Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#1519 - Sickness again

I'm feeling slightly better today compared to yesterday. Still, my head spins and my throat hurts whenever I swallow my saliva, let alone drinking water.

Ugh.. I do NOT miss this flu feelings. I feel like going back home tomorrow and skipping class on Thursday morning.

But then again, I'm not sure. The BJFA afternoon activity seemed fun (making takyaki, okonoyaki and yakisoba!) and it's tomorrow... Haiz..

Maybe I should just skip the afternoon activity, for health reasons. =_=

Monday, January 30, 2012

#1518 - I'm sick..

I'm sick, for the first time in 3 years. Slight sore throat, my head feels heavy. No, I do not miss this feeling. I'm losing my enzyme.

Can't believe it's already Week 4. I felt like I'm still honeymooning my way. Oh gosh.

I can't wait for tomorrow's shopping. haha.

Friday, January 27, 2012

#1517 - More (junk) items coming into my life

I can't believe yesterday after school I went to Times Square and Airport Mall to buy a lot of junks items back.

Why is TBS ALWAYS give me a BIG bag for a very small item purchase? I missed the small paper back that they used to give.

TBS, Tony Moly and Etude House

Inside the TM bag: Pearl nail varnish, sunblock sample and a leaflet

Got free 2012 calendar

Behind the calendar
While window-shopping at The Face Shop, I saw this becoming a member promotion for only $10. Needless to say, I signed up and got this card and vouchers:

The card!

Now I got a problem with these vouchers: What am I going to buy? I'm thinking of lipgloss or something 'cheap' since I don't really shop at TFS.

I've been wanting to buy perfume from Etude House and I got this:

Usual Price: $15.90
After discount (20%): $12.72

Even though I wanted to buy this, but since I saw 30% discount for all items at TM, I wanted to buy perfume from there but unfortunately they don't have it.

The last post I did mentioned I wanted to buy Tea Tree Oil from TBS and I got it too~

For members discount it was 15% but! Buying anything from Lof bakery (which was just next door) will add another 5%! Of course, I bought chocolate buns and the buy 1 free 1 yam bread. So it's 20% discount for this item. I wish I could purchase another item but it's all right. I'll wait for my birth month to splurge on the 50% voucher. nyehehe

Oh, I finally found the cloth I wanted at this store at Airport Mall. It's De'iyad. I never knew they had a store at The Mall too.

Tada! Checkered pattern cloth =3

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#1516 - TBS items

Since it is still the sales period (ending Feb 5!) I decided to buy 2 items which I -hope- is worth buying with my angpow money.

2 items mentioned are 'Elderflower Unperfumed eye gel' and 'Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream'
First off, an eye gel. Honestly, I bought this on impulse since it's 25% off for members for this month's promotion. I mean, how could anyone resist 'Sales'?

Usual Price: $14.90.
After Discount (25%): $11.18

Little did I know, I think I may have bought the wrong eye cream. AFTER buying the item only did I bother to go find reviews regarding this product. Many claimed that it DOES NOT reduce dark circles under eyes, which was something I am looking for in an eye cream. Crap. $11 wasted? Naah. I haven't try it yet (will do so after this!) so hopefully it will reduce my eye puffiness (as some had claimed)

I had been reading about TBS Seaweed line and is curious of trying at least 1 item from this line. I browsed through the Seaweed line shelf and decided to buy this:

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
The last (and first) day cream I used was 'L'oreal White Perfect Moisturizing Day Cream with SPF 15' and it was horrible. I didn't use it for more than 1 day and I could feel the greasiness on my face after 10 minutes under the hot sun. Guess that product wasn't meant for oily-combo skin type.

After reading up on how to take care for oily-combo skin type, it came to my understanding that products I used, if possible, be it oil-free. And this day cream is oil-free~ I tried a bit of the tester onto my hand and I love the gel-like cream. I'll try this product tomorrow morning, hopefully to have a positive effects few weeks later.

U.P: $19.90
After discount (15%): $16.92

It's quite cheap for only $19.90 as compared to the prices in Malaysian Ringgit and Singapore Dollar. They're RM54 and SGD 29.90 respectively. I wonder why the high prices in the neighbouring country? Some items are cheap in Malaysia than here to be honest.

Picked up these 2 pamphlets from the local shop. I'm pretty content that I -might- buy Tea Tree Oil anytime soon before the Feb 5th. (It's $13.90! After discount is going to be $11.82! omg)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#1515 - Happy CNY + AMUSEKB18??

Happy CNY to everyone! I'm sure y'all got angpao, yes? xD Coz I did and spend on 2 cosmetics stuffs. Will post that later or whenever~

Anyways, ever since Super Handsome Live 2011 by AMUSE had been performed, I'm dying to watch their perf on Heavy Rotation and Everyday Katsusyaa. I watched their Flying Get perf. Needless to say, flawless men boys performing 3 of AKB48's famous songs is LOVE.


Forgive my 'AMUSEKB18' since there's 18 of talents from AMUSE agency performing the songs.

Center position is always the famous person and without a doubt, Miura Haruma is the center for HebiRote and eberydaykatchu xDDD

Ahh, Miura prince =3

Sunday, January 22, 2012

#1514 - Goodies Make Me Happy (Sometimes)

Last Wednesday Matt texted me about something that I did not expected.

He bought me SS501 'Destination' mini album! I was shocked because I didn't actually think he would buy it for me. Plus, he also said that when he saw this album, it clicked his mind that I wanted him to buy SS501 CDs.

Prior to his message, I did asked him to buy me SS501 'Rebirth' mini-album (I think) and after that I had totally forgotten about it. Who knew when he went to Korea for a student exchange he bought it =3

SS501 5th anniversary album 'Destination'

And yesterday, we siblings went to The Mall, supposedly to shop for CNY clothings. However, knowing that clothes for my size is of little existence, I shopped for 2 items. Not that there isn't any clothes for me, it's just that the ones I tried just couldn't fit in.

Anyways, this is my first blusher~

essence Ballerina BACKSTAGE blush soufflé

Behind the tiny can: 01 prima ballerina

The cheapest blusher I knew of

The creamy blusher
I was Paloma and I saw this cute blusher. The brand name is 'essence' (surprisingly, a European brand). I used a bit of the tester to see the effects. Well, it's really light, like non-existence. I like it since it doesn't show the obviousness of the pink shade.

The next item is Holika Holika's liquid eyeliner. I used the tester before and I like how it glides on easily. I know I have oily eyelids and this one dried after a minute of applying on the eyelids, and fanning it just so that it will dry faster. Overall I like it since it won't smudge once it 'sticks' to the eyes.

The shiny box

Usual price is $1290 but it's 20% off for Sales period. A good steal!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#1513 - I'm Tired

I swear, today has been bizarre.

Dr S lecture on Pragmatics was okay. Maybe it's just me coz I still don't quite grasp the whole content yet. And I wasn't intrigue with today's lecture so I'm pretty sure Eng lang. & ling. isn't for me.

I can't give up yet coz it's not like I have a lot of modules to pick. Well, there's intro to theatre but the tutorial on Saturday so I didn't bother to take.

So depressing.

Anyways, the afternoon was worse. I have no idea why did I ended up listening to the Discovery Year talk. Oh wait, I remember. It was to motivate me at my studies. It's only Week 2 and I feel slightly demotivated. Oh gosh. Week 3 is coming now.

The conclusion for Discovery Year: Get GPA 3.5. End of story.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#1512 - I Know I Am In The Right Course... I Know.

Just received my other media module weekly outline.

I must say, I found the right thing for me.

I may not know what lies in the future but I do know that I will need to study hard.


Monday, January 16, 2012

#1511 - Japanese Lesson

Today was my first Japanese lesson at LC. Since me and Joyceline were there early, Joyceline waited for Nana while I go up to buy the coursework book. It's $8 per book, kinda pricey if you ask me. I bought for Joyceline and Nana as well.

The $8 book. And it's only level 1.

Initially our classroom has no A/C. Thankfully we moved to another class which has A/C. Sensei was like 'Atsui desu ne'.

Whatever we learn today was a walk in the park since I already know them. Simple greetings and the first of Hiragana. I don't know why but my Hiragana looks funny.

Sensei asked us to memorise Hiragana. Despite knowing Japanese, my Hiragana knowledge is at 50%. I never make an effort to memorise all of Hiragana but I guess I have to now. haha.

Issyouni Gambarimashou!

#1510 - It's Week 2!

It is Week 2 of the semester already. I sense new lessons every day coming.

I was doing my laundry and now I remembered one of the many reasons why I dislike going back to the hostel.

The mosquitoes are ferocious. I just went to put my clothes in the machine and I already got 3 bites. Damn my precious skin! I know there's no way I could kill mosquitoes all the time but, I just wish they would leave me alone.

With that said, I'm going to get my laundry done now. So sleepy. Can't sleep more than 8 hours here. Ugh.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

#1509 - Back again

I'm back at the hostel.

Wifi's been ok.

Gloria came to picked me up at 4.30pm. Then we picked up Yi Xin along the way. Went to The Mall to have dinner.

Felt so guilty eating outside. haha.

Anyways, AKB48 music videos now have English translations!! Awesome! I'm pretty sure I smell USA48 coming. LOL.

This is 1 of my favourite AKB48 song. It's called 'Heavy Rotation'.

#1508 - Udon For Breakfast

Upon my sister's request for Japanese noodles, somehow I miraculously woke up at 8 (rolled at bed for another hour) and get started to prepare the noodles.

Apparently, I was cooking udon without realising it. When I bought this packet of noodles, I didn't notice the Hiragana 'うどん'.

The instructions behind the packet says to boil for 3 minutes but I did for 10 minutes. Coz that packet has been around for more than 5 months in the refrigerator so yeah.

The cooked noodles.

Initially I wanted to eat the noodles in the Japanese way. So firstly take a bit of noodle and dipped it to the sauce.

Take it up and slurp your way in.

But after a few times of slurping, I can't stand it anymore so I simply put in all the noodles into the soup. I guess my own way of eating wins.

As for the soup, I used this. Tasted like fish sauce to be honest.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

#1507 - As Week 2 approaches...

The thing about going back home is that there are a lot of distractions and consequently they demotivate me to work hard. But once I'm at the hostel, it's all about 'study, study, study' like an unemotional person.

Anyways, Dr S of AE-1202 sent us the study guide. I swear, this page freaks me out most.

Why does it freaks me out? Many reasons. Today is 14th January, which means it's still Week 1. I always tell myself that time flies so fast and yes, when looking at the study guide, I won't be surprised if tomorrow is already 'Exams Week'. My time seemed to fly even faster when I looked at the study guide.

Every week there's something new to study, to learn and to understand. God knows what the heck is 'Pragmatics'. It's so technical but not as technical as AE-1201, the other module that I'm glad I didn't take. Well, more like not taking it since the exams clashes withLJ-1403 i.e Japanese I so I am glad not to take AE-1201.

But as I was saying, new things will be learnt every week. I will try my best to work hard. But wait, this is just ONE module. What about the other 3 modules that I had took, especially with the module that I am going to major it?

So yes, when I see a schedule that's already planned out, a lot of things just popped to my head.

Yesterday I was on an outgoing mood so I called out my bestie, Sie Ying to go yam cha. The last time we met was last.. oh gosh. I seriously don't remember! So yea, I know it's been a long time already. We ate at Simpur and she was asking me what to eat. I wanted to eat 'you yu yi tou' and she was thinking of the same thing too. hehe.

A picture that we took. Well, the only one to be honest. haha.

Denise sent me these 2 overdue pics. I still had my long hair back then. Gosh, I miss it!

So proud to show off my 'Couch Potato' piece. Thanks to Yau Bing for it xD


Thursday, January 12, 2012

#1506 - Week 1 so far

I had decided my Major and Minor programmes, although what lies ahead is still unknown.

Today is the last lecture for Week 1. It was AC-1202. Mr Henry is the lecturer for this course. I wasn't aware of it.

I checked my GIS system for the modules that I will be taking for exams. There are errors and I hope I'll get it all sorted out soon. Email the relevant party so I'll just patiently waiting for reply.

I was planning my semesters' modules and I realised, there's a HELL lot to study! Well, not that it will be little but it's just so complicated. I was working seriously for about 20 minutes, reading through the descriptions of the modules and I got slight brain damage. Perhaps information overload. haha.

But yes, it is complicated. Well, deciding what to study is easy but the 2 rules to adhere is complicated. The modules cannot be clashed in both academic and exams timetable, which all the more is a pain in the ass.

Oh well.. I'll just do some reading this weekend before starting Week 2. I swear, I'm so frickin' scared right now.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#1505 - Who Says Missing Dateline Is Nothing?

The first day of my first semester was nothing. No class.

But, I ran around campus to 'hunt' down signatures. As well, deciding what modules to take.

I slept past the pre-registration date for the modules and now I have to do the 'manual' Add/Drop thingy.

So far only 1 module is confirmed. I just added 2 more. Let's hope I'll get them too.

The 2nd day of Sem 1 was interesting. Had only 1 class (AC-1201). Dr Chris and Ayla were the lecturers.

Since I know Dr C from Unibridge (good lord, his humour is killin' the class!) and Ayla from debates, I guess I know what to expect from them. *gulps*

tbh idk what to major on -yet- but I guess I'll see how I perform for this semester. I missed out MIB slot so hopefully I won't miss the pre-register next sem. Definitely the 'highest priority' for this one. Ugh.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

#1504 - It's Just The Beginning

The first day of Freshers' Week, 3rd January, was ok. Since I know more or less about the mechanism of the uni, there's nothing so 'sakai' about registration.

The moment I arrived at CH, I went to the Payment Counter which was like full of people. We had to take a number and I was unlucky at first to get number 50, technically the last number queue for a counter. Since the counter was showing the single digit, so I thought I'll just leave and come back later (as in few hours later).

Saw Zul from RESCO and we talked for a while. I really like the PMUBD tie. I wonder if I take one for free? haha. Then met with Faiz and Ikhwan together. Also saw Mirah.

Then I went back to CH. Luckily for me, I saw Joyceline and Nadiah already waiting for the counter for their numbers. Their numbers were 12 and 11 respectively. Since Nadiah only got the folder today so she decided to settle the payments tomorrow. So lucky for me, I got her number 11 instead of 50. hehe.

After making payments and went to Exams section (since Nadiah and Joyceline has queries) we left to go to Giant for a quick break. All 3 of us bought the set jimat B for $2.80 which was pepsi drink and colonel burger. We chillax a bit while helping Nadiah with some of the forms. We wanted to tapau Excapade for lunch but seeing the traffic jam at 11.30, we gave up and bought lunch at The Core instead.

Had lunch at Joyceline's place then we left again for VC speech at 1pm. I really like VC's speech. Then some other speeches that I half listened or totally did not listen at all. We even skipped the briefing by the ICTC since we know what it'll be about. Like A Boss. xD

The next day I woke up late. My friend, Najwa, came at 6:15AM and I woke at that time. So yes, I let her waited for me for 10 minutes. No shower. Got up bed, brushed my teeth, changed clothes and hopped into the car. Thankfully I had my stuffs prepared the night before.

We reached LT few minutes late. Doesn't matter since Joyceline and Nadiah was there xD The faculty talk was interesting. Really enjoyed it. Saw familiar faces too. I swear, Dr Chris who was sitting up there acts 'Like A Boss' xD I hope he's my lecturer coz I know the class will LOL a bit too much.

With our pro skills, we managed to skip most of the orientation. lols. The 3 of us went to Excapade Kiulap at around half past 11. Before that, we window-shopped around Seri Q-lap Mall.

Godzilla Roll.

And this was a gift from Nadiah who went to Japan at the last week of December. A Rilakkuma!

Monday, January 2, 2012

#1503 - Pre-semester

Tomorrow's my orientation for undergrad. To be honest, I'm not so keen of doing it.

But whatever, I can't wait for lectures to start though. I checked my tentative modules with the timetable and it's packed within 3 straight days (Tuesday to Thursday) which I preferred, rather than having one module per day for 5 days straight or something.

I was already happy with the packed schedule, then I realised there's LE and MIB unaccounted. I don't mind with LE since I heard from seniors that it has something to do with writing. But MIB is going to be dreadful. I don't want to think negatively but judging from the seniors, it sounded not good.

Anyways, put my heart to it, it'll bear good results.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

#1502 - あけましておめでとう!

Happy New Year 2012!

2011 has been an amazing year than 2010 (of course xD)

The highlights will be my solo trip to Singapore in June for 4 days 3 nights. As well as my first time going to KK in December with other students on a 10 hour journey via bus.

There are ups i.e Pass Unibridge! and downs i.e the A level results and disappointment but all these I believe are part of my life that I must learn.

I have to admit that I hate seeing people do things better than me, but hey, I can't complain much coz I know at some ways I am better at other things that people aren't. I think that there's this part in me that always wonder "why can't I'm at their league?" in terms of academics.

Yeah, I do think that the sad part of this part of the world is that people judge you academically.

Nevertheless, I will work hard so that I will be eligible to go overseas for a year, and not half a year for my 3rd year. I have to try.

2012 will be a better year...