Saturday, March 24, 2012

#1536 - What a day...

Woke up early at 8 today since I'm going to be distributing flyers about JLCW. It was a bit fun I'd say.

First stop was St John's. Approached the school principal and she's very friendly. At first she said "oh, we don't encourage free advertising" but after she saw the poster then she complimented "UBD Japanese club is very active in these." So I guess she'll paste the posters at around the school.

Then went to St Jame's. There's absolutely no one in the school. Not even the reception. And I thought it's a bit odd for the school to be so empty on a Saturday. Nevermind, went to PJN.

PJN sure had a new face. A lot of things changed, really. The blocks no longer has planet names now. So I assume there's no walking around for classes kind of system? I went to the office and I thought it's as well awfully quiet. One of the male teacher remembered my name and said I'm very familiar. haha. Was a bit delighted to know that ;)

Then it occurred to me: It's the school holiday. Of course there's no one in school!

Headed to Seria. I wanted to go to CCMS and St Margaret's but unfortunately both schools were closed. So I passed the posters to St. Angela's and AAC. Well, at least my trip down to Seria is worth it.

Finally, went back to St. James, only to find that the office is closed on a Saturday for school holidays. Bleh. So I just stuck 1 poster at the admin notice board. lolz

As I was on the way to St Jame's from Seria, I saw Coffee Bean opening beside Seaview hotel. I heard about it few weeks back but I didn't think yesterday was their soft opening. Too bad I didn't stop by yesterday coz it's buy 2 drinks free 1!! Today's bonus is 20% off for all cakes and of course, I bought a cake for the sake of the discount. lol. Had myself a small size of ice blended mocha and apple crumble pie. LOVE the pie (wait.. it's classified as 'cake')! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

#1535 - It's Freezing Here

My A/C works very differently. It has its own 'mood'. Sometimes it gives me cold air i.e it functions well but sometimes, only wind i.e malfunction. So now the temperature is 21 degrees and it works perfectly. 23 degrees and its malfunction.

So my A/C wants me to feel the coldness.

Seriously, it's fucking cold. I wanted to lower down the temperature but I'm scared it'll be malfunction again.


Anyways, tomorrow will be busy. -sigh- I wonder why did I volunteered for this job. lmao. Speaking of volunteers, some of them are lazy-arse. I think there are few that never help or come for the volunteering session.

And somehow what kinda pissed me is that they are not contributing at all and gets the credit for JLCW. What a bummer.

It's ok. I'll just quickly send the posters out. Should be easy. Just wish I could wake up early!

#1534 - Tired but awake?

It's midnight as I'm typing this. I know 2 hours ago when I was browsing through the CLEO magazine (Malaysian edition, March issue) I was already almost half asleep. Somehow waiting for my 2G phone to charge, I had an idea to turn on my laptop in my room.

Initially the idea was just to watch DVDs, but I ended up using the Internet. I knew before my room couldn't receive wifi from my neighbour's before but somehow I could now. xD

Anyways, last week and the week before, I believe it was on a Friday, I happened to be in town and was searching for DVDs. Who knew that (pirated) DVDs were so frickin' cheap! Usually it's $5 per movie but it's $1/$2 each.

Of course, I couldn't miss this opportunity to not buy any DVDs, even though I'm not a movie-fan or a cinema-goer. The last movie I watched was.... Mission Impossible 4 at Empire last Christmas. So yeah, it had been THAT long since I watched a movie at a cinema. Even at home I couldn't be bothered to watch movies.

So all in all, I had 30 movies waiting for me to watch. I think I will need to organise a DVD marathon after the exams. Mostly are Japanese movies though.

My school life is.. relaxing? That is when I procrastinate. I try not to! But ugh, lazy arse.

Apparently the Japanese Language and Culture Week (JLCW) will be on next week. I seriously can't wait. For a person like me who fucking loves Japan and everything connected to it, I can't wait to see the whole exhibit. I never attended or even heard of this thing when I was at KB (maybe Belait district is so distant) even though it had been on-going for several years now.

Opportunity cost is involved here. By volunteering for JLCW, I forego the 2nd inter-faculty debate competition. I wish the debate competition wouldn't be on the same day as the first day of JLCW. Debate may start at 10 but I know we need to help out JLCW in the morning before all the VIPs and the public storm in in the afternoon. Tough luck.

Plus, the theme of 'Crime and Justice' scares me. I mean, I dislike the theme so much and I'm not sure if my debating skills can help me or not. To be honest, I think I suck at debates. I don't know. Sometimes I feel that way. It's like I'm losing the passion bits by bits. Maybe it's because I haven't been debating for a long time already. Oh well, perhaps the fire will be lit soon.

Friday, March 16, 2012

#1533 - Procrastination: Overload!

These 2 days I was playing Suikoden Treikreis via NDS emulator at my laptop. Just playing it whole day without giving a damn about assignment.

And man, it felt good! haha. Like, I don't have to care anything and just live like a gamer. And guess what? I had a good night sleep last night! Must be the games xD

But yeah, reality slap: I realised that for my media online journal, it's like writing essay for every post if I wanna earn good grades. Hmmm.... gaah!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#1532 - Week 9

It's still week 9 here and not so much of work, yet.

Anyways, last week I managed to submit 2 media assignments: 1 2000 words critique and a report. Not sure if I did okay or not but hopefully okay larh...

Supposed to have English test tomorrow but Dr S will be busy so postponed it to next week. Somehow I wish it's tomorrow instead so I could focus on the media blog which is part of my assignment!

I think today is 1 of the best lecture by Dr C. Well, it's his last lecture for us. He was looking at me twice for some 'errors' that I did.

Firstly, Goffman. Goffman is a person associated with dramatism and unfortunately, I said it out loud (unintentionally!) that I didn't come across him in my readings to my friend. That's when Dr C goes "You didn't come across him in your readings, Liza?" to the whole class.

My reaction.
Then, there was a Q&A session and I asked about sub-culture if it can be included in the media blog. Then somehow, along the way, he talked about slash-fiction.

AND! He went "Ahh so I see someone knows about slash-fiction here" and looked at me. 

Yes, my reaction again!
Dear god, of all things, slash-fiction! I swear he's one of the best lecturer ever. HAHA. Miko-chan was like "AWESOME!" =_=

Friday, March 9, 2012

#1531 - Sailor Star Opening

One of my favourite Sailormoon songs. Heck, I even remember the lyrics after years of not listening... Unbelievable. And it's only today that I know the singer for this song is Nakagawa Shoko.

#1530 - Sailormoon!

March 7 2012 was the 20th anniversary of Sailormoon!

Then I stumbled upon this post at ONTD and ma gad! I feel 'old' now.

I wanna re-watch the whole series, really! I never really watched it on a daily basis back in those days.

And currently pirated DVDs are cheap now. Me think it's a good opportunity to buy them, if I can find it

I suppose I was 6/7/8 y.o when I discovered Sailormoon. Pretty girls in different colour hairstyles fighting against the 'bad guys'. Somehow I like it when I was a kid.

Then there's my first character love:

Tuxedo Mask a.k.a Darien a.k.a Mamoru

I mean, who doesn't have a crush on Mamoru when they're still kids?!?! xDD

Ages ago, I find this picture very sweet. Even today too! I supposed it's always this princess finds her prince kind of romance that  I like back then. 

And Tenoh Haruka. wow I remembered the name without google! Anyways, I thought she was a 'he' before! I mean, girls with short hair is not something I would have thought of when I was a kid.

I'm pretty sure you'd think I'm a guy too huh?
And of course, not forgetting my favourite heroine:

Sailormoon!! xD

I think I can really write a dissertation on Sailormoon and how it changed my life. haha. But yes, Sailormoon is the one that started my interest to Japan and had brought me to where I am now. Thank you Takeuchi Naoko!!!

I shall spam this post with pictures~

Sailormoon family with the starlights (right) and outers (left)

I had always love this picture!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

#1529 - TBS TeaTree Oil Review

Warning: Real and unedited pictures ahead.  NOT A PAID REVIEW.

Referring to this post, I've been using the The Body Shop (TBS) Tea Tree Oil for about a month now.

And! I decided to write a free review regarding about this product for those out there who wants to see real results.

I used tea tree oil twice a day, once in the morning and in the night, both applications after toner.


So, I realized there's 4 'future' pimples appearing on the left side of my face. Note the '8' shape. It's bulging up.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

As you can see Days 1 to 5, the most obvious change is the one on the right. Yep, it dried after 4 days. And it will dry completely (hence, peelable without blood) if continuous usage of tea tree oil. As for the '8' shape, it's actually an accumulation of pus when I continue using tea tree oil. And yea, it was horrible coz I accidentally popped out the '8' and blood were all spilling. The irony of pimples.

Currently looking at the mirror and those 4 spots are now blemishes.

Sorry if it's hard to comprehend in this post (perhaps the lack of sleep?)

But! Would I buy it once I finished? Definitely! It works faster than my usual medicine prescription for acne~

Saturday, March 3, 2012

#1528 - Fake Lashes, Finally!

All the while I've been wondering how the heck fake eyelashes are used. So, somehow, I went to Super Save to buy:

Double skin glue. Well, it's used to glue the skin so that you can have double eyelid. Creepy but yes, artificial beauty has it all. I read the description behind the box and it says it's usable to glue fake eyelashes. Plus, it's only $1.99 so why not?

Fake eyelashes of course! $0.99 for 2 pairs i.e a case. I bought 2 cases since it's so cheap. Plus, I like the lashes as well. I know the glue and eyelashes are not so 'genuine' i.e from China but since I'm a noob in these, I might as well go for the 'less quality' ones first before moving up to 'branded ones'.

And my first try of the eyelash~

Yep, not too accurate. I think I stuck it on my crease instead. But then again, it looks a little bit natural coz once a guy friend thought I used eyeliner when it's actually my real eyelashes.

So I removed the eyelashes. I don't exactly know how to remove them but I remembered my friend said you 'pull' it out gently. Oh yes I did and it fucking hurts. It's like peeling your skin off. Okay, maybe because I used a bit too much of glue on my first trial.

And this is my 2nd attempt:

I think it's better though. It 'blends' in with my real eyelashes.

The comparison between real and fake eyelashes. Talk about a drastic change here..

When both eyelashes are fake, this is what I got!

Well, it took me a while to realised that I can use warm water to remove the fake eyelashes. Easier and painless too.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

#1527 - It's Semester Break, My Ass!

Thursday, the 4th day of sem break.

Doesn't feel like it at all, not with assignments datelines and readings!

A friend of mine was saying that he's about to die (literally) and yeah, I can understand his feelings and situation right now.

You know, people say when one person is stress, it's either he eats a lot of doesn't eat at all. As much as I want to be the 'doesn't eat at all' type, I ended up eating twice as much. Like, whut??

Oh, Dr C commented on my media blog. So far I just need more references. Like, omg. Who got time to find references!?

Anyways, I need to persevere. Few more weeks before the exams and second half of the semester is even 'heavier' than the first half.