Saturday, July 23, 2011

#1485 - Happy birthday

I almost forgotten this!

It's my hubby's birthday today~

30 years old already! omg!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

#1484 - Gifts

A lot of things happened these days. Somehow it's always like this time when you're going for studying that fun things happened.

I FINALLY received my mail from Malaysia after 1 freakin' month. It's better than not receiving it. I was worried that I won't receive the mail. It's from a dear friend of mine, W. Xiangling

Lot's of goodies came together with the handwritten letter.

All in all, I cried when I read the letter. I missed her so much. I wanna visit her soon!

I don't know which part of me suddenly go for splurging on magazines. Bought both CLEO July issues. The left magazine is the Malaysian edition whereas the right is the Singapore version. Personally I prefer Singapore version.

A colonel burger and a small size Pepsi drink for $2.80 Not worth my money for late lunch -_-

And this! Went to SA this morning, hoping to ask Mr Paul to let me borrow the book for a longer time. Truth it, he lend it to me before the As and I kinda abandoned it til today xD He lend the DVD to me and implied to me to return it ASAP. hehe ^^"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

#1483 - The wait is over

It was only last week that I posted about how long do I have to wait and the list was out today.

Thank god I'm in.

And lil sis, if you happen to read this, ask him about what I told you, remember? If he can't even do it then he's not a man worth remembering. =X

Anyways, there's 2 more weeks of freedom left. Like OMG seriously?!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

#1482 - Bandar

On Friday, Gloria, Matt, Syee Chee, Tian Fu and I, the 5 of us, went to the BRIDEX exhibition. Left at 6.30 with Gloria as the driver. Picked up the other 3 friends on our way.

I don't know what made me went to BRIDEX. Honestly. But I guessed it's because I never hang out with the 4 of them and also I never attended any BRIDEX exhibits in the past made me do so.

I kinda like the airshow coz I never see real jet fighters flying in the sky. But what I probably don't like is the noise of those jets. It's like I'm hearing artificial thunder and it is not pleasing at all. Now I can understand slightly of those who had experienced wars and the fear they experienced of these jets.

From the exhibit, we went to Times Square. The last time I wanted to go to TS, I was technically lost but now I know the way to it. We had lunch at Pastamania, my first time. I had Chicken Cheese Sausage:

I must say though, the servings are small and it's really pricey. Don't think I would want to eat there again. But it was a fulfilling lunch since all of us chipped in for a 10 inch Pepperoni Pizza and Cheese Sticks. The Cheese Sticks is delicious.

I saw this at Best Eastern and I just couldn't resist not buying it. It's $7.80 for 3. PoT Chinese manga!!

It's vol 16, 17 and 18. Now I have at least a manga of PoT. It's just me wanting to have PoT-related stuffs.

There's this Korean cosmetics product store called 'Tony Moly' beside Times Square. It's at the Airport Mall. I don't know why but I don't quite like the interior design of the Airport Mall. I don't know.. Myabe coz it's half finished?

So yea, they wanted to go there so I tagged along. I can't believe I actually bought myself a Baby Powder BB for $14.90. O.o Guess I'm just curious of how powders are effective for my skin.

Went to The Mall after that. Just shop around a bit then headed to Tian Tian Chicken Rice restaurant for dinner. Before that we stopped by at Booker which is beside the restaurant.

Apparently there's a 20% off on all books and novels. I was just browsing for any cheap books that I hope I can buy since I have a tight budget and I bought myself this:

'The Return of the Native' by Thomas Hardy. I bought this because Hardy is one of my favourite classical author. After reading 'The Mayor Of Casterbridge' I am looking forward to any works by Hardy. His stories are somewhat based on his own experiences in the 1800s so it is, to me, really interesting.

Well, this novel's original price is $6 but after a s discount of 20%, it's only $4.80. I am really happy with this purchase and can't wait to read it. lol I couldn't even finish 'The Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens and other classical novels I had so it'll take a LONG time to finish this.

Then yesterday, met up with Rose, Sie Ying, Faith and Feeqa at The Mall. Well, Feeqa tagged along. Too bad Kavitha can't go last minute coz her mom 'had a bad feeling' so she stayed at home with her.

But anyways, we had afternoon tea at Secret Recipe. It's my first time dining there and I guess it was okay. I ordered Brownies Walnut which cost $3.50 per slice. The tea is Earl Grey. Thanks to Sie Ying for the tea coz she ordered Oreo Cheesecake that comes with free tea or coffee but she doesn't like both so I 'took' her drink. hehe

Thursday, July 7, 2011

#1481 - When nervous strikes

The talk about when the list for both UBD and ITB had been happening lately. The fact is that a new semester is about to begin probably the end of July or early August had triggered the talk.

Really, I wish we all knew the decision before this month. In a way, it gives us more time to be prepared i.e Moving our rooms to hostel, financial stability and security.

Who likes last minute work anyway? It's not productive at all.

Let's just all wait for the final call....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

#1480 - Noctis Lucis Caelum

I think I found a new crush.

He's from Final Fantasy versus XIII, I think. A sad girl here who doesn't own a PS3 and can't play the game.

omg Noctis!! I swear, he's HOT in suits! I mean, look at the picture!! If only's he REAL and not a CG character, I would dare myself to confess my 'first-love' sight to him HAHA

Monday, July 4, 2011

#1479 - デト

Yeay~ I finally went out with Miko-chan today xD

It was cloudy, then it rained. We first went to C.A Mohammad to have breakfast. Since I have no idea what to eat, I followed her menu as well. Roti telur with teh tarik.

Talked a lot about random stuffs i.e My S'pore trip and of course, fangirling xD
Oh, she gave me the pink teddy chain which she bought from China and borrowed me the CD and pendrive. Yes, I smell BL coming xD

I completely forgotten about the kuromyu I asked from her. It has Chinese subs! YES! Plus 'Tour 10 Nameless Liberty Six Bullets 01' from WOWOW TV which I think I don't have it as well as 'VORTEX' PV and Making of. I haven't watched the making of Vortex coz somehow I didn't bother to? lol

Afterthat, went to Guardian store. Just felt like it xD But! I bought this:

Silkygirl eyeshadow. It's $4.95 which is way much cheaper than the normal price of $9.90 I bought this for the black eyeshadow coz the ones I had before, well, the black eyeshadow is 'gone'.

This is what I meant by 'gone'. There was an incident which caused ALL the black eyeshadow to drop on the floor. Had a hard time cleaning the floor too coz the tiles are pink and I tried simply using tissue to clean it and it was disastrous. So I ended up cleaning my whole bathroom floor.

Then we went to the Arcade to take purikura pic~ The best shot for me is the one with half a pointy ear shot. haha But the coolest one is probably the 'GazE rock not dead' shot. xD

Before I sent her home, I gave her an Alice Nine poster which I got it form Layla-chan ^^ It's the 'Senkou' era which I don't quite fancy the outfit. Also some leftover v-kei flyers too after I stuck them on my wall. Glad she loves the A9 poster xD

Friday, July 1, 2011

#1478 - Outing

Can't believe I spent my day very differently from the rest of my daily routine.

I saw at twitter that Syee Chee is going to play tennis so I decided to tag along. I mean, "omg tennis!" reminded me of Prince of Tennis. Yes, too much of anime influence.

Wei Chung sent me with his Mercedez. When we arrived, Gloria & Tian Fu were there too. We took turns to play tennis since there were only 2 rackets.

Being no0b in tennis, our tennis balls were 'claimed' by the forest. Right behind the tennis courts is basically forest & yes, I saw several of our balls there but there's no way we can get the balls coz it's too dense to do so.

I played for 15 minutes with Gloria. Uh no, tennis is not as easy as how those characters in PoT do. lol! Tian Fu asked me to do Ryoma's Twist Serve xD Our longest rally was probably 3 turns? lol!!

Then Gloria treated us drinks & ice cream. We went to the nearest kedai runcit to buy stuffs. Left the premise at around 11.

Went to KB Town with Tiffany. Since she is a member of FaceShop and there's 25% discount for members, I bought a white eyeliner got $6.67 after discount. I think it's decent & cheap too.

Lil sis stopped by today. Spent quality time with her at KFC. Next time Ayamku, more cheaper. heh