Thursday, September 22, 2011

#1488 - The Semester Break

It's the semester break since Monday. Unfortunately, it's not a break for me since I have to attend the make-up classes for one of my modules. The lecturer will be away for a month plus for performing the Haj.

Today was the last make-up session and she apologized to us for making our semester break 'miserable'. Actually, I won't call it 'miserable' because without the classes, I am most likely not be able to do my assignment, not for a bit due to distractions back home.

Well, foundation programme is so far so good. A lot of things just piled up, and to think that everything is supposed to hand in at the same time. Oh the horror...

Wish me luck.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

#1487 - The stigma of the '48' groups

When I first started to dive into this '48' fandom, I didn't think Aki-P (creator of these '48' groups) could go far with his 'idol you can meet' concept.

It all started with the main unit, AKB48. Now this main unit has other 'sister groups': SKE48, SDN48, NMB48. Another upcoming sister group would be HKT48.

The initials stand for the name of cities for (prefectures) in Japan, except for SDN. It goes like this:

AKB = Akihabara (Tokyo)
SKE = Sakae (Nagoya)
NMB = Namba (Osaka)
HKT = Hakata (Fukuoka)

SDN = Saturday Night

What else is new? Oh...

JKT48 (Jakarta48 based in Indonesia)

I was REALLY surprised to hear JKT48 in production. Like, for real? This is their blogger link and this is their FB Official Page

Am I excited? I'm not too sure because I can't imagine '48' idol groups singing in other languages that Japanese. Sure, the music, melody, lyrics will need to 'suit' for a  Pop song but I suppose there's no harm to try the preview of JKT48 in the future.

But anyways, since there's already movement of this '48' around Asia, I can imagine myself the other '48' sister groups existing in a lot of Asia countries:

KLP48 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
SGP48 (Singapore)
MNL48 (Manila, Philippines)
BGK48 (Bangkok, Thailand)
SOL48 (Seoul, South Korea)
BJG48 (Beijing, China)
HGK48 (Hong Kong)
Taiwan48 [There's supposed to have an audition for this group this Summer but no news???]

Yep, the list goes on and on... I can really imagine these are the upcoming names for some '48' groups:

NWO48 (New World Order)

Personally, I am waiting for Sapporo48 for Hokkaido prefecture and Okinawa48.. As well as JAPAN48 (JPN48) where you can have the best of the members from each of the '48' groups in Japan to form JPN48. But of course, all these will just remain in my fantasy xD