Sunday, February 26, 2012

#1526 - LASplash Lip Divinity Review

I went shopping the other day and had wanted to buy a nude-peach kind of colour lipstick for a sort of gyaru look.

I bought LASplash Lip Divinity from Paloma at The Mall. I mean, 70% off! How could I not buy it? I tried few shades onto my skin and bought this in the end.

-NOT A PAID REVIEW- Pictures (except first 2) were taken under natural light i.e no photoshopped pictures.

'Madly in Love'

Perfectly sealed. It's $21.90 before discount.

The lipstick itself, when you use it, has this kind of weird scent/smell. It's like old lipstick smell (like the ones you had used for years) but then, it's also nice. Bizarre, I know.

Since the colour I choosed is quite nude, I applied 4 layers for top and bottom lips.

4 layers of application.

The texture itself is fine, not glittery (which is good!) and a bit shimmery. Easy application.

Under natural light.

This is the real colour when removed with lip remover liquid
It might looked red-ish but from my self-picture above, the colour red is not obvious since it does look nude-peach.

I wish I had bought other colours too! Definitely loving the lipstick already~

Thursday, February 23, 2012

#1525 - Let the holiday begins (not) !

Semester break is next week! Yes! But, I would like to count this week as the start of my holidays already since most of the classes were cancelled.

Anyways, I downloaded NDS emulator at the wrong timing, I mean I got assignments! Played Suikoden Treikries.

Oh yea, AE-1202 class shifted from Weds to every Friday. Ugh. Majority wins and because of that I can't go home early. But I guess there's not much difference coz even if I go home earlier it's not like I will be bothered to study xD

First 4 days of sem break I still need to go attend AE-1202 so no sem break at all..

Sunday, February 19, 2012

#1524 - Less than 24hours

Reached home last night around 7pm. Then went to Excapade for dinner.

$8 for curry rice

Had Torikatsu Curry for the first time since I saw Nadiah's picture of it. For $8 only, I think it's decent and fulfilling too. But the curry isn't spicy but rather sweet. I think that's how Japanese curry are meant to be.

Chin Ting bought a polaroid camera and we took a picture together. The flash from the camera is SO bright that I blinked right after the shot. Thankfully I wasn't blinking at this shot. xD

Look nice even without makeup. lol!

And it's less than 24 hours before going back to the hostel again. Oh the horror~

Saturday, February 18, 2012

#1523 - Weekly Update! omg

So uni life has been eating me alive that the last time I blog is exactly a week before! Oh my ga~ (Imitating NMB48's song)

Valentine's was celebrated at Swensen's with 2 of my besties, Joyceline and Nadiah.

Busy with their smartphones

Swensen's interior


Rose~ Reminded me of Sexy Zone somehow xD

I read at a blog elsewhere, recommending me to try their french fries (forgot the name!) but it's $5.50. It's very delicious~ The fries are indeed self-made. I think the sauces were BBQ and garlic.

Food! Mine was spaghetti bolognaise. Yumm.

Last Wednesday the 15th, attended Japanese club activity. It's calligraphy and apparently there's a competition for drawing and writing. I participated the writing category and this was what I wrote:

Got 3rd place for it~ hehe. The prize was calligraphy brush and ink plus the paper.

Nadiah's drawing. I wish I know how to draw...

Yesterday, chicken rice was served as breakfast! Never had chicken rice before at the hostel canteen so I supposed this was the first? I'm surprised. But it didn't taste as good as Tien Tien's. Still, edible ^^b

UBD's Open Day. Volunteered myself to the clubs' booth.

Performing Art Club's nerdy Elmo xD

Japanese Club's calligraphy board

Japanese club's booth
Apparently we have to share with Korean Culture Club so that's why the booth is 'halved'.

Oh yea, the weather has been trolling on me. Whenever I wanted to dry my clothes outside, it will be cloudy. So I decided to just dry it in my room. Not long after, it's all sunny again.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

#1522 - I'm Home

I love to be back home, just so I get to spend time with my mom and siblings.

But the thing about going back home is that I can't be arsed to even do some reading.. I mean, yea, previously I mentioned from my point of view that university = read, read and read but it's so hard to even try to do so when I'm at home!

It's like whenever I go back home, I consider myself to 'enjoy' and detached myself from my 'other' life i.e university. It's like having vacation every week that kind.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling like. Quite a number of my friends said so too. Now I can understand why my friends didn't bother to study when they come back home from overseas.

And I think I can understand why sometimes there's no sleep for 2 days straight, trying to finish assignments and stuffs.

It's 'tough'. It's not easy. It's tiring as well.

I know I have a HELL lot of readings to do =\

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#1521 - (Not) Busy

I didn't realised it's almost a week that I didn't blog.

Anyways, I was sick for a week. It was right after CNY. Coughing, running nose, fever, headache.. All in one. And to make things dramatic, I didn't have any other medicines except for Panadol. So how did I survive? Just eat Panadol. And pray.

So what had happened the last few days?

Let's see. I procrastinated myself on READING. I swear, university life = read, read and read. I don't think I am a person who likes to read but once I do, I won't stop for at least an hour. I wish this 'reading mode' of mine is instilled in me all times. I don't mind being a nerd for this if I can aim for First Class Honours.

With that said, I have SO many things to read and I feel that time goes by so fast! 24 hours is not even enough!!

Changing topic: Japanese Hiragana test was EASY peesy~ I mean, it wasn't all of the Hiragana being tested so it was ok. I pretty sure I can score 5 out of 5, unless my writing isn't readable. It's a bit difficult to write the exact same character based on the practise sheets.

Makes me wished that I had self study Japanese 7 years ago...

Oh, today was hectic. I didn't realised that I had joined 4 clubs for 1 semester! I hope I can juggle between those 4. I signed up for Aerobics (I need to lose weight!), Debate (wish there's more people joining this...), Japanese (definitely!) and Performing Arts club (I wanna be an actress? lols!) I just hope.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

#1520 - I'm back~

Finally back to blogging. Was sick and now slight cough. Ugh.

So, I skipped today's class since I went back yesterday afternoon. And the day before (Tuesday) when I was already having a fever, I still went out for shopping. Too pro to rest? xD

I finally used up the 1st 3 vouchers of TFS. 20% vouchers for all items were used on this:

Makeup remover.
and a blue-purplish nail polish (code BL602) by FACE it. I didn't take a picture but it looks like this under natural light (and I painted it already yesterday~) but it looks like purple when there's not much light.

I somehow ended up buying TBS perfume. It's 30% off and I bought it on impulse =_=

The 25% voucher for top 10 items of the month was used on this! It's the cheapest item on the shelf apparently.

And the 50% off voucher for 1 item only is used on this!

As you can see, it's gold & brown eyeshadow. There's a reason for me to buy brown pallets, not that I'm a fan of it ;)