Monday, October 31, 2011

#1492 - Halloween~

It's hard to imagine that today is already the last day of October. It was only 2 months ago I moved into the hostel and yesterday, I moved all my stuffs from the room.

Since I don't have classes in November and December, I might as well move out from the place and get the deposit. So I'll just stay at Nadiah's place if I need since her mom says okay.

I think I better start studying soon. I mean, I'm sure I can do well.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

#1491 - What a hot day!

It hasn't been this hot for a while now has it? I mean, these few days have been cloudy and rainy so I supposed a hot weather is good for a change. Like, I can literally feel my skin burning whenever I drive without wearing long sleeves.

So I was driving back from Guardian (forgotten that today is plastic bag free day so I carried my stuffs on hand) and I noticed the mileage of the car.

Lucky 7s. I stopped my car in the middle of the road just to take this picture. Lucky me there's no car behind me when I took this picture. Reminded me of an AKB48 song 'Lucky 7' xD

Thursday, October 13, 2011

#1490 - Life so far

Ignoring the previous post, I realised I haven't quite blog about my life for so long..

Thanks to busy school life and my laziness to blogging, it's somewhat being ignored. So let's see what I got for this post that has a lot of pictures..

Monkeys spotted behind my room at the hostel! My room's facing the forest mind you so it's a no wonder that I get to see monkeys once in a while. There are at least 8 in a pack. Family I supposed.

And here's butter chicken from one of the canteen stalls at the campus. It's only $4 and it's totally worth my money. ^^ Delicious too.

And this is Mamak noodles for only $3 with a free cup of Teh Tarik. I think this is probably the most cheapest food with satisfying taste.

So me and my girlfriends, Joyceline and Nadiah went to the Mall one day and entered Holika Holika store. 3 of us managed to buy stuffs and it reached the minimum spending to get a free poster. Well, Joyceline and Nadiah both has one so I took it instead. =D I swear, everytime we visited the Mall we will enter Holika Holika for window shopping.

So one of the Fridays I went all the way to uni to only knew that I forgotten my laptop (charger and cooler I did bring it with me though!) and class was cancelled last minute so I ended up hanging out at Gadong with Joyceline. We had Pastamania for dinner. This is the 7 inch Pepperoni Pizza (Chef's Recommendation) for $9.50 A bit too hot from the black pepper but delicious~

And so Joyceline told about this Hello Kitty shop in Brunei! I never knew such shops existed because I know one in Singapore, at Central to be exact. So I bought:

Hello Kitty pic frame for $7.50 I couldn't resist this one because it has koto (the instrument on the right) and it looks traditional~

Hair clip for $2.50 Too cute to refuse!

And mirror for $2.50 I don't know why I bought this. okay, maybe because it's cute xD

Since I registered for Body Shop membership, bought these stuffs as well:

Concealer and Lip balm.The Aqua Lily shower gel was a purchase with purchase thingy and it's only $5. The usual price was $14.90 so I think it's a bargain.

Introducing Nadiah's 'husband':

The boys at uni was like ""OMG RCZ!!" and I go "Oh, ok." the differences between car enthusiast and non-car

We went to Excapade at Time Square. First time entered there. Very small and lively.

Chicken for $5.

This is called 'Paradise Roll'. I love it so much!

#1489 - Random collaboration!


Howie D of the BackStreetBoys featuring Shirota Yu a.k.a U (I'd call him Shirotan xD)

This is so good to be true!!

Listened to the preview already..

Totally digging it!! It's so beautiful ^^

I know Howie's voice is very acapella-ish coz I listened to countless BSB songs and it's easy to tell, as for Shirotan's, he's not bad too. I'm surprised actually xDD

Kyaaa~~ I want the full song now!! xD