turned it to sandwich.

 Third meal is by far the most mouth watering. Honey chicken with mashed potatoes. Chicken breasts were used and were placed in the oven for grilling.  Gosh, so yummy!

Fourth dish is linguine with carbonara sauce and salon pieces. I didn't quite like this for no reason.

Lastly, vanilla lime ice cream with chocolate rice.

 Friday afternoon, Tiffany and I decided to go out since we're bored. Well she asked me if I wanted to tag along and I did. Went to several shops in KB Town before ended up at Moi Nam. I ordered this menu for $5.50 which consisted of a burger, a chicken wing, coleslaw and french fries. I think the price for this dish is okay.

Monday, May 2, 2011

#1457 - Takumi-kun Series 4 : PURE

PURE is 25 days away!! I seriously can't wait for the release of the movie~ Well, to spoil myself of what to expect in this movie, I watched the making of PURE. I'm glad they release the making-of so we fans get a glimpse of what will be in the movie ^^

On to the scrrencaps~

The main arc of PURE is the relationship between Misu and Shingyouji. Misu is played by Baba Ryoma (the guy in blue uniform that kinda resemble Ouran High) and Shingyouji is played by Naito Taiki (the one on the right).

What is Takumi-kun series without kissing scenes? xD Baba-chan and Taiki-kun rehearsing for the kissing scene



So after that, both of the actors described about the kiss. I don't sense any awkwardness between them 2 so I can say that both of them have good chemistry together. I suppose they had met each other on tenimyu set before so they blend in well together? xD 

Yes, another kissing scene!

As I was watching the video, I was like "Oh gosh! Just kiss already you two and get a room or something!!" lol the perverted mind of a fangirl Too bad they didn't show the kiss scene for this part. I WANNA WATCH PURE NOW!!

The hug scene before the kiss. Yep, I am shipping this couple xD