Monday, May 2, 2011

#1457 - Takumi-kun Series 4 : PURE

PURE is 25 days away!! I seriously can't wait for the release of the movie~ Well, to spoil myself of what to expect in this movie, I watched the making of PURE. I'm glad they release the making-of so we fans get a glimpse of what will be in the movie ^^

On to the scrrencaps~

The main arc of PURE is the relationship between Misu and Shingyouji. Misu is played by Baba Ryoma (the guy in blue uniform that kinda resemble Ouran High) and Shingyouji is played by Naito Taiki (the one on the right).

What is Takumi-kun series without kissing scenes? xD Baba-chan and Taiki-kun rehearsing for the kissing scene



So after that, both of the actors described about the kiss. I don't sense any awkwardness between them 2 so I can say that both of them have good chemistry together. I suppose they had met each other on tenimyu set before so they blend in well together? xD 

Yes, another kissing scene!

As I was watching the video, I was like "Oh gosh! Just kiss already you two and get a room or something!!" lol the perverted mind of a fangirl Too bad they didn't show the kiss scene for this part. I WANNA WATCH PURE NOW!!

The hug scene before the kiss. Yep, I am shipping this couple xD

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  1. hey... do you know what is Taiki profile?
    I shipping this cute couple...
    and I fallin love with Naito Taiki >,<" he is really cute!!
    but when I googled him or searched him on facebook, I can't find him :(
    please...tell me anything you know about him
    please please please please >,<"
    _shirousagi_ from Indonesia