Thursday, May 12, 2011

#1461 - Belated birthday!

I need to thank my laziness for this.

誕生日おめでっと,海堂 薫!!

I know I'm late but at least I did post about it.

I wondered why did I ever like this boy. But I guess my fetish-ness towards anything GREEN makes me instantly fell in love with this character~ 

Kaidoh's pic spam:

This is the chibi version of Kaidoh in tenipuri family. He's the baby of the family. ADORABLE!

This was when he got praised by a woman saying that he's being honest. Aww..

Very, very seldom see him smile in PoT. Seriously! He's always serious~

This is him when he's a 2nd year. Cute.

And this was him in one of the episode when he got hit by a tennis ball at his head and experienced sudden amnesia for a while. Gosh, he was definitely different in that episode! xD

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